idk if anyone is interested but who cares

Idk if anyone’s commented on this before but I think the naming of characters in Wolf 359 is really interesting. (Btw this isn’t an actual analysis this is mostly ramblings.) Take the name, “Lovelace.” That name is a combination of “love” and “lace”, two pretty nice things, but it’s pronounced “loveless.” I think that’s maybe a metaphor for Lovelace herself- someone who often seems so harsh but is actually deeply caring/is a good person. Another cool name is “Minkowski.” Imo it feels like the name of someone who’s often tough and serious, which Minkowski is! But Eiffel always mispronounces her name and I think that takes a certain edge off of it? She is often tough and serious but she’s a person and a friend, not an untouchable commander. “Cutter” and “Hilbert” are also pretty good names. The former just sounds dangerous and the latter sounds like either a nerd scientist or an evil scientist, both of which don’t describe Hilbert, and that’s not even his real name- which in turn shows his deception. I don’t know if this is all intentional or not but I find it super interesting and it’s another reason why I love Wolf 359.

thing is, even if danielle does go, i promise you in terms of tv coverage of her and louis as a ‘thing’, there will be next to none. the line up for this is HUGE, people are far more interested in the footie legends and uk 'celebs’ than who louis is 'dating’. anything we get will purely be for the fandom/shitty tabloids and heavens knows we’re used to that. i really don’t think anyone needs to worry about it to be honest. it’s no big deal.


Super psyched to be remaking a client’s website from the ground up! Started with the direction of a “light pink and black” color scheme and a “modern art deco” look. So I drew up a few quick layouts to get an idea of what she might prefer; she liked number 4, and wanted the pink to be a little less salmon and have more blue undertones. Just sent back the second page of refined mockups to hear her feedback.