idk idk i kinda like them but i also don't

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

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What did you mean about the cishets wanting to be part of the community?

have you ever seen those ppl that are like, “why should only gay/bi/trans/etc love and lgbtqa be celebrated at pride??? I’m 100% straightcis in every way but my love is beautiful too!!!” that is what I was referring to in the post

it’s also annoying when someone is like “I’m straight but I’m also a sapiosexual demisexual deoxyribonucleicacidsexual, I only want to have sex with smart ppl after I get to know them and also I have a DNA fetish, so I’m queer too” which is just silly, like it’s cool that we have words to describe different experiences but not all of those experiences are inherently “queer,” queerness implies a certain level of persecution beyond “other people may or may not think it’s kinda weird”

So I realized that like, I really want to have friends and stuff, but nearly every time someone contacts me first my dumbass brain immediately says “oh no they’re talking to you cause they have a crush on you!! But you don’t have a crush on them so this is really awkward, you’d better run away and hide!!”

And eventually the feeling dissipates, like the people I’m gonna be hanging out with today don’t fall under this category, and the people I talk to semi-regularly don’t fall in this category, but if I don’t imitate first contact that’s usually what my brain thinks.


So, I recently hit 7000+ followers \(*o*)/ and honestly, I’m really surprised .__. -I haven’t been posting original content for some time now (lol my bad) and like the fandom’s been dead ahah.  I’ve been working on some videos and other projects but I can’t finish anything ;__;.  (but i promise one day, i will show you all :D)

Anywho, during summer I took some photos cosplaying and I was really nervous about posting them so I just kinda held them back but like.. you guys deserve something so here goes ♥ 

Thanks for sticking through <333