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Have you seen the post going around (I've seen it mostly on Facebook) of Kesha and Taylor and it's saying "you can react to something two ways you can be vengeful and continue to be hurt and hateful or you can move on and heal idk about you but I'd rather be kesha"? It makes me so mad because yes, Kesha's music is beautiful and I commend her on making a beautiful album. But both women are entitled to react to their experiences how they see fit.

lmao that idea makes me soooo furious i cannot believe it’s being spread online by ppl who consider themselves progressive 

  • firstly it tells survivors of sexual violence that if they do feel vengeful and hateful and have a hard time letting it go that it isn’t valid to feel that way and literally fuck the absolute shit out of that mentality lmao you are allowed to have whatever emotions u please after something like that happens to u. be aware of what you say on online spaces and the people who could read it and be hurt by it u gross fucks
  • also it’s so narrow minded because they are taking in kesha’s case a few songs and in taylor’s case ONE SONG and then pretending that those songs are a total indication of how both of those women reacted to what happened to them which is…. ridiculous……..and assumes that people don’t have nuance and emotional variance. we know that taylor wrote an entire fucking song about moving on and healing and Shaking It Off and we don’t know that kesha never felt (or feels) hateful and hurt and vengeful. songs reflect how you’re feeling in a specific moment and aren’t necessarily meant to indicate ur entire fucking approach to something godddd
  • look what you made me do doesn’t even seem that vengeful to me and people are wildly misinterpreting it anyway and just generally i’m so sick of seeing shit like ‘taylor swift is a grown woman throwing a tantrum because people don’t like her’ as if they haven’t relentlessly bullied her in public spaces for the last 10 years for the stupidest things lmao u wanna say she plays the victim but u guys make her INTO one and then blame her for it because u refuse to take responsibility for what YOU’VE done (which is something u love 2 accuse her of doing smells like projection to me but what do i know)

tl;dr i would die for both kesha and taylor and the internet hates women (specifically angry women)

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Hey, I have a thing that confuses me a lot. Does liking regal believer equals not liking swan believer and the other way around? That's what I see all the time and it baffles me, because I love both and choosing one over the other makes me all stressed out (same with Emma and Regina btw). Anyway, I've read a lot of posts about it, but it's always defending one and hating on the other. Idk, I think both relationships are beautiful?? Please tell me sth positive ^^

nope nope it’s a lot of crap and people pushing their anti agendas. i MEAN. i think it’s valid to dislike swan believer because emma kind of barged into regal believer and started running around with henry just because she felt like it + totally didn’t acknowledge regina’s parental rights time and again and that’s genuinely problematic? the other way around grosses me out though tbqh because all i’ve seen of it has been people twisting the narrative a mother and child who’ve grown incredibly/love each other sO HARD. to like….force henry into a new family. he is not an object to be given to whoever you like best GOODBYE.

that said, i don’t use either tag (just swan-mills family) because i don’t like the idea of them separate or pitted against each other! regina and henry are family and emma is the family that henry has chosen and regina has accepted. i don’t like seeing emma and regina pitted against each other in any way! especially not when it comes to henry, because they are beautiful and wonderful all together and they complement each other all in different ways.

because!! regina is a mother, through and through. regina is maternal and caring and loves very very much, and henry and emma are both people who need that kind of love! and emma is someone who isn’t quite as much of a natural caregiver as regina but is super protective and tries hard to make everyone happy and regina needs a big sister type omg and so does henry? and henry is made of little pieces of each of them and draws out love and persistence from both of them!! and we’ve reached this place where emma and regina both understand each other better than anyone and support each other as mothers and it’s wonderful. it might not have begun in any kind of optimal way, but it’s settled into a partnership and a family beyond that.

and they accept each other. they all care deeply about each other and they value both relationships with henry and even some of the stuff in 3b that gave me a headache ended the moment henry remembered regina. and tbh emma is one of the biggest regal believer stans out there and regina has literally gifted swan believer with the most joy they’ve ever had together so?? swan-mills family is rly the only way to go at it. :))))