idk i'm v bored

Ok but…. Eren and Levi buying a house together, but as room mates kinda. And them forming an actual relationship, with actual feeling in both sides, but none know how to tell each other. Some day Eren decides to enlist into the military. Before he leaves he asks Levi if he would miss him, Levi says nothing. Eren smiles before leaving out the door and promises he’d come back.

About four years later he comes back, to the same small, white house in the city, with the pretty little garden out front. Eren goes inside, it’s clean as ever.

He finds Levi out back, and Levi just looks at him, amazed. Before Levi can do anything Eren rushes to him with a big smile, and swoops him up and envlops him in a hug.

Levi says he thought he wouldn’t come back, but Eren tells him that he promised he’d always come back for him, and Levi just hugs him back really tight.

Alt ending: Levi wakes up one morning, and turns to the side of the bed, looking for Eren. But he’s not there, instead lies a small white flag ontop the beige sheets.

Eren died years ago.

I always forget how delicious s’mores are when I haven’t had any for a while, but they’re seriously, like, the ultimate snack food. Especially when you do ‘em right – marshmallows roasted over an open fire, and all. I reckon the day before the next full moon oughta be spent making tons of ‘em. A feast before I feast. Who’s in?