idk if anyone can even understand that tbh

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There's this post going around defending Cullen's creepy crush on Amell/Surana (its called "unpopular opinion" which is laughable). But they say that they hate "this idea" that Cullen would abuse his power. His own fcking writer said that that is what would happen should Cullen decide that he needed to "get her out of his system". Cullen was not written to be cute in Origins. The amount of delusion is actually impressive.

Of course. The stans are always trying to simplify his fixation on Amell/Surana as ‘just a crush!’

Can they seriously not see the issue with a glorified prison guard having romantic/sexual feelings for his charge? Do they not understand how this isn’t okay?

I don’t understand.

Idk where they live where this sort of imbalance of power is viewed as ok but…whatever.

I hate ‘the idea’ that Cullen would abuse his power too, it’s not like anyones out here waiting for him to finally snap and hurt her (but that’s what the stans probably believe tbh.)

But there comes a point where you need to be realistic about the situation:

He, as the second highest ranked templar in Kirkwall, allowed mages to be abused (he advocated for even harsher treatment like, come on!)

Can we really trust him not to let his ‘Divine Right’ to rule over Amell/Surana go to his head? Amell/Surana who he calls a thing? Who, because of her identity as a Mage, is less than human?

He was, and likely still is, prepared to kill her whenever duty called for it. In his very own words, it’s his job to oppose everything she is.

If Cullen wanted something from Amell/Surana, or any Circle Mage for that matter during his time as a Templar, he could take it. And what could they do about it?

Not a damn thing.

And that’s the problem.

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sorry you're getting nasty messages! i'm a longtime follower (maybe mutual? idk) and even though i'm straight i just wanted to drop by and say your sexuality is valid!! and of course it is, you don't need a Straight telling you it is, but i'd imagine reassurance/reiteration of the truth isn't an unwelcome ask :)

thanks so much honestly <3 and tbh like, even tho i know my sexuality is valid it DOES mean a lot when anyone tells me that i’m valid. doesn’t matter what your sexuality is, if you can support and understand pan people, that means just as much to me as someone of another sexuality in lgbt doing the same