idk if anyone has made these yet

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 ▕  homestuck            ▕  
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oooh can you do #15 (imaginary friend au) with minghao? i'm so soft for this idea lol thanks!

AU #15 (Request from this list)

I love requests pls request more they keep my life going anYWAY! This reflects my past on making an imaginary pet, and this is based on that. All the memories…

  • This starts when you were a little Y/N, like about preschool-kindergarten age

  • You were an only child, and a very imaginative one at that

  • So your best friend was of course, imaginary

  • When you first imagined your friend, you were really bored just sitting in your room

  • So you thought, “what if I just imagine a play mate?”

  • You decided on making an imaginary dog which you named “Boy” because you could say “good Boy” (I legit thought this when I was little lol)

  • So playing with Boy was fun, but you wanted to be able to talk with someone

  • Boy was a dog he couldn’t talk duh

  • So you made a human imaginary friend, a little boy your age who had access to all your thoughts and would talk with you about whatever

  • You named him Minghao

  • Overtime, Minghao started to gain his own conscious; he had his own thoughts

  • Lemme just quickly explain: Minghao will only exist when you imagine he is somewhere you can see, and when you imagine him, there is always his figure which is semi-transparent; he also ages with you

  • With his new “brain” he decided he wanted his nickname to be The8 bc it sounded cool

  • Minghao would play with you, and when you didn’t make him “exist” he would do his own things in the imaginary realm

  • Those things included learning wushu and martial arts lol

  • So you would always play with Minghao and practice singing

  • Cue little kisses on your cheek

  • So you loved him but not as a boyfriend obviously bc you’re like 4

  • There would be moments where you’re talking to yourself and your parents walk in like

  • “Who are you talking to?”

  • It was cute, but they did tell you people wouldn’t want to be your friend if you always talked with just Minghao

  • Minghao understood, and so you had to start talking with real people once school came around

  • When you went to elementary school, you would still play with Minghao and Boy, Boy usually appearing on your lap or under a desk if you wanted to see him

  • You did think if Minghao came up then he would distract you so he kept his distance during class

  • Once middle school rolled around, you stopped thinking about Minghao

  • It wasn’t immediate, but finally one day you forgot he existed

  • Minghao wasn’t happy about that

  • But he kept his distance

  • And he slipped away

  • Watching your life unfold through your memories

  • (O_o That sounds creepy but you get the idea)

  • Let’s fast forward to high school

  • Near the end of sophomore year, to be exact

  • You’re getting stuff from your locker at the end of the day

  • And suddenly-

  • There’s this tall, buff boy with a sports sweater and other characteristics of a stereotypical jock

  • And you gasp loudly

  • Is that…Minghao?

  • “Yes it’s me” he says in your head “Now tell me…why did you neglect me all these years?”

  • “Minghao I didn’t mean to-”

  • “Then why did you forget I exist”

  • And you shake your head to process what’s happening, and he’s gone

  • Following weeks, you have that thought of Minghao somewhere in the back of your head

  • And you keep seeing his semi-transparent figure in your classes or wherever you are

  • It starts to actually worry people bc you keep getting so distracted and scared for your life that your grades are dropping

  • Next year you think you’re going insane

  • After a few months of school starting, you pass by someone in the hallway that catches your eye

  • Your friend immediately elbows you

  • “Y/N! You better stop staring at the new kid!”

  • “The…new kid?”

  • That night, you can’t stop thinking about the new kid…

  • And how much he reminds you of Minghao

  • The next day before first period starts, you bump into the kid

  • And he just smirks at you and bites his lip (excuse me boi no one asked)

  • “Watch where you’re going; I wouldn’t want to hurt that beautiful body”

  • And you just get so flustered and run off with these new feelings

  • Idk what kind of feelings… Love? Hate? Crushes? Wanting to throw up?

  • And by lunch EVERYONE in the school knows about the new guy flirting with you

  • When you sit down with your large friend group at lunch, you hear someone call your name from a table away

  • And some jocks of the school are turned to you and you see the new guy staring at you and winking (bOI YOU BETTER HIDE)

  • You look away immediately, and all the guys start whistling

  • But they misunderstood; you didn’t look away bc you were embarrassed




  • After class, you’re getting stuff from your locker again

  • And when you close it, there’s a tall boy right next to you, leaning on one arm on the wall

  • “So, feel giddy yet?” He asks, biting his lip again (making you feel attacked)

  • “About what?”

  • “About me”

  • “Minghao how are you even real?!”

  • “Mm, let’s just say I got enough strength to…become visible. Oh and also imagine up a pretend family and birth records, all that”

  • And in your brain you’re debating on whether or not to slap him for ever coming into your life

  • “Oh Y/N, you really don’t want to do that”

  • Well shoot

  • You forgot he can read your thoughts

  • But you can’t control what you think

  • And that’s the worst truth

  • The reason why Minghao decided to become real…

  • Is to basically torture you for forgetting him, by making you embarrassed, and him knowing your every thought

  • So over the next few months he flirts with you tirelessly, and also gets really savage and burns you

  • This is what he’s know for at the school tho, being great at sports and martial arts, being savage, and constantly flirting with you

  • Like random cat calling in the hallway

  • But the worst is he’ll grab your wrist if you try to walk away and his grip is so strong it hurts

  • Probably all that sports practice

  • Or even hold your waist making you v uncomfortable

  • The thing is you’re confused, and you start to wonder if you actually like him

  • One day you finally get fed up with him making you feel confused internally, wondering if you love him or if he’s changed too much

  • He appears beside you at your locker, and he leans in to kiss you, planting a kiss on your lips with heavy breathing

  • Cue you slapping his neck

  • “Wtf Y/N?!?”

  • “Stop bothering me. End of discussion”

  • “Fine. Answer my one question: Why did you push me away? The person who made you happiest? The person you liked the most?”

  • Cue the tears flowing

  • “Because…that’s not true…”

  • “What”

  • “I loved you the most. More than anyone else”

  • All the thoughts of your happy childhood rush back to your head

  • Then a puppy appears at your feet

  • And suddenly there’s like a huge surge of light and Minghao has a brighter…aura (?) (Idk man)

  • You look down to see the semi-transparent dog at your feet is Boy

  • And you realize why Minghao was acting like this

  • He just wanted to live the life you had, or better yet, live it with you

  • But when you forgot him he couldn’t see you anymore

  • He only could read your thoughts and get jealous every time you thought of a guy

  • Minghao changed for the better

  • Instead of being a pain in the butt he treated you nicely and respected you instead of constantly flirting

  • He kind of left you alone bc he felt like he bothered you too much

  • But one day of senior year you just walked up to him and he asked you out

  • He didn’t really ask you just kissed him

  • And you now have a boyfriend who can kick butt for you bc his wushu skills and his savageness, but can be the ultimate cinnamon roll when you are feeling depressed

  • Like Thughao will diss anyone who bullies you and then kiss your forehead like immediately after

  • But let’s just say no one ever knew he was imaginary

“Hey Y/N, want to get a puppy after we graduate?” “Too soon for these thoughts, 8. Too soon.”

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!! Here’s a reminder that Eat Jin live on V app is just a few days away!!

Eat Jin live airs on June 11 (KST)! There is no known time of when it will start at the moment (presumably at 12AM KST but that’s not confirmed anywhere, it may air at a random time). For those confused about V app having paid videos there has been no announcement of Eat Jin being on Vlive + so it is highly likely that it is free!

Now here’s your important reminders for the show:

  • Do NOT ask for other members (This is Jin’s show, asking for others when he’s on is very disrespectful!)
  • If Jin does have a member or multiple members on the show please give all the members the same amount of love and attention! 
  • Give lots of hearts
  • Compliment Jin as much as possible, tell him you love Eat Jin and you’re glad he’s doing it back on the V app
  • No rude or sexual comments please

Never commented during an Eat Jin live before or any other live before? Also have you never not tuned into an Eat Jin live before? Here’s why you should consider doing it and making this day important for Jin: 

So in short we are very lucky and should be very grateful that Jin is doing an Eat Jin on the V app again! I know time zones make it hard to watch live streams but if you can, please make this Eat Jin very special for Jin! This is our opportunity to let him know we really love and appreciate him! :’)

Also it would be great if anyone reading this has a large following on twitter and can help spread this! Thank you~


rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night? 

i was tagged by @threelittleducks. thank you <3

harmony has always preferred getting lost in a book to parties and popularity. she made an exception for prom night, though. 

i tag anyone who hasn’t done this and wants to (because i don’t really think there’s very many people who haven’t done it yet lol). thanks @alwaysimming, this challenge was a lot of fun:D

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So I watched your accent challenge I picked up the book you were reading and I love it so far. I was wondering if you had any other book recs. (Ps I love your writing SM)

hello gorgeous!! ahh yes i’m so glad you’re enjoying it it’s one of my faves

ok so i’d highly recommend:

— white cat by holly black. this is a trilogy and it’s bomb, i always recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an amazing read. the worldbuilding is so realistic and amazing, plus it has fantastic characters (poc male lead who’s a sarcastic, gorgeous lil shit, poc best friend who’s fat and breaks down stereotypes, believable female best friend who is well-rounded and not just a love interest). the plot is so good. like if the good characters weren’t enough, this shit is interesting. seriously. i read it when i was twelve and i loved it. i re-read it when i was sixteen and loved it even more. it’s great. try it.

— fight like a girl by clementine ford. this is less of a story and more of an autobiographical battle cry for girls of all ages (any gender, actually, bc it’s fucking amazing). like. this is one of the best intersectional books about feminism i’ve ever read. it was written by a white australian woman, but it is one of the best breakdowns of patriarchal societal norms i’ve ever read. literally. the whole time i was reading it i was just sitting there going ‘yes. yes. yes’. everyone should read this book.

— love, rosie by cecelia ahern. most of you have probably seen the movie, yes?? the book is just as good, if not way better. it’s written entirely in letters between alex and rosie, starting from misspelt birthday party invitations when they’re six to love letters when they’re fifty. interspersed with hilarious chatroom messages and riddled with slow-burn, undying, unconditional romance. it’s just a sweet read for anyone who needs a bit of escape.

— six of crows by leigh bardugo. does this surprise anyone?? no. this series is everything to me. read it and see. the characters are fucking amazing (male lead who is kick-ass despite his ptsd and anxiety, poc bi character, gay illiterate yet fucking smart 16-year-old, FAT CURVY SASSY GORGEOUS AMAZING WOMAN WHO LOVES FOOD, poc amazing skinny girl who was sold into prostitution and could slit your throat, big angry teddy bear white boy who manages to be a good person). and the PLOT. OH MY GOD THE PLOT. JSUT READ IT. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK EVER AND THE SEQUEL IS EVEN BETTER.

— the book thief by marcus zusak. this is such a good book i cant even deal. like it was my favourite when i was 14 and its just. riddled with the most stunning imagery and is so unflinching and heartbreakingly beautiful. i love it. so much

— i capture the castle by dodie smith. this was actually my mum’s favourite book when she was young and she made me read it and holy shit. it is. so good. like it just has such a nice vibe to it and the protagonist is so funny and lovely and altogether it’s just. a classic. pick it up. read it. i love it.

— the night circus by erin morgenstern. most of you have probably read this which is understandable bc this book is BOMB. like. the way its written and the intertwining of many different plotlines and the imagery is just. artistry. i can’t even express this enough. go read it. it’ll change your life.

— we come apart by brian conaghan and sarah crossan. now idk if this has been released yet since i got it as a proof copy, but this changed my life. it’s written entirely in poetry and it’s a collaboration between these two authors and it’s. amazing. it’s a love story between a romanian immigrant and a british girl, both of whom have terrible home lives, and the boy barely speaks english, yet he speaks it better than anyone else. he talks in poetry. it’s amazing. seriously. this book made me cry like five times and i finished it in one night. you’ll want your highlighters for this one.

thank you so much babe ily i hope some of these appeal to you xx

one real question that i have is like why has no one made a fancast/fanart of jean as a brown guy yet

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Hey! I swear, the hype for Andromeda was so real and even though I enjoyed it quite a bit, I'm now itching to play the original trilogy again! Idk why. I did my "final" playthrough before MEA and it was overshadowed with the hype, and now I can't stop thinking about Shepard and co. It's so strange. Idk if you or anyone else feels this way but I just had to vent lol.


I made this post this afternoon so it’s safe to say I feel the same way :)

I always thought MEA would make us have a fun adventure while giving us a renewed love for the trilogy.

I also think the trilogy has been there for us so many times. For many of us it’s our go to when we feel down. I know I’m comfortable with it in a way that I’m not (yet) with MEA. I also really missed Shepard. They’re my number one character.