idk if i liked the show

If Tomco ever becomes endgame, i know one thing that’ll be super cool about the show…

I’ll have gotten to see a kid’s show carefully and ( Hopefully ) Impressively show a relationship evolve from enemies, to acquaintances, to friends, to lovers through emotional support and understanding.

It’s not like Star and Marco who became friends immediately, you’d literally get to watch two characters develop together more and more each episode they’re together.

You’d be watching the progression of their relationship from a pinpoint of knowing nothing about each other, to sharing an amazing connection with the other.

And idk, it’d be super cool to look back at BMB one day and think: “If only they knew just how much they were going to matter to the other…”

i got my very own death note when i was like 14 and i took it to school to show my two best friends and we huddled around it at lunch and decided to try it out by each writing down a name, because Of Course We Did

so me and the first friend wrote down the names of people at our school who used to be our friends and then ditched us or whatever, and we look to our other friend and she’s like “idk guys mine is pretty weird but i just really really can’t stand him and i hope this really works. i want him to die.” so we’re like Shit Okay Girl and pass her the death note and she writes the name and passes it back so i look and

she wrote john travolta? she wrote john travolta’s name in my death note. she didn’t explain further than “i just hate him” and to this day i don’t know why she had such a searing hatred of john travolta to the extent that she tried to kill him with my death note

Mistake (Tom Holland x Reader)

I know this is a big stretch but like can you write like an imagine where Tom invites the reader to the BAFTAS to finally make a move on her but she meets another dude and dances with him (not grinding or anything weird cuz the reader is a child of Jesus and does not participate in that shit 👌🏼😂)and stuff like that and he’s kinda heartbroken and stuff (some emotional tom would be nice cuz Ima sucker for men showing emotion ;) ) idk you can write the rest cuz you the shit fam lmao xoxo💋

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This was his chance. If he invites you to the Baftas as his date, you’d get the hint. He’s been trying to get you on a date with him since he was sixteen and now, at twenty, his chance has finally come. He knocks on your front door hesitantly and stood waiting. He knocks again a few minutes later when there is no movement behind the door. 

You open the door to him while wearing your fuzzy sweatpants and a tank top tucked in. Hair all mussed like you’ve been sleeping. He chuckles, “It’s three p.m. you know. You should be up by now.” “Don’t you start,” you complain with a smile, “Mum called me this morning at eight and told me the same thing.” He closes the door behind him and follows you to the kitchen. “Coffee or tea?” you ask. He stares at you as if he’s confused why you’re asking. You begin to make some tea.

o“Will you come to the BAFTAS as my date next week?” he asks hopefully. You drop the spoon and hastily go to pick it up again. “Sure, Tom, but uh, why?”. He doesn’t answer verbally, just shoots you a small smile.


Your red dress flows around your ankles, a sliver of skin showing just above your waist. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe done, you walk downstairs to greet Tom. When he sees you, he can’t help but gawk. Your hand raised to his jaw and pressed his mouth closed. “Keep your mouth closed or you’ll catch flies,” you tease. He takes your hand in his and leads you to the car, opening the door when you go to get in.


At least I won an award, Tom thinks, I’d have rather won her. You aren’t by Tom, instead, you’re dancing with a new man he had never met. He’s seen his face in a few movies, sure, but never met him in person. You hadn’t introduced them. The unnamed face flew in minutes ago and wrapped an arm around your waist to whisper secrets Tom wishes he knows into your ear. He led you to the dance floor at a quarter to eleven. It’s ten past now. 

Tom isn’t angry. He’s glad that you’ve met someone here who you can dance with elegantly. He’s glad that you can smile and laugh with someone here, and that he doesn’t hold you too close or in an inappropriate manner. He is happy that this man is a gentleman. He isn’t happy, however, that the man who gets to twirl you around the dance floor isn’t him. He’s not happy that you’re laughing and smiling lovingly at another person. He’s sad that it’s not him.


“How was your night?” you asked the next day when Tom delivered your Sunday coffee. He hummed and responded with an ‘alright, I guess. You?’

He regrets asking how your night was too. He regrets listening to it too intently. He can’t help it, though. He loves you, and you’re too enthralling to ignore. So what, you got his number. So what, you’ve got a date on Friday. He smiles at you because he knows that this is just a phase. He knows because you had to google his name.

not to be that bitch that stirs up drama (and i hope i word this okay) but honestly isn’t it kinda demeaning/rude when people post these videos that go viral of them asking a special needs kid to prom??? like they’re using them as a prop or a trophy as sorts (in my opinion) to be like “wow look how much of a good person i am!!” like can’t you do that out of the goodness of your own heart without showing the entire internet for points or w/e? idk don’t fight me but i am up for discussion because i am not special needs therefore i don’t have much place to speak on the topic i would love other opinions tho!

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Why do you think Jimin has a soft spot for Jeongguk? I mean, from the very beginning he kind of made obvious he was weak to Jeongguk and that he was (kind of?) his favorite, but wasn't because he was the youngest?

i’ve answered this before (that’s more like fanfic verse, especially the bottom para.) i still stand by what i said though, about how you tend to want attention from someone who is “cold” or doesn’t show it to others. ofc jjk is anything but cold now. 

another thing is that they’re both from Busan, idk why but I think this is really?? important?? especially when they’re homesick, I think they find comfort in each other. i imagine during pre debut days, after gruelling days of training, jimin’s probably so tired out from practicing so hard right and on some days he probably needs comfort and he seeks it in the form of home which is jjk (satoori, smells, just talking in general abt home) maybe jjk’s been there for him in ways we don’t know, behind closed doors, that’s why he’s so soft for him. even now i imagine they seek homely comfort from one another!

and like. you know the thing about how in primary school or grade sch whatever you guys call it where yall at, they say the person who teases u or is mean to u is the one who likes u?? maybe that’s what jimin felt every time jjk teased him abt his height and refused to call him hyung. i really think he likes that special bit of attention and wanted it so much from jjk

Full Name: “Plume”
Gender and Sexuality: Female, bi
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Blanket Octoling
Birthplace and Birthdate: Octovally, April 5th
Guilty Pleasures: Reality Shows
Phobias: Atychiphobia, Astraphobia
What They Would Be Famous For:

B,,,,Big assets

What They Would Get Arrested For: Murder
OC You Ship Them With: none of mine :x
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Mint
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: romance
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: mystery
Talents and/or Powers:  ink limbs, idk thats a power to me
Why Someone Might Love Them: B,,,Big assets
Why Someone Might Hate Them:
she’s p much bitch pudding
How They Change:
maybe one day become a decent person
Why You Love Them:
i want her to kill me

This by way of saying that I watched Loving with my mother tonight

This is…something I don’t talk about all that often on this blog, partly because I don’t think I talk about me that often. The actual facts of my life, that is, not just what tv shows and movies and books I like.

Did you guys know I’m biracial?

My mother’s Chinese; my father’s white. Loving vs. Virginia was settled by the Supreme Court in 1967. My mother was eleven; my father was thirteen.

I am not what people think of when they think of biracial children, because my mother is Chinese and not black. My hair is too straight, my skin is too pale–my skin is too white. I am too white, the way I look. But I’m ‘ethnic’ enough that people ask me what I am in the supermarket, on the street outside the train station, at every school I’ve ever been to, when I’m on the desk at work. They guess Greek, Latina, Filipina, Hawaiian, American Indian. You know what they don’t guess? Halfie. I tell them I’m Chinese; they say, really? I have to explain, every time: no, only half.

In my family we don’t talk about our problems, but I know the word miscegenation because of the way my mother says anti-miscegenation like it’s caught between her teeth.

Loving is a good movie. I think I would’ve liked it any day, in any company, but watching mother watch it was more emotional than watching the movie itself. There’s a moment in the beginning–a police officer tells Richard Loving how disgusting he finds him. He says something like, “your blood doesn’t know what to be.” I’m paraphrasing, because I don’t remember the line, exactly–what I remember is my mother’s full-body flinch, the way she tucked her arms tighter around her body and bit her lip.

My mother’s mother told her not to marry anyone but an ABC–American Born Chinese. That no one else would understand her. When my mother moved in with my father, my grandfather disowned her, for a little while. My grandmother cried, hard.

One of my mother’s coworker’s watched Hidden Figures and told her, wonderingly, that she’d been a child then, that she remembered John Glenn and Friendship 7, but she’d never really associated segregation and the Civil Rights Movement with her time. My mother said all she could do was stare, that it took everything she had to keep from saying, I could not have married my husband then, and you didn’t even know? You don’t remember?

This is a lot, in a post that’s supposedly about a movie, so–so this by way of saying that I’m angry. This by way of saying that I am fucking enraged, that people get to not know, to think of all of this as so long ago, and then still not be able to look at me and think biracial. This by way of saying that I cannot believe that people can disbelieve me when I say I’m Chinese in one breath, and in the next, push segregation and racism and anti-miscegenation laws to the long ago past. This by way of saying–

Do you want to know when I flinched?

Richard Loving asks his lawyers what defense Virginia will mount, to uphold the laws that say he can’t be married to his wife, and they say, your children. They say that the state of Virginia will argue before the Supreme Court that it is unfair to bring mixed children into the world.

Unfair to whom, I wonder? I think they mean to the children. Their children, my parents’ children, me, whose blood doesn’t know what to be.

Does my blood know what to be?

A few years ago, I was talking about racism, and my mother asked me if I’d rather be all Chinese or all white, and I said, yes.

In my entire life, I have never felt white enough or Asian enough or American enough, but that isn’t my parents’ fault. Not for getting married, not for wanting children, not for bringing me and my sister into the world. Do you know whose fault it is?


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Last movie I watched: the force awakens (can you tell i have become sw trash)

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Do I get asks regularly?: nope

Why did I choose my url: because willa cather wrote my antonia and we read it in school and she’s gay

Gender: fluid

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Pokémon team: idk

Favorite color: blues and purples

Average hours of sleep: during the week, 7 to 8 ish. weekends, maybe 8 to 9

Lucky number: wat is that

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Dream job: animator, story boader, concept/character designer, novelist, disney story maker, etc etc

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1-3 depending

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Okay so a headcanon/wistful idea for Angara

They constantly push the “they feel emotions & express them strongly” point, and I know that this would have been hard with the limitations of animating it BUT

I think their neck… things…. should have been more a frill/hood like a cobra has. That could move and be animated to express their emotions.

Similar to a way that a cockatoo/cockatiel’s head crest can be a huge indicator of their mood.


Jaal is startled or angry and it puffs out! Kind of like the way it always is. 
Jaal is content and relaxed so his neck/head things are relaxed and smaller
Jaal is curious, so they move and show that as he asks questions or studies something.

idk it would have added some kind of depth to the species that doesn’t exist right now

i’m not hugely far into the storyline yet but I feel like they keep telling me that angara are free with emotions and yet there’s not a whole lot to back that up, they just seem like normal emotional creatures to me

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I showed my friend a pic of joji and she said he's ugly and now I wanna punch her in the throat????? Idk how to handle this situation rn

I used to be like you, you just gotta understand that everybody’s got their own opinions and tastes and you just have to respect that.
Even if your taste is better lol


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Well, this is the first time I’m showing myself on here and I think I will delete this post later on because I don’t really like showing myself in the internet.
I’ve done something similar to this not long ago, so my lockscreen is still the same but I changed my background to a moodboard of Jin. I just love the colors in it idk, I think they fit perfectly together ❤
And since BTS’s comeback I’ve been listening to them a lot, but I don’t have their new songs on my phone yet, that’s why I choose Bapsae (a.k.a one of my favourite songs from them 👌👌)

I tag @calmtolkienreader, @yeongicheoreom, @cbxing, @omgmedasio
(You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

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hi friends it's ur local theatre nerd...what shows do y'all like?

i assume ur talking about plays and stuff as you said theatre but correct me if i’m wrong!!
i like heathers the musical
and dear evan hansen (idk if it’s called the lmao) seeks like its good I just haven’t checked it out yet
-mod henri

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Hey! Idk if this is weird but lately I've been more comfortable not wearing makeup, like I went a whole week without wearing makeup to college woo! (Omg it's so easy to get ready lol) but I'm thinking I want to not wear makeup to my next therapy app that is sometime in April. I kinda want to show my t that I'm comfortable without makeup and she if she'll comment on it. I like to dress up and look good for t but this time I think I'm gonna look natural lol what do u think

Hi there, I think this is fantastic! You should definitely give the au natural look in therapy a go (: Congrats on becoming more comfortable with your appearance - that can be quite difficult to do so you rock!