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Lance and hunk have a tradition to always go super overboard (pun intended :P) during shark week and when lance and Keith start dating Keith doesn't really see the point of it that much so he is content to just cuddle with lance while they're watching shark week cuz he wants to spend time with him

lance: did you know that shark skin is made up of like tiny little knife thingies 

keith: :000

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Not to stir up drama but Dangerous off of Misc. of Me was SLEPT! ON! What are some of your fave SHINee tracks that you feel are underrated?

like all of their jpn songs need more love but it’s hard for casual fans bc the albums are so hard to find online, but specifically the jpn tracks: password, love, DAZZLING GIRL (idk if this one is underrated but its one of my all time favs), kiss yo, and perfect 10. also their first album in entirely. also destination! SAVIOR. idk if any of these r truly underrated tbh these are just some of my favs i dont see talked about all the time. 


someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

If there’s a reason I’m by her side

I don’t think we appreciate girls enough like??? they’re so precious bc
•messy buns yo
•skater skirts are the cutest???
•oversized t-shirts
•oversized flannels
•oversized anything
•idk how to explain this but sometimes they have stray glitter on their face and it’s adorable
•scrunched noses
•they smell like vanilla and beaches and fresh fruit all the time I don’t understand
•big glasses
•cute lil snorty giggles
•"bad" dancing
•when they accidentally do something embarrassing and hide their little blushing faces in their hands (!!!)
•they’re so good at selfies??? teach me your ways
•b e a n i e s
•how could you not love girls

yo, its time to discuss being "able-passing"

so idk if anyone else in the disabled community have seen this term being thrown around, but ive seen the words “able-passing” multiple times in the last few months, both on tumblr, irl, and in articles.

and tbh, i see people who use the term try to explain it as “when you dont look disabled, it is assumed that you are abled and you dont face the same discrimination that a visibly disabled person would, it is like youre not even disabled”, ive had it explained in different ways, with different words but that same result.

because apparently having your disability erased cause you dont look disabled isnt real, or being told that its like youre “not even disabled” is apparently not ableism.

and my guy my dude, this is my opinion but its time to be real.

“youre abled-passing” is no different than “But you dont look sick”

yo so i totally just saw THIS post about this and I am game for it. 

okay but like Sana and Isak working on biology in the living room of Sana’s house, minding their own businesses, getting into idk mitosis or whatever theyre learning about and then all the sudden, they hear laughter in the hallways and Sana drops her head to the table and groans loudly (but genuinely thinks about asking Isak if her make-up is smeared because where there is loudness and laughter, there is usually Yousef fuck) but then the boys sweep into the house and Sana yells at them to shut up. Which ofcourse means they all converge on the living room.

And Isak is like- whoa hey guys hahaha and they all give Isak nods and make loud noises and Elias kind of stares from Isak to Sana in a like ‘yo what the fuck are you doing with my sister’ kind of way and Sana snorts loudly and slaps him upside the head. So Isak is fist bumping everyone and then the last of the boys looks weirdly familiar? So he kind of cocks his head and is like sorry have we met before? And the floppy haired Mikael shrugs and is like ‘have I slept with your girlfriend at one point?’ and Isak laughs and shakes his head. And the Mikael is like ‘oh, how about boyfriend?’

And then Isak just- starts because he remembers. Best buddy Mikael. Fuck. So Isak looks away really fast and kind of laughs because Even hasn’t really mentioned him since that one text message conversation, but would it be weird to not bring up that Isak knows him?

And then Miakel kind of laughs and before Isak can even think of it, ‘You know my boyfriend escapes his mouth. And Mikael just raises an eyebrow and is like, ‘Do i?’

And then Sana cuts in uneasily, clearing her throat and almost scooting herself in between the two boys, “Mikael this is Isak He’s uh- Even’s boyfriend.”

And then there is complete silence in the room.


On July 18, 1984, 41 year old James Huberty had shot and killed 21 people and injured 19 others before being shot down by a SWAT team sniper. This mass shooting took place at a San Ysidro, CA, McDonalds.

Then and Now

(Sex with John Then and Now)

With John everything seemed to be upside down. Normally things went from gentle to rougher as two people got more comfortable with each other. You should have known that with him, nothing follows the norm. 


  • Pretty straight forward 
  • Sometimes you two meet up and didn’t even talk much before you found yourselves in bed 
  • Hair pulling 
  • Bruises, all types of different marks were left in both of your bodies
  • It was nice to have marks on your body that didn’t came from fighting  
  • Causally finding each other sweet spot 
  • Leaving right after  
  • Trying to keep it as casual as possible 
  • You weren’t as discreet as you both thought you were 
  • Endless teasing


  • Every touch, kiss, exchange was heightened, when they say your skin feels like it’s on fire they aren’t lying 
  • You guys were in sync 
  • You met him halfway and he didn’t disappoint 
  • The kisses lasted longer 
  • The fucking eye contact 
  • You fell in love with him everytime 
  • Lots of hickeys 
  • Talking in between, if you both were in the right, playful mood you would try to throw each other off, one of your many talents was having almost what it sounded like a normal conversation in the middle of sex 
  • Just laying there after 
  • Stealing his shirts 
  • When you got together one of your favorite and most intimate parts you shared with him was the after care (that’s when you felt like you truly connected with him)