idk if i like this as much as i thought i would

People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.


Nina huffed out a little laugh. “It’s okay,” she said at last. “I would have thought about it, too.”
He got to his feet and offered her his hand. “I’m Matthias.”
“Nina,” she said, taking it. “Nice to make your acquaintance.”


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

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AHHH don E

without really meaning it

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
@stileslydiah requested “24. Without really meaning it”

Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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as much as i love the way brenda strong plays Evil™ lillian luthor, i can’t help but think about what it might’ve been like if the writers had decided to make her more complex than the cliche Evil Mother Cannot Love Adopted Daughter thing

i think that their dynamic would’ve been a lot more interesting if lillian did love lena. if lena had memories of growing up with her mother’s love and being accepted and being cared for. if it was only after lex’s madness and the things he did that lillian became withdrawn and cold, and started working for cadmus. 

if lillian joined cadmus because she was genuinely scared of aliens, and the things they could do, and she genuinely did think that she was doing the right thing by joining cadmus and finding a way to fight them. if her talk about protecting and loving lena and saving the world was just more than talk.

and it would’ve been a really strong way of paralleling someone lena cares for, for someone that kara loved. imagine lena telling kara about how lillian used to be, before lex’s reign of terror, before cadmus, and kara thinking of her aunt. kara ending up in cadmus and looking up at this woman with cold, cold eyes, remembering how her aunt didn’t listen to her, and telling lillian that her daughter misses her. 

kara becoming determined to save lillian from herself, for lena, because she couldn’t save her aunt

give me a redemption arc for a middle aged woman who loves her child and has done all these terrible things for what she thought were the right reasons, rather than one for a man child whose done nothing to work for it

am i talking about lillian or astra in the last part who even knows 


@whinesworld doodle dump of the end rewrite

I love Whinesworld’s rewrite of the end! Its so creative and actually makes sense! I love it so much my gosh.. I kinda made the ending different.. but it was just for fun.. i hope you like it. 

I like the thought of Tom and Tord working together to get rid of the fake tord. I think that would be interesting.. Having to work together but they hate each other as well.. idk

*quality of the last pic fixed

dexphagus  asked:

Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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Can I be super negative for a second?

I am super disappointed that the ACOTAR series is being made into movies. I don’t think they will work as films at all.

Sorry if people are super excited for them.

The way that my brain reads books is completely in movie form (like most people probably). I provide camera angles, position the characters like I’m setting a scene, and when I think back on a book I revise or consolidate to what would fit best in movie form. (Do people do that?? idk. Like when I heard HP7 and Mockingjay were being split, I automatically knew where they would put the break and people thought I was crazy, but I digress)

When I heard that TOG was being made a show I was thrilled because you CANNOT put those books in movies. It’s too much material, especially later on in the series obviously. But with TOG, it is made for the big screen (or you know, little screen, whatever). Set pieces, grand finales, characters overlapping and puzzle pieces fitting together, action packed, etc

But that’s not how acotar is at all. If anything, it COULD work as a series as well, but with difficulty.

You could argue that Thorns and Roses could be made into a movie but I think it would be hard to make it have the right flow. Not to mention, Sarah throws a wrench in the narrative when Feyre goes UtM, it’s a complete mood shift, and UtM would eat considerable screen time. So everything else would be abbreviated- but you know, it’s Tamlin so that’s not too bad.

Then acomaf happens. You guys, acomaf will never work on a big screen. No way, no how.

1. It’s LONG. It is the slow burn of all slow burns. Movies don’t deal in slow.   Consolidating that slow burn into a movie would cut out INSANE amounts of character development.  As a reader, you love each of those moments between Feyre and Rhys, and how it helps Feyre SLOWLY heal and trust him and love him. And there are a million of those little moments. And with the highly sensitive nature of her healing from abuse, good luck putting all that in 2.5 hours without botching it, rushing it, or cutting out all but 5 scenes which will just make me so sad.

2. It’s introspective. There are a whole lot of things that happen in this book that don’t play out in the open. Not to mention that this is not an Action book like TOG, it’s a Feelings book. There’s a lot of sensing and thinking and internal monologues and reading others’ thoughts. When you are reading acomaf and every other conversation is happening internally down the bond, it makes sense. You know what you get when you put that on screen? annoying voice overs and characters staring at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. There is absolutely no time for all that shit- UNLESS…

3. When you think about it, the whole book is already set up EPISODICALLY. Look, I’ll even give some of these episodes titles:

The Wedding. The Night Court. Locked In. The City of Starlight. The Bone Carver. The Court of Nightmares. Summer. Starfall.  Do you see where I am going with this? Call me, Netflix.

Basically I have a vision for how this is going to go and I don’t think a movie could ever do it justice and will probably make everything seem really contrived and rushed. Lastly, and just because I’ve been burned too many times by the film industry. I’ll give my predictions:

“Are you #teamtamlin or #teamrhysand? Retweet your favorite acotar man!”

White Rhysand. That’s all.

Side characters with any depth? What’s that?

Subtlety and and character-led story telling? What’s that?

i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

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When you’re in love, you think love is just like in the movies, but that’s not how it works. I mean, I seriously thought William and I would be together forever. It ends where it ends, you know… No one lives happily ever after, because in real life in the end no one’s willing to sacrifice anything for love in 2016.

Mark My Words (Klance Soulmate AU - Part 1)

Idk how this happened, i started writing this kind of accidentally BUT HERE, TAKE IT. I finished it instead of working on chapter 7 of Fate’s Predicament lol OOPS. I hope you enjoy it! There will probably be a second and final chapter btw :)

AO3 -  In a world where people are born with marks showcasing the first words they’ll ever hear from their soulmate, some people have common and beautiful words or phrases; others…not so much.

When Lance had come aboard the spaceship, he hadn’t even thought about what would happen to his soulmate.

But now that Hunk had voiced his own concerns, Lance became painfully aware of the mark on his leg. He was, like everyone, born with it, and it had grown along with him, stretching in tandem with his tanned skin, like a birth mark.

A faint “fuck you” imprinted in his inner leg.

He had been mercilessly teased for it. The fact that his soulmate’s first words to him would be “fuck you” made him both wanna laugh and cry.

The thing is…over the years, many people had said that to him. He knew he could get on people’s nerves, and, when he did, they sometimes gave him that less than articulated response. Especially his siblings. When in lack of a comeback just tell people to go fuck themselves, and all is right with the world.

So, as time went by, he kind of just tried to forget the words marking his body - and their importance.

Lance liked to live in the moment, and he believed that what was meant to be, would be.

But now…now he was in space - who knows how far away from Earth at this point - and had no idea of when he would come back, if he ever did.

He couldn’t help but think about it.
What did his soulmate have tattooed in them? Were they looking for him? How were they doing? Were they drinking enough water? Had Lance already met them? If not, would he ever?

Not everyone ended up with their soulmates. There were as many sad stories out there as there were happy ones. Some people simply found solace and love in someone else. Other people searched forever.

Maybe one of those would be his case.

“Do you think we can be soulmates with aliens? They have marks too, right?” Hunk continued. “Maybe…maybe our soulmates are in the ship!” He gasped. “Lance! What if we’re soulmates?!”

Lance snorted. “Like you ever cussed someone out in your life.”

“Oh…right. And what if-”

“I don’t know, Hunk. What happens, happens. I think we’ll be fine.”

He didn’t think they’d be fine. Despite never having put too much thought into it, Lance would like to one day meet his soulmate. And all of this space thing just seemed to make it a lot harder.

He used to abuse the art of pick-up lines, which increased his chances of getting a “fuck you” as a response. If he did, he could feed on the hopes that, maybe, he had just met his soulmate.

Deep within him, he knew it didn’t make sense, since the person would probably recognize the line, but it still gave him that little bit of hope. Even if he always ended up disappointed.

It would be nice meeting his soulmate, but he had a gut feeling that he either already had or never would.

“I mean…my mark says ‘nor are you’. Isn’t that pretty weird? It’s so unusual! I wonder what they’re like…”

“Yeah…i wonder what mine is like, too…”

Keith entered the room, his attentive, violet eyes looking around.

“Oh, hey McMullet.” Lance greeted, smiling lazily.

Keith rolled his eyes. “Fuck you, Lance.”

“I know you wanna.” Lance winked. “Oh, come on, i was trying to be nice!” He laughed when Keith glared at him.

Lance couldn’t catch the other boy’s blush as he had already turned around.

“Keith!” He continued, drawing out the ‘i’. “Where are you going?”

“My room.”

“You’re always holed up in there now.” He muttered.

“I guess.”

“Stay with us a bit. Why would you go there to just be alone like always? You can do whatever it is you’re gonna do there, here.” The blue eyed boy paused and then widened his eyes. “…You can do almost everything here. Please don’t take that too literally.”

“Lance!” Keith was blushing again. “I’m not you!” He blurted out, childishly.

“What? I totally get it, man. I just don’t wanna watch it.” He smirked, looking contemplative. “Well…”

“I’m leaving now.” Keith said through gritted teeth.

“Come back soon, and call me if you need any help!” Lance laughed.

“Oh, my God, fuck you.”

“You keep saying that! But i’m not like you, Keith, i don’t have to always be at it.”

“Lance…” Keith whined, exasperatedly, with his face buried in his hands and not knowing why he was still standing there, taking the jabs without being able to answer back. He felt paralyzed.

“Maybe you’re my soulmate!” Lance suddenly shouted, eyes widened.

“What?!” Keith now stood straight as a board - which was somehow ironic -, all of his blood had suddenly rushed to his face and he felt dangerously light headed.

The other boy started laughing hysterically while Hunk just stared at the whole scene, looking at them like they were bat-shit crazy. “I’m kidding! Relax! You looked like you were gonna die from lack of oxygen!”

Keith spluttered. “I- I know! My reaction was one of disbelief towards your idiocy!”

“You guys are dumb.” Hunk deadpanned.

Keith sighed and finally found the strength to leave the room.

“What’s his problem?” Lance mumbled.


After dinner, they all gathered in the common room talking, like they often did.

“Well,” Shiro began after Hunk brought up the soulmate topic. “My soulmate mark is…pretty generic.” He chuckled. “'Hello’. But…i think that when the person does come along…you realize it. That it’s the hello you’ve been waiting for.” He discreetly glanced at Allura, who looked distracted. “I guess not everyone’s the same, though.” He finished, quietly.

Lance snorted. “My true love’s first words to me are ‘fuck you’, so…”

“You deserved it…” Keith mumbled under his breath.


“I said mine is worse.” He answered, louder.

“Oh, yeah!” Hunk exclaimed. “You never talked about yours.”

“It’s not something i enjoy talking about.” He mumbled. “I never really wanted to meet my soulmate, it’s not something that particularly interests me.”

Because he was scared.

“How could you say that?” Lance asked, sounding almost offended. “I’d love to meet mine. Even if they’re probably kind of an asshole.” He snorted.

Keith rolled his eyes and sagged against the couch. “Wow, Lance, i bet you’d be a great boyfriend.”

“You know it, babe.” He winked.

Hunk laughed. “You two are always flirting, jeesh.”

“We’re not-!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Hunk interrupted. “Anyway, what does your mark say, Keith?” He asked, excitedly.

“I’m not telling any of you. You’ll hold it over me forever.”



“You suck.” Lance deadpanned.

“Yeah, i do.” Keith smirked for a second before he realized what he had just said, eyes widening. “Uh…”

The blue eyed boy started laughing hysterically. “That’s my boy!”

Keith wanted to die.

“I bet it’s some emo crap.” Pidge murmured.

“What’s yours, Pidge?” Keith rushed to ask, trying to ignore Lance practically crying tears of joy by his side.

“Um…well, uh…i don’t think it matters. I’m also not very interested in all that soulmate stuff.” She blushed prettily.

“Pidge!” Lance whined. “Come on! If it doesn’t matter, why can’t you tell us?”

“Because it doesn’t matter!” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Pidge! Please!” Hunk pleaded, drawing out the vowels.

“Yeah, come on!” Allura joined in, smiling.

“Fine! I’ll tell you. But if anyone ever mocks me, i will end them. I don’t care about Voltron. I will kill whoever dares laugh.” She said all this while looking straight at Lance, earning her a nervous chuckle from the boy.

“Go ahead!”

“Okay, well…” She cleared her throat. “My soulmate mark is on my back and it says…” She grumbled. “…It says ‘oh no, you’re hot’.” Pidge begrudgingly admitted.

Lance shrieked and quickly hid his face in a pillow - doing his best to remain serious - after she glared at him fiercely.

“Does…does that mean-” He had to take a deep breath. “Does that mean your- your soulmate is a meme lover?!”

“It might not have anything to do with memes!” She snapped.

“Hey, you should be happy!” Said Hunk. “Your future lover finds you attractive.”

She scoffed. “Yay.”

“Allura, what’s yours?” Shiro asked shyly.

“Well…” She sighed. “My mark says 'hi’.” She laughed bitterly. “The Universe wasn’t very imaginative…”

“Do you think there’s any chance you’ve already met them…?”

“I’m not sure…I’ve never felt that strongly for anyone…I’ve never felt that 'a-ha!’ moment, you know? But…i guess it’s possible. Many people have told me 'hi’…maybe i should’ve been paying more attention.”

“Maybe you should.” He mumbled.

“Ah!” Coran sighed, upon entering the room. “I very much enjoy talking about soulmate marks! It’s so interesting! Sadly, my soulmate died along with Altea…” He smiled sadly, trying to hide how much it truly affected him. “But, ah, she was wonderful…my mark says 'I love your eyes’ and hers said 'wow’.” He laughed wholeheartedly. “She was lovely…”

They talked for a little while longer until Keith stood up.

“Well, i’m going to my room.”

“Yes, again. Go to your hole, then…” Lance said bitterly.

“Quit whining. If you miss me that much, join me.”

“With pleasure.” The boy grinned.

“Goodbye!” Keith said a little louder than necessary, bolting to safety.

When he was already out of the room, they could still hear him scream “You better not actually come, Lance!”.


It was a little past midnight when someone knocked on Keith’s door. He quickly got up and opened it, ready to jump into action.

Of course it was Lance.

“Ugh, what do you want?” He asked, groggily, his brain rapidly going back to sleep now that he knew everything was mostly fine.

“What does your soulmate mark say?” Lance asked rather seriously.

“I- what? Why do you care so much?”

“I need to know…for- for science.”

“Oh my God, you’re such a nerd.”

“And you’re an annoying emo. What’s your mark?”

Keith sighed. “Can we not have this conversation now?”

“Why do you have to keep it a secret?! It can’t be that bad. Are you just trying to keep your broody, mysterious image?”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Keith! Why can’t you just tell me?!” Lance snapped, entering the room.

Keith closed the door and groaned. “And why do you have to know?!”

“Because i do!”


“What if we’re soulmates?!” Lance screamed, before gulping, seemingly calming down. “What if we’re soulmates, Keith? I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot more lately, and…what if? You know?” He sighed, sitting on the unmade bed.

“I- uh. I don’t know.”

“I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t share it. Like…i know we’re probably not soulmates, since you hate my guts, but…i don’t know what i expected coming here. Can you just forget this ever happened? I need to go back to sleep, this is all just sleep deprivation.” He laughed tiredly.

Lance got up but Keith stopped him. “Wait.” He gulped. “Why would you think i hate you? You’re the one who seems to hate me.”

“Why would i hate you?!”

“Why would i?!”

“Well-” He sighed again. “I don’t know…”

“Exactly. Look…i know i don’t really show it, but i- i admire you, i guess.”

Lance tried to grin cockily at that, but he couldn’t hide his flustered state. “Of course you do. Have you seen me?”

“Shut up, nerd.” Keith turned away, not wanting the other boy to see his equally red skin. At least Lance was tanned, while he was pale…

“Well, i admire you too, if i’m to be honest.” Lance grumbled. “And…i respect your decision to not talk about your mark. Sorry i came here and basically attacked you…i’m just not in a great place right now.”

“Thanks.” He gulped. “I- i get it. And it doesn’t mean i’ll never share my mark with you. I’m just not ready yet. But, uh, if you need to talk about it…”

“Thanks, i’ll be fine though. In any case, goodnight.” He turned to leave.

“Yeah, goodnight.”

After Lance left, Keith sighed and let himself fall on his bed, thinking about his mark and all that it implied.

He thought back to the moment he’d first met Lance at the Garrison. The annoying boy had strode over to him and stuck out a hand. “Nice mullet. Do you also ride a Chevy?”

Keith had immediately recognized the phrase as the mark he had on his thigh, but his instinct had still been deadpanning a well deserved “fuck you” to which Lance had scoffed before actually presenting himself and leaving after being rewarded with Keith’s silence, seeing as he was still too busy making sure his heart wouldn’t leap out of his mouth.

He sighed and closed his eyes. How funny that fate had brought them together like that. Despite being scared, the boy knew he should let Lance know one of these days. Maybe he’d actually recognize the line. But for now Keith preferred to deepen their friendship and get used to it. He needed more time to fully accept it.

He lightly ran his hand on his left thigh, where he knew the light mark was, imagining a better future. One where he wasn’t so afraid.

Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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Doing a re-watch of We Will Rise made me realize that the hand nuzzle scene was a clear move on Clarke’s part and a rejection from Bellamy. She so would’ve had some sexy times with him but he left. I mean, I thought that at first but Bellarke’s interactions in this episode made it so much clearer to me.

Clarke turned to Niylah. The easy choice. The one that doesn’t come with so many tough and real and overwhelming feelings. The one she could get without any problem. 

Then, in We Will Rise, when she tells Bellamy that he’s special, she’s clearly looking at him with longing. She’s checking him out so hard.

She wants him and at this point, she doesn’t believe he wants her like that.   

carnivorousgekkou  asked:

I had a thought: What would have happened if Jiraya instead of staying back in Ame brought the orphans with him to Konoha? If he had been there then maybe he and Oro could have kept Tsunade from leaving the village and he (and possibly Tsunade) could easily kept Oro from working with Danzo. Kushina would probably be overjoyed to meet another Uzumaki and the orphans would not only be trained by Jiraya alone, but by all of the Sannin. And yeah, it isn't even remotly realistic, but i really like it

Tbh I feel like this is extremely realistic, and absolutely what he should have done? Idk, his decision to stay in Ame has never really made any sense to me, especially since there was still a war going on and he was one of Konoha’s heavy hitters, buuuuuut anyway~

That would be so cute! I actually have the start of a fic like this in my drafts, because the idea is pretty fantastic and lots of fun. It would also fix so much and that is always the key to my heart.  💕


I never thought a small piece of shade could bring me so much happiness. That a pile of tools, a bucket, a knife, a pencil, might become my greatest treasures. Or that knowing Richard Parker was here might ever bring me peace. In times like these, I remember that he has as little experience of the real world as I do. We were both raised in a zoo by the same master. Now we’ve been orphaned, left to face our ultimate master together. Without Richard Parker, I would have died by now. My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose.


This is the first edit and character I post on this blog and her name is Annie. I think she’s cute and I thought that maybe others would too idk??

But yeah she’s a unicorn, is very outgoing and loves making friends.

All of the CC I’ve used is in my CC I USE tag! ♥♥♥

It was going to be a happy sketch but then I re-watched the season 2 finale and it was not happy so I thought I would share the unhappy. 

IDK what happened here.  Maybe for whatever reason Marco couldn’t use his dimensional scissors to find Star and he spent the entire summer looking for her. 
Star got in a big battle with Toffee some place in Mewni and barely escaped with her life… and that’s when Marco finally manages to find her.  Disheveled and hurt, but alive. 


Three (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: Tattoo artist!Jungkook with a second son

Word Count: 967

A/N: so someone requested this not too long ago and I thought it sounded cute, they requested a part two to a drabble I did a wh ile ago called Trouble (here) it’s basically just tattoo artist!kook as a father but at the very end, there was a hint that there could be a third bby on the way so they requested what would happen if said bby was born and I love me so father!kook idk why but I love writing about the twins so much bc they’d be such cute lil trouble makers just like kookie and I honestly want a TV show with this shit happening bc yeS PLZ, the links for this are the tattoo artist post (here) and as always, all of the father related posts are here

Jungkook had always been a doting father, from the first day he knew he would be having a child to the current day. He had nurseries planned for either gender, he had clothes for every size, he had hats, shoes, bracelets all ready for his future child. It didn’t surprise you to see him cry during the birth or during the first time he held his youngest child, another son, he had done the same with the twins. It melted your heart to see the confused but curious eyes of your daughter and son looking at their new baby brother, Jungkook holding them up so they could see him. They had a million questions about him, where he’d come from, what his name was, if they could hug him. They weren’t sure what to think of him yet since they’d never been around a newborn baby but they liked him so far.

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