idk if he was in character or

the fact that lance’s insecurities and homesickness haven’t been addressed lately makes me so worried that they’d have forgotten about bringing them up again and would just keep ditching lance’s development to focus on other stuff but then i remember that jeremy said that there’s gonna be a scene where lance is mentally and physically exhausted and will start thinking about home and family and how much he misses them and idk if it’s the same scene or another one but he will say his famous heartbreaking line “i’m just a boy from cuba” and that lance’s character development is directly related to the main plot and honestly jeremy’s reassurances that everything’s gonna be fine and that we’ll not be disappointed at the end are the only reason i haven’t lost my mind and sanity completely because of how stressful this show is yet

What’s up HOES here’s a furry.

Never actually made an anthro character??? So here’s my new buddy Wren. He’s an Indian giant squirrel and likes to write shitty fantasy short stories

“Rian Johnson is obsessed with Kylie, it’s all he ever talks about, he won’t shut up about this two sides thing, clearly he only cares about white >:(”

Gee Idk Anne perhaps Rian talks about Kylo Ren’s complexity and his relationship with Rey because that’s the thing the audience needs most cluing in about. After all, haven’t y’all spent the last 2 years claiming that the general audience only sees Kylo as a “genocidal fascist maniac” or whatever? So then he would have to talk about Kylo a lot, offer his insight and prep us for a taste of what’s to come. If things “aren’t going to go the way we think” and the cast keeps echoing that this is a morally grey, character driven exploration that will be unexpected then by your own logic that you’ve espoused for 2 years talking about Kylo in this way would not only make a whole lot of sense but be a necessity for an audience that apparently can only see Kylo a certain way.

Hey your words Anne, not mine. 🤷

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Eleven + reader with 112?

Characters: Reader x Jane “Eleven” Hopper

Warnings: spoilers? ?? ?

Prompts: “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

Word Count: 381

A/N: idk why this drabble and the last one are food themed aoudoasj and yo i dont know what to call her. el? ??? jane??? maybe both


You popped two Eggos into the toaster, and ruffled Jane’s hair as you passed. Hopper was out of town for a week, so he had asked you to come and take care of her while he was away. The two of you were playing some music and you laughed as you watched Jane goofily try and dance around. She had been in such high spirits after the Snow Ball with Mike, even though it had been a week ago. Everything seemed to be looking up for Jane – she had reunited with her friends, Hopper was now her adoptive father. You knew there were still some things preventing her from having a completely normal life, but everything seemed to be looking up. 

You heard the phone ring, and you pulled two glasses out of the cabinet before making your way over to the phone and picking it up. “Hello?”

“y/n?” you heard Mike’s voice on the other end, and you laughed. “Uh, hey, is El there?” 

“Yes.” you laughed. “You just can’t stay away, can you, Mr. Wheeler?” 

You could hear Mike trying to stammer out a response, but you simply called out, “Jane? Mike is on the phone!” 

You had never seen Jane run over so fast, and you laughed again as you handed her the phone. You made your way back into the kitchen, where you were surprised to see the Eggos already out of the toaster and stacked on top of each other on a plate. In between the waffles, it was filled with whipped cream and candies.

Frowning, as you heard Jane hang up the phone, you said, “Jane? Did you make this?”

Jane nodded as she sat down at the dining room table, and you slowly sat opposite her. She handed you a fork as she simply commented, “Eggo extravaganza.” 

You raised an eyebrow before asking, “Is this something Hopper made for you?”

Jane nodded again, and you sniffed. You couldn’t believe Hopper would serve this too her – it looked incredibly unhealthy. “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

Jane continued to nod, and you finally relented. You helped her cut the waffles in half before the two of you dug in. You supposed this Eggo extravaganza wouldn’t hurt once in a while. 

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Word: sugar Character: dark

Okay these are gonna be headcanons but the first thing that came to mind was Dark being a sugar daddy. So sugar daddy Dark you get.

Originally posted by alienboyinblue

  • Dark first took an interest in you after the events of ADWM and he promised you that he could give you anything… but he meant it.
  • All he wants is your companionship, if you choose to make it more… physical… he isn’t opposed to that.
  • Dark’s incredibly cocky when it comes to this relationship. He knows he got the money, knows he’s got the looks, knows he’s got you wrapped around his finger. All of it will go to his head and fuel that ego even more.
  • If you’re careful you might be able to snag his wallet or his credit card but it’s rare to be able to do so. He keeps a close eye on you when you’re near the money–he controls everything, especially his finances. Otherwise you just gotta wait until he’s feeling generous (and until he gets the sugar part of the agreement, which he is not opposed to.)
  • While he often gives you money, sometimes he spends money on you instead. He’ll get you things he sees you looking longingly at, or things he think would look nice on you, etc, and while he doesn’t admit it, seeing you happy does make some part deep in there happy.

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TBH I think one huge flaw with Jaune's writing is that all the problems he was introduced with can all be attributed to toxic masculinity and 1) the world is supposedly free of gender roles 2) his problems are basically solved via him "manning up". I think I would like his character much more if he got way less focus + his problems were more down to earth w/ him being average + parental pressure to be the best instead of cheating his way up and then not being able to keep up

yeah, idk if the writers just like, forgot that this is a world w/o gender roles or if their own internalized misogyny and toxic masculinity are stopping them from really making this is world w/o gender roles.

i think i’ve said this before, but i think Jaune’s story would be much more interesting if instead of getting into Beacon thru cheating, he got in on his leadership skills. Ozpin has been shown to take chances on students, such as Ruby being two years younger and Blake having no formal training. It would solve two problems: 1. they never really mentioned Jaune cheating his way into Beacon ever again 2. they don’t do a good job of showing that Jaune has good leadership even tho the writers really want us to believe that he is 
This would show that Jaune has his own abilities but also has shortcomings, like Ruby and combat w/o her weapon. 

i think if Jaune’s problems were embedded in parental pressure (since his family were all heroes before him*, which is something else they don’t really mention more than twice in the first volume) it would make for a better story. it’s something more relatable and believable tbh. 

if Jaune just had like… less to his story in general, it would improve the story a lot. He has so much going on. He’s inadequate and hasn’t unlocked his semblance, and he’s dealing with Pyrrha’s death, and…. it’s a lot. The problem is that the writers gave Jaune so much conflict that can easily be revisited again and again, and they haven’t really done the same for the main girls. Like, what’s Ruby’s main internal conflict right now? It should be grieving her friends, but the writers have handed that off to Jaune. It tries to be that she’s bad at combat w/o Crescent Rose, but that’s not really something dynamic or interesting. It could be her Silver Eyes mystery, but idk if the writers forgot about that or what. 

There’s a lot wrong with Jaune’s character that really hindering the rest of the show.

(*has anyone else noticed that in the first volume, Jaune says “my father, my grandfather, and his father before him were all warriors!” that really adds to how even tho this show is supposed to revolve around strong women, the writers don’t do anything to establish that lmao)

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OMG i just watched an interview of patrick ness talking about todd and viola and how he wanted them to fall IN REAL LOVE AND DIDNT WANTED IT TO BE CHEAP. ARE U KIDDING ME IM DEFINITELY NOT PREPARED TO WATCH TOM PLAYING A CHARACTER HAVING AN INTENSE ROMANCE LIKE THAT. Also, apparently theres no kissing at first which made me a bit disapointed tbh, but u know what, im patient

Well for one they’re like 14 in the book so idk if I would call it an intense romance but yeah it’s a very very slow burn thing like they are platonic for a while and then even after you can tell there are feelings it’s a LONG time before anything actually happens. The romance isn’t super important to the story tbh it’s their relationship as a whole!!

If you want Tom as an intense romantic, just wait for Beneath a Scarlet Sky lol

I might be mistaken but

Didn’t Loki change his costume’s colour back to green in the after credits scene? There was this theory about green being a sign of a villain in mcu or something. And if it is actually like that then Loki might be a some sort of villain character again? Like, he did give the Tesseract to Thanos, so…and many people also think it’s going to be this way which is quite dissapointing, cause it will certainly be a step backwards in Loki’s character development

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do you have like a must-read and/or introduction-ish list for luke fox? i really wanna read up on him but idk where to start

sure!!!!! if u wanna read all his appearances u can just go on the dcwiki and see appearances and for it to show it on a list and it’ll be there. 

  • batwing (he appears in #19 and takes over as the titular character )
  • batman eternal (he appears on-and-off!)
  • detective comics #943 - onwards

those r the key ones, he’s appeared in batgirl n52, rebirth rhato and rebirth bop (in the latter it was just a super small appearance tho like one panel only) plus a bunch of others.. again if u want the full list the wiki has it all.

OUAT 7x7 Eloise Gardener and 7x8 Pretty in Blue

The most important thing in this was this image: 

Obviously I was completely horrified that Killian got raped and taken advantage of, following the tradition of Graham and Robin. What is it with witches raping these wonderful men on this show IDK. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy so seeing it happen to Killian, my absolute favorite character that has ever existed, sucks a bag of dicks.  I do hope Gothel gets what’s coming to her. I know that the writers were trying to show that Killian and Fake Rapunzel was just a one night stand kind of thing but it still upset me. Colin did a great job with what he was given. 

Can we talk about Killian though? His baby was just hours old and he immediately gave up his ship and his revenge and his whole life for his little girl.  Saying he would go through all the pain and more for his girl? That is definitely the Killian Jones we know and love. 

Back in Seattle things were a bit of a mess I’m afraid. I still don’t love Jacinda, Ella, Lauren, whatever the hell her name is now. Her signing away her parental rights really disgusted me. I know they were trying to parallel her and Emma giving up Henry but it didn’t work.  At least the new guy is hot.  

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Why does dr.l look like that?? He just such a pretty character. 👀💦🌶

It occurs to me that I never posted this ol’ thing here:

You’re welcome.

Story time: The idea for his character came from two good friends of mine, both teachers. One teaches high school, the other middle school. The high school teacher (in his tenth?ish year of teaching) remarked that he loves teaching that age group because it gives him hope: adults can get stuck in their ways or make irreversible decisions, etc., but high school kids “don’t suck yet.” I thought that was an interesting way to look at it.

I asked my friend who teaches middle school why he chose that age group, and he (in his first year or so of teaching), said that he’d much prefer high schoolers, but he didn’t feel like he looked or acted different enough from them to be taken seriously. He deliberately kept a mustache and sideburns to help himself feel like an Adult around even the middle schoolers.

Mr. Dr. BJ is now and has since the first formation of the story 25 years old. I drew him looking much older in the first chapter for reasons I can’t recall or defend, especially because I myself was only 26 at the time. I think he looks more true to his age in the more recent pages, though.

His appearance is based on a very pretty boy from Bakersfield, CA (SHRIMPRESTING) who I knew in college, with aspects of both my teacher friends thrown in the mix. I like to think that he grew the beard nervously the summer before the school year started to make himself feel older around the high schoolers.

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Still for the KHux ask -> 5, 13, 27, 36, 42 and 44 !

5. What is your current shared medal? Details? (Ability, skills, chip/dale, etc)

♥ He has no traits since I guilted him solely with Fantasia Mickey Bs. I’m thinking of putting the new AB4 Max+Lux skill from the new avatar board on him to make the daily missions easier on me, but idk because he already has AB4 max :(

13. Talk a little bit about your kh avatar! What are they like, what do they dislike, etc?

Well, it’s not an OC, so… she’s like me? xD

27. What kind of completely new avatar boards would you like to see in the future? (can be inspired from animated disney cartoons, animated films, or squarenix games)

I’m not that keen on avatar boards tbh? I’m really happy have have almost all of the character avatar boards (especially KH2 Kairi and Aqua) and those are the outfits I usually wear because they’re the cutest. But KH2 Riku and KH1 Kairi are boards I’d love to see because their outfits are still missing (and yeah, I know we got female KH1 Sora and I love the outfit, but Kairi really deserves her own board).

36. Cat or Dog spirit? What did you name them?

It’s a mix XD Head, ears and body are from the cat, legs and tail are from the dog xD I haven’t named him yet, but since I’m always alternating between Kairi’s and Aqua’s outfit, I’m kinda tempted to name him Sora or Terra… :’D

42. Team Ephemer or Team Skuld?

Aw that’s so hard to decide! D: I’m afraid I’ll have to support the forgotten girl here, MAKE SKULD HD!! (Sorry Ephemer ;_;)

44. Do you keep up with the jp story or do you prefer to wait and not be spoiled so it’s a surprise?

Oh, spoil me all the way xD Ever since I’ve seen Ven in the Union Cross trailer, I couldn’t just keep away from the spoilers and I also do it because I’m scared KH3 relevant plot points might come up that KHUX NA might not be able to catch up with until the KH3 release, so…

Also, I would have missed all the Pinky and Brain memes.

Thank you again ♥

KHUX Getting to Know Me Ask Meme!

been feeling kind of touch starved lately,, have some snuggly boys