idk if anyone already put this up so

This fanfic I’m writing was meant to be a short 2-3k one shot but I’ve already written just over 3k and I’m not in the mood to write a huge chunk at once, so I dunno, maybe I should write 2 or 3 chapters instead? Just put part of it up now and the rest later??? Do people mind reading 2/3k chapters or prefer getting… idk how long this’ll be… 6-10k (maybe??) fic all at once?? 

MBTI Types Nightblogging

(as nightblogged by an unstable ENFJ at 3 a.m.) 

INTP: wtf free will is an illusion

ESFJ: so sad :’( Wish He Understood

ENFJ: *months deep into someone’s personal blog* 

ENTP: But Have You Considered the Bees


ESFP omg guys guys what if trees have feelings im already vegetarian idk what 2 do

ESTP: hahaha kisses sounds like farts we r all farting

INTJ: *psychadelic nietzsche gifs with illuminati every 5th frame*

INFJ: *super angsty poetry* if anyone is up feel free to IM me even if we dont have mutuals!!!!

INFP: *INCOHERENT SOCIAL JUSTICE RANT* gah will probs delete 2moro *doesn’t*

ISFP: fml i dont know wut im doing with my life :’) *actually deletes the next morning* 

ESTJ: im just so tired of “certain” ppl and their shit jk not just ppl jessica this is u u ho

ISFJ: *reblogs aesthetic posts, puts life story in tags* 

ENTJ: god ppl can be so dumb sometimes. -15 min- enough said -15 min- ALRIGHT IT’S TOTALLY MY ENGLISH TEACHER WHAT A BITCH *1500 word rant* 

ISTP: u up? ;) 

ISTJ: *doesn’t nightblog, is asleep fuck all of you get some fucking rest ok acts superior when they aren’t dead tomorrow rightfully so tbh* 

rayedictator  asked:

i know a lot of ppl probably ask where to watch one piece bc they DONT have the money but on the off chance anyone is able the whole series is available on hulu plus

yeah, and on crunchyroll premium!  and both onepieceofficial and crunchyroll put the new episodes up immediately for free AND legally (just with ads) so i def recommend those!  whatever sites other ppl are using that post the episodes later are probably just posting them later because they’re ripping them from one of those legal sites, which had already put them up for free :’D

Calling all Babyz Going PARIS BOMB!

Hello! I’m a spanish Baby who is thinking to go to Paris. It would be my first time there so basically don’t know anything. I’m open to meet anyone who is going alone, who is not parisian, who is not human, anyone outside there(?) ok no. 

I have a few concerns becuase I really want to but the ticke of 299E but …IDK… Which CD they are going to give? I already have NOIR, PUT’EM’UP, Carnival First Sensibility, and Matrix. It would be my first time buying the really expensive one and I’m quit scare …lol… Plus my plane ticket and hotel booking. Anyone with their own experiences? 


So I’ve decided that for coming out day tomorrow (or I guess today now) I’m gonna officially come out to my entire extended family in South America over facebook. Idk why I’m even posting this. I literally have not been this nervous to come out to anyone in like 4 years.