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chapter 16.

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2607 (long chapter everyone! read well because there’s a lot to take in omg)

Warnings: idk… maybe your heart being pulled?

note: hehe… late… whoops… sorry, everyone! i just finished my five tests this week and i’m pretty sure i failed haha. rip. anyways, i hope you guys like this chapter. two more chapters before rich ends O.o it’s been a long journey and yes, it’s sadly going to end soon. happy reading and take care everyone! -admin 

“You’re going to Paris.”

I sat there, staring at my boss in complete shock. He said I was going to Paris. My boss, whom everyone was afraid of, told me I was going to Paris. Those words that came out of my boss’ mouth was something anyone in this company dreamed of hearing. For me, I couldn’t even believe my ears. Was I really going to Paris?

“Really?” I gasped, my mouth hanging wide open. “This has to be a dream. There’s no way I’m hearing this correctly.”

“My dear, (Y/N),” My boss smiled at me, “Nothing is a dream here. You are going to Paris and you’ll be working amongst so many other great designers. It’ll change your life.”

“When?” I suddenly asked him. “When am I going?”

“Next week. That’s why I wanted to bring this up to you today so you have a week to prepare yourself.” My boss stated, sitting back down on his chair. I pursed my lips and thought about it for a little while before making any stupid decisions. If I agreed to this, it’ll be my chance to finally make the money I need to pay that debt and it’ll be a great opportunity for my future. At the same time, I didn’t want to leave this place even though my life was a wreck. Only one person was holding me back from this decision. And it was Jaebum.

“And how long am I going to be there?” I raised my eyebrows, trying to think further about this situation.

“(Y/N), you’ll be moving there.” My boss stated. “It’s a permanent job and a one in a lifetime opportunity. You’re going to be become a fashion designer.”

“Do I have to agree now or can I get back to you later?” I bit my lips. I definitely wasn’t expecting this opportunity to ba something permanent. I just thought I was there to learn more about the fashion industry, not live there and actually work a full time job.

“Yes, you can. But you have a week to decide, (Y/N). Other than that, I can’t guarantee you that you’ll have another chance like this.” My boss explained to me, leaning back on his chair.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” I smiled before standing up and thanking him for this opportunity. Exiting the office, my mind ran through different opinions and feelings about this job in Paris. I needed to think carefully about this situation, planning out what would happen in the future if I took this job. Should I really go? Thinking about it, I wanted to run away from this place and start a new life. And Paris was my chance. But why was my mind refusing to let me go?

Heading back home, I played around my phone and wondered if I should call Jaebum to tell him this news. I thought about how he would react to this news. It seems like if I told Jaebum about this, he probably wouldn’t even care and brush off the news. Meaning he’ll probably be happy that he’ll have some peace and quiet after I leave the house. On the other hand, I wondered if he’ll be happy for me. A huge chance like this was hard to come by and I’m sure Jaebum will understand. Or I shouldn’t tell him at all because it wouldn’t really matter to him anyways.

As I entered the house, I heard faint talking in the background while I took off my shoes. Walking towards the living room, I spotted Jaebum and his father having a small talk before their attention turned towards me, interrupting their deep conversation.

“She lives here too?” Mr. Im raised an eyebrow at me as I politely greeted him.

“Yes, father.” Jaebum sighed before motioning me to sit beside him. “Come here. I have some news.”

I awkwardly smiled at both of them before sitting down next to Jaebum. At that moment, I wanted to tell him about Paris. I wanted to say I have news too but somehow I kept silent. For some odd reason, I felt like I didn’t want to tell him. No matter how I excited I was on the bus, I just didn’t want to tell Jaebum. But I knew I definitely couldn’t hide this from him.

“We found out about your father’s debt.” Jaebum stated, interrupting my thoughts.

“It involves Mr.Park for sure.” Mr. Im spoke up, before sitting up straight. “It turns out you were right. Your father did work for Mr. Park back then. Apparently, they were great friends and business partners before Mr. Park started to rise in power. Mr. Park and your father shared a stock and one year, everything went downhill and everyone went bankrupt. But somehow your father had the money that was suppose to go to Mr. Park. Since Mr. Park had more power, he demanded your father to give him back his money but your father fought back saying it was his hard work that earned that money. Fast forward a few years, Mr. Park claimed that your father had a debt to pay him but your father disappeared and naturally, you’re the one who Mr. Park has been harassing.”

“We still don’t know the reason why your father owes Mr. Park money but it seems like Mr. Park was accusing your father for stealing the money. Hence why you were left to pay a huge amount of money.” Jaebum explained, continuing his father’s explanation.

“So,” I finally said, trying to piece together the situation, “I don’t have to pay this debt.”

“We don’t know that yet. We hired a lawyer to go in depth with this.” Mr. Im stated.

“There may be a lawsuit in which we have to take this situation up in court.” Jaebum said, before turning his head to look at me.

“But if we were going to take this up in court, it would have to be a few years from now since we don’t have enough evidence to back up your father.” Mr. Im pointed out. I stared at both of them, trying to take in this information. Just thinking about this problem made my head want to explode. What happens if I left to go to Paris? I would just leave everyone behind to deal with this situation. But if I stayed, I would have to wait a few years before I would go to court and sort this out.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Jaebum asked, noticing my state in stress. His hand softly placing on top of mine for reassurance.

I looked up at him and nodded, “Yeah, it’s a lot of information to take in.”

“I know it’s hard to take in, (Y/N). So I’ll leave you to think about it.” Mr. Im said before standing up and making his way out of the house. Jaebum’s hands took mine as he drew circled patterns with his thumb on the back of my hand. Although it was reassuring, I couldn’t help but feel on the edge. A million of thoughts ran through my brain before I stood up, letting go of Jaebum’s hand, and chased after Mr. Im.

“Wait!” I yelled as I caught up to Mr. Im at the door. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“What is it, my dear?” Mr. Im asked, stopping his tracks.

“You can’t tell Jaebum this.” I lowered my voice, before stepping closer to Mr. Im. “I was offered a job in Paris as a fashion designer and the job requires me to move to that place. I don’t know what to do since this situation about my father messes with my job opportunity.”

“Take the job, my dear. Don’t worry about your father’s situation. I have the best lawyers working on it and we can make international calls to discuss this matter. This is an opportunity you have to take and you can’t let this problem set you back.” Mr. Im noted, before placing his hand on my shoulder.

I closed my eyes and sighed, “I guess you’re right.”

“Secrets don’t last very long, (Y/N).” Mr. Im stated before leaving the house. “Tell Jaebum before he figures it out himself.”

I gave Mr. Im my thanks before he left as I was left alone at the front door. I stood there for awhile as I brought all my thoughts together. Then finally reaching a decision, I decided to take action. Taking out my phone, I swiped the screen to text the person who waited for my reply.

“You okay, baby girl?” I looked up to see Jaebum walking over towards me. Quickly turning off my phone, I smiled at him and nodded my head.

“Doesn’t seem like you’re okay.” Jaebum sighed as he stood right in front of me as he scanned my face.

“I’m fine, just don’t worry about it.” I stated, trying to sound happy. Arms suddenly wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to a broad chest. Jaebum bent down so that his face was rested on the crook of my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

“You could always tell me if I was too rough in bed. But to be honest, we haven’t even had rough sex yet.” Jaebum joked, his voice muffled by my hair.

I laughed at him before pushing his face so that he was inches away from mine, “Don’t worry. The only thing I was disappointed in was you leaving me alone this morning.”

“Mhmm,” He hummed under his breath, “Maybe I left early because I went to figure out your problem.”

“How sweet of you, that’s the nicest thing you’ve done to me.” I smiled at him, making eye contact with his loving eyes. Jaebum chuckled under his breath, slightly shaking his head before connecting our lips together. His sweet lips molded against mine as we shared a passionate kiss, getting my heart to race. I wanted this feeling to last forever. His lips, his arms, and the thought of him being close to me was something I wanted. The way Jaebum skillfully kissed me, leaving me melting to my knees, was something I didn’t want to forget. But sadly, fate didn’t want us together and I would never bring myself to tell him that I was leaving. Just the thought of me leaving broke my heart because, I realized now that I love him…

a week later

“Good evening passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 156B to Paris, France. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.”

I stood near the window, with my headphones in my ear, as I watched planes land from the sky. Hiding this from Jaebum was probably the hardest thing in my life. It was stupid of me for not telling Jaebum about this. I packed my bags in secret, hoping he wouldn’t go into my room and see the messy boxes laid out on the floor. And of course, when he had work, I arranged my stuff to get shipped to Paris behind his back. Today, while Jaebum was at work, I left the house, with nothing of my trace left behind, and went to the airport. For the past few days, I had to ignore my feelings for Jaebum and went along with my plans. But the empty feeling that I had right now was something I needed to forget. I wanted a new life. And I’m about to get one now.

I held my passport and plane ticket in hand as I lined up behind a bunch of people in front of me. I checked my phone for the time and felt disappointed to see no texts from Jaebum. Maybe he hasn’t figured out that I’m gone. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. As I was near to the entrance to board the aircraft, hands grabbed my arm and suddenly pulled me out of the line, causing me to shriek from the sudden movements.

After straightening myself up, I looked up to see the person whom surprised me. His eyes raging with anger, his jaw line prominent as he stared me down. I was shocked. How did he even manage to find me?

“H-how?” I stuttered, trying to calm myself down from the sudden shock.

“You fucking left your calendar up on the wall. Today’s date was circled and captioned as ‘going to Paris’ and you thought I wouldn’t figure out. You could’ve fucking told me you were leaving instead of disappearing out of nowhere. I was so fucking worried, (Y/N).” Jaebum angrily noted, trying not to raise his voice in public.

“Well you wouldn’t even care anyways.” I waved him away as I turned my back on him. But hands grabbed my shoulders and turned me around again, preventing me from boarding this flight.

“What a load of bullshit. I would’ve fucking cared. Could’ve just said, ‘Oh Jae, guess what? I’m going to Paris because I was offered a job. So now, I’m leaving.’ But, no. You didn’t even say a word to me and you left.” Jaebum growled under his breath.

“I couldn’t tell you, okay?” I raised my voice, trying to ignore this guilty feeling I had. “I couldn’t bring myself to tell you.”

“This is the final boarding call for passengers booked on flight 156B to Paris, France. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately two minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for flight 156B to Paris, France. Thank you.”

I looked at the lady behind me who announced on final boarding. She made eye contact with me and signalled me to hurry back in the line. Turning back to look at Jaebum, I saw that his face turned completely pale.

“Why can’t you tell me? I’ll let you leave if you tell me why?” Jaebum softly asked, looking at me dead in the eye.

“U-uh.” I stuttered, getting slightly nervous. The reason was because I loved him. And it’s a stupid reason but I can’t bring myself to tell him without gaining feelings from him. I needed to avoid him to get rid if these feelings and try to forget about him like I did with Jinyoung. But I can’t help but feel my heart ache for him.

“Miss,” The lady called from behind, “The gates will be closing. Are you planning on boarding?”

Looking back at Jaebum, I took in all the details from his handsome features. To the way his hair was swept to the side to his prominent jaw line. The broad shoulders and body that I feel in love with. The sight of his smile was the cure to my sadness. But all those lovely features, I would have to forget.

Turning my back on him, I smiled at the lady and walked over to her. I handed her my passport and ticket before she approved my information and let me through the gate. Before I even entered through the boarding entrance, I looked back once again to see Jaebum longingly staring at me. As I made eye contact with him, I gave him my charming smile and waved him goodbye. And without even thinking, I opened my mouth and softly whispered three words I thought I’d never say to Jaebum.

“I love you.”


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,326

A/N: Anon requested ; “prompt: Y/N gets into an accident, Shawn is performing at Rockin’ Eve in LA and gets to know about Y/N after his performance” idk I kind of really like how this turned out ??


Shawn’s P.O.V.

“Thank you so much, LA! I love you and I’ll see you soon!” I shout, a wide smile on my face as I make my way off the stage. Performing always gives me this exhilarating adrenaline rush where I feel like I’m floating. I hand over my guitar and head over to Geoff who’s standing there with a huge grin. He pats me on the back, almost knocking the wind out of me. “Well done, Mendes, well done.” I hit his shoulder and continue walking to my dressing room. I need to tell Y/N how good I feel right now, I need to see whereabouts she is in this complex. I grab my phone to call her, unable to contain my excitement and wanting so badly to hear her voice and the praise she constantly gives me. I call once and it goes straight to her voicemail. She probably can’t hear her phone considering how loud it is in here. I call again but still no answer. It’s the fourth time I call that worry begins to shower over me. Where could something have gone wrong? Maybe she dropped her phone in the crowd… or… or maybe she left her phone at home… No, she never leaves without her phone. I’m thinking of a million reasons why she isn’t answering my calls, knowing I’m not being dramatic. I don’t know what the right thing to do is. My phone begins to vibrate making my heart and lungs collide. It’s Y/N’s mom. “Hi, Shawn. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Y/N, is she with you right now?” Her mom asks me, her voice sounding steadier than mine. The hope I felt a moment ago is shattered into pieces. “No… I-I haven’t. What time did she leave home to get here?” I ask, my voice rough and shaky. “At least an hour and a half ago. Shawn are you okay?” She asks me as my head spins wildly. “Mrs Y/L/N… it only takes 20 minutes to get here. I think something’s wrong.” I say, my hand starting to shake, my grip on the phone unsteady. “Hold on, Shawn. I can’t hear you properly- actually I’m getting another call, I’ll call you back later.” Before I can respond, she hangs up, leaving me speechless and worried sick. I sit down on the chair beside me, resting my elbows on my knees as I run my hands through my hair. What am I meant to do right now? If she’s not answering me, not only is that not a good sign but it also means I can’t find out what’s going on. She was coming alone so no one else would have been with her that I could call. My phone begins to vibrate again as my breathing becomes shallow. My breath hitches as I see the name on my screen. Oh, thank God she’s alright. “Y/N, hi oh my god, I was worried sick-” I begin but am interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. “Sorry, is this Shawn?” The unfamiliar voice questions. “Yes.” I reply, my voice frail and petite. “Hi, Shawn. My name is Doctor… and I have some unfortunate news… I’m sorry that I was the one to tell you…” I only take in half of what this person is saying as my head threatens to explode and my breathing is too shallow to bear. My vision is blurry due to the amount of adrenaline flooding my body. I can’t even fathom talking to anyone right now, I can’t even call Y/N’s mom to tell her, no words will leave my mouth. I’m trying to concentrate on the road and my speed but my lungs are distracting me and I can only think about Y/N. I park the car in the first spot I find and begin sprinting towards the doors of the hospital. “Which - where? What room? Y/N? Please.” I pant to the receptionist, only wanting to see Y/N. I click the lift button a thousand times before the doors finally open. my foot is tapping against the floor, impatience overcoming me. I squeeze through the opening doors and rush down to her room. Room M117. I halt at the door, looking through the glass window.

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DL (Plushie Skit)- Ending Episode 12 CGs (Shu)

Subaru’s Version:

I believe many fans love the final conversations with the boys~

Here is the video in case you do not know what am I talking about:

I love those incorrect sub title pictures!! I have to screen shot them all~

But What if it’s not incorrect sub titles? It’s “incorrect” pictures?

So IDK why, but my brain was like “HEY use this as your skit!”

Well.. The Super Hot Scenes I just ruined with my plushie Shu LOL

Now it’s just funny and cute and like “Oh Yeah Plushie what do you want to do huh?”

And I am doing Subaru’s version now, I’m such a sinful woman…

You can yell at me if I ruin your hot Shu OWO

(Again, if Shu is in his uniform this will be perfect damn it! I should get a uniform Shu!)

(That Smirk on Plushie it’s kinda creepy O.O)

The last picture makes me laugh!! He just like “mommy I want food” *innocent face with watery eyes* 

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Sakamaki (or Mukami, whoever you want to write lol) brothers' reaction to their s/o stopping to resist when they drink her blood. And not like she accepted she won't change it, but like encourages them kinda whispers 'yes' or clings to them or pushes their head into her neck... idk I'm just sucker for pain I guess (yeah, I used that pun :D)

Hahah, nice one, anon! And I read your second message, so no worries .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


♥Shu: You want me to bite you huh… Well, If It hurts too much I won’t take responsibility… Heheh.

♥Reiji: You’re so willing… I hope you behave like this everytime I decide to drink your blood. Now, hold still.

♥Ayato: You started it, Chichinashi. Don’t blame me later! Ore-sama will be your first at everything!

♥Kanato: Oh? You actually want this? Well, I guess I could take advantage of your submissiveness. Ne, Teddy?~

♥Laito: Did you just say “Yes”, Bitch-chan? Fuu~ I will suck you really good, then. You will know what is like to find pleasure in pain… And then you’ll want me to bite you all the time

♥Subaru: Wait, this is your first time being bitten! Why do you want it so badly?!


♥Ruki: It seems Livestock already knows her place. Looks like you understand you are merely a blood bag. Should I reward you, then?

♥Kou: Mmm~ you’re a masochistic kitten after all.  What a nice surprise! Do you want to feel my fangs that badly?

♥Yuma: Well, since it’s the first time someone sucks your blood, Sow, let’s make it memorable!

♥Azusa: Are you… Offering your blood to me… Eve? I knew it… You’re like me, after all… I will make it really painful… Then… Fufu~

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invasive questions? talk about ur s/o if u have one or what u look for if u don't

his name is chris, he’s a gemini taurus cusp, entp, the most chivalrous gentleman I have ever met while also simultaneously being the biggest slob I’ve ever come upon. Idk how he does it but he does both well and I love him for it. He prefers his eggs scrambled, bacon crispy, and his coffee w 3 creamers. He’s the kind of person who likes pineapple on pizza. He has a way with balancing two opposites almost perfectly, like how I mentioned before w him being a gentleman and also a slob, he also manages to be both the most compassionate yet also insensitive person I’ve ever met. It fluctuates honestly. He’s just this weird concoction of all the good and the bad in someone that one can become attracted to. I love him a lot and I honestly hope I spend most of my life w him (I’ve actually never shared that till now, I never dared say it lest I jinx myself but I rly love this kid and he’s rly helped w my mental state to a point where I am more mentally and emotionally healthy than I have ever been).

The Malec Network: Team Bane

Challenge two: Malec AU: soulmate au. 

ok but im trash for soulmate aus so here we go 

  • soulmate au with a clock that counts down and magnus in the 1800′s looking at his and having so many hours, so many years, before meeting his soulmate. he lives his life, however, but can’t help but wonder who this stranger who will be right for him in the future will be. 
  • soulmate au + all human au where one stops aging until they meet their soulmate. magnus being kind of chill with being without his soulmate, because hey, he’s young, but after a while it gets hearbreakingly lonely, because everyone around him seem to age, and he is stuck
  • alec turning 18 with magnus and after a year realising that they both have aged. 
  • soulmate au where soulmates have eachother’s names on their bodies. alec waking up with the name magnus bane written on his wrist, and he’s twelve and doesn’t know shit, and he is so scared. alec wearing long sleeved shirts and bracelets and borrowing izzy’s makeup to cover it up. alec, when he learns that his soulmate is not only a man but also the high warlock of fkn broOKLYN, almost breaking down.
  • alec, knowing that his soulmate is on that party, still going in case his siblings and almost friends get in trouble (and we know that they always do, don’t they?) 
  • magnus with a blurry mark, letters that moves, but one night a hundred years before alec is born he sees the name lightwood on his wrist and he swears to god that he will kiss every lightworm to find the right one. (the next morning the letters are blurry again and he doesn’t know if what he saw was right, or nothing but a dream) 
  • and the best soulmate aus……… where those who are meant to be simply cannot have eachother…….. 
  • soulmate au where 
  • au where ppl die at the same day as their soulmate, and magnus doensn’t die. he has no soulmate. and then alec, with his beautiful soulmate comes along, and magnus finally believes that love is more than the soulmate bond. then, well, something happens
  • soulmate au where alec and magnus arent soulmates…… (bc hey, soulmates are more than romantic, the bond can be platonic as well and it is so much more than romance, it is about your existence) and society is created for soulmates.
  • the aging soulmate au where they aren’t soulmates and they live together, young and immortal, for so many years, then alec sees a wrinkle in his skin and is terrified
  • soulmate au where soulmates have to kill each other…….
  • soulmate au where i can make malec really fkn sad and full of heartbreaks bc i love it >:)

Well, since I haven’t been on top of @missladytale’s page as often as I should, and I’m of course in the holiday spirit, I made this <3

My Christmas gift to you??? I dunno man I tried, but TAKE IT WEH o//

Not only do you take that, but you can take this too:


I mean you don’t have to but I made it for you anyway bc I wuv u :3

Anyway idk what to say anymore except to take my crusty art because I was bored. Happy Holidays I guess :)

|| Melon Sans by missladytale ||

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Idk if you like A/B/O fics (I wouldn't blame you if you don't, they can get... iffy) but AO3 author RivDeV's omegaverse-AU Victuuri fic is really worth checking out! There's slowburn & Viktuuri sexytimes but consent and concern for the other's wellbeing is always emphasised and a lot of care went into their interpretation of this -verse in creating a fic that feels comfortable to read. Also, Viktor and Yuuri end up killing each other and the readers with miscommunication. Multiple times. TwT

I usually steer well clear of ABO stuff because a lot of it like Mpreg really squicks me out but I have read the occasional one that I do enjoy. And funnily enough ‘You Can’t Plan For Everything’ started to be written before I began umfb&mha which was when I was still reading YOI fic (which was about early November if I remember rightly?) I stopped as soon as I started umfb&mha and haven’t read anything since because I need to resist until the summer if I want to have any time at all to actually have a life. But I read the very first chapter of YCPFE when it was first posted and enjoyed it so while I haven’t read any of the rest of the fic yet it is one I will read properly and comment on in the summer. And if you don’t believe me, you can probably find my kudos waaaaaay down at the bottom of the page on AO3 from all those months ago!

something about capri that I think is murky to outsiders especially, is that I don’t think it was intended to sexualize slavery, but i do think that it very clearly @ times does in fact sexualize….submissiveness?? particularly voluntary submissiveness? idk how else to put that? like, im mostly just talking out loud, but i think the matching cuffs are a good example of that. unlike, say, a wedding ring which is a symbol of devotion, the slave cuffs still DO carry that symbol of devotion, while ALSO carrying connotations of idk “servitude” or “belonging to” (as well as obviously reflecting their past) while A L S O being a symbol of their equality. like they’re….kinda multidimensional and almost oxymoronic🤔 but at the same time, it’s because of that oxymoronic feel that they are such an effective physical manifestation of their relationship as a whole

ive been thinking abt writing a post on it but i couldnt properly organize my thoughts on it if i tried so that’s all i have 2 say

Mystic Messenger but its an Alternate Universe in which they’re characters from Shrek
  • Rika
    -even better because its like,,, fuckwad,, i am so salty at her fight me
  • Saeran
    -one of those,,, u kno…. these i cant remember what theyre called lmao

          -I mean fuckin ruined by Fuckwad Farquaad so ya kno

  • Yoosung
    -Gingerbread man
    -idk i just? at least the way i took it, Rika/Farquaad manipulated him
    -sweet boi, great support
    -dont anger him
  • Zen (A few spoilers for his route in this one!!!)
    -I mean?? At least when he was younger his family tried convincing him he was ugly
    -shitty parents
    -Doesnt want a s/o that cares about his appearance but personality??
    -so,,, Shrek
  • Jaehee
    -Shreks supporter and pal
  • Jumin
    -Puss in Boots
    -you know
  • Seven
    -seven crossdresses s o
    -tries to hide the “ugly” parts of himself until he realizes he can be accepted, like Fiona with being an ogre
    -Fairy Godmother
    -Suspected to be good until the end
    -but then theyre revealed as a villian
    -i still lov u tho V
    -dies in the end
    -or one of the three blind mice
  • Mc
    -terrified viewer