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@ y'all who keep trying to slam me for wanting damian to have an accent??

pls stop??? like, i’m just an arab kid who wants to see other arab kids with accents and a lil representation??? idc if it’s “stupid” or “unreasonable” or “completely illogical” that an arab kid has an arab accent but y'all it’s just a simple HEADCANON i came up with on my HEADCANON ACCOUNT :^) to you he might not have an arab accent, but to me i like to imagine that he does and your arguments about how unreasonable i’m being isn’t going to change my mind ;^)

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39, 56 or 59 please? :)

56) things you said in the spur of the moment

“I want to skate with you.”

It takes Victor a second to compose himself. His heart still thuds in his chest and his entire body tingles from the kissing he’d been doing for the past however-long, lips bruised and fingers tangled in his hair, gripping it tight. It takes him a second to slow, to open his confused, deer-in-headlight eyes and realize that Yuuri is speaking, not kissing.

(Speaking, not kissing.)

(He isn’t mentally prepared for this. Not really.)

But Yuuri is focused, his mind seemingly crystal-clear. There’s a fiery determination in his eyes. “My exhibition. Skate with me.”

Victor makes a noise, but he’s not sure if it qualifies as a word.

(Of course, he’s currently busy watching the way Yuuri’s lips glisten, the way that his hair is disheveled from Victor’s hands—Victor’s hands—and the way that his skin seems to glow.)

“Would you?” he asks, a bit quieter this time. “Would you want to?”

He blinks, realizing that Yuuri had been taking his silence as a negative reaction. Victor clears his throat, but it doesn’t help much. “Skate with you for your exhibition?”

“Yes. Stammi Vicino.”

“Stammi Vicino?”

Yuuri nods, then bites his lip, waiting.

Victor smiles, first—a small thing that grows into something greater, something that makes him giddy in every possible way a person can be giddy, in a way that makes his heart soar. Then, he kisses him, harder than he ever has before, pushing him back into the couch to shower him in adoration. “Yes,” he says against his lips when he finally force himself to break away for breath. “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.”


Yoon bum: Chapter 1 vs chapter 21

Recently reading the latest chapters I thought “Bum is way cuter than I remember” and looking back the evolution of koogis art is pretty surprising (though not unexpected as you do get better as you draw). I really like what her style has become, though I think the old style is really good too. It sets the vibe of a creepy stalker and a popular guy and it worked really well for the beginning.


dark haired baek in jeans for @byunchen


I know what you’re thinking: another bias selfie tag??? really lananh???? 

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somebody send help my first exam is in 5 days and my mind is actually empty i know nOTHING I HAVE ABSORBED NOTHING THESE PAST 2 YEARS SOS

anyway yoo kihyun is the light of my life and i love him a lot.

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