idk if i have a fatty tag but now i do

thank you baby! :* @tiostyles for tagging me to do this!!

i’m gonna tag: @seb-styles @buckylouie @nobodycandragmedown101 @dianalovesharryxx @harrydaze @zayntoxicateme @pleasewreckthisblog <3

(idk what this tag is called? survey thing? possibly? idk. anyways)

nickname: “Fatty” “Mitch”

height: 1.72 cm 

last thing I googled: “Niall Horan in Billdoard Magazine”

fave music artist: All One Direction boys! <3

song stuck in my head: Two Ghosts :’c 

last movie i watched: How to be a Latin Lover hahah

last tv show i watched: Drake & Josh 

what are you wearing right now: A polka dark blue Dress 

when did you create your blog: September’13 

what kind of stuff I blog about: I’m a multifandom blog, but today i’m a Niall Blog haha

do you have any other blog: nope, only one

do you get asks regularly?: Sometimes 

why did you choose your url?: “Fatimamx” My name is Fatima and i’m from México. Fatima = Fatima (lol) and mx = México.

gender: F <3

hogwarts house: i don’t know :c 

pokemon team:  i don’t know too :c

fave color: Red!!!

average hours of sleep: 8 

lucky number: 13!

fave characters: Katniss from The Hunger Games, Maxon & America from The selection books and August Waters from TFIOS <3

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 

dream job: Harry’s or Niall’s wife :v 


a - age: 24

b - birthplace: Sonora, México

c - current time: 6:35 pm

d - drink you had last: Lemonade 

e - easiest person to talk to: my mom

f - favorite song: in this moment Kiwi <3

g - grossest memory: i don’t know

h - horror yes or no: noooo

i - in love: in the real life.. i’m not in love

j - jealous of people: I’m ALWAYS Jealous of James Corden hahaha 

k - killed someone: no :o 

l - love at first sight or should i walk past again: 

m - middle name: —-

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: world peace 

p - person I last called: my dad

q - question you’re always asked: are you asiatic? aRe YoU aSiAtICCC NO BRO NOOO

r - reason to smile: My blog and One Direction boys :3

s - song you last sang: Slow Hands! <3

t - time you woke up: 9 am 

u - underwear color: black 

v - vacation: I want to go to London 

w - worst habit: Touch my hair all day :’c 

x - x-rays: 

y - your favorite food: Tamales and Tacos :D

z - zodiac sign: Taurus