idk if i like this coloring but whatever

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isn't it kind of not really feminist to associate the colour pink with being feminine anyway like pink is a colour it's for anyone it doesn't necessarily have to be a fem or masc or whatever idk idk i thought your spread was lovely anyway

ya I mean I get the gender roles thing with the pink being associated with girls and blue being associated with boys in our society but honestly I think anyone should be free to like any color they want like it’s not that big of an issue?? Like you’re not a bad person if you’re a girl and pink is your favorite color

The best part about all the different Taako designs is that they can all be canon no matter what Taako rlly looks like bc he can just fucking magic himself a new bod or face or hair color or whatever whenever he has some spell slots

wowie.. haven’t drawn much on my tablet since that boba tea drawing of jack i did before xmas.. my hard drive got fried, so i had to get a new one ;-; there goes 74$ from my bank account :’)
Also, sorry if the colors are off.. my monitor’s color stuff seems to be wrong and idk really how to get it to the correct colors, but it’s whatever i guess.. at least i can draw now…


Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

Listen I’m not even lying okay this was an honest accident.

…that… I spent… many hours on… But that’s not the point!  xD

(more Star Wars fanart)


Choose wisely, Pacifica

(haha i just wanted to draw my version of older! dip and mabes. Feel free to tag as either dipcifica or mabifica

or both because both is good

both is awesome)


i was enabled somewhat by friends and ended up making berserk heart buttons LMAO!! i just drew whatever came to mind at like 1am so um .. here we are

i got the [ griffith apologist ] ribbon at ALA for his heart and i’m. genuinely not sure how to feel about this LMFAO thank you

there’s only one lone guts left in stock and it feels kind of fittingly sad… but at least he’s got puck.


overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad

Thank you!! Though I also just wanna point out that manons hair is the white blonde color to reflect her cold iciness to what’s around her, and aeline is fucking golden just like her cousin and it’s meant to be golden cause she’s warmth and fire in the form of a person! Aaaalso she’s supposed to be the warm counterpart to manons cold iciness. Feyres hair is a golden brunette NOT BLONDE! It is brought up quite a few times so idk why people can’t grasp this. I get it that you wanna take her work and bring it to life in your drawings or whatever. But do your research first. SJM put so much time and thought into her wonderfully written characters! Do not and I repeat for those idiots in the back. DO NOT fucking mess with her art!


Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself


sketch dump of my two fav boys and a birb lol,,,,

i failed the coloring of Ilima’s cheeks, but who cares smh - i hadn’t drawn for a long time and i suddenly felt the need to draw something, so i ended up drawing three things and then my brain gave up on me ahhaha