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I think I found a solution to the issue of the length of Phineas and Ferb’s summer.

So we all know that Milo Murphy’s Law starts on the day immediately after Phineas and Ferb ends. We also know that MML takes place in either 2016 or 2017 because of Zack’s retelling of his boy band back story, where he says ‘It was the year 2016…’. Therefore, this would also mean that every single episode of PnF (bar holiday specials, etc) also takes place in 2016 or 2017.

Which can’t happen, because that would mean over the course of three months, everyone went from using flip phones to using smart phones and calling CDs antiques. You could argue that due to PnF’s incredible and advanced technology, such a rapid increase compared to our world would make sense. However, many characters go on to express how long the summer feels; far more than 104 days and seemingly going on for even years (and yes I know these are just fourth wall jokes but listen. I can do what I want).

So what I’m suggesting is that the reason PnF’s summer went on for eight years was at the fault of Cavendish and Dakota.

So far we’re not sure why they’re hated by the agency so much, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that it was due to some disastrous mistake that could’ve cost them their secrecy and possibly endangered lives. What if they messed with some sort of time altering device that they shouldn’t have and then fumbled it up in some way that caused all of Danville to slow their time relative to the rest of the world? The agency would try to cover it up as best they could, convincing people stuck in time that ‘gosh, this summer just seems to drag on, doesn’t it?’, at the very best leaving a few head scratches and mild confusion. Cavendish and Dakota would be shunned and hated by all other agents for causing such a devastating mistake; pushed to the side and given the most inconsequential task possible, so there was absolutely no chance of them being able to screw up time again.

Idk this may have all been said before by others but I don’t frequent the MML tag enough to have noticed. In any case I’m not entirely sure how well this all holds up, I was just trying to make sense of this inconsistency without just saying 'don’t think about it.’ It’s almost 1am and I need to get up at six tomorrow. I’m going to go to sleep.

Birthdays (M)


genre: slight smut / fluff / humor (?)
characters: three words. jeon. fucking. jungkook.
word count: 6740

a very special present from a very drunk jungkook ; what else do you need in life? :)

a/n: one of my first and favorite requests!! i hope you like it anon ^^ its also 3:31 am and i should be sleeping @kenwayer27​ IM SORRY idk if the last parts made any sense i was kinda drifting off UGH ;; 

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Birthdays had never really meant much to you, to be honest. It was just another set of continuous hours, another day out of 365 days. Never once, had you silently wished yourself a happy birthday when the clock strikes midnight, the tick-tocks of the second hand echoing in your newly aged mind that never exactly felt any different; never once had you longed terribly for something significant on your “special day” – be it a gift of some sort, a nice congratulatory wish, or even that one particular person

This was probably the reason why you were so overwhelmed, because never once had you imagined your eighteenth birthday to be so disastrously yet so completely fucking incredible that you nearly prayed for your next birthday to be just around the corner.

Rather, you almost hoped that every single day was your birthday.


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TVD series finale thoughts:

Disclaimer: I survived the Gossip Girl finale, I am thus immune to the worst any showrunner out there can ever come up with. Oh, and there are spoilers ahead, obviously.

My expectations for The Vampire Diaries series finale weren’t high, and I’m glad for it because, plot-wise, it made very little sense.

I had a feeling Stefan would die because Paul wanted that for ages, and I was fine with it… Except that, after watching the episode, the way in which it happened and the reason why it happened, well, let’s just say I don’t feel fine about it anymore. 

I’ll probably expand on it in a different post once I get my thoughts sorted, for now let me list just a few of the plot holes:

  • Katherine didn’t really try to kill anyone because she is obviously the kind of person who prefers to get revenge via Hellfire instead of taking matters into her own hands (I just thought of John’s fingers and laughed, get it?).
  • Hellfire was gonna kill everything and everyone, because it’s fire from hell, y’all, but it somehow couldn’t quite manage to reach a part of the cave…
  • Damon and Stefan were aware of this.
  • Yet they were unable to come up with a plan that involved pushing Katherine to the fire from that safe space… or just any of the billion other alternatives that could’ve worked just as well, but why live when you can die for absolutely no good reason!
  • Damon, supposedly trying to be the better brother, compelled Stefan to leave… but not to safety or far enough to actually save him. Just far enough for Damon to be overpowered and saved by his human brother.
  • There was an ambulance at the ready for Stefan in a town that was being evacuated.
  • Stefan injected Damon with the cure but Elena was still sleeping as far as he knew. 
  • He even said “one day when you wake up” to Elena herself—oh, yeah, because Stefan, who had no part in the sleeping curse, met and talked to Elena before dying.
  • Stefan saying Damon is the better man is like the mother of all plot holes. I couldn’t even begin to count the ways in which that made no sense, not only within the episode but the show as a whole.
  • Bonnie was able to get Elena to wake up in a matter of hours in spite of all the previous times we were told it couldn’t be done.

Setting aside the infinite plot holes, even what the finale got right only made everything it got wrong stand out more.

  • The girls reunion. The special even dedicated a section to them, and Nina said they were each other’s true love. That’s a nice sentiment, but the show has been absolute crap to them. They barely shared scenes, let alone kept up with their friendship.
  • Bonnie lives. It’s great that they didn’t kill her to have Elena back, but besides the odd situation around it I mentioned above, she lived because Enzo wanted her to. I’m not sure which of the showrunners even said as much, but it’s all fucked up either way.
  • Bennett witches unite. That was a great sequence. Too bad it was yet another reminder of how poorly the show treated Bonnie and all witches. Magic was always TPTB’s deus ex machina, and all the storylines suffered for it because there was no need to be clever when a witch could bail them out.
  • The returns. I got emotional seeing all the reunions and old faces, especially Lexi and Jenna. But Lexi was one of those characters that shouldn’t have died/stay dead, and while to see Elena with her family after a human life was something I always wanted, it also served as a reminder of how good this show once was… and how very bad it got. It was such a copy of LOST too, I was rolling my eyes at the lack of originality (what else is new? no pun intended).
  • Steroline kiss. I loved them kissing at the high school, it just brought back memories of when I started shipping them and seeing them married there, it just felt nice. The problem was, of course, that as I was seeing it happen I realized it was going to be their last interaction ever.

There are more things to be said, especially where Steroline is concerned, so I’ll probably make a separate post just for them. I also had an idea about how the shitfest could actually be fixed, so I might write about it there or in another.

Overall, the episode had nice moments, I definitely got emotional a couple of times, but the plot holes and some awful bits were also there, impossible to ignore. Hence, I rather think of the end as Stefan taught me: although the final moments weren’t the greatest, some of the moments that led up to them were pretty epic. And I got Steroline out of it, one of my forever favorite ships. What can I say? Like Caroline, I’m a B+ kind of person.

fanofanything12  asked:

So in your Gangster AU! does Guts become a sort of Punisher-like character after your version of the eclipse happens?

I’m not quite sure, actually! I haven’t thought too far ahead. (( ´∀`;))

I sorta royally fucked over any sort of “time line” that would’ve made sense by adding in Farnese and Serpico as almost stage one “antagonists”. I’m essentially placing the Tower of Conviction arc at the beginning of the story during the golden age???

It’s a mess, I tell you what.

So by inserting Guts’ new squad at the beginning of the story it gives him more of a…idk cushion to fall back on instead of leaving him to stew in The Feels by himself.

So there’s a lot I gotta sort out in that regard.


Pairings: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Fuckery
Word Count: 599
Note: I’m just going to apologise for this disaster piece. I had just tried out my new medication and it made me slightly loopy and I wrote this. It makes no sense and it’s really difficult to read as it’s basically just a jumble of words but it kind of made me laugh. Btw for some reason my character has telekinesis and can speak Elvish?????

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anonymous asked:

hii! i was wondering if you could do an imagine where shawns on tour and y/n (who he's been dating for like 4 years) is back at home and one day there's paparazzi pics of y/n leaving/going a hospital or clinic and shawn gets super worried abt her so he calls her to say he's coming home (he doesn't let her explain anything) and so when he gets home, turns out she's pregnant. idk if this made any sense😂😂

it made total sense!! i can definitely whip something up with this!!


Like who knows, maybe something happened to Rand where he got amnesia and maybe his sex and/or gender changed (possibly by choice or from unexpected magic side effects). Like we know there’s side effects to dark magic and there are unexpected twists to all form of magic so who knows. I originally thought Taylor being Rand (I see Taylor as a guy, so it seemed like it made a lot of sense to me, or more so if I thought if he was a girl idk). But it would still be cool if another character (such as Alex) turned out to be Rand. Honestly, I’d love to see it in any of the games.

“Bite me.” A Stiles Stilinski Imagine.

hi I love your blog! anyways idk if your taking requests rn but I was wondering if I can have a teen wolf stiles imagine where the reader is a vampire and she gets hurt but she cant heal cause she hasn’t fed so stiles offers her to bite him so she can heal and stiles expects it too hurt but instead it gives him pleasure then smut please! idk if I made any sense haha but I really love your blog keep up the good work (;

The pain was unbearable as you rushed through the forest, trying to block out the burning feeling in the left side of you torso. You rushed towards the only place you’d ever want to end, you refused to stop before you saw him, you were not going to leave him without a goodbye. It didn’t take you long, but every step felt like a new stab. You rushed through his house and caught him by surprise when you fell through his bedroom door, a scream leaving your lips and your hand clutched to your side, tears rolling down your cheeks as you looked up at the boy before you, his brown eyes full of concern. He was by your side within seconds. 

“Y/N! Wha- what happened?!” He asked, his voice cracking softly. You took a deep rattling breath, as you explained it all to him. 

“But? You- you’re a vampire, you should be able to heal! Why aren’t you healing!” He yelled frustrated. 

“I, I haven’t fed for days, Stiles. I don’t want to hurt people anymore. Bu- but it makes me weak. It’s okay, Stiles, as long as I’m with you, I’m okay with this.” You whispered, looking at the blood that was seeping through your fingers. Stiles sat quietly, looking at you, tears in his eyes. 

“Bite me.” The words were so unfamiliar that they took you by surprise. 

“What?” You whispered in disbelief. 

“You heard me. Bite me, feed, heal!” He said, showing you his bare wrist. You shook your head, mortified by what he was offering. 

“No, Stiles. Stiles I can’t! I don’t know what it will do to you!” 

“I don’t care! If it helps you heal, I’ll go through hell and fire for it. Bite me.” He whispered, picking you up and placing you in his lap. He looked down at you, with his soft and caring brown eyes. 

“Bite me.” He whispered as he wiped away a tear that softly rolled down your cheek. The pain took over, and you grabbed his head and blotted his neck, sinking your teeth into the soft flesh of the boy you loved. 

You were taking by surprise when you heard a soft moan leave Stiles’ lips as your lips worked on his skin, in a way what shouldn’t turn him on. Humored, you pulled away and looked at him. 

“Are you liking this Stilinski?” You asked, already feeling the power his blood had given you. When he looked at you, you were yet another time taken by surprise by how dark his eyes were. The smirk that slowly appeared on his face, made you smile. Before you knew what was happening, Stiles had turned you around and pressed your body to the bed beneath you. 

“Well well. I’ve heard about people who lose control of their anger, people who go insane, or even people who die, from a vampire bite. But never have I experienced someone getting turned on by it.” You laughed, biting you lip, catching the last drop of blood left on your lip. Stiles didn’t answer, he just ripped your shit apart, revealing your black lace bra and the wound that had almost killed you, slowly healing. 

“I saved you.” He whispered, as his fingers traced around the healed wound, sending shivers through your body, as if you were hit by a lightning bolt. You smiled, as you caressed his cheek. 

“You did.” You whispered back, as you leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss. As the kissing continued, Stiles slowly removed the remaining clothes between you,  and as you laid back down on the bed, he slowly pushed himself into you, feeling every part of you. You rolled your head back, wrapping your arms around the boy above you, giving him the only part of yourself, that you had never given to anyone before. 

As he pulled out, leaving you breathless, he pulled you close and put his hand on your lower back, looking at your eyes. 

“If that’s what I get for saving you, I’ll do my best to do it more often.” He said making you laugh. 

“You don’t have to save me to get that.” You answered, kissing him. 

Rebel (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Hi angel I love your writing,  I was gonna request something! could you do an imagine where y/n is a rebel and kind of cocky and she tries to get Liam out of his comfort zone? idk of this made sense but you can add whatever you want to it to make it longer! I didn’t really have any ideas I just wanted a rebel y/n.

 A/n: aww thank you! Also Paper Towns inspired the part where they do bad stuff.It’s basically the same as the scene with Margo and Q from Paper Towns.I had to watch the movies and videos to see what they were doing or talking about. Basically Paper Towns inspired. I hope you liked it x

 If you asked anyone what they thought of you, they would say that you’re a rebel, you’re cocky and you don’t listen to anyone. Well that’s true. You like to have fun and go out and do stuff that would get you in trouble, that’s why they call you a rebel. You also like to think that you’re the best one in your grade and you’re not gonna lie, but you’re kinda the prettiest one too.

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So i did a thing and idk how well it’s written or if it makes any sense bc it’s 3am but yeah

#6 I hate you and #7 i love you


(Y/N) stepped out of the bar, her eyes darting up and down the street like she was looking for someone and Pietro had a feeling he knew whom. It made him nervous with anticipation but, at the same time, he found he didn’t care all that much. He’d been reckless that night and now she was aware of his presence in her life. She was never meant to find out, not this way. And yet, somehow, he was relieved because hiding from her was getting harder and harder to manage, especially when she was out on her own in the middle of the night oblivious to the wandering eyes of slimy men. His eyes darted around the dark street as he subconsciously clenched and unclenched his right fist, slinking deeper into his hidden alcove in the alley across the road.

He watched the wide eyed girl drop her head down in disappointment before she quickly rushed past the group of intoxicated men outside the bar. It was clear from her quick, precise steps that she was trying to avoid drawing any attention to herself. It was no use though, because as her heels quietly clacked against the pavement, all eyes were instantly drawn to her.

(Y/N) could feel their calculating gazes and wrapped her arms around herself. She lowered her head further to allow her hair to fall in front of her face like a curtain, creating a false sense of security from their prying eyes and quickened her pace silently; all the while praying to get home safe. She knew this had been a bad idea the moment she’d left the house so late and on her own…and yet she had to know. She had to know if he was real. She had to know if he was back.

“Hey hot stuff.” One of the men called out his eyes eagerly trailing up the (Y/N)’s stocking clad legs. She held back a shiver, glaring over at the man.

Pietro’s fingers tightened on the phone he was gripping in his right hand as his spine stiffened with the urge to blind the man – which suddenly seemed rather appealing.

“Where are you off to, baby? Come have a drink with us,” one of his friends grinned suggestively, and this time Pietro didn’t hold back the growl that slipped past his lips as the guy took an exaggerated step towards (Y/N), his (Y/N).

“Yeah we’ll keep you safe.” Another one spoke, the tone of his voice completely contradicting his words.

Pietro’s normally pretty blue eyes were now dilated with rage, seeming to be pitch back in colour and his vision became hazy over the tone these men were using. He knew that with one more disrespecting word out of their mouths, he would snap. He was almost hoping they’d say something so he could have the satisfaction of pummeling into their faces, the thought of the crunch of their bones snapping bringing a sadistic smile to his face.  

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hey, i just found your blog and i _adore_ your art! out of curiosity, whats your favorite char to draw?

asdjfhjksjfhs thank you!! 

this probably doesn’t come as a surprise lmao

At the end of the liveshow kind of went like this
“Take a deep breath in with me… and out. Now just tell yourself ‘I’m fine, I can do this’”
And as soon as we finished I burst into tears because I’ve been having a really tough past few days and obviously he had no way of knowing that, but just hearing him say that and know that he cares about us made me really happy and I really love Dan Howell

In the promo we see that Maya painted something hidden behind the door.

We also see sneak peeks in which Lucaya is strong af.

So what if “behind the door” is a painting of a guy and a girl out on a date. (In the park, stargazing or something like that) but they’re super small or vague. So the scenery and everything is huge but the people are kinda small so its up for debate as to who the girl and guy are.

But anyways, what if Maya paints this as a way of coping with her newfound feelings for Lucas? But she doesn’t want to hurt Riley or risk the chance that Riley might get hurt so she makes the people small so she doesn’t realize who they represent. And in a way the painting is her way of accepting that she can’t have Lucas (even though she totally can) 

Idk if any of this made sense but I just wanted to let it out.

I was all set to be really, really grumpy about the scepter containing the Mind Stone, because, shit, why would Thanos give Loki AN INFINITY STONE and then just idk leave it there, that didn’t make any fucking sense to me.

But after GOTG and AOU, I feel like Thanos actually was more of a “I’ll get other people to do the actual work for me” type, that he really seemed to believe that these plans would work out.

It was a combination of how AOU made a point that most people didn’t look beyond the surface (so they had no idea what was in the scepter, how powerful it actually was) and that Thanos seemed incredibly arrogant to me, that it didn’t matter that others were putting together the pieces, that Asgard had one of the Stones, that one of them was stuck on Midgard, that the Nova Corps had another one, that Asgard took care to try to hide yet another one.

I wound up being really charmed with the way they used the Mind Stone in AOU and that they tied it together with Loki’s connection to Thanos, that I’m happy to eat crow on the scepter being an Infinity Stone.

(But, still, if I had my way, the Casket of Ancient Winters would still be one of the final two, even though I don’t think it is.)