idk if anyone has giffed this yet

Idk if anyone has said anything on Tumblr yet, but I seen some posts about this on Twitter, but for the septicart event, don’t steal someone else’s art work just to get noticed by Jack. Jack wants to see what YOU can make. YOUR skills. He started this event for everyone to create stuff, a chance to be creative not steal from others.

I have been worried that people would do this, and it’s already happening. :/ (Though I would say since the first event, there has been an increase of art theft. Especially on Instagram. Also gifs and video edits also has been getting stolen as well)


3x01 // 3x02

anonymous asked:

Why does your theme have glowing pink links with black text and a pixel gif in your links and angel wings and * for hovers yet you accuse Angelwings2 of stalking yuma

my header themes have always been like that! i’ve always used *s for hovers! i’ve always used medical pixels in my links! ask anyone who has followed me for idk over a fucking week