idk idk just trying some stuff out

I… just told my mum about how I’m not feeling well after keeping it all bottled up for years…

hey so i wont be on much. some things happened and m just idk kinda out of it. ill still like be on and see what nyall are up too and try to like your stuff and send u stuff and shit like that i just might not be rlly active at all and m sorry if thats annoyong or whatever. i wouldnt call it a hiatus or anything like that m just not gonna be on a whole lot and not gonna rb a bunch of stuff. you can unfollow me or whatever dont worry its cool. idk when ill be back on a lot but itll only be like a few days like a month at most? idk sorry if this is annoying or anything. be safe and shit love you all m here if u need anything.


Jace and Alec - edit for paraboyfriendbatai

“’But the day you asked me to be your parabatai, I knew you meant that you trusted me enough to ask me to help you. You were telling me that you weren’t the lone and self-sufficient warrior able to do everything alone. You needed me. So I realized that there was one person who didn’t assume you were better than me. You.’”

anonymous asked:

hey why do you call yourself gay sometimes if you're aroace? queer is fine, but why use a word that's specifically about people who are attracted to certain types of people if you don't feel sexual or romantic attraction at all?

(im putting this under a readmore just bc this is kinda personal and stuff, and also got really long…)

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bad quality photo of my late night drawing of the queen of bees, faebee 🐝 i think i’m going to redo this tomorrow i just really felt like drawing tonight and mira is the cutest ever 🍓🌟


Can I just take a moment to talk about Charlie. I’ve never really posted this, but i find Charlie like super sketchy. Like in Semi-formal when he was like I’ve waited ten months, and you see him in the background of those kinda like flashbacks steady creeping on Riley, idk it just gives me some bad vibes. And like in Texas3 he was super pushy wanting Riley to go out with him, and like trying everything to make her do it (or at least in my head it kinda seems like it). I dont know, Charlie really just gives me bad vibes, like it might because I watch so much SVU (law and order) and stuff like that, but idk I think Riley needs to stay away from him.