idk if i like it lol

hi!! heres my choices selfie day thing!! srry i look so serious i obviously don’t know how to smile lol

name: yall call me allie here but my irl name is aiesha lmao!! 

age: 16 in september WOO

zodiac sign: VIRGOS UNITE

favourite choices game: endless summer ofc

how long you have been playing pixelberry games: i was a casual hss player in 2013 but then forgot about it until 2016, then saw choices in september ish im pretty sure!!

i’m lookin at my bank account rlly wondering if i want to spent $300 on clothes i probably won’t today i’ll go to the store and figure out if i really want them… also on an unrelated note is it fucked up that i don’t mind jon snow and daenerys getting together & actually think it’s kind of sweet? also on another unrelated note i rlly need to work on my stained glass lamp but i’m scared to touch it bc i think i made one side too short lmao and i might need to make some pieces bigger but now i just feel bad that i wasted glass jfskdljd…. also on another another unrelated note i have like a month until i leave 4 college and that’s freaky deaky like what the Fuck ??? some people i know are already at college i’m never seeing them ever again?? i grew up w/ those kiddos ?? we’ll never interact for the rest of our lives probably???? FUCK… anyways that’s basically all of the thoughts i’ve had today lmao


Young thing
Found them on August 1st, going back for them today

me, currently:

  • running on ~3h of sleep per night
  • abt 8 days left to find a flat
  • should also make 4 different doctor’s appts in that time
  • working on a presentation i have to give in less than 2 weeks
  • mental health deteriorating 
  • dysphoria going nuts
  • back pains so bad i can’t sleep :)))))))
  • ugly skin picking
  • anxiety having a gay ol’ time
  • also some stomach stuff???
  • zero appetite

me, also: heck yes i should definitely study two M.A. degree courses at once what a sane and sensible idea! :)

hi im gonna rant in the tags

you know what i love? when i try to get pose player to work but it just won’t. i love it when that happens. it doesn’t drive me up the wall. no, not at all


watch your profanity

i haven’t seen this around yet? lol idk

based on ayedah’s post~