idk if i like this but i wanted to gif again

Okay, just a theory i guess. But do you guys remember when Lip and Karen were walking down the street and they’re talking about some shit and then they see Mickey and his brothers go onto the side walk in front of them Lip asks her “what does he want?” and Karen replies w “Mickey probably wants to ask me out again.” and Lip said “not interested?” or some shit like that and Karen’s all like “Well if you like the smell of cow shit.” 

Well I was thinking that why did Mickey look dirty through season 1, was it so that girls wouldn’t find him attractive or some shit and he didn’t want to reject any advances and fear his dad assuming he was gay? idk. And then after him and Ian started fucking around he looked cleaner and shit.  idk, I just miss his presence on Shameless tbh.

hi! so i’m completely amazed that so many of you wonderful people choose to follow me, and i want you all to know how much i appreciate it. seriously, thank you! 

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Lost love, bright eyes fading
Faster than stars falling
How can I tell you that I’ve failed?
Tell you I failed.

So, after thinking about it, I’ve decided to open up applications once again and am very excited to see who our next members will be! If you applied for the network before, you can do so again lovelies!


  • Must be following me and maybe check out bellamy-gifs?
  • Reblog this, likes are only for bookmarks. 
  • There is no survey or anything, a simple reblog would be nice! You can always come to my ask and tell me why you want to join (optional)
  • Must reach 45 notes or I’m going to act like this never existed. I’m good at doing that.


  • Someone who loves the 100 as much as I do
  • Someone with a clear tagging system/navigation
  • You can be a multifandom blog but you must reblog/post the 100 stuff.
  • You do not have to create gifs and edits


  • A private chat where you can talk about the 100, exchange advice and feedback for our creations/ideas/theories. And it’ll just be a nice place to get away from the stress of life.
  • New people! There’s no need for you to follow everyone who is accepted, but it would be nice if you could at least check out their blogs! Our current members are very excited to make more friends!
  • A network tag for you to post all your edits/gifs/etc so other members can reblog and share your things with everyone!

I’m looking for approximately 5 members, we don’t want it getting overcrowded. The date for accepting members will depend on how many notes this post gets. If you have any questions/want to chat, you can message me. 

applications closed until further notice

As promised, applications for The Sith Net will be reopening in honor of May 4th!

Do you find yourself drawn to black bathrobes? Do you feel the need to fight everything? Do you just really love Padme Amidala? If so, then this is the network for you!

For new applicants: 

  • mbf darth bane (only a Sith deals in absolutes, so you absolutely must be following)
  • reblog this post (not reblogging leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering) 
  • fill out this form (it’s only 2 real questions i hate forms too) 
  • track #thesithnet for updates (like when to execute order 66)

For returning applicants:

  • it’s the same form, so you don’t have to fill it out again! unless you want to idk some people like forms whatever makes you happy (also pls tell me if you changed your URL)
  • to reapply, just reblog this post (that way I’ll know you want to be considered again)

If Accepted:

  • you’ll get a spot on the member’s page with your fellow sith lords
  • guaranteed reblogs of your original sw content
  • people to share your hate of the jedi order with


  • this must get at least 30 notes
  • multifandom blogs are fine, as long as your blog is at least 40-50% star wars (with some sort of tagging system)
  • applications close May 27
  • feel free message me if you have any questions :)

Hey everyone! So I’m finally doing my follow forever that I was supposed to do in November when I hit 1k! Long story short my laptop got broken so I had to wait till December to get a new one and get Photoshop again etc. So now I’m finally posting one and all of these amazing people I follow deserve all the love in the world! I want to give my mutuals extra love since they actually follow me and put up with my blog, many of them I consider my friends even if I don’t really talk to them. So I bolded my mutuals so they stand out like the stars they are! (idk what I’m saying, just ignore me) Everyone who sees this follow all of these amazing, cool, blogs run by even better and awesome people! Again thank you to everyone for following me and I could never have imagined getting this many followers when I first joined! Thank you to all of you and I give you all my love ♥

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Hi! So I felt like doing it again. And I have no real excuse, why I’m doing it. Idk, the year is ending? A new year is starting? I hit 3,300 followers 2 days ago? Because I want to? Anyway check these wonderful people! Happy New Year! :)

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