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Ok but like....what kind of videos would dark make? I'm thinking that he just vlogs and does piano covers but idk

  • he basically just vlogs how his days go
  • pesters mark at the office
  • shows off his extensive suit collection
  • vlogs dark!chica and their adventures to the dog park
  • does a makeup tutorial at least once
  • tries playing/commentating over video games a couple of times, but he ends up just in a rage fit before he can finish the game
  • i wouldn’t be surprised if anti hijacks and glitches out his camera from time to time making for a surprise visit

holdin’ hands 

(the quality is mes……..s….ed up u can click on the pic 4 better…quality)

Ok I don’t know if anyone’s noticed that lapis can “move” (sorry idk what word to use) the juice just like water, so I’m assuming she can move all kinds of liquids.

So…doesn’t that mean lapis could technically do this to people’s blood?….if so this means lapis could be a VERY dangerous gem if she wanted to…

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My dude... -Genji is a night owl. -McCree's sleep schedule has yet to return from the Omnic Crisis -as such most of their deeper convos happen at night when neither are interested in sleeping -Jesse is super skilled at Etch-a-Sketch?? Give him a normal pencil and all he can do is stick figures but for some reason having to carefully rotate two tiny knobs works better for -Genji learned how to dance the salsa in Hanamura for a past flame and can still do it That's all I got rn

yess i’ve always loved the trouble sleeping thing idk why. especially genji, bcuz I feel like he’s the type to find weird shit on the internet late at night. like mccree having finally fallen asleep but being woken up about ten minutes later bcuz genji is giggling at the ten hour loop of this video. mccree is like “ok sweetheart why dont we go to bed now”

also mccree can draw the perfect Last Supper on an etch-a-sketch and each of jesus’ apostles has a party hat on - that was genji’s idea

also genji can fuckin dance. he’s saucy af

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Ok but Ashley saying that bg will never end it's stupid (i understood that ask yay me) she should have said something like "what is a bg? Idk what you are talking about?" to make it more believable but it's Trashley so... Amd yeah i think they have no idea about what its happening until their presence it's needed, if they suddenly disappear from SM that be the day, and itd be like 15 mnts before it ends lmao

Riiight??? Like lol yeah confirm you know what bg is, good job there lol but I agree, I still remember Olivia’s shook face when someone said Louis had taken a DNA test lol 

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Ok so I saw the Librarian AU suggestion and my mind jumped to like. College AU scary librarian Tobirama and idk. stressed out grad student Madara who's convinced that one younger student working in the library has it out for him.

Lbr, he would be correctly convinced, because the thought of Madara in a library (or Hashirama, for that matter) =/= a happy Tobirama. 

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hello ghostly parental figure i have a Question,,, would stephanie and kennith drink the fuck out of kool aid

HELL FUCKIN YEAH THEY WOULD! actually ok i’ve never had kool aid before…………………. so like idk what it tastes like

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IDK if would want to but I'd love to see you do a recolor of Alolan Vulpix's shiny form?? It looks wayyy too much like regular Alolan Vulpix if you ask me...

OK WHAT IF… and i realize it’s kind of backwards to take a Pokemon that was just changed from fire type and make it a fire type again BUT hear me out .. what if .. some shinies had type variants, like a black Vulpix/Ninetales could be a fire and ice type. Like black snow, when there’s ash in the air. You could get it by breeding Kantonian Ninetales with Alolan Ninetales ….. Or it could just be like, pink or something yanno that’s cool t—COME ON TYPE VARIANTS

I want an ice type Litten like a pretty white tiger 😍

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lol weird question but... do u take/like latin? i noticed that u reblogged a lot of classical translations on ur main blog and that there are several latin quotes in your bujo!! also, what are ur favorite quotes in latin/ancient greek? do u have any?

yeeeEEEEESSSSSS idk why but i’m really interested in ancient greek and latin! i don’t know a single thing about the two though ;; i’m hoping to learn latin over summer break with my friend anD I’M REALLY EXCITED !!!! pls pls pls feel free to send me quotes and resources and fun things and whatever else in latin / ancient greek because i would love love love to know more!

the first phrase that does come to mind is “ad astra” though ;u;
i love these few phrases like “sic itur ad astra / thus one journeys to the stars” !! i think virgil wrote those? and i think seneca (the younger??) wrote “non est ad astra mollis e terris via / there is no easy way from the earth to the stars” !
and ofc, the one that nearly everybody knows, “ad astra per aspera / to the stars through difficulties”

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Ok a) I'm really glad to hear you like girls & are working through ur sexuality (porrim was literally one of the reasons I started realizing I like girls) and b) idk if u remember but right before you left you got me rereading homestuck and I'm already on act 6 so my life is a lil but wrecked tysm

Girls are great and holy shit I’m so sorry, pls save yourself from Homestuck

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idk if you care but you're the main soc blog I follow and it wouldn't be appropriate for my blog. anyway I feel like inej and suli people are less based on Indian than romani, it's what makes the most sense to me as they traveling nomadic people stereotypically performers. I haven't read tgt and I don know if leigh has talked about it. idk just how i feel.

hi yes i care very much thanks for following me ♡ yeah i can definitely see she’s romani coded, and fun fact when i first read soc and saw they were nomadic performers my first thought was of dick grayson romani people (ok i did think of nightwing and idk if you’re into comics but he’s romani from a family of acrobats and it’s where my mind went lmao). but just to reiterate i consider her indian because leigh said neelam gill was the closest fc and she’s indian (but i guess that could also be bc there aren’t many famous romani people to use as a fancast?)

regardless, this is a conversation i’m more comfortable taking a back seat in because i’m neither indian nor romani and i don’t want to be in the position of stereotyping anyone. i’m more than happy to publish these asks because it entices discussion and i get to hear multiple point of views, but there’s really no way for us to know for sure. i just want it to be clear that i don’t know so take my opinions with a grain of salt. but i do know many people identify with her so….honestly i like that there’s no confirmation about what suli is based on because it encourages more people to see themselves in her and i think the diverse representation she exemplifies is most important

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Ok I'm like in love with the swapped au??? Like idk why it just is amazing so is the regular au but like???? It's beautiful???????????

aaaaah I’m glad you like it!! <33
Honestly I love to come out with different scenarios about my stories! And I honestly love how Aiden looks as human! So I guess you’ll see more art about that in future!

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly (This is non-negotiable!), then send this to ten of your favorite followers 💕 positivity is great!

tagging @lawlicht4eva & @canthydefromthelicht ‘cause they wanted to know a little bit more about me *shot*

  • I wouldn’t say I ‘like’ my personality but, I’m.. ehrmmm.. what’s the word?) is not satisfied but something similar. idk how to explain it but, I like the fact that I never changed to please anyone
  • my hair. ok ok I know I’ve said this A LOT but I do like it. I cry ‘cause is not long anymore but, at least, is still a little bit curly so I’m good :<
  • my motivation to try new things ?) not sure if the right word is motivation but I like to try new things once in a while. I like challenges a lot, even though I’m not the bravest person on earth
  • I’m pretty satisfied with my writing atm. I haven’t done it for ages and it feels so refreshing and new. I didn’t realized how much I missed it till now
  • I love making people happy. not just my friends but people in general ?) even if we’re not that close, if someone comes and tell me that whatever I did made them happy or their day a little bit brighter, is enough for me. 

         ^ I don’t say it quite often but, if the people I care/love the most is happy, I’m happy too <33 

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Do you have any cute headcanons about Viktor and Makkachin? Because I love thinking about them.

ok so i imagine that, just like every good god (which all dogs are) makkachin loves a good ol Belly Rub and viktor goes to the point of lying on the floor to give him belly rubs!!!!!! 

idk but just imagining viktor playing with makkachin adds 20 years to my lifespan it’s amazing

i am reaally sorry i am not tryna make it sound like it’s. idk i know a lotta ppl are going thru or have been thru much worse im not tryna act like it’s That bad for me im sorry im just. oversensitive bc of other things i guess so im overreacting probably yknow i just feel, not like it’s ok for me 2 exist the way i do exist

n the way i do exist is not my fault i did not decide 2 be like this some1 else decided that for me ok believe me please i can’t change it bc i t was too long ago

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Lmao I can't believe you said you thought my anon message was from the person all of you ganged on and mercilessly bullied for having an opinion like,, *whispers* more than 1 person hates Harry lmao lmao actually a lot more than 1 but anyway Justin Huchel is literally the fucking worst ok and maybe my argument about that wasn't logical bc I'd never compare Harry or anyone else to him like he's one of the trashiest people that have ever existed?? So yeah cool just don't compare anyone to him pls

lol i pity all of you who hate harry. don’t care tho not like harry cares either. tbh idk why yall go so far to send people who love harry anons about hating harry does it not exhaust yall?? I hate my fair share of celebrities but i dont spend any time making my rounds spreading hate bc they arent worth my time lol. If you hate harry, just stay silent and idk hate him with your fellow harry haters in private. none of us need any more negativity. and idk maybe try not hating on harries either for just loving someone u happen to hate. it’s a waste of both our times.