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“I miss having you in my life, James.”
She wishes he was more like her. Better at hiding. Better at pretending everything’s fine even though it’s not. Hasn’t been since the day she left.
But he wouldn’t be her James then, would he?
He doesn’t hide. Or pretend. Not with her. Never with her. Not when they were together. Not now when they’re not.
He’s sad and drunk and miserable. It hurts to see him like this. Knowing that she’s the reason.
Every last fibre of her being is burning with the desire to touch him. To take him in her arms and kiss him and pretend the last months never happened.
“Then let me back in”, he says. Begs. “Please…”

College!AU in which Natasha studies ballet at NYADA and Bucky just returned home to NYC after having been gravely injured on his last tour in Iraq. It is love at first sight for the boy from Brooklyn and the Russian princess who grew up on the Upper East Side. Her parents however see their daughter’s future already written in stone and for them someone like Bucky has no place in her story.

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