idk if i like this style yet

!!! They finally released the Valentines DLC for iOS tonight ((even though my game crashed like 15 times))!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER UGHH – also I couldn’t sleep until I drew a quick fan CG so here we are ;;v;; !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

!!! I haven’t done 707 route/afterend yet pls don’t send spoilers ;;0;; thank you!

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way


‘No one can help me,’ said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. ‘I can’t do it… I can’t… it won’t work… and unless I do it soon… he says he’ll kill me…’
And Harry realized, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying — actually crying — tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin. Malfoy gasped and gulped and then, with a great shudder, looked up into flu-cracked mirror and saw Harry staring at him over his shoulder.

so i sort of found this comic
go read it it’s about Cute Queer Kids
these characters belong to @eeriecrests so!!! go!!!! read the comic and indulge in the whole blog like I did

aaand the comic belongs to @littlestpersimmon


Well…those are my original characters 

The only ones that have names are the redhaired girl :Laia and the goat (Mouflon) Muflo lol, 

i like that kind of punk-someting style, so i tried

In story i dont have anything well defined yet xD


iris west season 4 phone backgrounds // please like or reblog if you use :)

for best results on mobile, save a screen shot of the image instead of saving the image itself. idk why tumblr is messing up the resolution*

[see all my phone backgrounds]

if you want a specific quote/style/character that I haven’t made yet just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do :)

Art block ew

mysticaccent  asked:

D1 Nick Wilde please if your still taking requests? Idk how I haven't found your account yet!? I'm loving your art style and seeing all the other pieces you've done!

Hooray!  You Found me!! :’D And thank you so much for liking my style,  it means a lot to me ^^”

But as you can obviously see, in this piece I didn’t really use my style but rather Nick Orsi’s XD idk why I draw him like this today, maybe cuz he’s way of drawing Nick is so unique hahah

Anyways, enjoy your time round my not-so- fancy account~  

And about request, I do take some depending on the ask and my mood :) 

anonymous asked:

Hi Charlie! I know you're busy, but I hope you'll maybe possibly pretty please draw the characters from Six of Crows? I'm black and Lebanese and I feel like I never get to see characters like Inej (she and Kaz give me life!!!) and Jesper in fantasy. It would mean so much to see them in your beautiful style. Like they'd be more real somehow? Idk that sounds stupid, but I love you. Hope you have a good day!

Aw, thank you! I won’t be drawing all of the characters but would like to draw a couple of them when I can, at least. I’m flattered you’d like me to, and I hope lots more artists draw them too! It doesn’t sound stupid at all, and wider representation is something I’m trying to better in my own work :)

I can’t make anything yet but this is one of my favourite versions of the gang by Kevin Wada

so sonic forces is fun. idk if i’d say it’s QUITE as good as generations yet (and it’s definitely no mania, but come on that’s a tough act to follow), but if you like the boost style 3d sonic games you’ll probably enjoy this one

i made an avatar that looks like melody because of course i did