idk i'm tired leave me alone

The Avengers in Cacw
  • Tony : trying to atone for his sins
  • Steve : BUCKY
  • Bucky : idk what's going on and I'm really tired, but if y'all could stop trying to fucking kill me that would be great thanks
  • Nat : protecting my children who can't protect themselves
  • Vision : according to maths......
  • Wanda : just leave me be??? jeez. also don't hurt my Steve.
  • Black Panther : fuck y'all I just want to kill Bucky
  • War Machine : good thing I'm here to keep y'all from fucking shit up. fucking amateurs.
  • Ant-Man : I love you guys???
  • Spider-Man : I need to impress Mr Stark. also I'm a big fan of each and everyone of you.
  • Clint : I can't fucking leave y'all alone for two days
  • Falcon : if Steve's going I'm going
  • Sharon : hello my name is unnecessary romantic interest I am here to make Steve look less gay

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It really bothers me when customers come after me for not being great conversation, I'm polite and all but they're literally just complaining that I don't feel like chatting extensively with them and it's like.... why do you feel entitled to conversation with random strangers tbh you don't know what kind of day I've had and I'm sure you have times where you don't feel like making small talk either. Leave me alone :/ idk it just makes me sad, like I'm just tired okay

Tbh Jacksepticeye is such a role model for me and I cried watching his “A Normal Lost Phone” game and honestly?? It hit so close to home, me being a transboy and not a transgirl, but regardless I understood a lot and idk it was such a good!! Game and I’m so happy there’s a game about trans people. Especially one for a transwomen bc jfc they go through so much hate.
Okay but anyway I love jack and everything he does and how accepting he is?? And it feels so good knowing someone like him, someone I look up to, rlly support people like me. I dunno man I’m tired and rambling and just so happy

ANYWAY Warren Graham is a good kid and I’m sick and tired of seeing the same “Warren is an evil stalker!!” kind of jokes people have been making since 2015

Like, no I’m not saying you have to like him, and yes I know he’s annoying and weird and the writers definitely forced him onto us to be like “hey you know you can kiss a dude in this game too! it doesn’t have to be gay!!” and that’s shitty and annoying, and that the writers were old straight guys who probably never had to think about how what they say comes across to women and that shows in how they wrote some of Warren’s dialogue

BUT nothing he does in game ever crosses the boundaries the way Eliot’s actions do, and he never actually hurts anyone except for one extreme circumstance to protect his friends. All he ever does is to try and help Max. When he learns about her and Chloe, he backs off and tells her to go for it! He’s supportive and doesn’t try to say anything bad about Chloe, unlike what Eliot does with Rachel! Warren just wanted to spend time with his friend, a friend that, throughout the episodes, was constantly being pulled away from him due to reasons beyond her control. And he still does whatever he can to help her! He leaves a party to make sure she’s safe because she hasn’t responded to him in hours, and when he can’t find her, he goes out into a big fucking storm and gives first aid to people on the streets! You really don’t have to like him and, say what you will, but at the end of the day, despite his flaws, he always helps out his friends and tries to do the right thing, so you can SPARE me that “evil stalker weirdo” crap because I’m sick of it!!

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So you don't think ace people deserve resources like any other LGBT+ people, because some ace people are homophobic? Ace people face different things to lesbians, bi people, gay people, but they still have legitimate problems and complaints. Being acephobic doesn't make you any better than someone who is homophobic, or biphobic or whatever. Unfollowed.

I’m on the ace spectrum myself wyd lmao 
I reread this ask like 5 times and honestly I’m so tired? just unfollow brah What is the point of this ask 

I’m screaming bc I reblogged like 3 a/ce d/scourse posts rn
-one person claimed ace people have it the worst and then fucking said “we dont get beat in alleys but ykno uwu”
-2nd person said they understand homophobia but god acephobia? 
-3rd person literally targetted it specifically @ CISHET ACES trying to get into our spaces which was made for trans and SGA people
(just in case someone wanted to know what the ask was about lmao)

like?? ? honestly I dont even know how to react to your ask wiht these posts as the, Idk what to call it, cause? source?

“just bc some ace people are homophobic” chuvak we’re talking about a safespot for SGA & trans people!! people who deal with homophobia & transphobia on a daily basis!!! they don’t need more homophobia in their safespots!! if you’re homophobic and cishet then wyd!!!! bye!!!

so my prayers tonight go out to this anon as I hope they regain their ability to understand simple fucking things 
 🙌 🙌 ✝✝🙏Amen🙏🙏🛐✝✝🙌🙌 🙌 🙌

Leelu is less than impressed with Samson’s new outfit 

(based on this fic)

(I’ve never drawn clothes before idk how clothing folds work at all)

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ohmaigod would u mind doing yoonkook: "just leave me alone already" and "no, i'm not going to"? idk they just fit so well!! thank you, sorry if i'm asking for too much ><

Thanks for waiting. Sorry this took so long. Life got lifey.

“Just leave me alone already.” Jungkook was too tired to care that he sounded like a whiny baby. He was a whiny baby but no one was babying him. He just wanted someone to scoop him up and carry him back to bed. Seokjin could totally do that. Namjoon too. Taehyung could probably make it at least to the door. If Hobi and Jimin helped, they could get him to the car. 

But here, he lay prostrate on the practice room floor, trying valiantly to ignore the pokey toe of Yoongi’s sneaker in his ribs. He was a rock. He was immovable. He was a puddle of whiny, unwilling, exhausted idol sweat. He was the floor. He was–

“Come on. If I’m still standing here in my old age, you gotta get your giant baby ass up off the floor and go the fuck to bed.” Yoongi was so eloquent at the end of the day.

Jungkook peeled himself off the floor, with loud and obnoxious noises of protest, sweat dripping everywhere as a sign of his extensive displeasure. They walked to the car, from the car to the dorm, from the door–struggling to get their shoes off as fast as possible–to the couch in the living room, which was still so far from where he wanted to be. Which was in the shower. Or actually in bed, post shower, through magic or time-travel or whatever would let him be asleep sooner. 

But here on the couch, he appreciated the fact that his sweat had mostly dried, and despite his protestations, Yoongi was actually soft and welcoming when it came to the impromptu snuggle. Yoongi was always taking care of him. Always. In little ways that were easy to ingore if you weren’t looking for it. Ways he could convince himself didn’t mean anything if he just looked at each one alone. Ways that always added up to the undeniable fact that Yoongi was always watching, always there to comfort from the sidelines, from behind the scenes, to sacrifice quietly and subtly, giving his best to everyone else and saving nothing but the dregs for himself. He gave everything to everyone, to his music, to the band, the company, the family cobbled together with willpower and wishful thinking

“No, i’m not going to,” Yoongi said through his teeth.

“Hyung, I didn’t say anything.”

“Yeah, but I could hear you asking. I’m not going to bed yet. I’m gonna shower, take all the hot water and then I’ll write a bit. So you should hurry up and shower before I get there.”

Jungkook knew he never would. Yoongi would never drain the hot water heater completely. He couldn’t. His heart and conscience wouldn’t let him. He wanted to seem prickly and selfish but he was really the silent, grumpy, sleepy, hardowrking glue that held the whole world together and only a special few knew it. 

“Ok, hyung. Goodnight.” Jungkook shuffled off to the shower, smiling to himself. Yoongi may not have carried him to his bed, but he’d been carrying him for years, so that was really the next best thing.