idk if i like this omg but here i took so long on this

AH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! I managed to get 1,000 people to like me enough to follow me and I’m honestly so in awe. I remember when I had 20 followers and I was so excited about that and now here I am with 1k! So if you follow me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I truly appreciate it so much you all are so special to me. If you ever need/want to talk my ask box is 100% open :D 

And now, as seems to be tradition, I will celebrate the lovely blogs that make my dash such a special and interesting place with this follow forever and a crappy edit I made in paint (it could be a lot better but I don’t have photoshop) 

It’s in alphabetical order as far as I can tell (alphabetizing takes forever omg) and if I forgot anyone I AM SO SORRY I LOVE YOU BUT IM DUMB AND IM VERY FORGETFUL OKAY I STILL LOVE YOU BEEB

Mutuals are bold
Faves are italicized 

I love you all :) 

# - a: 5secondsofbanana, 5secondsofsummer-fanpage, 5sos-net, 5sos-official, 5sos-outfit-inspo, 5sosagainsthumanity, 5sosbandfacts, 5soslovefam, 5sosmikey, 5sosstyleguide, 5sosusername, a5sosdiary, adorableashtin, adorecalumhood, airguitars, alexismmofficial, alicianicole5sos, all-time-state-champs, amour-ashaquaticmuke, ashirtwit, ashtonrwini, atloffical, australienidiots

b - d: b3yond-the-lens, bangmelikey0urdrums, besdeyou, calumbutt, calumgirlofficial, calumichaeluke, calumisapeach, calumtbh, cashtontrash, cecewhat, charcoaledlines, cookieluke, cupcakexcouture, dammitmichael, dayumnesia, dimplelashton, drawasaur, drunkinirwin, duhmichael

e - h: englishloves, faerieclifford, falloutboy, favesos, fishingboatproceeds, friceberg, fueledbyramen, g-o-t-t-a-g-e-t-o-u-t, glamourcals, glitterbabyhood, heartbreakirwin, hectichoods, hemmeowings, hemmingshurts, hemmogiggles, heyy-chelsea, hiorheyrecords, hoodzer, hotdamn5sos, howtodoodlydoo

i - l: i-just-have-a-difference, its5sosdaily, ihoodgirl, immamichaelgirl, itsmymicrowave, irwinsource, irwusional, irwxns, jessss-ss, jetsblackheart, jetblacklukes, joshguns, kittencliffoconda, kryptonedirection, laneboyofficials, lashtuns, lesbianfarmer, letashtonsing, letsbanglashton, letscallhimcalum, longwayhom, lukeisafluke, lukesclique, lukeshm, lumosirwin, luukhemmings

m - p: mak-1998, marinaserna23, mareflares, mewk, michaelupdates, moanhood, mrsallamericant, mukenope, officialmashton, officialmichaels, onedirection, ordinary5sosimagines, partylikehemmings, pinkymikey, pineapplelucas, popcornlukey, positive5sosfam, punkr0ck-hemmings

q - z: rowysosource, sexycliffconda, silentpeaches, skeleton-clique, smashdrums, smashirwin, smells-like-teen-clifford, squigglyluke, steakpanties, stillstreet, stonedcashton, sureluke, tbh-lucas, teenagedfricks, teenagememorics, thatniallers, thatsthat24, thecalhood, theraddishspirit, tomatomikey, toolucas, tralenlove, twentyonepilots, tylerjoseh, ughemmo96, vssl, wamwesia-luke, whineaboutit, x-i-wanna-be-in-the-tribe-x, youcompletemess, youngodluke

thank you all for making my dash a beautiful place <3