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bang pd nim more like min yoongi bs&t era 50 years later ((@ anyone who’s reblogging this i am nOt making fun of him cmon im going emo all over the tags;_;))


Some kinda sketchy apocalyse AU designs

 i’ll probably end up re-desigining most of them but for now they’re pretty fun, IDK what kind of apocalypse they’re going through so if anyone has ideas hmu 

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2.5k Follow Forever

WOW!!!! You guys coming home from the longest day ever at work to see that I reached over 2,500 followers seriously was so overwhelmingly awesome. I never imagined that in just under 4 months (or ever) I would have such a positive response to my silly writing. I am so appreciative to you all. You have no idea how much I love reading all your asks, comments, reblog tags etc.

To commemorate, I’m going to do my very first follow forever. Idk if I even did this correctly but here it is. The following blogs include content I love along with admins I adore. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. (this isn’t everyone one I follow but again idk how this works lol) :

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I have a few very special shout outs:

Very first and foremost I would like to recognize my favourite screaming partner @kpopfanfictrash aka @the-princejinyoung … SHAN. Bless tumblr for bringing me a friend like you. You are talented beyond measure and your kindness and willingness to lend an ear when I’m having a bad day or give me an opinion when I’m struggling with my work will never go unnoticed. Thanks for being you. Your writing gives me all the feels I could ever want when reading and your funny quips have me in stitches constantly. Basically, I love you <3

@smutfictionaddicted / @kpopthirstaddicted / @writings-by-cl : Words can’t express how thankful I am to this girl right here. Honestly, if not for her encouragement. kindness and willingness to read/critique my work… I don’t know if I ever would have started in the first place. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU CL! You are a gifted writer and a beautiful soul. Thank you for being there for me.

@coconutheadjawbum @kisipie @wonhoiisms @jisawang : MY @the-doll-house-xo admins and loves. I LOVE EACH OF YOU A WHOLE LOT. Thanks for always being down to bounce ideas off one another and silently scream over our biases. You’re all so beautiful and talented and I’m really thankful for each of you.

@parkjinyoungology SARA ANNE… You are so wonderful and kind and your writing constantly leaves me on the edge of my seat. I love all the times we get to talk and I appreciate your support always.

@yeol-stole-my-soul MARIA! Seriously, love you girl.. BUT ALSO I’M SO MAD AT YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. Jk. you brought the most angelic perfect man ever (Park Chanyeol) into my life and constantly spam me with literal art and I couldn’t be happier. You crack me up and I’m so happy we became friends. PLUS YOUR WORK IS AWESOME. never stop writing.

OKAY SO THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!! I’m so blown away and am silently crying tears of joy. Love you all so much. I hope to keep putting out work that makes you all happy!


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if you’re cis one simple but supremely important thing you can do as a trans ally is unlink birth name and real name in your head

a birth name is just that–a name given to you at birth. teach yourself that a birth name is not something anyone is required to give out. teach yourself that someone is not lying to you or hiding something from you by not giving you their birth name. 

teach yourself that if you somehow learn someone’s birth name and it’s not the name they’ve told you they go by, that is not their real name and you should not start using it instead.

a person’s real name is the name they give you. it may or may not be their legal name, but it is their name. a person has a right to be called what they desire. a name is important–teach yourself that a name and a birth name aren’t always the same thing, and that should always be respected.

(and this does mean applying it to all avenues of your life. no more hunting around for someone’s ‘real name’–be they real or fictional, trans or cis–when you find out they don’t go by their birth name. no more calling a person–real or fictional, trans or cis–their birth name instead of their preferred name because you think their birth name is somehow more real. treat preferred names as real names in every avenue of your life.)

edit bc i was asked: yeah this is totally okay to reblog by anyone!

Honestly fandom people confuse me so much. Like, they create blogs and videos and art and stories and have long metas or rambling conversations about works of fiction and how much those works resonate with them. How much they mean to them. How much these works of fiction have impacted people’s lives.

And then these same people will turn around and deny that fiction has any affect on reality or people.

It’s just so bizarre to me that these very people who have created an entire sub culture based on how much fiction has impacted them and others, will then turn around and deny this very concept.

anonymous asked:

this is nnatto: the promised jj ask lol. (i fell asleep before I could think of one last night) no obligation to do it if you don't want. but anyway, #15 w jj as the sick person. you can have anyone you want as person #2. it does say SO so if you wanna draw isabella, rock, but it could be fun to have it be someone else too.



Idk if anyone has already done this but whatever!

So you know how the Diamonds had thousands if not millions of gems bubbled?

The concept didn’t seem to bother Rose much,

nor the Crystal gems.

 It makes me wonder…

How many of these gems are actually corrupted?

It’s more of a thought provoker than a theory i suppose since I’m not going any further with this.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or add your own two cents in a reblog! Thanks for reading!


I know what you’re thinking.  Am I really going to jack this kid from some movie no one even talks about and make them a MarcoAce kid?  Yes, yes I am. Please don’t judge me.

In my defense, I was encouraged by people reblogging my last post of Toma.  I was ecstatic anyone at all was on board, even if it was lowkey.  ;’)

Also this was a lot of fun and look, now you can see what I was talking about! Totally their kid.

Hey guys, I really don’t want to add to the plethora of donation posts out there but my sister and I are desperate to find some help with our situation. To put things short, we’re starving in order to afford living expenses and there are several medical bills we have to pay due to my three emergency room visits and the bills from when I was institutionalized. My sister just lost her job and I’m still waiting to be approved for a work permit, and our mental illnesses + my disability make this twice as difficult. My parents pushed the cost of our internet service onto my older sister, which we can’t go without because we need this service for her to find jobs and for me to take commissions and apply for scholarships for my upcoming freshman year at college.  

Tl;dr we are poor Mexicans who desperately need help paying for everything. Please help us pay our bills and afford some food.

I’ll do art for anyone that donates or even write for you even if all you give is $1. Our paypal is If you can, please rb this so others can see it.


autistic daisy johnson for @incomprehensiblelentils
 “Being different can mean making a difference” 


I never do any paintings, I always stick to lineart and painted shading so this is really pushing it for me.

This piece isn’t done, and I’m really struggling with how to go about this, with both her hair and her clothes (light purple clothing is like, canvas clothing and the vest is supposed to be like carbon fiber or ballistic style)

If anyone has some tips on how I can finish this, what I can do to fix it or literally any advice at all please tell me! I’m really lost on this drawing idk how I can finish or fix this

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*Long post*

Hi guys. I’m sure what I’m about to say won’t come as a shock to anyone as I’ve mentioned this enough times for you to know what is going on… 

I am leaving tumblr (again, I know). I’m starting to feel like this website is getting more and more toxic for me as time goes on, and I don’t enjoy it the way I used to. I’ve experienced several bad slumps because of tumblr in the past month alone and I know that it can cause many more, and frankly I don’t think I want to go through any more because of a mere website. I’ve spoken to so many people here and I’ve made many friends, but it has been a little difficult for me to sustain those friendships, for reasons I don’t even know myself. And I’ve noticed that I’ve constantly been blaming myself for things that I have no control over, and I’m just feeling really really alone no matter how I try to distract myself. So I think that I need a break from this toxic environment, it’s not doing me any good and I think in the mess of trying to please people on the internet, I’ve forgotten to take care of myself.

But aside from those factors, I’m leaving because of my studies as well. My IB finals are only a few weeks away, and so are my other exams, and tumblr has been a little too good of a distraction for me. School is my biggest priority and this website has been taking away from that a little too much, and I cannot afford to mess my life up anymore, so yeah.

Now, that being said, I’m not sure if this will be another hiatus, or if I will be deleting this blog completely. I have hope that things will get better and that I will return, but until I figure my life out, I will be absent from this blog. You guys have been the sweetest, and the kindest bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, thank you for being so amazing. I will miss you the most. But for now, I guess this is goodbye.

Take care,

Upama ♥

amazedphill >> sugarsmin

i’d appreciate it if you guys reblogged this so people know i changed my url and won’t get confused or anything, thank. 

hi guys! as you can see, i’ve changed my url. i’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now (since, like, january lmao) and i’ve finally done it. i haven’t been very happy with my blog for quite some time now and if i’m being honest, i haven’t really being enjoying dan and phil as much as i used to, either. it’s nothing they did or anything because i still watch their videos and stuff but idk, having a blog revolving around them hasn’t been fun for me anymore so yeah, here we are.

i’m not leaving the phandom entirely, i’m still their fan and stuff, i just won’t reblog their stuff anymore. at least not as much. and dont worry, i won’t unfollow anyone because you never know, i might go full dap again sometime in the future, who knows?

(i’m gonna reblog this a couple of times so peeps know)

There’s a Chilton gifset making the rounds that is so very obviously a repost (different sizes, colourings don’t match, one’s even watermarked), I really don’t understand why anyone would reblog this thing? Please don’t kick your creator friends in the face by reblogging stolen stuff.

In other news, I just managed to get rid of a headache that’s been plaguing me since last night, so idk if I can make anything for Appreciation Week today…I had an idea for a Bobby gifset, but I think it might be best if I stay away from Photoshop today.
(Plus seeing gifmakers being disrespected AGAIN sorta killed my mojo anyway…sigh).