idk if anyone is interested but who cares

what kind of person svt is attracted to!

these are all my own opinions please dont flame me


coups! would be so damn attracted to someone who smiles really innocently? like you know those scrunchy beaming faces. i think he’d be interested by people who were not what they seemed? so if you looked tough and indifferent, but you’re actually a big softie who reads alot, he’d probably be quite intrigued. i can see him being interested in someone with alot of stuff hanging off their bagpack heh

jeonghan seems like he’d be intrigued by someone with alot of wit? like you know deadpan humor and wonwoo-esque puns. someone who deadpans and seems bored all the time but is actually just really good at hiding their laughter hoho. someone who’s good at art would appeal to him!

i feel like jisoo’s just. very simply attracted to your typical good, shy girl next door. but with a twist. like someone seemingly normal and all that but actually a gigantic meme monster with no chill. yes. ALSO someone who eats well!! and is actually interested in whatever he has to say

JUN IS okay i’m a bit conflicted with this one,,, i think he’d be into anyone who’s not exactly typical? because you know how most people tend to seem the same, so as long as you stand out to him i think he’d be attracted to you. someone who was obviously not perfect. i have a feeling those people irk him. maybe someone who pays him more attention than the other members! someone who offers to carry his stuff for him on a long day

hoshi is one of the only members i think would be attracted to someone like himself? like bright, full of laughter, and lowkey super dorky and nerdy and an A+++++ goofball all around. someone he can have refreshing! fun with!!! maybe someone who likes sweet popcorn hmm

with wonwoo i am so sorry but he’d be really attracted to someone who made really bad puns and made finger guns and loved memes. and like coups, someone who wasn’t exactly all surface, like you know those ‘tragic backstory’ types?? yeah. someone who spends 3 hours organising their pens because they refuse to throw any finished pens away

woozi would literally only be interested if you were, like, really passionate about something. sorry man but this kid is like. really dedicated to his work and his music and unless he finds someone who at least understands how he feels about music, he’s never getting attracted to ANYONE. maybe someone who falls asleep while working would interest him no joke

i think dk would be attracted to anyone who’s nice, funny and has a huge smile!! those people who try to help anyone and anything and feel bad if they don’t. someone who smells clean and has a messy, unorganised table + a face that lights up. someone who has a lot of depth!! someone who was willing to make his day better in anyway, someone who goes to extra lengths to make someone’s day better! also, he’d be intrigued by someone who was straightforward but not too blunt

with mingyu, i feel like he’d be into someone who looks comfortable in any situation? like never awkward and just really. chill. (although, he’s friends with practically anyone and everyone so idk) someone who’s chill on the outside and maybe carries a bagpack on only one shoulder, strands of hair framing their face! and someone nerdy who watches like. anime and cries while watching said anime. chill until they do something dorky and then they cry

the8 would be into someone warm. and someone who’s baked for him at least once. that would be so attractive to him? anyone who cooks for him really, and like checks up on him without being too clingy. maybe the not so emotional but caring type? someone who smells like cookies and bread. OH and he’d be really interested if you could speak Chinese

seungkwan i can see being attracted to shier people! like the one person who keeps to themselves most of the time and has earphones in constantly. maybe someone who seems slightly confused when waved to and someone with a favourite like, motif

vernon honestly seems like the type to fall for someone who looks comfortable and doesn’t care too  much about image. maybe someone who has an effortless kind of style? and someone who laughs easily!! i feel like the person he’s attracted to is someone who’s a super lowkey, closet softie lol. someone who has polaroids of their family in their wallet! 

dino’s going to be attracted to confidence like. not ego? just the way some people walk, you know, with a certain kind of swagger and edge?? and those people with big actions and who turn around and grin at you. he’d be interested if he ever saw you waving enthusiastically at him or anyone of the members. he’d be so attracted to someone who was unafraid and bubbly!!!!

wew that’s done! also yes i have several ships in my inbox waiting for me to finish but i’m not going to do them yet heh sorry

however, because i’m a terrible person, requests are still open!

but with that said if heather’s not in this season then that sucks because she’s a fan favorite and one of the most well developed characters like. idk. i can’t get behind this whole “give other characters a chance!!!!” thing because who really cares about rodney or devin or whoever. heather is the type of character who can interact with anyone and automatically make them interesting. same goes for courtney like i might watch if courtney’s in it but if heather’s not then fuck td6


IDK if anyone here is interested in true crime… NOT true crime “lovers” where they wanna fuck murderers or whatever… but Cayleigh Elise on Youtube makes the most amazing videos. She’s detailed, and most importantly she’s respectful. In her other videos she’s happy and goofy, but never in her true crime videos. Most importantly, she tries as hard as possible to bring exposure to lesser-known cases and always provides ways for her viewers to tell the police if they have any information.

She’s basically what a true crime enthusiast SHOULD be: someone who is respectful and who deeply cares about the victims and their families.

I just admire her so much and she’s just a lovely change from gross people. 

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I have id'd as a lesbian for many years and I just kinda had a whirlwind fling with a guy but now that's over and idk if I can go back to calling myself a lesbian?? Like I'm not interested in men at all this was a weird exception but now who am I???

your history and dealing with compulsory heterosexuality doesn’t invalidate you being a lesbian. if you feel that you’re a lesbian, you can use the term.

straight girls can have a fling with another girl and if she figures out that yep she’s straight no one cares or tries to invalidate her. tbh if anyone gives you shit screw them and their opinions.

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idk if this is a weird question, but what are your thoughts on losing your virginity? personally, i believe it's just a social construct and as long as your first time is with someone you trust who'll respect you then it's fine. i know some people prefer to be in a serious relationship and hold virginity as something much more precious to lose, but personally i don't get that. i'm interested to hear your thoughts, or anyone else's too, if you have any experience or advice. i love your blog btw

I lost it when I was 17 to a guy who I was just hooking up with for the summer. I was a little upset after the fact because I had hoped it would be with someone I had a future with, but looking back I’m really glad I did it when I did. It boosted my confidence, for sure. I think it’s absolutely something that is different for every person. On one hand it is definitely a social construct, but on the other hand it is definitely an act in which you are vulnerable. What really matters is that it is completely the choice of the individual and they are enthusiastic about losing it, not pressured for any reason. And I think it works the other way too, I think it’s fine to wait so long that’s what you want to do, not because other people are telling you that you should (so long as you’re 16+, of course. 16 is the age of consent in my state and I generally believe that any younger can cause serious issues. Some may disagree with that, but I think maturity levels are just not there yet before 16, ideally 18).

So like it turns out that even tho I grew up (and still am in my heart) the below-average looking and awkward daughter of a beautiful effervescent woman, who was an invisible nobody for her entire life and caught in a cycle of toxic situations and was coping by just being in her own world 24/7 and developing interests which she didn’t think anyone else would ever care about, I have somehow turned into someone who is none of those things?? Like an interesting (?) person who is also not ugly but maybe even beautiful (??) who people both care about already or want to know more about (???)

Sounds super fake

boys are so so boring like theres this boy who i text kind of frequently and every time its always the same thing and he always replies in short uninteresting sentences and he never adds anything to keep the conversation going its always me thinking abt what to say next to make it more interesting and i just got tired tbh so i stopped texting him and one day he texted me again saying “hey why have you stopped talking to me?” Lmaooo like????? uh you literally showed zero interest in me and when i stopped showing interest in you, suddenly you miss my company? stfu

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Does anyone with inattentive ADHD have issues connecting with people... I have a lot of trouble investing myself in ppl even if they talk to me daily and I feel kinda bad because they seem to care more about me than i care about them, but its really hard to pay attention to them and what they have to say it might just be me idk

I have trouble with this sometimes. I have to make a particular effort to pay attention when people are talking about stuff that I’m not really interested in. Doesn’t matter who: my husband, my friends, my family members… everyone. 


hey quick question why does no one like me??? like what is so fundamentally bad about my personality that no one wants to fucking touch it?? like anyone who actually knows me knows im really caring and helpful but for some fucking reason if you don’t already know me i apparently come off as some sort of cretin???

thing is, even if danielle does go, i promise you in terms of tv coverage of her and louis as a ‘thing’, there will be next to none. the line up for this is HUGE, people are far more interested in the footie legends and uk 'celebs’ than who louis is 'dating’. anything we get will purely be for the fandom/shitty tabloids and heavens knows we’re used to that. i really don’t think anyone needs to worry about it to be honest. it’s no big deal.

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idk if this is an appropriate place to post this, if not you can just ignore it - i've been making transgender care packages, they're free and come with clothes/accessories/undergarments for transgender/genderqueer people. i'm currently looking for a couple people who might be interested in being on a wait list for one, if anyone if interested or have questions they can shoot me a message :-)

attn anyone into makeup:

idk if you care, but urban decay’s electric palette is currently half price and it is pigmented as fuuuuuuck. (online on their website, sephora, macy’s, probably some other places too) 

24 bucks is not a bad price, look at how bright this shit is:

@nomercles @flange5 @clockworklovesong, ummm, I’m not sure who else here has an interest in putting the stuff on the face and whatnot, but srsly, do recommend, 10/10.