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hannibal season 3 finale + tumblr text posts (oops)


Anyone who knows me knows I love making bad aesthetics, so here is my latest batch of bad name aesthetics done for my current favorite tv show, MacGyver. I’m very sorry that the last two suck even more than the rest of them, but I had to do those two on my phone because my laptop really doesn’t work anymore. That also means I have to post this on my phone, so idk if the format it’s showing me is how it’ll actually show up or not, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just click them to see them better I guess. I didn’t know who to include or not include, so Nikki, Thornton, and Matty all get one


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I had to post a pic of myself (it’s old I’m sorry I’m not too keen on taking selfies) in the center and characters I relate to around me. I tried to not pic favourite characters, even though Riku and Aloy are two of them but oh well…

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I’m not supposed to write an explanation for each character, but I’m doing it anyway because I’d feel like something is missing. (Under the cut so I don’t bother anyone)

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a - age: 18

b - birthplace: New Hampshire, USA

c - current time: 12:47am

d - drink you last had: I’m drinking a chocolate milkshake atm

e - easiest person to talk to: on here, anyone really. I’m not one to start convos so idk.

f - favorite song: I have SO many omg. Rn I love “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion, “Dirty Laundry” by ATL, “It Ain’t Me” by Kygo ft Selena, and “Heavy” by Linkin Park ft Kiiara.

g - grossest memory: gashing my knee open on a waterfall (im just an idiot)

h - horror yes or horror no: Horror Hell Yes. (tbh i love thriller more)

i - in love? Food is my life, love and passion.

j - jealous of people?: No. I love seeing other people happy and successful

k - killed someone?: only in the mind and stories…

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: I mean I fell in love with Brendon Urie at first sight… as well as Madelaine Petsch

m - middle name: Margaret-Rose

n - number of siblings: 6

o - one wish: For pizza rn

p - person you called last: mom

q - question you’re always asked: Why do you dye your hair so much?

r - reason to smile: Music and this milkshake dear god its so good.

s - song you sang last: Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers. (dont judge me I was feeling sad and that song makes me smile so much)

t - time you woke up: 5pm. But only cause i don’t usually go to bed until 8am-noon

u - underwear color: white.

v - vacation destination: Beach! I miss my friends.

w - worst habit: staying up past sunrise, over working myself

x - x-rays: None!

y - your favorite food: THATS LIKE CHOOSING ONE OF MY BABIES. (I eat a lot of burgers and pizza)

z - zodiac sign: Libra

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elementary prompt: dinner at the brownstone

Reposting because I originally posted this during the hiatus in September and now I am hoping that someone, anyone, will want to headcanon with me on how big dinners go at the brownstone. Or write this scenario. Or any variation of this scenario. Or message me with any headcanons you have whatsoever. Yes.

Season 5 Edit: Either imagine Joan, Alfredo, and Ms. Hudson playing with Archie before and after dinner or imagine Margaret is in a hotel or an apartment somewhere babysitting Archie while Kitty enjoys a well-deserved night out with friends while she discusses, oh, idk, becoming a counselor in New York instead of London so Joan and Sherlock can actually be godparents to Archie on a regular basis and my precious detective family can stay together kthx

I just pictured Joan making dinner for Kitty, Alfredo, and Ms. Hudson and I about died of happiness at the mental image. (Sherlock and Marcus are off on a case together in Canada or something – do with that information what you will *winks at LockBell shippers*.)

Like Ms. Hudson helps Joan in the kitchen, and they’re both wearing adorable aprons. Kitty and Alfredo are up in the library bonding over their experiences with Sherlock. But this turns into them talking about electronics and mechanics and Alfredo gives Kitty a lot of pointers, and Kitty (who only knows hints of what happened with Oscar and Alfredo from tiny mentions from Sherlock, but she doesn’t know the whole story) tentatively asks Alfredo if he has hand-to-hand combat experience, and they bond over that too, and agree to teach each other what they each know about self-defense.

And in the kitchen Ms. Hudson is regaling Joan with stories about different lovers she’s cooked for and all the traveling she’s done, and Joan is fascinated and also kind of infatuated with Ms. Hudson herself. And they share recipes and cooking tips and Joan tells Ms. Hudson all the different uses she’s found for kitchen knives through Sherlock and his crazy experiments, but also through cooking with her mother and Chinese grandmother, and she tells Ms. Hudson about her family trips to China and they bond over that.

And the dinner itself is so warm and comfortable and everyone adores Joan and compliments on her and Ms. Hudson’s cooking fly from Kitty and Alfredo’s mouths while they’re still chewing, and Joan can’t stop smiling, and she feels like this is her family and though she misses Marcus and Sherlock and wishes they were here, she’s also so grateful for these three people in her life. And Ms. Hudson makes a special dessert and offers some to Joan on a spoon and Joan blushes a little before taking a bite, and Kitty and Alfredo continue chatting all through dinner even at the times Joan is just happy being quiet and listening. And the evening ends with them all eating ice cream around the fire and Joan has everyone’s favorite flavors and it’s beautiful.

Additional injured!Joan headcanon: Also this could all be happening because Joan broke a leg or an ankle or a foot on a previous case (it was icy and Sherlock couldn’t catch her in time and she was the most horrible patient for a couple days but now she’s used to getting around the brownstone in crutches and Ms. Hudson comes to help her when Sherlock has to go to Canada with Marcus on a case). And when Sherlock gets back from Canada he is so fussy over Joan in his special way and she knows he missed her even though they don’t say anything and he makes her favorite tea and can’t stop asking Ms. Hudson if Joan really did take it easy while he was gone and how often she had to go up and down the stairs and Ms. Hudson is just so calm and all but grinning to herself at how cute they are and Kitty sticks around to help until Joan feels 100% better and they’re just a wonderful family all these people and I wish I could have all the Detective Family fics plus Ms. Hudson and Alfredo okay. Okay.

OKAY well I suppose even though we didn’t see much of what they were doing, she sure as heck is grateful for whatever happened SO I PRESENT LE KISSU to you, @askthehorsedork

because i can:

  • neah and lavi initially being very very wary around one another, because a noah who is prepared to kill anyone who gets in his way and a bookman with a tendency to abandon people if their record demands it doesn’t mix well (or at least it means they’re painfully reminded of the way of living they’ve been forced to live). but, that’s not all they are either - neah, a person with huge trust issues who also has a mischievous personality and a deep loyalty to people who prove their trust, lavi, a person who cares deeply for people he trusts and gets excited over numbers and books and old things gathering dust. neah finds lavi interesting, but also kind of scary, because the bookmen always kinda freaked him out with their “we’re above humanity and will watch the world burn” mentality, but lavi’s doubting and conflicted nature also drives him up the wall. and lavi finds his ruthless nature a little hard to swallow at times, but he grows to appreciate the company of someone who is familiar with his clan and can give him advice and knowledge when he feels lost. once they sit and work shit out they get on like a house on fire.
  • neah and link being a hilariously weird mix of “i find you scary and hard to work with” and “your pissed off expression just makes this all the more entertaining”. neah can’t stand link’s unquestionable loyalty (because it reminds him far too much of himself and what he’s trying very hard to get rid of) and finds his perceptions scary (same with lavi and bookman, their “all-seeing” gaze is hard to swallow), but he also finds pissing link off very amusing, and knowing this stuck-up but passionately loyal and kind person will support him no matter how many buttons he presses makes him feel a weird mix of surprise and fear. link feels like he’s babysitting a small annoying child most of the time, but if supporting neah somehow helps allen, he’ll put up with a lot.
  • neah and kanda clash even worse than kanda and allen did. kanda couldn’t stand what he saw as naivete in allen, but he grew to respect allen’s kind and stubborn nature to help people, as well as his strength. but neah? neah’s prepared to get rid of anyone who hinders him, and earning his trust is ridiculously hard (but then can you blame him, since the one person he trusted and cared for most picked a family he hated over him), and even if kanda doesn’t show it he would never abandon people as readily as neah does. but neah does slowly earn his trust, and neah really grows to respect (and fear) kanda’s strength.
  • lenalee really struggled with neah, someone who was so very different to the friend she cherished. he was ruthless, frightening even, and his casual disregard for other people at times really really pissed her off (neah’s had his ass kicked by lena more times than kanda’s tried to stab him with mugen, and that says a lot). neah sees lenalee as naive, someone who’s going to be hurt someday because of how much she cares for people. but lenalee is strong in a way neah isn’t, caring in a way that makes neah feel unsettled (because he doesn’t need reminding of the person he has lost, not when he has to continue being ruthless so he can make all of this come to an end), and even though he acts like he doesn’t give a shit about any of them, he finds he just can’t get rid of this weird motley crew of friends determined to stick around.

i honestly don’t know what this is. 😳😂 im running low on ideas. 😬💤

and im not sure if that’s an actual myth about not being able to fall asleep. 💀 i know i heard something about that 🤔 but i don’t know. 😂 oh well. 🤗


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