idk i'm upset and i wanted to do something

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is handflapping something that can happen with adhd?? sometime i just feel like a swell of emotion and i just have to flap my hands and after that idk like my heart rate goes up or i get a bit out of breath but like it's good? i flap when i'm very happy/excited usually but i do it when i'm disgusted of something of the like,, so idk i just wanted to know if this happens with other ADHDers and if it's common whoop

Yes, it definitely is! I am also a flapper (in the not-1920′s sense)!

I flap up and down when I’m happy-excited and side to side when I’m upset. I think. I can never remember which way around I do it. Anyway, one goes one direction and the other goes the other direction.

ALSO! Elephants flap their ears for the same reasons and when I learned that at the zoo I told my now-husband (it was an early date) and commented that I do it too, and he said he thought it was cute. So flapping is awesomesauce!


You know that moment when someone says something when they’re upset or frustrated and they just really hurt you to the core and you just have to try not to seem upset and the tears well up in your eyes and your chest hurts and there’s a lump in your throat and try as you may you can’t stop from bursting out into tears and removing yourself from the situation feeling like a complete idiot

idk, like…… what counts as oppression? do members of the lgbt community have to be beat down to be considered lgbt? does there need to be a greater stigma? and legitimate question: if asexuals aren’t considered part of the lgbt community, then what are they a part of? are they anything?


Kalabhavan Mani (1 January 1971 – 6 March 2016)

I wonder why it hurts so much to see actors, people that most of us don’t know beyond what we see on screen, pass away. Is it because we’ve always loved them, but tend to forget about them if they don’t pop up in the media every so often? (There’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps asking this question- did they know how much we loved them, did we love them enough, did we appreciate them enough, did we…). Does it hurt because at some point in time they made us smile or cry or entertained us in some form or the other? And, for those moments, they helped us forget our own problems and in turn, forget that they- these people whose job it is to entertain us, who play such vibrant, immortal characters on-screen- are just as mortal as we are. Maybe, we’ll forget about them after a while and it will stop hurting. Maybe.

So Kalabhavan Mani is no more. The lower-caste auto driver from Chalakkudy who went on to become one of the most loved comic actors in the 90s and early 2000s, an incredibly capable character actor, a National Award winner, the man that amused us with his unique voice and ‘naadan paatukal’, the man that made us laugh with his even more unique laugh (ngeehaahaha), a man with family and friends and people who cared about him. Is no more. Is. No. More. 

What will it be like watching Summer in Bethlehem again? Or Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum. Or Ayalum Nyanum Thammil. Or Gemini. Or Vel. (or, or, or). What will it be like watching all the other actors that entertain us today, who have in some way been influenced by this man (and he has indeed influenced many). Maybe we will forget some day and it will just be a haze in all the other actors that come and go on our screens, desperately trying to entertain us. Maybe.  

But now it hurts. And it will keep hurting for a while.  And the void that has been left in our industry (yet again) can never be filled. And hearing his wonderful voice/laugh will upset us. (and, and, and). All we can do now is pray for his family, for his friends, for the industry. And for us, to be happy with his memories.


idk about you but i still love this phandom. we are actually pretty great. i’ve met so many people in this phandom whom i adore and idk where i’d be without them.

yes, there are a few people who don’t exactly think when it comes to situations but EVERY FANDOM HAS THEM. they’re either misunderstood or they don’t see both sides or they’re just ultimately shit people. 

i’m starting to see why people get annoyed at those who say “THE PHANDOM IS THE WORST” because honestly, it was like, 10 out of 2193890213898 of us who were being idiots at the time. this is what happens when every “shit storm” goes down. tbh i was one of them too but like it kind of just turned into this whole generalisation of us because of a few people. i’ve reached the point where i’m just like “WHY PEOPLE”

basically, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. DON’T BE ASSHOLES. at this point, just avoid anyone starting drama. go ahead and call it ridiculous but starting more arguments just adds fuel to the fire and i do understand people can get very defensive when it comes to our faves and i feel like i’m gonna get quite a few msgs of issues they have with what i’m saying but honestly, I’M JUST TRYING TO BE A GOOD PERSON AND I WANT NO ONE TO BE UPSET. Go spread the love. If someone’s being an idiot, you can call them out on it and explain why it’s “problematic” or something but after that, there’s nothing more you can do. Just ignore them. 

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My boyfriend wants to have sex and I'm just not ready and when I tell him that he always gets upset. Idk what to do. Should I just do it to make him happy

Hell no . He’s not being considerate . I would say leave him but I know that isn’t always the easiest thing to do but the truth of the matter is , if anyone pressures you to do something that you’re not comfortable with then that’s an issue and you deal with it the correct way by kicking them to the curb it does NOT matter who it is