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A lot of people have misunderstood me – I still allow FB & IG reposts (with proper credit) of my fanarts

FEW exceptions on artworks where I request ‘no reposts’  in the captions (mostly Taemin Han Kid Photo Sets – MM RP accounts however may still use them as long as there is credit; so many people just seem confused with the AU and I don’t really want to cause any more trouble with the fandom ;;v;; ). Please don’t say that I don’t allow reposts at all – there are just a select few that I would rather not have circulated (if you would kindly give me that right).

Side note: Please do not repost on tumblr at all – reblog instead ♥

Anyway, people can still view my tumblr and IG even if they don’t have accounts so idk what the problem was… ((it’s not like it’s on patreon where you have to pay to see them…))

Thank you!

I wish people took glinda’s character seriously and valued her like they do elphaba

Here’s to the boy with shaggy brown hair
And the boy who’s smile can make flowers grow.

Here’s to the boy who wanted to be normal
And the boy who wanted to get away.

Here’s to the boy who ran away so many times
And the boy who always came back home.

Here’s to the boy who loved so much
And the boy who lost everything.

Here’s to the boy who had the kindest heart
And the boy who’s felt the most pain.

Here’s to the boy who was so fragile
And to the boy who’s the strongest of all.

Here’s to the boy who always had hope
And the boy who taught me to never lose mine. 

Here’s to the boy who saved the world
And the boy who saved mine.


“Oh, don’t talk of love,” the shadows purr, murmuring me away from you.
“Don’t talk of worlds that never were, the end is all that’s ever true.
There’s nothing you can ever say, nothing you can ever do…”
Still every night I burn, every night I scream your name.