idk if hes supposed to have legs


from the Jazzercise AU.

idk if u can rlly tell in the first pic but Clear’s supposed to have some noticeable scaring around his eye. hes got a glass eye btw, and hes got a prosthetic leg cuz he got into an accident when he was younger

Clear & Sei are rlly close. Sei’s rlly big and hugs and cuddles and stuff. They’re really close to Clear cuz they both go to the same college. met thru Aoba. Sei’s a touchy-feely type of person since they were always sick as a kid & couldnt go out and play w other kids so ye.

Clear’s okay with all that. But he also casually ends up falling for his best friend. And when he realizes it, he wonders if its even okay to feel that way. And then he decides, that hes ok w that too. But he’s first and foremost Sei’s friend.

sugakookie, ‘puppy kookie defends his food bowl’ au, drabble

yoongi’s just woken up from his afternoon nap so he’s not paying much attention to which food bowl he eats out of. not that it matters too much. with the seniority that comes with being the oldest pet in the house, yoongi (or suga as jin affectionately named him for his fluffy white coat) is used to getting what he wants. 

so imagine his surprise when a tiny brown toerag of a pup waddles in his way and falls into the food bowl in a clumsy attempt to guard it. 

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