idk if he was in character or

Anonymous requested: “Tony being a trans guy has been my headcanon for a long time and I would absolutely die if you would write about him supporting Peter…”

Anyway I’ve gotta say I love writing Peter, like idk if I’m doing it in character but I love this

Also I’m definitely down for doing more of this with Peter coming out and stuff if someone requests it, but I wanted to do this scene like the moment it popped in my head

ALSO brevity is NOT my forte and I loved this prompt so it’s long beware of that

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for the record this is what the inside of my mind looks like lol

I think trk disappointed a lot of people and some of it had to do with stief prioritizing ronan/the lynches in a way some people felt wasn’t earned. Also, since stief has talked before about ronan being an especially personal/favorite character for her, i tink some people have started associating their dislike of her/disappointment with what she did with the series with ronan. (there’s also his and adam’s shitty racism towards henry, which was ofc really unnecessary and stupid). but anyway yeah a lot of people seem to think ronan didn’t change or grow at all and was never called on anything (but another complaint is that he was too ~soft in trk so like… what is the truth) and that ruined him for them i guess

and idk! i mean i guess in any fandom with canon pairings/with juggernaut pairings rarepairs are going to be subject to some hate but r/g especially seems to get hate from ppl who are super invested in telling you it could never be anything other than romantic etc bc they’re like BROTHERS u sicko!! ignoring ronan’s canon attraction to gansey etc. in some ways i feel like adam is the fandom bicycle now so ppl are more likely to multiship him than to multiship the others but yeah. i kind of talked about fandom and r/g here once

Always You

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Summary: Sam and the reader have been best friends for years, not going any further in their relationship. They are both in love with each other, but none of them want to say anything. One night, they both go out with Dean to a local bar when they’re on a case and things get heated up when jealousy overcomes Sam…

Request: Hello! Can I please have a story where me and Sam are “best friends” but he’s too shy to say anything and he gets a little jealous when we go out, I’m 5'1 with brown curly hair, idk if that matters but just in case lol

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester, Random sleazy guy

Word Count: 1328

Warnings: Angst, fluff, language, violence

A/N: Hey guys! Posted a mobile masterlist! Click here and….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED PADALECKI!!!!! LOVE YOU 

“Sam!” (Y/N) whined as Sam picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She laughed, her face becoming red from being upside down. Dean sat from afar with a beer in his hand, shaking his head.

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HI UH so I made an oc. I never ever ever do original characters so I hope he’s okay? I don’t think I’ve made an original character for at least a year so,,,,,idk,,,,IM TOO NERVOUS TO SHOW MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS I HOPE YOU LIKE HIM IDK,,,,

This is Flax! He is a half fairy, half human, and he has the ability to restore life to plants and such. He’s still young, so he can only restore things like flowers, grass, etc. He likes to hang around this city, where he doesn’t really do anything? He just kinda hangs out with all the people who live there. Eventually, he’s gonna have to go back to the forest and take over being the King of Fairies, but he doesn’t want to, because that’s lame!! >:( He’s just a hip teenager who’s kind of clumsy, but he really is a sweet boy.  

He’s also completely obsessed with human culture. He likes to listen to stuff like Soundgarden, and likes to play Super Mario 64, and likes to say cool things like “Psych!” and  “Schwing!”. And nobody around him has the heart to tell him that it isn’t the 90s anymore, so they just kinda let him do his own thing. 

idk i like him,,,,,,,

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addition to your post about tw killing off characters played by actors who wanted to stay on the show: SINQUA WALLS. he said that he would've LOVED to stay on the how and it wasn't his decision to leave so idk why they killed him off when DSharman literally left like half a season later WILLINGLY??

Ohhhhhhhhh anon, my issues with their handling of Sinqua and Boyd could keep me ranting for DAYS. It has, in the past. I’ve talked about it before, but not in awhile, but if you rewatch S2, just look at how much they built up Boyd and his attitudes towards Scott, Derek and everyone else in the first half of the season while Isaac was still just being Generic Asshole Dude…..and then that totally flipped halfway through the season, starting with the rave. 

Like before that, Boyd was very visibly built up as Derek’s number two, the one Derek trusted to be smart enough and practical enough to take charge after him. And similarly he was very much built up as the one of Derek’s pack who was leaning towards Scott most, who had the most doubts about things and was visibly making up his own mind about Scott and Derek and what both of them had to say about any given subject. Isaac was on par with Erica for the first half of the season - they were there for the snarky rejoinders, but on board with Derek and his aggression and his attitudes towards the hunters, humans in general and Scott.

But all of that flipped on a dime starting with Raving, with them suddenly shoving a connection between Isaac and Scott to the forefront and advancing Isaac to the front of the ‘torn between Derek and Scott’s ideologies’ line while suddenly Boyd and Erica were relegated back to the terrible twosome role. Even just look at the sudden contrast in how Derek’s pack were paired up…..first half of the season, it was always Erica and Isaac who were off together being snarky….when they were after Lydia, it was those two who were wandering down the hall together dragging claws across the lockers…while Boyd waited out on the field with Derek. Second half of the season, suddenly Boyd and Erica are inseparable, while its Isaac who’s out and about with Derek…and thus is the one around all the time to witness Scott’s interactions with Derek.

My theory has always been this turning point coincides with the show’s renewal for an extended season with S3, and with whatever happened behind the scenes to make Davis think he was only going to have room to keep one of Derek’s betas around longterm and advance them as a character, if he wanted to go forward with all his other plans for S3. Like, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Back when Davis first introduced the Beta Trio, he was very much interested in using Boyd as a foil and possible later ally for Scott while Isaac and Erica fell in line with Derek. But it seems to me, the second Davis decided his future plans didn’t have room for all three betas to stick around in an equal capacity, he flipped and moved to prioritizing his personal fave (Isaac, for what are painfully obvious reasons to everyone here, sigh) while suddenly Boyd and whatever he’d intended for him originally was downgraded instead.


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Idk xD, I just thought that if another artist implements that mutation, you would think that he stole that idea, since it is something very original of you, I have not seen any other artist that has put a tail to their characters. And I like the idea of ​​doing it in one of mine...

anyone is free to do so, don’t worry.

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Black Hat

1. sexuality hc: personally i believe he wouldnt use any labels on himself (after all he is…something else). that being said however i do like the idea of him being ace and/or aro (and him also being gay)

2. otp: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

3. brotp: look above

4. notp: paperhat. 

5. first hc that comes to mind: i feel like bh has Some kind of standards? maybe? idk what they’d be tho, at least rn.

6. one way in which i relate to this character: i too like suits. 

7. things that give me 2nd hand embarrassment about this character: nothing.

8. cinnamon bun or problematic fave: is this even a question, he is 10000000% a problematic fave.

anyway this is my… apparently very serious bnha oc i made after reading just one (1) volume

idk his name but he doesnt either for the most and he’s a villain who’s quirk consist in making everyone drunk, but only if he’s drunk as well

his villain name is hangover but if you asked him hed say I DONT REMEMBER and then probably give you an hangover as well

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🍺 or 🎀 (One or the other)

🎀: Who makes you want to draw and improve?
Elephant Fist and Emlan always make me want to draw!! Elephantfist is just. Amazing at handling fabrics and accessories, they really sit on the characters, its amazin. He also does really nice designs. 10/10, amazing art.

Emlan is great!! at drawing!!! but I didn’t draw an attempt at their style bc..idk its more about how they pose characters, and I’m impressed how consistent they are with the quality of fanart! I don’t even watch/play half the stuff they draw, but I don’t care the art is just very nice!! Also I love their fanart of different characters as dogs. another 10/10.

  🍺: What’s the biggest mistake you make that impacts your art/drawing process?
lately, I spend way too much time second guessing my process instead of just finishing my damn drawings. This doesn’t really improve anything? It just drags out the time it takes to finish something.
I also have been hemming and hawing about whether to draw something in x program or another, only to waste time on the wrong stuff-It’s about /how/ you use the medium, not /which medium/ you use.

TDLR: I second guess my process, which only hinders my work.

A technical mistake usually boils down to: I should use a ref for this–>eh I’ll wing it—>Frick its hard to draw—>I look up a ref and fix it relatively fast. This is common enough that I try to use a ref if I’m confused from the get-go.

This is my last ask form this meme, but I’d love to answer more! n0n The questions are interesting.

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How do you feel about people spelling Changgu's name 'jjanggu'?

A lot of people do it now and he himself does it quite a lot, I find it super cute tbh! (idk if you know, sorry if you do asdfghjkl, but it’s a nickname that comes from a Japanese children’s show character Crayon Shin Chan, which in Korean is called Jjanggu and that’s where it comes from. So it’s not really… a spelling, it’s more of a nickname I suppose?) 

I also love the fact that “jjang” in Korean is slang for “the best” so it’s like saying he’s the best gu and idk that’s cute to me.

I was tagged by my darling @babeharrie. Thank you bub and sorry for getting to this so late. 
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relationship status: single af
favourite colour: dusty pink and black
last song i listened to: Let’s dance by David Bowie
top three shows: my mad fat diary, sherlock, brooklyn 99
top three characters: Andrew from Foxhole Court (he’s an ass idk why I like him), Theodore Finch from All the bright places aaaand Sherlock.
top three ships: eeeek I don’t really have ships and I know nothing about water transport either but gondolas look funny.

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miserable mill rewatch notes:

- when jacquelyn’s character in the hypnotists movie “suddenly knows how to play the violin” she doesn’t actually play any notes she just mashes the bow across the strings it’s hilarious

- i love the really bleak signs around the lumbermill like “safety goggles will only slow you down”

- charles continues to be a sweet and precious if doormattish guy who deserves better than sir. i really hope he survives the hotel denouement fire

- idk if we’re ever going to meet or see a picture of bertrand but i headcanon him as a blond guy with glasses because dr. orwell alludes to him being a past optometry patient and the kids say he looked like shirley when he crossdressed for a masquerade ball, plus sunny must have inherited her blonde hair from either him or beatrice

- lemony smiles for like 0.25 of a second when he’s explaining his plan to escape the motel. a momentous occasion

- aw man the unspoken realization of what must have happened when only two quagmires show up at school after the fire is so SAD :c

- violet has a really pretty singing voice!!! reblog if you too support your daughter

- mr. poe saying he hopes the baudelaires find comfort at prufrock prep is … actually kind of sweet, for him? like as horrible of a job as he does keeping them out of danger, and as little of a grasp of count olaf’s threat level as he has, he’s still a dad himself and on some shallow mr. poe level wants the kids to be happy and safe

- lemony and olaf’s friendship probably ended over tragic schism stuff but i like to think it was some really petty theater kid thing like olaf said russell crowe was an ok javert and lemony never spoke to him again

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I'm kinda surprised you haven't done anything for Sam Elliott... but that's just me... maybe you've never heard of him... sorry

OMG I WOULD LOVE TOO GURL HE’S A HOT 72 YR OLD FUCK ME UP XD but like idk which character…I only know of his in Tombstone and The Big Lebowski

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those ship headcanons have me smiling so wide!! theyre adorable!! it's 4:48am where i am, but if the slumber party is still going on, what are the top 3 places you'd like to visit and which 3 characters (one for each visit) would you like to take with you? (optional: what sort of funny/embarrassing/wacky events would occur?)

(ノ*゜▽゜*) im so happy thank u <333 as for me: I’d like to visit Japan (any part!) and take Iida for a guide bc zoom zoom legg or Midoriya bc he’s knowledgeable. Another place is Spain and I’d take Bakugou and/or Todoroki bc ??? idk hot weather and cool history things seem like they’d be fun with them. Lastly, I’ve wanted to visit Northeast India for a while and I’d prob take Tsuyu because it’s really wet and monsoon-y and she’d enjoy that. im a cheater who picked more than three lol but thank you for asking! –mod nejire

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" how Colton doesn't know it's bad. I'm upset with him too honestly -- I can think of what they told him, I just wonder if it hasn’t sunk in yet" What could they have told him that it would make it better? He must have known that Jackson and Ethan were supposed to come back as a gay couple from London. That's his basic storyline. I don't think that there's anything you could misunderstand about that. I bet Colton just thinks that it's cool to play a gay character now that he's out. Idk.

Exactly, I can see them selling him “Just think about it, so much buzz that Jackson was so strong and brave and a gay werewolf!  People will love it!  This is the way you’ve always wanted to play him but couldn’t!” They probably gassed him up real good. 

been feeling kind of touch starved lately,, have some snuggly boys