idk if i like this colouring

What I've Gathered About Voltron From Tumblr

• There are these five people who can turn into a robot(?)

• And they save the world or galaxy or universe or something??

• And there are these two guys named Keith and Lance that are apparently the cutest ship of all time

• But like it’s a kids show so it’s almost certainly not canon

• “OMG KLANCE IS SO CUTE!!!11!!1!?1!!!1!!”

• Also I think they’re in space because they all wear different coloured suits

• But legit I don’t even know the other characters names because no one ever shuts up about Klance

• Also I think I read that someone blackmailed the creators to make sure that Klance was canon in the next season?

• Is there even a bad guy idk because all I’ve heard about is Klance

Anyway, I’m going to go watch the show. We’ll see how it goes.

anonymous asked:

I feel like this is really random and silly so if you don't feel like answering that's fine! ....but I absolutely love your interior design & architecture and I was wondering if you could share some tips or some of your strategies on building/decorating? Specifically I'm thinking of how you mismatch chairs but they're still cohesive, how you use so many colors but it looks great and not at all messy, aaaand basically how everything is gorgeous :) Thank you thank you so much for your time!


secondly,,,, honestly ive been trying to answer this question for days in a cohesive way but i just cant because even idk what im doing when i decorate. 

but heres some random tips to decorate like me:

  • keep wood colours generally the same-ish - like, dont use super dark & super light
  • blue is a good colour
  • so is yellow
  • anythign that looks good with those two colours works well together
  • i dont rly like purple dont use that a lot
  • plants!!!! LOTS of plants just fucking bomb the place w plants
  • bomb is w ivy too it covers up the weird spots 
  • rugs r ur friend if a room is looking weird add a rug 
  • but the cute rugs not the ugly nana ones 
  • anything from the kids pack/bowling pack/the pack with the water slide/movie hangout looks gr8 together
  • also the gold & teal & magenta swatches from the vintage pack are so good
  • make it rly colourful
  • when it comes 2 chairs pick like,,,, two colours u like and only add chairs of that colour. that way u can have heaps of weird ones but keep it lookin kinda cohesive!

i cant think of anymore im sorry this is SHIT :)))))


Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better. And now, I understand. What your voice was saying back then. You and me, can we be… friends?


“you have no clue how gorgeous you are, thank god. you’re the moon, my blue lagoon, my favourite tune, everything, everything, everything.”

↳ kyungsoo + blue, requested by @junmyeolks ♡