idk if i like this one d:


don’t mind me, just thought it would be fun to kick off the new year by pissing off the entire one piece fandom

happy birthday ace!! 1/1 missed it by 20 minutes but whatever

also i’m so sorry please don’t kill me


“In my defense…it’s kinda hard to tell the guy you love you’re a creature of the night”

“You love me?”

“Always have”

Teen Wolf Au: When Jackson Traps Stiles in a locker after school, he stumbles across Derek struggling to control his shift. With their budding relationship already strained due to Jackson’s bullying, the discovery threatens to end them before they even start

Happy birthday, Victoria! ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) @kirschtein


some lines in agust d tracks converted in emojis ©
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I’m a wlw who is tired of bein single! I would date a cactus if i could! Someone take one for the team PLEASE


Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.

hey hey this is (probably) important

u guys know that u can tag me in anything right!!!!! Like it doesn’t have to ONLY be dratchet or bumblebee or just bees, like if you see any transformers posts thatarelikelyporn and you think would look good on the blog, send me a link or tag me in it!

Also things that you guys draw/write! If its transformers and not terribly angsty, it can go on this blog. Don’t be afraid to share your stuff with me! I LOVE to see the things y'all put out. uwu

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anon here is the Great Mystery: Did Joshua Dun Sing This Beautiful Part in Glowing Eyes?????????