idk if i like it or nawt

Proof that Eliza & Bob are actual dorks
  • Fan: I just wanna say that your american accents are amazing...
  • Eliza: *trying her american accent but like making fun of it in a cute voice* Thank youuuuu
  • Eliza: I appreciate that
  • Eliza: Sorry
  • Host: Is that what everybody thinks Americans sound like?
  • Eliza: *mocking the american accent* Yeahhhhhhh. Suree, why nawt
  • Eliza: No.
  • Eliza: *in her real american accent* No, I talk like this.
  • Bob: What?
  • Bob: I don't know what's happening, guys.
  • Bob: I think Eliza's broken.
  • Eliza: I'm trying to do my american accent....