idk if hes anything like his descendant

not to like,,,contribute to the fandom or anything but the reason harry was so eager to push ben off the boat is bc uma offhandedly called him cute and he’s extra and also jealous. he also wishes he did push him off the boat after hearing uma’s plan to pretend to be the love of his life.

I so don’t talk enough about Gil x Uma. That’s a cute ass ship right there let me tell y'all like..Gil is too damn pure for his own good. He’s probably the only person that could get away with anything with Uma; he called her Shrimpy multiple times and she didn’t even yell at him. He saw Ben and 2 seconds after his brain registered that King Ben was on the Isle, he got all excited and ran to tell Uma.

If yall want to talk about somebody Uma would never hate it’s Gil, son of Gaston.

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Carlos for the character meme.

Of course!

  • This is honestly the hardest question. I think that Carlos would be into older girl groups: Destiny’s Child, TLC, and Spice Girls especially. I also think that he’d be really partial to the music his friends listen to, especially Jay, so he’d have a huge variety of music on his iPod. If I had to pick a few songs that would definitely be on it I would have to say Wannabe by the Spice Girls, Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child, and Midnight Request Line by Skream (this one was all Jay).
  • Does on Jay count? Or in Jay’s bed probably. I don’t think Carlos is the type to sleep in class often or at all, and he’d be too cautious to sleep anywhere that he doesn’t feel safe. So he’d probably fall asleep in Mal and Evie’s room as well, which is probably against school rules.
  • Tbh probably most video games. We saw him playing them in the movie and if he really is a tech genius I’m sure he’d be able to kick everyone else’s asses. Except maybe Jay because he seems to also be pretty good at video games.
  • Carlos would definitely use the dog emoji the most. He’d always be bringing up Dude but I feel like instead of typing out Dude’s name he’d use the emoji as a time saver.
  • Carlos is probably super cranky and super clingy when he is exhausted. He’d rest his head/body on whoever is closest and try to ignore whatever is going on around him, but if you so much as looked at him or raised your voice about a whisper he’d give surprisingly dirty looks.
  • When winter rolled around in Auradon Ben introduced Carlos to hot chocolate, and after chewing Ben out for not giving it to him earlier, Carlos got hooked. As soon as it’s cold enough to wear a jacket Carlos cannot be seen without a mug of hot chocolate in hand.
  • I think now that Carlos is in a place where there’s plenty of food and utilities, he’d probably take a lot of long baths and eat a lot more than normal. He’d probably seek out the comfort of others as well as sleep a little longer until he’s recharged and feeling 100% again.
  • I don’t think Carlos would’ve had any specific profession he wanted to do when he was really young, but he definitely wanted to grow up to be really tall and strong. By the time he was a bit older he definitely realized he wanted to do something having to do with technology, seeing as he was great with it.
  • Carlos’ favorite weather would be clear and sunny but not too warm, high 60s and very low 70s, perfect for talking Dude out for a long walk without breaking into a sweat. It was also the easiest to survive on the Island; when the weather got mild the amount of sick people dropped.
  • I mean, we all heard Carlos singing in the movie so idk if I need to answer this one? Ngl his singing voice is one of my favorites, but his voice is really pleasing to my ears in the first place.
  • I think that Carlos, while not at all Mal in terms of ability, he does like to draw clothes to show to Evie (I’m super into them designing clothes together) as well as drawing Dude and his favorite model, Jay. Dude never stays still long enough for him to attempt anything detailed, but Jay will sit for hours if Carlos so much as bats his eyelashes at him.