idk if i like this coloring or not

Trying to design a character since I have literally no humanoid characters. Which one do you like best? ANything I could change? I need critiques. 

I like the one with ears but idk if its too much. And I think it looks too goth. I want a dark color scheme but that added with bones makes edgy goth and I dont like that :/

ok guys but Listen Listen……….listen to blue lips by regina sparks….it’s Lance im telling you….and im sad now….someone has to be sad with me


lance, to me, very much embodies earth. not even bc he misses it with his whole heart- but his personality. in a show full of aliens and horrors…..lance is the most human of them all, carrying around a little piece of earth for everyone. i really think if he wasnt there, bursting to the brim with humanity, the team would be just. down. lost? even tho lance wouldnt believe that at all ever 

just. idk. earth: lance to me and the song makes me Sad i love my son

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I don't know if this was asked before, but how long do you need to draw (and color) 1 page of your Mafia AU? I mean, each "chapter" has about 2 to 3 pages and it has to be so much work! Especially since all of it is colored! (I LOVE the coloration! It's just so beautiful and easy to look at. Somehow it makes me happy xD Idk why)

I’d say between 3 and 4 hours for each page?
The coloring is kinda sloppy, all on one layer instead of multiple and some colors bleed over the lines >_>
But, it’s good to hear that you like how it looks ;w;
But, yeah, each installment takes a lot of time really ^^;;
But, it definitely makes it all worth it when I hear ppl enjoy the work that I put out ;w;

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well im actually asian and i wont fight when people call us racist?? i mean 10-12 yr olds are making racist jokes even with people's skin color,, my friends and i only make racist jokes with objects and dont use them against others??? like as a joke and we laugh about it,, idk kill me if u want mom

how do u make racist jokes about objects what the fuck?

Meh so this what I’ve been working on for school. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted. It’s a sad comparison to my other paintings I’ve done in the past lol I did this in like a day in a half don’t judge me.
What does this have to do with interior design you ask? WELL I’ll tell you. We have to be able to describe ourselves through art with different materials and on different mediums. That way we can be able to describe the clients’ likes and dislikes if they don’t know how to themselves.
Basically how this describes me is that I love bright in your face colors, but in the right places with more subtle colors as well. I’m extremely in love with flowers. Or at least drawing them. Honestly I’m really bad at describing myself BUT I know this is what I like. I’m a very colorful person. Idk.
Anyway yeah I’m done talking lol y'all have a nice day.

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Name: Daffni J.

Nickname: kookie, kookiemastah, cringeworthy idiot,

Height: FUCKING SHORT (like 4'10/11)

Orientation: FUCKING GAY

Ethnicity: Filipino but nationality is British.(second gen british asian)

Favorite fruit: orenji to suika

Favorite season: natsu

Favorite book: *pushes up imaginary glasses* Manga. Specifically Yuri manga. Specifically probably Girl Friends but theres so much more I like

Favorite flower: Shrug. Rose?

Favorite scent: weed. Jk probably just a really nice smell like this lotion i tried last night or some nice deodorant.

Favorite color: red, orange

Favorite animal: idk big cats and wolves? (But im not a furry)

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Coffee but decaf or hot chocolate at night

Cat or Dogs?: Both? Both.

Favorite fictional character: Idk. Sun jing is cool. Korra is cool. Lapis is cool. Uh. There are loads i think are hot- i mean cool…..

Number of blankets you sleep with: Two.. 3 if u include the frozen one..

Dream trip: …Japan (id like to live there for a little bit too), Murica, more of europe

I hate tagging people so tag yourself, please

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So far, How many different blood colors is there in Cemas & what do they look like?

A lot of them :/

For now There’s;

Normal Blood

“Virus” - Many pixels idk

“Ink” - Blue

“Oil” - Black (Liquid) (There’s also slime ones which are more dangerous but don’t have a name.)

CARMEN’s blood - Sometimes Green, Sometimes Purple

Villa’s blood (+Family) - Magenta

Some don’t have names yet and some I forgot

bonjour ! hello ! buna ! 

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  • Name - Elisa
  • Age - 14 soon 15
  • Height - 5′4 // 164 cm 
  • Ult Bias - i cant choose one so !! jung hoseok n sunny 
  • Nicknames - i have no nicknames bc i despise any of them ahahdshds but my parents call me lizuca/lizucuta/eli/lizzy
  • Zodiac sign - cancer
  • Ethnicity - romaniann
  • Favorite fruit - watermelon!!!! i love anything watermelon related like yes bitch gimme that watermelon soap i LIVE
  • Favorite season - spring!! and winter and fall!! idk a summer
  • Favorite color - royal blue bc im fancy
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot cocoa - tea bc coffee is too bitter and hot cocoa is often too sweet
  • Favorite animals - doggos!!!
  • Dream trip - texas but only to meet my internet friends hfdhdhfd otherwise London again ! (same reason too but also bc i loved London) 
  • Number of blankets you sleep with - two 
  • Dogs or cats - i love puppies sm u have no idea
  • Side blog - i have 3 and im not linking them fdhdhdfhfd
  • Follower count - 45 ! 
  • When did you start this blog - well initially i started in 2014 or something but then my ass accidentally deleted so i restarted last may or something!

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  • name: Alisha (IDK if I even like my name lmao)
  • nickname: Princess/ Gordon Ramsey’s wifey/ Lish
  • zodiac sign: Libra!
  • height: like 5′8 or something?
  • orientation: Pan
  • ethnicity: Caribean/ British 
  • favorite fruit: Umm Apples!
  • favorite season: Autumn or Spring
  • favorite book series: The ‘Ugly’ series by Constance Brisco or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman (both so good and emotional) and of course the classic ‘Harry Potter’ series
  • favorite flowers: Roses
  • favorite scent: The smell of freshly done laundry (it’s such a warm scent and reminds me of home ^–^ )
  • favorite color: Ummm pastel yellow or baby blue                     
  • favorite animal: Doggos
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea!
  • average sleep hours: I meannnn i barely sleep 5 hours or something 
  • cat or dog person: While I love cats to pieces Doggos will always have my heart <3
  • favorite fictional characters: Basically the whole cast/ all characters of ‘Yuri On Ice!’, Link from ‘The Legend of Zelda’, Tony from ‘13 reasons why’ and Magnus Bane from ‘Shadow Hunters’ 
  • number of blankets you sleep with: Literally depends on the temperature but usually 1 or 2
  • dream trip:  Korea, Japan or maybe Holland. Although really, I want to travel the world, like a road trip to somewhere unknown to me, 
  • blog created: I started using it like agesss ago maybe 2014-2015 and then abandoned it but now I’m back and more active than healthy lmao
  • number of followers: I just have like 590ish so yah! (I’m super grateful to all my followers and I love each and every one of you beans!) 

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Relationship Status: a single pringle

Favorite Color: turquoise! 

Lipstick or Chapstick: both! i can’t survive without chapstick but you’ll pry lipstick from my cold dead hands

Last song I listened to: uhh smth by byob that’s the theme of a kdrama or smth?

Last movie I watched: i watched the end of mulan last night does that count. i don’t rly watch movies very often, like movies in theaters

Top 3 fictional characters: hooo my god, uh. damen is number one bc he’s my best boy and grell who is my best girl. idk about a third i feel like i leave that spot open for whoever is at the forefront of my mind at the moment so like sometimes it’s levi sometimes its oikawa occasionally it’s someone new like gabe or mccree who are my other best boys even tho i don’t even play overwatch

Top 3 ships: grelliam, damen/laurent and eruri! iwaoi gets an honorable mention bc i love them so much too

Books I’m reading: I just recently reread the captive prince trilogy after starting it a couple months ago and then putting off getting to the painful parts lmao. i’m planning to reread the his dark materials books bc i think the new one comes out this summer?? and i wanna be ready for it!

i’m gonna tag @redladydeath, @bootytoohella, @shoujomomo, @williamteaspears and @itsspookyjim which is only 5 ppl but i don’t play by the rules

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● Birthday: november 21
● Gender: girl i guess
● Relationship status: single
● Favorite color: hmmm idk maybe dark green but i like most colors
● Pets: a cat decided we were going to be his family so he kindof is our pet now. He’s called bébé chat bc that’s what he was when he first came, and we didnt bother to rename him after so…. he’s still small for an adult cat though so the name fits 👌🏻
● Wake up time: uhhh it depends but i usually wake up around 10 when i don’t have class
● Love or lust?: what
● Favourite food: anyhting that isn’t seafood or meat tbh. i’ve been making alot of tzatziki and crepes these days cos its quick & easy
● Met a celebrity?: i once saw tarantino like, three years ago ? but i didn’t even know who he was lmao
● Last song listened to: hmm i think it was the 2nd ending of little witch academia haha
● First kiss: no
● Tall or short: i’m rather tall i think, but not model size. Average tall ?

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hey, i just wanted your opinion on something. I'm a "white-passing" latinx, whereas the rest of my family, for the most part, looks it. And i know that there have and will he comments directed at them because of this and I struggle with how to react. Because on one hand, I benefit from white privilege and they're not saying it to me, and yet it's to my family and ta still about me even if they don't realize. Idk, i'm just unsure of how when to support them and if i can also support myself

i think it’s most important to remember that you are latinx, and many latinx are white-passing but that doesn’t make you any less latinx. latinx is who you are and where your family is from, not just a skin color. i, for example, can be white-passing at times (i tan extremely easy tho so during the spring/summer/sometimes fall it’s a different story but like i’m mexican, spanish, and portuguese so obviously i don’t just look mexican) but most people say i look hispanic. that being said, tho, sometimes i also don’t have comments directed at me, and a lot of times people don’t assume i’m part mexican. but if i’m out with other latinx friends, for example, and if they were receiving hate i would still be offended because if they’re being insulted for their race/culture, my skin change the fact that i’m also part of that group.

you are latinx. if someone is insulting latinx, they are insulting you, even if it’s not to your face. true, it’s important to recognize when you receive privilege for your skin tone, because it is the difference between getting called slurs and not. that being said, you should always always support your culture and race. if your family or friends are being harassed in public, stand up for them. if they tell you about something that happened to them the other night, be there to talk to them and comfort them. but know that it’s ok if it’s hard to hear, because people think this way about your culture.

do your part to spread awareness and put down the haters. for example, you can read my post about how i was called a “dirty farmer c*nt” and, even though nobody told that to your face, ensure that other people in your life don’t think that way. you are allowed to be offended by what people have called me (or anyone else you know) and you are allowed to stand up against hate even if you haven’t received it. fighting for equality can’t just come from minority groups – people won’t always listen to us. but in that way, if you are white-passing in a minority, use that privilege to be heard and shut down these haters. if your friend is getting abused, the abuser might listen to you because they think you are white. it’s tough, because you want to be seen for the ethnic group you are, but at the same time you want to accept your privilege. so use it when you can, but don’t forget that you are latinx, and that we are not about to let this hatred and bigotry beat us down

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name: natalie

nickname: i don’t really have any

zodiac sign: taurus

height: around 5'10

orientation: bi/pan (i’m not in any hurry 2 label myself)

ethnicity: white

fav fruit: bananas

fav season: autumn/fall cause everything is so pretty

fav book series: it’s not a series but my fav book is gone girl

fav flowers: gypsophila!

fav scent: the smell of peat burning on an open fire

fav color: probably that beige/fawn colour or baby pink

fav animal: idk i love them all but i’ll say dogs

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea

fav fictional characters: geez there’s a lot but probably rn it’s karma akabane and dazai osamu

dream trip: tbh i’d just like 2 travel the world but rn i really wanna go back to rome + i think japan would be v pretty to visit in sakura season

blog created: like last july or smth but i haven’t started really using it until recently

number of followers: 263 lol

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Birthday: march 20
Gender: lady
Relationship status: single and happy to single
Favourite color: oooohh probably purple and yellow!!
Pets: I have like 8 plants but my folks have a dog. her name is Luna and she’s 12 years old and half deaf and I think going blind, too
Wake up time: around 9 am usually??
Love or lust?: neither, thank u. or I guess platonic love all the way baby
Favourite food: I rly like butter chicken. I’m a sucker for nepalese food
Met a celebrity?: several. like, maybe 20?? idk man I dunno what to tell you, I spent last summer working at this one big movie production’s costume department. lots of celebrities there. it was Weird eating breakfast next to the actors and the directors
Last song listened to: Bird Set Free by Sia
First kiss: no kisses bruh. idk what to do with them anyway
Tall or short: 182 cm which is roughly 6ft. I am a titan

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Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖