idk if i put a quote

also i love how throughout the entire episode every time michonne mentions going home rick like nearly begs michonne to just stay out a little longer, just a couple more days and michonne seems slightly confused on why he seems to be dragging his feet so much on getting back to alexandria.

but it’s because rick has already thought about and processed the reality of what they’re going to do, and the possibility and implications that come with it. he knows that people are going to die, that he could die or he could lose michonne and he’s already forced himself to accept this because he knows that what they’re doing is bigger than them, and they have to keep going and see it through.

and he knows that they have the people now, and all they need to really start this is the guns. and once they have the guns, he knows that this trip is it.  that as soon as they drive through the gates of alexandria, this little bubble of peace and happiness and laughter bursts and they have to go forward with this plan which could easily result in both of their deaths, so he’s trying to hold onto it, to her, for just a little longer, for as long as he possibly can.

but michonne hasn’t processed this and doesn’t even consciously realize it until she thinks rick is dead. and when rick talks to her in the van, the weight of it finally hits her.  that this is it before they put everything they have and everything they are on the line. 

and i think rick, the whole time, realizes that she hasn’t thought of this yet, but he doesn’t tell her because he just wants he to be able to be happy without exception for just a little longer.

andy keeps calling it their honeymoon, but i think it’s even more than that in a way.  this is the first significant amount of time they’ve been alone together since they’ve been together (maybe the first time in the entire series????? idk don’t quote me on that).  this is their time to be them and be happy with each other and enjoy each other and love each other.  it’s the first time, and it may be the only time.

and they can’t change that.  it has to be that way.

but it’s so amazing and they’re so happy and in love and rick’s so happy and in love, and he doesn’t want it to end. he’s trying to hold onto it for as long as possible.


“It’s a testament to Rickman’s talent as an actor that we are able to see the multiple layers of Snape’s character with simply the flash of his eyes. So much emotion and pain radiate from their depths thus making Snape’s character suddenly very real but also human. To be able to convey so much without dialogue further emphasizes the genius of Rickman’s acting. Very few can claim to possess that same kind of power on the silver screen.”

Like Potter Like Daughter

‘Harry must have had more hair cuts than the rest of his class put together, but it made no difference, his hair simply grew that way– all over the place.’

Lily Luna: /Merlin…/ 

Mirror: you’re fighting a losing battle there, dear. 

Lily Luna: /I give up/ 

Ginny: Lily love, put your glasses on! you’ll hurt your eyes. 

Lily Luna: /I hate my life/ 

Harry: *Draco voice* …Potter

((OOC: I was talking to a friend about the fact we know very little about Lily Luna from the cursed child and somehow this happened… ahfkjebshjf IDK I just love the idea that despite the red hair Lily is actually the most like Harry)) 

i confess
i feel
because love is in the air
and i am holding my breath
the world is painted
with lipstick kiss stains 
with cheap wine
everything becomes heart shaped
even the heads atop of the bodies roaming
this romanticized vie en rose
for me
because my colors don’t match up with the ones around me
i feel
and i am 
because i don’t define
“making love”
as having sex
but instead making someone feel my love for them
i can love
i am capable of loving
even Plato
the man who defined the word “érōs”
does not talk of physical attraction as a necessary part of love
i can love
as Aristotle
who coined the term “philía”
loved his brothers
it isn’t that hard of a concept to grasp
but because i am not grasping someone else
you think there is something wrong with me
but i am fine
i am fine
i am fine
is just another day
i don’t need anyone’s approval
or validation
because who i am
and the way i love

i confess
i felt broken
i felt isolated
then i felt angry
i’m feeling pretty ace.


for the aromantics and asexuals on valentine’s day ♡
(cc, 2017)



Futurama Appreciation Week

Day three, favorite otp: Freela

This is not the end. But mostly just, I love you, Leela.

EXO: late night adventures


-  so he’d text you in the middle of the night bc he can’t sleep, and practically drags you out of your bed to go to the grocery store that’s opened 24/7
-  and he’s like babe…ilysm idk how you can stand me and my randomness but I really couldn’t sleep bc I kept thinking about you and tbh I was coming over anyway and I just needed an excuse
-  so now you’re drinking your third slushy and he’s talking about getting married and traveling the world with you
-  whenever you’d scoff at his wild suggestions, he’d move closer to you on the pavement and put his arm around you
-  "I’m serious. Then I wouldn’t have to take like 3 busses just to come over to your place, and we can finally have our own slushy machine to make them at 1 in the morning, jagi"

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-  he was working late in the studio one night and asked you not to wait up for him, but you thought you’d surprise him (low key you just wanted to watch him dance)
-  so after hugging you for an hour, he leads you to one of their studios since there’s no one there at this late hour, and shows you this new track they’ve been working on
-  and he’s so mesmerized by your expression and smile, and the way you’re nodding your head to the beat
-  and he’s thinking ‘why don’t I invite her to the studio more often??? …oh yeah bc I’ve got those flock of puppies to look after’
-  after spending some hours goofing off and making diss tracks about each other, he saves it onto a flash drive and sleepily heads home with you

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-  Yixing had just come back from a long schedule in China, and he’s so happy to finally be back in your arms and your shared apartment
-  neither of you could sleep, despite the late hour, so he suggests taking you to this place he discovered while out with the boys one day
-  it’s an abandoned building, where you both sat on the roof and stared at the night sky of the city
-  he’d smile in awe as you yawn and lean your head on his shoulder, but you two would keep talking until there’s nothing left to talk about
-  he’d protectively wrap his arms around you when the sun started to rise, and whispers to you that he wants to come here every night from now on (sike, it’s too cold yixing, you’re lucky I love you)

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-  you’d just finished watching a midnight viewing of this new movie, and both of you were now standing outside the theater, with baekhyun’s lips lazily tracing your jaw and neck 

-  "y/n, what do you say we go back inside and watch another movie?“ He asks mischievously. “Didn’t you say you spent your last dollar on those twizzlers???”
-  and he’s like “well, I said nothing about paying for our tickets. Let’s go.” Lmao he’d drag you back inside and tries to act nonchalant
-  you’d pretend to be looking at the schedules for the movies and avoid all the workers until you get close enough to the entrance near the ticket line
-  he’s like an actual puppy and he’s holding your hand while running over to the nearest movie playing. It just so happened to be the same movie you just watched…nice going

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-  he wouldn’t do anything too wild, probably suggest a karaoke match-off when you tell him that you can’t sleep, and this is great bc he can’t focus on his work either 

-  so this is a much needed break. Plus, it’s a chance to show off his vocal skills and have you rolling your eyes
-  pulls you in his arms during duets and stares into your eyes and he’s basically serenading you
-  might take it too seriously and go full *exo chen* mode, with the dance routines and everything
-  and although he’s mostly playing their songs now, you can’t help but to sing badly along with his angelic voice and you finally understand why opposites attract  

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-  he takes you out to an amusement park and you two would spend the whole day together, not realizing that it’s REALLY late now but neither of you wanna go home 

-  so since they’re gonna be open all day and all night, might as well make it a night to remember
-  you’d ride the ferris wheel so many times, to the point of the vendor just going “look, there’s literally no one here but you so idc, yall can go on it as much as you like, just press this button and wake me up when you’re done”
-  he’d be pointing at the random buildings in the city and claim that’s your apartment, that’s where you’re gonna live next, and that’s where you’re gonna have your kids playing in the backyard
-  ofc with his arms wrapped around you, he’d keep whispering cheesy stuff in your ear and kissing you every now and then

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-  not the type to do this often, but he sees you’re really stressing over your work and offers to take a walk with you around the area 

-  he’s loving the fact that no one’s awake at this hour, and it’s just you two walking peacefully, hand in hand
-  would get butterflies in his stomach when you shiver and move even closer next to him, then he’d offer his jacket and wrap it tightly around you, all while scolding you for not bringing one
-  he’d suggest stopping at a local ice cream shop and buys you your favorite flavor
-  when you try and mess with him by placing some on his nose, you better run bc you’re about to be attacked with tickles and kisses

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-  late night adventures are a constant thing in your relationship and you couldn’t live without them, esp when he’s always suggesting random places to visit in the middle of the night, like the park near your place
-  you’d be childishly playing on the swings as he loudly cheers you on from the top of the slide
-  having dance battles in the sandpit, and flicking sand on him to mess him up (nice try, he can’t mess up even if he tries)
-  once you’ve settled down and sat on the benches, you’d cuddle into him as he quietly talks about his childhood and how he always used to come to the park and mess around
-  then ruin the moment by randomly giggling at some random memory he had and now he can’t stop slapping your knee and wheezing

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-  he’d be hella sassy and tell you to bother someone else since you can’t sleep. Then he’d be like aw I took it too far, she just wants to hang out with me
-  so he’d be like alright, let’s go to the beach, jagi, bc what could go wrong this late at night? So you’d happily walk over to the beach near your shared place, and he’d immediately proceed to take off his shirt and dive into the freezing water
-  you’d take out your phone and take hella pictures of his dorky self, and threaten to post them if he doesn’t stop and come sit next to you
-  after trying aegyo and failing, he’d dry off and use your body head to warm him up bc he was too dumb to bring a change of clothes
-  it would be really peaceful, sitting closely to him and listening to the sound of the calming waves and the complaints of your freezing boyfriend

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I just came across these 2 Kate quotes together:

(on the quirky characters she plays): “I think self-consciously I’m trying to put out there women with an overwhelmingly strong sense of self.”

(re: Ghostbusters) “[I ask Paul] what sketch character will I do in this movie, and he says no, you have to do- you have to play yourself, and I was like, who is that?”

and I’m really tired so idk if my thoughts will come across but like she’s putting out characters who have what she doesn’t feel she has yet… and it just hit me right in the heart… like I’m trying to type out what these quotes mean to me and it’s all just mumbly gibberish but this just means a lot to me and I love her so much

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Okay, but what about this: Tangled AU where Mare is Flynn Rider and Cal is Rapunzel (and maybe Mother Gothel is Elara??? That wants to put his son Maven on the throne??? idk I just want Mare saying Flynn quotes)

Bangs fist on table: God dammit now you got me started on shit that I have been thinking about for a year since I finished glass sword. 

Headcanon Alert:

Cal is the son of Queen Coriane and King Tiberius, but Coriane fell ill while pregnant and everyone goes out to find this magic flower to save her and the baby. And there’s a witch named Elara that uses it and has been using it for hundreds of years to keep herself young. It is discovered and she watches in horror as they take it. Cal is born healthy and happy (I mean just imagine Mare being like: A healthy baby was born. I’ll give you a hint, that’s Cal). But then Elara shows up tries cut his hair (which is blond cause thats what the movie had), but then it turns black when she cuts it, and shes like aw hell no. So she takes Cal (I mean also imagine Mare telling the story like: Elara Merandus broke into the castle, stole the child and vanished.) And also we get Cal with obnoxiously long hair… like damn boy, serious man bun and man braid material. Then obviously mare is flynn rider (But she goes by Mareena Titanos), she works with two other thieves, Evangeline and Ptolemus Samos (cause I need people who canonically she ends up fighting against) and the horse is… uh.. I’m just go with…Maven here (cause he’s chasing Mare around everywhere). And Kilorn is the chameleon that is Cal’s like little side kick cause the personality similarities are too good to pass up on. All Cal want to do is go and see these lights that are in the sky on his birthday every year, and Elara’s like, bitch, no. Mother knows best, take it from you mother, it’s a scary world out there! (its also super funny imagining this cause Cal has at least a foot on Elara XD) But then Mare shows up in the tower (Something brought you here Mareena Titanos… be it fate destiny… A horse? *rolls eyes*). She agrees to take him to see the lights, they leave and set out on an adventure. (I mean imagine the Snuggly Duckling scene where they meet the scarlet guard and everyone’s singing and Farley is the hook man who hangs mare up on the coat hook. And then they surround mare who does an awkward jazz grape vine across the bar and is like “I have dreams like you no really, just much less touchy feely, they mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny, on an island that I own, tan and rested and alone!” And then Farley saving them with Maven and bunch of people show up, and then looking to Cal and saying, “Go live your dream”. And Mare going, “Thanks I will,” Follows by Falrye glaring at her and saying, “Your dream stinks, I was talking to him.” Then they get to the epic scene where they’re escaping (LETS JUST ASSUME THAT EVERYONE IN HERE DOESN’T LIKE ME!” Then them getting trapped. (My real name is Mare Molly Barrow, someone should at least know before I die… I have magic hair that glows when I sing. HIS HAIR GLOWS! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! I MEAN- Mare, it does more than just glow.) (Also just impinge the mother knows best reprise with Elara just bleeding out of the smoke and shadow). And them singing Now I see the light. And then Cal thinking Mare betrayed him and going back with Elara and Mare like, “AH SHIT! WAIT!” and then the whole guard showing up to break her out. Then obvi we get the super sad part where Elara stabs mare in the fucking back, and Cal tries to heal her, but she cuts his hair out and all of it turns black. Then Elara dies, and we get the super epic scene where Cal heals Mare. (Did I even tell you have a thing for guys with dark hair?) Followed by Cal being returned to his family. (: I’m so happy and full of sunshine right now. time to go write some angst. 


Hello! I noticed you asked for some prompts, and I was wondering if you would draw Ford and Dipper bonding? Or maybe Stanley and Dipper bonding, if you have the time of course :)

Idk how to quote a prompt/question, so I put this prompt in this text here .

Dipper and Ford bonding! <3

Hope you like it! :3

Imagine HP Characters Playing Scrabble
  • Ron: So I... put down an a... to make... "a"?
  • Hermione: Wait that's not-
  • Harry: Then I'll put a n to make "an"...
  • Hermione: *sighs* I'll add to your an to make "accordant"
  • Ron: What the bloody-
  • Draco: Wait
  • Draco: *puts down an ly* Accordantly. I win.
  • Hermione: *a look of shock and betrayal*
  • Harry: Honestly I'm not sure that's much better

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i thought that he was supposed to be on the hits right now (or maybe i’m stupid and capital uk is the same thing???) but idk capital fm uk has just played 2 audio clips of harry (i don’t think it’s live - they’re just playing clips)

  • he’d never say no to a 1d reunion
  • everyone is just off putting out what they want to right now
  • jamacia was fun (i didn’t catch the rest of the quote)

KH Aesthetics: Saix

If I had a heart, this would be where I die of laughter.