idk if i like this but yano

nothing makes me more emo than people not considering xero a rapper.

sexy times w connor murphy (headcanon)

-would def start out with u guys just laying in bed playing w each others fingers and maybe sharing a few kisses

- u would be like “connor i gotta go”

- and he would be like “babe noooo”

- he would distract you with long hard kisses whenever u tried to leave 

- he would always make u blush n squeal n be all squirmy

- then he would take that chance to kiss down your neck 

- “connooorrrrr seriously, i gotta go”

- then he would just smirk and kiss you even harder

- obvs u would give in

- he would touch ur boobs a lot (like not even during sexy times he just likes em yano)

- i feel like before ur first time he would try something like (SHIELD UR EYES KIDS) fingering you to see how you liked it and to figure out your body more

- connor would always base his pleasure around yours

- he could literally get off to u havin a good time

- after fingering you for the first time he would probably do it all of the time 

- his fingers are long and skinny and idk man i just feel like he would be hella good at it

- he would never ask for anything in return

- he would leave hickeys ALL OVER U

- boobs, neck, collarbones, shoulers, hIcKEyS

- he would always know what he is doing

- HiCkEyS

- would never be ashamed of boners he would be liek “welp this is ur problem. u did this” 

- his long hair would be a plus bc ya kno u can like grab onto it and stuff


- when cuddling he would do stuff like kiss ur neck and touch ur bum

- i feel like there would be a lot of “i love you” sex

- hickeys

- maybe even one day zoe comes home earlier than usual and shes like “connor?? u home??” then she hears him grunting and you whimpering and she is like “EW WTF” . poor zoe

- all ur friends know u get it on the daily

- hE wOuLd JuSt Be SO gOoD aT iT??

- … hickeys


A reminder that the boys love and appreciate us ❤️ - taken from their thank you sections in the album cover of Night and Day

From top to bottom - Brad, James, Connor, Tristan

If ToppDogg was in a horror movie

I know someone has already done a post like this before but I wanted to do my own version.

Kidoh: The one who convinced everyone to go into a haunted house/asylum/forest. Wants to look badass at first but quickly becomes the most afraid. Probably the 5th one to die.

Jenissi & Sangdo: The reasonable ones who always make the right decisions, try their best to keep everyone safe and comfort the ones who are the most scared. Sangdo survives.

P-Goon & Seogoong : Self-proclaimed leaders who everyone listens to. Make a bad decision that gets at least one person killed (will feel horribly bad about it, of course). At least one of them survives.

Gohn: The only useful character of the entire movie who actually fights back and gets the others saved, but dies in the process.

Hojoon & Nakta: The ones who keep telling everyone “it’s a bad idea” for the first 30 minutes of the movie and say “I told you so” when someone dies. They are the least scared, which is probably what gets them killed.

B-Joo & Xero: Constantly fighting over who’s the bravest and about which way to go, and blames each other when they get lost. Cry a lot. If they survive, they come out as best friends.

A-Tom: Plays pranks on the others and is responsible for 70% of the movie’s jumpscares. Screams the loudest when scared. Probably ends up dying.

Yano: Very jumpy but never admits he’s scared. Trips a lot over nothing. Barely makes it out alive.

Hansol: The sweet boy that everyone loves and needs to be protected at all costs. Turns out to be the killer.

Topp Dogg: you're dating them but another member likes you

Summary: they haven’t told the others about your relationship, and one of the members develops a crush on you and…yikes~~💛

P-Goon: I see him being the most mature, as in he wouldn’t do anything irrational such as yell at them or tell them off- they didn’t know. He’d shrug it off, and calmly explain to them that you two have been together for a while, and that he’s sorry for confusing them… but you’re all his, and if they try anything, they better count their blessings.

Hojoon: FOR SURE would want to keep his relationship secret. Not that he’d want to, he would just rather live a life where the others aren’t teasing him about your relationship. When he sees someone confessing to you, he’d jump and  grab you. “Yahh, what do you think you’re doing, touching y/n like that?!” Would regret acting so emotionally, and apologize afterwards and explain that you’re with him.

Sangdo: after blushing and cutely giggling at your ‘help me Sangdo wtf’ expression, he’ll finally jump in and end any further embarrassment for the other member. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner. Y/n’s dating me, and we’ve been together for a couple months. We just thought we should wait before telling anyone…guess we were wrong.”

Nakta: tbh he’d end any sort of advances from the other member, just bc he’d notice right away that there’s definitely something off about the way they’re acting around you. He wouldn’t be particularly angry or give them attitude, he’d kinda laugh and pat their shoulder in a fatherly type way. “Sorry…but this one belongs to me. One of her friends is single, I think. Right, y/n?”

Hansol: would act the most dramatic out of all of them (surprise!!!) And might end up giving the other member the cold shoulder. You’d have to explain to him that there’s no way they could’ve known about your relationship since you’ve kept it secret. He’d hesitantly apologize to them, but still threatens to ransack their rooms if they ever touch you.

B-Joo: he’d be in a laughing fit, and everyone is unsure if he’s finally lost it and gone insane or just laughing at your blushing cheeks. After a few minutes, he’d take a deep breath and stretch his arms around you. “Aish, this is such a relief. Can I finally tell them, y/n? Wait don’t answer, I will anyway shh. We’re together. You’re jealous, right? Yeah, be jealous and don’t touch my y/n like that again smh.”

Xero: ugh it’d be practically impossible to keep your relationship hidden for long bc he always want to be 2 feet away from you or touching you somewhere. So if the other member is still oblivious, Jiho would just roll his eyes and laugh at him. “Hyung, idk how much more obvious I can be, so tbh I’m gonna need you to take those winks somewhere else.”

A-Tom: relentless joking with the other member…“oh, you like y/n too? Well, I guess you’re gonna have to pick between me and him.” He’ll keep smirking and winking at you, while the other member is so confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. You’d have to be the one to shyly break the bad news to him. He’d then sling his arms around you, smugly, “well, I guess you have good taste, huh?”

Yano: unsurprisingly, I think he’d be quite upset at them even when he CLEARLY knows that your relationship is secret. Pls just hold his hand and give him a few kisses, then he’d man up and confront the other member. He’d still be pretty apologetic and bow many times to them, saying that he’s very protective of you so he’d appreciate it if they accepted your relationship.

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Common opinion????

Okay, I really like winteriron, like tony and Bucky are actually really cute together like 1)They both suffer from the bad influence of Steve Rogers bitch ass in ca:cw 2)They both probably like AC/DC 3)They would both really like coffee 4) Tony can upgrade his arm at anytime probably install Jarvis or Friday in it 5) like I just think they like each other Yano? Like idk it’s kinda like tony and Loki for me like everyone can be happy except Steve tbh like he made a really bitchass move like I have currently lost all respect in the next movie he better make it up to me like honestly I feel like I just went through a bad break up in Tony’s happiness is the only thing that can mend my broken heart, and I’m Kinda not angry at Bucky anymore I just didn’t like him because Steve was like all up on his nut sack but I’m kind of over it this poor bean deserves love as well

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It’s so weird how you can go from feeling so much sadness for so long and sort of end up feeling numb and empty. It becomes “normal” and you begin to be so afraid of ever getting close to anyone again and kinda feel as though you probably never will do, but then when you least expect it someone lovely comes along - who you sorta let yourself get close to, without realising they become important to you. Like talking to them becomes part of daily routine. You find yourself thinking about them and smiling because they’ve made you realise how you CAN let yourself get close and feel things. Its like such an overwhelming feeling but you can’t help but want to better yourself for them, learn everything about them and genuinely want to make an effort with them.
In majority of my relationships I’ve always felt guilty about having feelings or have felt really embarrassed to be clingy, but thats because those people made me feel that way, and I found myself closing into myself & getting consumed by it all, like I sort of lost myself in feeling so much for them, they weren’t good for me.
I fell in love at the age of 16/17 (okay this is gonna get deep, oops hahaha) for the first time with someone who was so incredibly toxic and emotionally manipulative that it left me so depressed and anxious. I felt like I’d never want to fall in love again because to me it has so many negative feelings surrounding it and I closed myself off.
And then when I met someone who I liked, we started dating, because I thought I was ready to, it all moved too fast, this person loved me but it made me unhappy purely because I wasn’t emotionally ready myself and sorta forced myself to move forward without taking the time to properly get over it and look after myself. I hurt that person unintentionally because I was a sore, broken mess.
It all made me feel so scared of feelings and attachment that I’ve avoided getting attached to anyone for over a year or so now, and I’ve now gotten to a point where I feel ready to care about someone. I feel like I’m in a good place emotionally and mentally. And just at the right time someone came into my life that I feel like I wanna let close to me. I’m not gonna get too soppy as its early days, and who knows it could well not exactly become *something* still, but I enjoy this human a lot.
Its just strange to me how you can go from feeling so much friggin inner sadness for so long, to finally letting go of all that negative feeling and energy completely, which then sorta leads to someone great entering your life yano? Who makes you wanna like actually give a shit about things again? It makes me feel grateful that I’m not this numb, emotionless mess after all. Hahaha. I mean okay yeah I have so much love and that inside of me, I feel like I can’t wait to fall in love again now because love isnt meant to be all sad and toxic, its meant to be amazing and uplifting. And I wanna be good for someone. I wanna be worth something. I’m not as bad as I used to think. I think self happiness can really change a lot of things and I’m so glad I’m at a place in life where I’m feeling somewhat content with myself.

First impressions of Topp Dogg Members
  • Jenissi: grandpa
  • P-Goon: leader always too high on sugar
  • Sangdo: precious puppy 1, black hole appetite
  • Xero: batman with an empty cave of a brain
  • Hojoon: precious puppy 2, needs a protection squad
  • B-Joo: 90% WAAAAOOWW,10% Hair
  • Hansol: low-key actual loud one, precious "lil' devil"
  • A-Tom: someone needs to wash his face and legs for him, my god he is so unhygienic
  • Yano: actual age until he opens his mouth to rap
  • Nakta: silent but deadly, protection squad of the other members all on his own

harry loves winter. but he loves you more.

a/n i was too lazy to edit this.

 Winter was Harry’s favourite season. Winter meant Harry could wear beanies, woollen jumpers, and the winter coat he’d been waiting since summer to wear. Winter also meant holiday season and Harry loved holiday season. Harry loved snow, and he loved his winter boots. Harry loved Christmas movies, and songs. Harry loved spending his weekend curled up on the couch with junk food, and a movie. Harry loved crackling fires, and he loved the way sometimes it was so cold he could see his breath.

But most of all Harry loved winter, because it meant coming home to you curled up on the couch with one of his jumpers on; the sleeves hanging past your fingertips and the hem brushing across your thighs. That was Harry’s favourite thing about winter.

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the signs breaking up with someone
  • aries: lolll uh yikes it's over
  • taurus: um well i think we should just um yano move on to other people bc idk sorry bYE
  • gemini: lolll i found this other person and they seem p cool n basically better than u so i mean cya
  • cancer: *doesnt break up with them bc they'd feel bad, makes the other break up with them instead*
  • leo: sorry i can't do this anymore, i think we should see other ppl n stuff
  • virgo: well i like u n all but this isn't workin out sorry fam
  • libra: listen so uh yeah i love you but i just think that we should both go our separate ways tbh i think that's just what's best for both of us :/
  • scorpio: lol cya on the flipside fam
  • sagittarius: yIKES u need to lay offff pls go control someone else just not me adios
  • capricorn: ummm bye
  • aquarius: i swear this isn't your fault, trust me. move on, you'll find someone better than me soon enough
  • pisces: i'm so sorry its not you i swear its all me no pls don't cry im s Or R Y


hello!! its ya girl back at it wih a bujo post ayyy

using my bullet journal has helped me pull myself together this month (bc tbh I need all the help I can get there l m a o) so yeah I’m gonna talk u through each spread and what I liked, inspo etc etc enough rambling lets go go go

july monthly spread!

this is definitely my fave monthly of all the ones in my bujo right now so lets see if that all goes to pot in august wish me luck
inspo: @journalsanctuary this wonderful post!!
also that wrapping paper is cool af and I used it loads this month thx sophie

july 4 - july 10

yeah so that week I went camping and the spread was v low maintenance which was good plus it looks hella!!! always a plus
inspo: @studyblrholla here :))))
this was such a good spread honestly I think I want to use this as a default when I get back to school in september I love it

july 11 - july 17

okay so for real think this is my least fave of all my spreads this month idk what those flowers are doing aaa?
inspo: none do u see why I need to use other ppl’s spreads
I didn’t like this one much bc it wasn’t very rigid if u get me? planning it was a disaster
also I tried a journaly writing down ur thoughts thing and honestly I didn’t really like it like it didn’t benefit me in any way moving swiftly on

summer study list!!!

I like this one omg it’s functional and it’s somewhat motivating me to get my lazy ass into gear
inspo: none wow emily u can do nice things by urself
yeah not much to say here but I do like the lettering in the titles yay

july 18 - july 24 + favourite songs

I really like this spread bc the bujo part only uses 1 page yano filling a 2 page spread is hard when its summer and u have nothing on, also dear evan hansen quote!!! musicals are consuming me too bad I’m dirt poor and live i live nowhere near any cool productions rip
song page: @somestudy this is art
yeah overall i love this spread idk what to add here

july 25 - july 31 + director info

i had llike nothing on this week which is why the spread looks kinda empty but as u can tell I liked last week’s spred so much I did it again ayyy
inspo: I’M SORRY OK
the director thing is just a brain dump and really it’s nothing too heavy but I wanted to get some thoughts down about pj’s directory stuff bc I really like his work and it’s gonna hep for next year’s coursework so yeah

so yeah my cool dudes, that’s my bullet journal this month yaya!! I think it was pretty efficient but we’ll see how that goes when september arrives and I shift into m a x i m u m o v e r d r i v e

love yall and have a nice, productive and happy august :)

aswordnamedneedle submitted:

Being an ace and possibly aro Indian like

Mom: I hope you don’t have a boyfriend

Me: I don’t think I want one? 

Mom: Good.

Me: I mean like, I don’t wanna have kids either? Yano, the process, to, you know, “have a baby”(because where I come from sex is 100% the most taboo topic ever) yeah it kinda make me uncomfortable? Idk

Mom: You’re going to break all our hearts if you don’t

Dad: Nah it’s fine this is the perfect attitude for a teenager to have this means you’re developing in the right way