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I probably posted something similar back when Mystic Messenger was a thing but lmao people who have never played a dating sim - like a real visual novel style dating sim not a meet n fuck adventure on newgrounds - playing their first real dating sim is so fucking funny

at this point it’s surprising when there ISNT anyone who turns out to be secretly unhinged/there isn’t some wild conspiracy murder-time demon magic timeline shenanigans multiverse theory shit. idk why it’s so prevalent but at this point weird twists that turn happy fun flirting land into scary murder land are like. a genre staple.

The survivor’s intimate relationships are driven by the hunger for protection and care and are haunted by the fear of abandonment or exploitation. In a quest for rescue, they may seek out powerful authority figures who seem to offer the promise of a special caretaking relationship. By idealizing the person to whom they become attached, they attempt to keep at bay the constant fear of being either dominated or betrayed. …

Almost inevitably, the survivor has great difficulty protecting themself in the context of intimate relationships. Their desperate longing for nurturance and care makes it difficult to establish safe and appropriate boundaries with others. Their tendency to denigrate themself and to idealize those to whom they become attached further clouds their judgment. Their empathetic attunement to the wishes of others and their automatic, often unconscious habits of obedience also make them vulnerable to anyone in a position of power or authority.

Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery

(pronouns made neutral for wider applicability)

Chapter 15- Lights In the Darkness

Word Count: 4096

A/N: this one was not requested, but ive been having really bad writers block lately so to get out of it i wrote something i wanted to write. I was going to make a SERIOUSLY sad ending to this… but idk. maybe i’ll post an alternate ending if anyone is interested. Also i just realized its a very similar title to one of my older ones, oops lol. Much Love!

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Chapter 15

Lights in the Darkness

    As you know from the past chapters, Riverdale is a dark and dreary place, full of mystery and secrets, betrayal and death. Again, as you already know I live in Riverdale, I am not just a narrator that happens to know the ins and outs of the story from watching from the sidelines or by some magical happening. I know the story because I am part of the story, I am living it and writing it as it happens. As every chapter of this book flies by before your eyes, just know that it was written right after what happened so I didn’t forget a single detail, so I didn’t leave anything out.

    Riverdale is a dark and dreary place, and the mystery and secrets, betrayal and death inhabiting its very air affects every single person living in it. You may be asking ‘How does one deal with such an environment?” and let me be the one to tell you that it is very hard not to get sucked into the darkness yourself. It is possible not to of course, and that’s what I want to talk about in this chapter, I want to take a break from the dreariness of the murder, I want to talk about my light that keeps the darkness at bay.

    Her name is Y/N  Y/L/N, the sun to my days and the stars to my night. Y/N moved to Riverdale only a few weeks before the murder of Jason Blossom took place, only a few weeks before our very own Veronica Lodge. She was easily a source of happiness for everyone around her right away. She came here alone, wanting to get away from her family back in (Your/City/Name). She found herself a cheap, one bedroom apartment and she settled in nicely, barely bringing anything with her to this quaint small town. Before the murder, this town was a great one to live in, the sun was bright and the birds weren’t afraid to sing. Peoples lives seemed perfect, although I know now they were far from it. Small towns that appear happy have a funny way of hiding the true problems residing inside it, it takes a darkness to bring those problems out of the shadows.

    I met her at Pops. She was sitting in my booth eating a burger and watching Netflix on her phone. Instead of sitting right away though, I observed her for a moment or two. I watched as she scolded the screen out loud, not caring if anyone in the diner was staring, which they were. I watched as her face would light up or darken, mimicking the mood of whatever she was watching. I noticed how her (Y/H/C) hair fell over her face and how her (Y/E/C) eyes shone bright. She turned and noticed me, smiling softly, and that ladies and gentlemen is the exact moment I knew I was done for. I fell in love in that moment, it hits you like a ton of bricks and it knocks the wind out of you.

    I’m not much of a smiling person if you didn’t figure that out already, but I made an exception for her. I always make an exception for her. I smiled back and walked the rest of the way to the booth, and she removed her headphones.

    “You’re in my booth.” I said, and she leaned back, giving me a slight smirk.

    “I didn’t know you could own booths, do you pay rent?” she asked, and I chuckled. She had a sense of humor just like mine, dry and sarcastic.

    “I pay the amount of rent in burgers and milkshakes, and I always sit here, so yes.” I replied and she nodded, chuckling to herself.

    “Well, it looks like you just got yourself a roommate.” She said, and I sat down in front of her.

    “I can deal with that, just don’t tell anyone I gave in so easily, they’ll start trying to take advantage of my kindness as well.” I teased and she nodded her head, sticking out her pinky finger. I had looked down at her finger and then back up at her, giving her a puzzled look. “Are you five? You still do pinky promises?” I asked, and she rolled her eyes.

    “Do it or I call the landlord over and tell him you’ve been trashing the place and need to be evicted.” She joked and I linked my pinky with hers. “I promise not to tell anyone you gave in like a little bitch so easily to me.” she said, laughing, and I quickly pulled my pinky away, giving her a slight glare and a smirk. I could tell from our first interaction our friendship would be full of back and forth banter like this, sarcastic and bitchy comments thrown back and forth at each other. Relentless and never-ending. I was looking forward to it. That night we talked for what felt like forever, getting to know each other. I found myself spilling details about myself to her that I haven’t even told my closest friends, she pulled them out of me somehow. She felt safe, like my secrets were safe in her knowledge.

    After that, she came every night and so did I. We talked and got to know each other even more, and we instantly became best friends. Seeing her was slowly becoming part of my normal routine, and if I didn’t see her at least once a day, I felt like I had wasted my day and hadn’t lived it to the fullest. Thankfully she felt the same, and we went out on adventures together. When Archie had cancelled our road trip, she was quick to offer that she and I take a smaller one, so we did. We climbed into her small car and drove all the way back to her hometown, and she showed me all her favourite spots there. We ran into a cousin of hers, and they talked about how worried her aunt was. When she asked about her mom and dad, her cousin sorrowfully looked at her and informed her that they hadn’t mentioned her.

    That night was the first time I had seen her cry, sitting in her car, her head rested on the steering wheel and tears fell freely from her eyes. I looked in through the drivers-side window and I opened the door. She quickly sat up, wiping away her tears and giving her best fake smile, but I wasn’t having it. I took her hand and I pulled her out of the car, wrapping my arms protectively around her. I held her in my chest, as if to shield her from anything else that might make her feel this way, anything else that would make her cry. It was that night she had told me the extent of her prior home life, and her mental state as well. It crushed me to hear, and I swore that I was going to make everything better for her, just like she was doing for me.

    When we drove back she was silent most of the time. I didn’t try to break it, I knew she needed to think, and although I didn’t have my license I took the wheel from her and drove the rest of the way. We got to her apartment around midnight and she threw her stuff into her room, sprawling out on her bed. I didn’t know what to do with myself in that moment, I just watched as she cried. I must have stood there for what felt like forever, when I was with her time went by slowly. She sat up slowly, taking my hand and she pulled me down on the bed as well.

    I laid down in her bed and pulled her into my chest, she snuggled into me and we were together like that for most of the night. She fell asleep, and so did I, and it was some of the best sleep I had gotten in what felt like forever. I woke up to her not in her bed, and I got worried, wondering if she ran off because of what happened to her back home. My worries soon resided though as I heard singing from the kitchen, and I laughed to myself. I got out of bed, and what I saw made my heart melt. I saw her dancing in the kitchen, singing along to her favourite songs and cooking pancakes. She turned and noticed me, but instead of ceasing her singing and dancing, she brought the spatula up to her face and sang to me. Have you ever had that moment where something amazing happens, and your chest tightens and the room seems to get warmer, the light in the room becomes brighter, and you find yourself wishing for that moment to last forever? That’s exactly what happened to me, and it was like I felt the exact moment I fell even deeper in love with her.

    She walked up to me, spatula in hand and continued to sing, grabbing my hand with her free one and she attempted to get me to dance with her. Who was I to refuse? I awkwardly swayed with the music, causing her to laugh which made me laugh as well.

    “Don’t like my dancing?” I asked, and she shook her head.

    “I never said that.” She playfully argued.

    “You’re laughing.” I said, and she shrugged.

    “So are you.” She made a good point, and I didn’t have much of an argument for that, so instead I continued my awkward swaying. She rolled her eyes and started mimicking my dancing. “I can’t let you look stupid alone.” she said, and I smiled. Ladies and gentlemen, get yourselves a partner who won’t let you look stupid alone, they’re keepers for sure. It was then I realized she still had my hand, and she realized it at the same time too, looking down at our intertwined fingers. I couldn’t stop myself in this moment, I took a leap of faith and I pulled her towards me, crashing my lips into hers. Have you ever heard the expression ‘and sparks flew’? They did, we both felt them, and we sat there for what felt like forever enjoying the moment, neither of us wanting to pull away.

    “Shit.” She mumbled against my lips, pulling apart quickly and flipping the very burnt pancake.

    “You burnt the pancake.” I laughed, and she walked to me, leaning in very close.

    “Yeah, I was a little distracted.” And with that, she draped her arms around my neck and pulled me down into another kiss. That was the day we became official, and if you ask me now what the best day of my life was, I’ll most likely answer with that one. Things between us were great, until that is the day Jason Blossoms body was discovered. It really shook up everything in our little town, as you all know. Not only did it affect the Blossom family’s relationship with each other, but it shook up relationships of all kind around the town. Y/N and I were no exception. This novel was a spontaneous decision I made, deciding I wanted to leave something behind in this world, tell the truth about Jason and finally put my writing skills to use.

    She supported me from day one, and sat with me at Pops while I write, which if you didn’t know already is where I do most of my writing. Throughout the process of writing this novel, I’ve gone to great lengths to get the truth, lots of investigating and getting myself into dangerous situations, which she would always come with me on. I told her she shouldn’t, I was scared she was going to get hurt, and we even had our first major fight about it.

    “Jughead, there is no way in hell I am letting you go after that car alone!” she had exclaimed, to which I had thrown my hands up and rolled my eyes, getting very annoyed.

    “How many times do I have to tell you, I won’t be alone, Betty will be with me and I’ll be fine, I can take care of myself.” I told her for what had to be the millionth time. She crossed her arms across her chest, and leaned against her counter.

    “I don’t care, I’m coming so I can make sure you’re okay.” she said, and I scoffed.

    “No, this is not your car to find, this is mine and Bettys.” I said angrily, raising my voice. I regret it now, she was only just trying to look out for me.

    “I don’t care, I don’t want you getting hurt Jughead!” she yelled. This is where I really regret the things I said, I was so angry in the moment, I didn’t stop to think about what I was doing, or what I was saying to her.

    “You’re just jealous of Betty, aren’t you?” I yelled, and she stood frozen. Her face went from angry to saddened, and I felt my heart drop in that moment.

    “No Jughead, I am not jealous, why would I have any reason to be jealous of you two, unless you have something you’d like to tell me?” she asked, backing slowly out of the kitchen. Before I had any chance of answering, she spoke again. “You know what, never mind. I don’t want to know if I should be jealous, and you know what else? Go on with Betty, go find the car. Have fun, and just know that even though I’m pissed at you, if you need me you can call.” And with that she exited the kitchen, locking herself into our bedroom that we shared in her apartment. When I look back at it, I feel lucky, most people would have told me to not call even if I needed something. She loved me enough to tell me she’d still answer, and here I was accusing her of things she didn’t feel and being an all-around ass to her.

    That night I went with Betty, and we found the car. It was pouring rain, and we didn’t notice the car that had followed us there. As you know, when we opened the trunk we found Jasons belongings, and some drugs, and that’s how we knew that Pollys story checked out. When we were making our way back to the police station, a car was behind us, and we didn’t notice until we heard the roar of the engine and saw it coming straight towards the two of us. Before I could comprehend what was happening, Y/N came out of no-where pushing Betty and I out of the way. We hit the ground, covered in mud and heard a scream, and the car sped off. She got hit.

    I felt as if the life had drained out of me, everything went into a blur and I was dizzy, this couldn’t have happened. I was having a nightmare, I had to have been having a nightmare. I couldn’t move, I wasn’t able to move and I faintly heard Betty yelling for me to help her with Y/N. Y/N wasn’t responding, Betty was in a panic as her friend laid in the mud, broken and bloody, risking her life for the two of us. I finally snapped myself out of my trance, Y/N needed me. I picked her up, scared to move her because I didn’t want to break her more, she was so fragile and delicate in my arms. She looked so crumpled and defeated, so unlike her strong and confident composure she usually wore, and I started crying.

     “Jughead, we need to get her to the hospital and go to the police station!” Betty yelled, running down the street. I ran after her, tears mixing with the rain. We bust through the ER doors, I carried her to the lady at the desk, and I couldn’t make out the words, I was panicked as I saw the life drain out the light of my life. Everything was going dark, I couldn’t do it without her. I couldn’t do anything without her. The lady at the front desk didn’t need any words, she called for the doctors and men came running out, placing her on a gurney and taking her into the hall. I tried to follow, but they held me back. Betty took my arm, wiping tears from my face, but I could tell she was crying too.

    “I can’t do this without her. I won’t do this without her.” I sobbed, and Betty shook her head.

    “She’ll be fine, Juggie. I promise.” She said, trying to comfort me. She went to the police station alone that night, but only after I had told her she had to. She put up a fight, wanting to stay with Y/N, but I told her that they knew we found the car and that they’d be after it. When they found the car on fire, I couldn’t help but feel guilty that Y/N had risked her life for nothing. I spent nights there, crying and talking to doctors, nurses, and police officers, and never leaving her side unless I was forced to.

    “Jughead, you need to go to school, you’ve missed too many days and the teachers are getting upset.” Betty said, leaning against the doorframe to Y/Ns hospital room. I didn’t acknowledge her presence because to me, there was no one else in this world but Y/N, even if she hadn’t woken up in days. “Jughead Jones, did you hear a-“

    I didn’t let her finish her sentence, and I was refusing to leave. “I heard you, I just don’t care.” I had shot at her angrily, although I shouldn’t have, none of this was her fault. Thankfully, she didn’t take it to heart, she brushed it off and walked into the room and stood beside me. We stood in silence for a few minutes, just watching at Y/N laid there, helplessly and broken. Tears started falling down my face, and Betty was quick to notice, she pulled me into a hug and I accepted, and I cried into her shoulder.

    “She’ll be fine Jug, she’ll wake up and you’ll be able to hold her and love her and apologize soon enough.” Betty told me, trying to comfort me, but at that moment I wasn’t listening. My head was running through scenarios where I could have saved her, what if when she pushed us, I had grabbed her hand and pulled her down with me. What if I had just let her come in the first place, then maybe she wouldn’t have had to sneak around. This was my fault, I hurt the love of my life.

    “Juggie?” a small whisper called, and I quickly pulled apart from Betty and turned around to see Y/N waking up.

    “Y/N!” I flew to her side, taking her hand in mine, and she smiled up at me.

    “I totally told you so.” she faintly giggled, and I broke out in a grin. “You needed me, you’re welcome.” That’s where I chuckled, nodding my head furiously.

    “You told me, I didn’t listen, and I am so incredibly sorry.” She rolled her eyes and sat up, and I watched as pain spread across her face at the action.

    “Damn, if I had known taking one for the team would hurt so bad I wouldn’t have joined.” She teased, and Betty laughed slightly. Y/N looked past me and saw Betty, and smiled as the blonde made her way towards the bed.

    “I don’t think you had much of a choice but to join, your best friend and boyfriend are on it.” Betty said, and Y/N chuckled, nodding her head.

    “You made a good point Bets.” The rest of the day, Betty and I sat with Y/N talking about whatever, and she was released from the hospital the next day. Even though she had a broken arm, broken ribs, and a concussion, Y/N continued to be a happy person, and I was glad to have her back. That night, we were lying in bed talking when I started to hear sniffling. I turned to her and saw she was crying, and when I asked her why, she spilled that the whole Jason was affecting her, she too felt the darkness that was lingering around Riverdale. She said she was scared because she felt like it was triggering her depression, making it worse than usual. I couldn’t help but feel my heart drop. She told me she thought she was crazy for what she was feeling, and I shook my head, pulling her carefully into my chest.

    “You’re not crazy, the whole town can feel it.” I reassured her, and she nodded her head slightly. “I’ve been feeling it, ever since Jason turned up shot in the head, the darkness is all I notice around here anymore. It’s impossible to not be somewhat affected by it, but it’s possible not to get sucked into it, I’ve found a way.”

    “How?” She whispered this simple question so softly, it made me smile.

    “Focus on the things you love. For me, it’s you. You have been my guiding light through all the pain and sadness that lingers around this town. You made me smile and laugh when the darkness is trying to make me frown and cry. You make me feel safe and happy instead of the fear and sadness that has infested this small town of ours. It’s not a bad town, it just has a really bad thing hanging over it.” I said and she sat up, looking me in the eyes and she leaned in to kiss me. I met her halfway, and we poured as much love and affection as we could in this soft, gentle kiss. When we pulled apart, I could see her eyes were still watering.

    “Forsythe.” I smile at her use of my real name, I liked it when she said it. “I love you.” she said, and my heart rate picked up. That was the first time she had ever said those three words to me. I knew I loved her, as we know I fell for her the first time I saw her, and I had been carrying those three words around with me like a weight on my shoulder, wanting nothing more to tell her, but I was afraid. After she told me, I felt as if I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with her, I knew that I wanted to. My future was in stone, it was going to be me and her against the world, nobody was going to stop our love.

    “Y/N, I love you too.” A tear fell down her face, and she pulled me into another kiss. She told me later that she had been carrying those words with her for what felt like forever as well, and when I said them back she swore she’d love me forever. We know that we are meant to be, a match made in heaven, as some might say.

    This is not the end of the book, this was a break from the dreariness of the story I’m sharing with you. I wanted to give you some light in this dark book, I wanted to attempt to do to you what Y/N does to me. Her and I still solve the case, and you’ll hear a lot more about her in the pages to come. I can only hope that when you see her name, it will shine and make this sad story a little more bearable as she does for everyone who lived through it. I hope you find your Y/N, because everyone deserves their own personal sun in the day and stars in the night. Everyone deserves love.

     Jason deserved it, Polly deserved it, but Jason was taken away from this world too soon, and as of right now, the only lead we have is Veronica Lodges dad. A new theory recently came to light, a theory that made Hiram a suspect in the poor boy’s murder, a theory that told a story of Hiram killing a kid to get back at the Blossoms. A life taken in the name of revenge, so many opportunities and stories that will never unfold because of jealousy and rage. That is what the next chapter is about, this is where things get dark once again.

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Urie w h a t …..

Some people used to say that Saiko’s mask resembled a spider face or something and in the latest chapter, her multiple appendages reminded me of a spider…..

Was Mutsuki’s mask similarity to Kaneki’s resembling that he’d be captured and tortured to the point that his hair went white?……

and Shirazu’s just seemed to resemble his signature shark teeth idk…..

what even is this post o(-( I just never saw anyone pointing it out and I’ve been thinking about it all week lmao

(sorry for the crap quality)

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i saw some bn translators translate a convo jjong had with his guests today about him eating his first meal of the day + jjong saying he hasn't had a big appetite these days / been busy. nine said the same thing last week and he seemed not... annoying but kind of like "why are you say this"

yeah, i cringed when i saw that. it was okdal who made the comment today and jonghyun was like: “but i’m eating right now?” i know okdal are close with jonghyun but i could kind of feel the “????” from jonghyun as well. i get why he would be too: he constantly has people making comments about his body and eating habits when he’s spoken openly about how he’s been having difficulties gaining weight recently (back in june, actually) and he’s said before that the medication he takes for allergies and a skin condition he has lessens his appetite on top of being busy…, which is his business. he didn’t even need to share that with listeners, tbh. it’s a personal part of his life but, yet, he still did and i’m sure it’s because he knows how often people talk about it. i won’t really think much of him having his first meal of the day at midnight there anyway considering that he usually doesn’t sleep until eight am (and he was tweeting really early yesterday) and there’s a good chance he’s only been up for a few hours. 

tl;dr: it’s his business and it’s fine to be concerned but he knows his body and how it works better than anyone else. i also don’t blame him if he’s irritated or thrown off when his regular guests make comments like that live on air when they’re things that could easily be said off air or when songs are being played. it just feels a little… idk the right word but… it’s definitely something. i decided to not post the translations because they were so similar to what nine said last week anyway. i won’t answer more message about this because i don’t feel comfortable talking about things like this when i don’t know him which is why i’m keeping it to what he’s openly discussed. (but people still talk about it despite this which is why it has to be reminded when it starts to be discussed by those who’re unaware again… for whatever reason, every few months or so. it just gets tired.)