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Dates with Seunghwan

  • The dates are always either really small quick dates he can fit in and still have the feelings he wants to show you or they’re elaborate.
  • The smalls ones take place in coffee shops
  • Or at a bakery 
  • Buys you whatever little pastries and desserts you want to make up for lost time. 
  • The biggest one being your first year anniversary.  
  • It actually happens a few weeks later than the day of your anniversary because of idol scheduling issues. 
  • He sets up your backyard as a cheesy restaurant setting. Twinkling lights, roses, the works. 
  • He wears that button down and tie you so dearly love on him.  
  • Gets Yunsung most likely out to be the waiter and does an honestly really horrible french accent WHICH WASNT PLANNED SO SEUNGHWAN NEARLY CHOKED ON HIS WATER WHEN HE HEARD IT. 
  • Has the others control the ambiance and music (Kangmin accidentally plays like metal music or something at the beginning and nearly cries because he messed up. Milo took over after that). 
  • Hyunkyung brings out your food. As you two are eating, Seunghwan starts talking. 
  • Talking about how much he loves you, how much you mean to him. How much he loves seeing you. How much he loves hearing your voice over facetime or on the phone. How every text from you brightens his day. How he wishes he could be with you every day. How he feels like…such a bad boyfriend. 
  • Eventually, a tear sheds from his eye. 
  • You don’t hesitate going to his side and cradling his head to your side in a hug. Reminding him of how well he truly is. 
  • How much you love him and that just because he can’t fit a relationship in doesn’t mean he’s not the best boyfriend you could have possibly dreamed for. 
  • He grabs your arms and pulls you down into a kiss. 
  • All of the emotions he’s wanted to tell you and show you into a single kiss that could mean more to you than you ever thought possible.  
  • “I love you.“
  • "I love you so much more than you can ever imagine.”  
  • "Yo! I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake" 
  • “IT WASNT ME THIS TIME!!! YES!“ -Kangmin
  • "YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT” -Hyunkyung 
  • Seunghwan sighs. "Time to scold the children.”

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wowie.. haven’t drawn much on my tablet since that boba tea drawing of jack i did before xmas.. my hard drive got fried, so i had to get a new one ;-; there goes 74$ from my bank account :’)
Also, sorry if the colors are off.. my monitor’s color stuff seems to be wrong and idk really how to get it to the correct colors, but it’s whatever i guess.. at least i can draw now…


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Honestly, this was probably my favorite DAPG vid in a while. Idk why, I just loved the RPG, the interactions, the music and game references, it was just really good

it was incredible, and i think it might be my favorite gaming video ever. i can’t get over how excited they both were about it and i loved how dan was trying to tease phil about his grammar or whatever but couldn’t stop himself from giving phil praise and compliments every minute because DAMN he deserves it??? i know next to nothing about gaming or how one would use whatever tool phil mentioned to make a game like this, sixteen years ago mind you, but fuck it’s clear that regardless of whatever help that technology gave him, he still had to do a shit ton of work to make this and think of the story and the characters and write all the dialogue and i’m just so IMPRESSED with him and his brain. it was so clear that dan was too, the whole entire time. and i love that dan’s support doesn’t just stop with comments like “i like this” or “i’m having a lot of fun” (which are great in themselves) but that he takes it even farther and tells phil that he (phil) could make his own game now and that he should even do all the drawings for it. like this video gave us a chance to watch dan being phil’s biggest creative supporter, and basically tell him that he, dan, has faith in phil’s ability to make or create just about anything and even though we knew that was the case, it was so overwhelmingly sweet to me to see it in action like that. i also love how phil was so excited to see that dan was impressed with the game? he looked pleasantly surprised and so happy every time dan told him he liked it and i wanted to cry. and i can’t get over the music choices and how dan identified and knew every single one after like .3 seconds and how each time a new song came on they’d turn to each other and smile as dan recognized it and i’m sure there’s just a depth of shared conversations and nostalgia there for them bc a lot of the songs are from classic games they both love and others are just ones that it seems like dan would know phil likes (like “smooth” by santana and bohemian rhapsody). it was so sweet to see not only dan being supportive and excited but also to see how much their interests and knowledge overlap, even to the point of them becoming self-aware about it and apologizing to us for the number of inside jokes and references they were making, and to the point of them noting that at 14 years old they would’ve still been friends and probably gotten along the way they do now. it’s wild to me, always, that they found each other and that they align on soooo many things, and it was making me so emotional to see that play out in this video. they are literally so perfectly suited to share a life together i don’t even understand… i will gladly watch several hours of dan fawning over phil’s mind and talent and creativity, of dan being so visibly PROUD of his partner, and of phil basking in the compliments. it’s the most heartwarming thing, and i just love this video SO much


2/∞ doodle series (x)

for @princesa-rafinha

non-canon ferelden map

okay kids here’s the deal. the official maps we’re given are tragically lacking in detail & ridiculously underpopulated. so to continue my legacy as Map Nerd Extraordinaire, here’s my non-canon & much busier map of ferelden. feel free to take as much or little of this as you like, just gimme a credit if you do!

details & closeups under the cut

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Poe Party Word Count Statistics

I really love words, numbers, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, so I’ve spent most of this weekend putting them together by analyzing the word counts of the Poe Party characters. Also I have no life. And I’m pretty sure no one cares. But just in case…

The (approximate) total word counts are as follows:

  1. Edgar: 2303
  2. Ernest: 1430
  3. Charlotte: 1422
  4. Lenore: 1180
  5. HG: 1015
  6. Oscar: 1014
  7. Eddie: 811
  8. Annabel: 708
  9. Constable Jim: 580
  10. George: 578
  11. Mary: 338
  12. Constable Jimmy: 328
  13. Emily: 218
  14. Fyodor: 189
  15. Anne: 185
  16. Krishanti: 165
  17. Louisa: 136
  18. Guy: 61
  19. Jane: 52
  20. Constable Wesley: 11

Note: Screams were never counted as words, but I wasn’t super consistent on how I counted some of the noises certain characters (cough, Oscar, cough) make that are sort of but not exactly words, or how I counted stammering (if someone - cough, HG, cough - says “I, I, I” should that count as 3 words? Or just one?), but I figure for all intents and purposes this is pretty close.  I did not count the Epilogue or any bonus videos, or the little Oscar bit after the credits.

The character who talks the most in each chapter is:

  • Chapter 1: Edgar
  • Chapter 2: Edgar
  • Chapter 3: Mary
  • Chapter 4: HG
  • Chapter 5: George
  • Chapter 6: Krishanti
  • Chapter 7: Edgar
  • Chapter 8: Constable Jim
  • Chapter 9: Edgar
  • Chapter 10: Charlotte
  • Chapter 11: Eddie

The characters’ word counts by chapter are tracked in the following super-hard-to-read graph:

So Eddie’s ridiculously long villain monologue means he talks almost twice as much in chapter 11 as anyone else does in a single chapter.

I felt like it was kind of unfair to compare the word counts of characters who died early on to those who survived to the end, so I also made this chart taking into account how many chapters each character appeared in:

Chapters in which a character appears only as a corpse (or fake corpse), or in a flashback from earlier that evening, do not count; chapters in which a character appears only as a ghost, or in a flashback from before that evening, do. Example: George counts as being in chapter 6 but not 7; Eddie counts as being in chapter 10 (even though he doesn’t say anything) but not 2 or 3; etc.

Okay, this post is getting too long, but stay tuned for more charts and analysis coming soon!

I can’t stand it when someone refers to groups of people as one single certain characteristic (ex: “whites”, “blacks”, “gays”, “straights”, etc) because it’s just??????? so dehumanizing???? it’s reducing a person to that one specific element???? idk I just really can’t stand it

One of the girls in my small group said something tonight that kinda got me thinking.

I won’t get into the context ‘cause it’s not really relevant, but she said “you wouldn’t hold hands with a guy you weren’t dating, you know?”

I verbally agreed with her, but on the inside I was just kinda like “??Yes??? I would?? Because hand holding can be platonic, despite what you say??”

It sorta made me think about the fact that physical affection is so romanticized and sexualized in western culture. (Yeah I know I’ve ranted about this before, but I’m gonna do it again.)

I think that for most of my childhood it was impressed upon me that any expressions of physical affection were inherently sexual, and therefore bad. Now, as someone who’s extremely physically affectionate, and just generally has a lot of affection for people, that made it really hard to express my affection toward my friends as a kid. I am and always have been bad at verbally expressing my feelings, so that didn’t leave me with any good outlet for that overflow of affection.

Which, thinking about it, is pretty much why I hit and scratched people so much when I was a kid. It was never to hurt them; it was me trying to find an outlet for my affection and, failing to find a healthy one, turning to methods that were harmful. The hitting and scratching was a way for little me to feel physically close to someone, because I was blocked from physical closeness by society’s view of it. My physical affection was soured by society’s sexualization of it, and turned into something very harmful because I didn’t know how to deal with it.

There’s a webcomic that I enjoy called Love Not Found. It’s set in a future time, when mankind has expanded past Earth, past the Milky Way, deep into the reaches of space. Yet, for all its successes, mankind has lost the ability to truly love. All physical contact is considered taboo, kinky, even perverted. But at one point in the comic, one of the characters uses physical contact to calm a man who’s gone crazy with planet shock. It’s shown that physical contact is not only okay, but beneficial, despite it being seen as disgusting.

I realize this is sorta an Ad Absurdum example, but it’s a really poignant one. Words would have done nothing for this man. He wouldn’t have heard them over the sound of his own fear. But as soon as a stranger comes and gives him physical contact, he calms down almost instantly.

So I’m just wondering. What if all the violent kids we label as “problems” or “troubled” are just starved for physical affection like I was? What if we found a way to let kids express physical affection in a healthy, constructive way? How many people would that help? How many kids would that save?

Thinking about how people use Shang Chi as a “Gotcha!” whenever people support an Asian American Iron Fist and that having them both be Asian somehow makes them the same characters when their backstories & personalities are so different. The dynamic could be so interesting with a mainlander Shang Chi and a AA Danny if Shang Chi was on the show, with how they perceive their identities of being Asian would be vastly different and the cultural differences would still be there, but I guess showing the nuance of Asian identities and Asian relationships is asking too much of gwai lo

Play On [5] || Jungkook Fanfic

So, you agreed to date Jungkook as a consequence for losing a bet with Jimin. It’s just for a week, anyway. It’s nothing serious… right?

Part 5 // Part 4Part 3, Part 2Part 1

Originally posted by jeongguk

Word Count: 5.1K

Main Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: fake dating au / university au / Romance / Fluff / tbh idk man. Whatever this is.

A/N: to cooking kookie anon, i’m sorry the part you requested isnt here T~T i think i failed u somehow :(( it’s going to be on one of the next few parts tho. @ the readers who waited for this… finally, here you guys go hahaha, i’m not entirely satisfied with it though, but i hope you guys still have fun reading! 

Disclaimer– I don’t really know if Jin likes chicken over beef, nor do i know if he likes mushrooms or not hahahah.



“I don’t have a spare helmet.” Jungkook informed, looking at his hands where he held his metallic-coloured bicycle helmet. Unable to reply, you just stared at him, since you didn’t know how to respond. He could clearly just wear the helmet he was holding, but as he opened his mouth to add something, you were prepared to just disagree with what he was about to say. “Just wear this.”

“Jungkook.” You replied, shaking your head. “You’re the one who’s driving this bicycle. You should be the one who’s—”

With a sudden action, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to him so abruptly that you almost crashed into his chest. You tried to protest, but the words that came out of your mouth somehow resembled a foreign language spoken outside earth. He put the helmet on your head, securing it with a click under your chin and smiled victoriously. “So if we get in an accident,” He patted your head, smiling at you with such gleam in his eyes. “At least this little head of yours could still survive.”

You sneered at his mocking statement and readjusted the helmet on your head. The size was no doubt bigger than yours, but you could probably manage. Probably.

After what had happened yesterday at the university grounds, Jungkook couldn’t keep your “yes” to himself. He had already told the three by yelling it out once you’ve set foot on the car park and the two had almost lifted Jungkook in the air for his triumph.

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I thought it would be misleading to only include one photo considering my hair and face change weekly. 

Gemini | Open Relationship | #Pennsylvania 

I was born and raised in Florida and I intend to go back. I’ve lost touch with my sexuality/romantic side focusing on other things and I’d really like to pay it some mind. Im looking for friends, FWB, and wherever/whatever the Universe may lead me to. I snailmail. I like to craft and if you’re in the area please do come craft with me (painting, needlework, papercrafting, idk idc anything) I will happily feed you and supply you with coffee or loose leaf teas. Im a “secular pagan” so there aint no jesus in me house…only crystalz me friend. 

Just a note, my hair is currently purple! Probably a dark navy blue next…

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THE BEST. I will venture further and posit that Steve Rogers loves vacuum cleaners but hates dishwashers (and still soaps/scrubs his socks and underwear by hand), bc 1) gosh so much water so wasteful and 2) it’s just not as clean as doing it yourself

I AGREE with your head canon - dishwashers are useless to Steve not just because of the waste but because if you only have like, you know, one dish or two mugs or whatever, it makes no sense. Dishwashers and washing machines are about volume really. Dishwashers are only great a) post dinner party where you’re using more different forks than Steve ever knew existed or b) if you need to sterilize, IDK, baby bottles or something but even that - I had a kid with no washing machine and no dishwasher and shockingly, spoiler alert: it was fine! And we all agree that Steve line-dries his clothes, right? :D

I’m really interested to see how the y!!!oi fandom is going to react to the coming episodes. According to the preview it looks like Victuuri is finally canon, which is great.

now listen, I’m not one of the conspirators who thinks that Victor is evil or whatever. But the anime so far has been going really, really well. /Too/ well. A conflict hasn’t even been introduced yet. To say that winning The Grand Prix is the conflict would be incorrect I think, seeing how the show is really more about the bonding of two characters than ice skating.

so what I believe is that, in the near future, Victor and Yuuri will part ways. Maybe it’ll be because of a fight, or some unavoidable circumstance. Of course I think the two will reunite eventually. but it’ll be interested to see the controversy that’ll happen assuming that this does occur.