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So like, I'd like to be able to like crewt (is that the official ship name? Idk) but from what I can find credence is maybe 19, maybe a bit older and maybe younger, and newt seems around 30 ish (didn't look that up, admittedly), so it seems kinda weird for them to be together? Maybe it's just credence's behavior through the movie that's making me view him younger than he really is though, I'm not sure.

Hi! I wasn’t too passionate about Crewt myself before i’ve seen @sadfishkid​‘s art myself, so i don’t have too elaborate thoughts on them yet. Personally, age differences between two consenting adults don’t really bother me, Credence is at least 21 from what we know of him, and Newt is 29 so i don’t find their age gap too wide by conventional standards either. I like the soft, healing, and growing dynamic between Newt and Credence. I think they can really understand and help each other as they’re both people who have difficulty with social skills and interpersonal relationships in different ways. I’d prefer for Credence to have a period of recovery before engaging in a romantic relationship, and for me his relationship with Newt starts as platonic either way. If that friendship were to turn into a romantic one later on, i’d be okay with that. It would be a healthy and supportive relationship as far as i can tell.

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Hey, idk if y'all care but there's this blog called stabier who has been harassing weavemama for the past day or so and she realized that he's been showing stalkerish behaviors (including following her on other social media platforms) and I think she's got some receipts concerning him threatening a person irl? I'm not sure on the details, they're all on her tumblr, but idk I guess I would encourage everyone to block him?

Sure, we care about people being harassed. If there’s ever anyone you see being harassed and you want to spread the word and have their harasser blocked/reported, just let us know and we’d be more than happy to use our platform to help. 

I just checked out @weavemama (I hope it’s alright that I tagged you) and it looks like you’re right, so I suggest everyone block and/or report stabier for harassment/stalking. Please don’t engage or send hate, though, that’s not why I’m publishing this ask. 

Mod Ely

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Can you Reccomend some good Lengthy Bamon fics with a slow burn. Where they start of not liking eachother and overtime they get closer and closer

yesyesyesyesyes, okay, prepare yourself

1) ‘Think Twice’ by Lapis Love is sososo good

2) ‘The Other Side’ by Zesty   Bod is also amazing (although I had no clue it was complete, I need to catch up)

3) ‘Effervescent’ by RoseGoldExile, I don’t think she’s finished it but it is so well written, it’s the only fic that I’ve ever read that was written in the first person (I usually hate them)

4) ‘What Lies Beneath’ by Asher Monroe is really long and really good

5) ‘Dormiente’ by Swamy, obviously

6) ‘Second Verse, Same as the First’ by IronyRocks is a cute one

7) ‘Broken Palace’ by gb1076 is really interesting but kind of tragic (there’s a recurrent theme of abuse so you may want to avoid that if that offends you)

8) ‘Bloodshots’ by Fairie Insignias is a really cute collection of oneshots (idk if it can be classified as slow burn though)

9) ‘Facades’ by venusnv80 is really interesting, very dramatic

10) ‘Want’ by emily.down is SO GOOOOOOD, but she never finished it and it’s so sad

11) ‘Just Tonight’ by xthesebonesx is really good but, again, the theme of abuse is prominent

12) ‘Switch’ by petrovascurls is cute although there’s a lot of Stefan and Bonnie in it and I’m not too sure if Bamon were meant to be endgame as she never finished it

13) ‘A Mess of Moments’ by foxes is sweet, kind of like ‘Switch’ but definitely about Bamon

14) ‘No More I Love You’s’ by nikkisixirresistiblebitch (there are a couple of sequels to this one as well)

15) ‘you know i will adore you (‘til eternity)’ by Tarafina is absolutely amazing

16) ‘Anything Could Happen’ by abbyli is a really sweet one although they don’t really hate each other at the beginning

errm, there are a couple of other ones but I haven’t finished reading them so I can’t really recommend them for you. hope this helps, anon :)


les amis apartment aesthetic - enjolras

No, but hear me out:

I’m so obsessed with the band – as dysfunctional as they are – being major support systems for each other because they’re all they have. 

Russel helping 2D manage his pills so that he doesn’t take too many because Russel knows pills and knows what it’s like to take too many, and remembers how fucking awful that is, and wouldn’t wish that on 2D for a minute. 

Noodle and Murdoc sitting in the living room and listening to Hendrix records late at night because Noodle has nightmares about her super soldier days and Murdoc has nightmares about his father, and it’s easier for them to calm down when they’re sitting next to each other. 

Murdoc fudging up 2D’s resume and pretending to be one of his references for his job at the driving school, and Murdoc’ll say that it’s because they need the money and he’s tired of seeing Stu around the house so often, but 2D’s like the closest thing to a friend Murdoc has and how can he not help the bloke out when his CV looks like complete shit? 

2D helping Noodle ice up the bruises on her face and everywhere else because 2D is all too familiar with cuts and bruises, and you have to put ice on it first Noods and sort of massage the edges of it everyday so that they go away faster and don’t mess up your pretty face. 

Murdoc sitting with Russel and looking through every Satanic book he knows to try and figure out a way to talk to Del’s ghost even if it’s just for a few seconds, because Russel never really got over that, and Murdoc warns him to let it go, but Russel can’t, and Murdoc isn’t about to sit around and listen to Russel go on and on about it anymore. 

Murdoc slipping pain meds into 2D’s bottles that aren’t so addictive and won’t make 2D so spaced out and distant because the idiot puts himself in more pain everyday without needing to, and Murdoc isn’t about to let his singer croak because of something silly like pills. 

Noodle watering down Murdoc’s liquor so that he doesn’t get quite so drunk and quite so mean during the day, and Murdoc knows she does it, but doesn’t say anything because he’s secretly touched that she’d care about him enough to make sure he’s not drinking too much even though it’s kind of annoying. 

Just…I want more of them all acting like a goddamn close knit group of friends because they are, they’ve known each other for close to 15 years, like damn, would they not do nice things for each other?

I can’t wait to see Yuri!!! on Ice! 

I already love Yuri Plisetsky. I can imagine this angry kid having the flexibility to do a biellmann spin — it would be like watching magic on ice.

I drew the costume from the official art, but since the whole picture is painted in blue, I had to imagine the colors. In any case, I think Yuri looks really good in blue.


kalinda sharma + personality tests

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What hogwarts houses do you think that Arthur and Francis would be in? I've always though that they'd both suit slytherin, although maybe also Ravenclaw... Idk I'm very indecisive about stuff like this.

Well, I can’t help myself but be positive about what Hogwarts Houses Francis and Arthur are xD

To me, Arthur is DEFINETELY a Slytherin. Like, I imagine him being the youngest of an all Gryffindor Family. Like, his parents were on Gryffindor and all his brash older brothers are Gryffindors. His family have a comfortable life, but Arthur have this desire to prove himself different and to be more. So he is sure that he will be a Slytherin and he is very pleased when he is selected to Slytherin (the black sheep of the family). He makes loyal friends in the house (friends who would die for him and for whon he would die for) and he have the time of his life (because, let’s face it: of course that Slytherin have the best parties EVER XD). So Slytherin helps Arthur to make good conections and to stay sharp for fight for power.

Francis, on the other hand, is DEFINETELY a Ravenclaw. I imagine Francis being all worried about what house he will be. He is scared to death of Slytherin, and he thought that he is not smart enough for Ravenclaw, so the thought that maybe he is a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff (he was even hoping for Hufflepuff more). To his utterly surprise and mortification, he was selected to Ravenclaw. At first he was terrified that he was not going to be enough for Ravenclaw, that he is too dumb to be there. But then Francis realizes that Ravenclaw is not only about academical inteligence. All kinds of inteligence are valued there, including being people smart and artisticaly smart, and Francis is both. He feels at more ease after some time (and, to be fair enough, his grades are high. He just is too demanding on himself). 

They meet on the Hogwarts express and they started bickering and fighting being friends since there. 

Arthur is the first reason Francis loses his fear of Slytherin and Francis helps Arthur not to be too power hungry and to enjoy life once in a while. 

Francis dated people from all the four houses  and Arthur had one or two dated before their fifth year, when they started dating for real and stick together since them

…Sorry, I got a little carried away with my headcanons xD

Newsflash, I failed spectacularly at the simple task of speaking. Again. I’m gonna go find a wall to bang my head against.

I mean for crying out loud, how hard can it be! Ugh.

Tony is so sweet though, he tried repeatedly to prompt me, but my mind was too fucking blank for that to go anywhere. Also he was kind of in a hurry.

Long story short, I don’t have any of the promised autographs yet, and none for myself either. I’m useless.

And I was literally shaking, really a lot. And part of me thinks I shouldn’t have come here at all, that I should give up these crazy endeavours, just stay in my safe space. I mean, if it goes on like this I’m gonna ruin this fandom for myself, because every time I’m gonna think of Tony I’m gonna think of how I keep making a fool of myself. Fuck.

I don’t really wanna miss out on the live acting though, so there’s that.

Anyway. I kinda hate myself quite a lot right now, and I can only hope I’ll be over it by Saturday.

ok for real though lol shit May is giving me a funny feeling down in my gut because of my birthday 😕

at the end of May when that month’s give away ends along with my 20s I’m gonna give away 3 binders. one for each decade of my life. that should start the next decade on a positive note 😥

Following a particularly grueling hunt, Benny decides to treat Sam with a quiet date night. He gets Dean out of the bunker for a few hours and sets everything up before he finds an excuse to pull Sam away from his research in the library. He leads his exhausted boyfriend by the hand to one of the lesser used bathrooms in the batcave. Benny already hung the softest towels he could find on the bronze towel rack, and he’s filled the old claw-foot tub with warm water. The lights are off, but Benny’s set up a dozen or so lavender scented candles, leaving the room fragrant and awash in a dim glow. 

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I’m pretty sure 60% of my doodles are of Sakura and of that 60% half of them are her with a bun and shades. Oh I’m so creative.

p.s. it’s transparent

you can’t come home, but you can’t stay here

(this tl;dr could alternately be titled “OR: aha! so THAT’S why shitty is being such a lil fuckin’ shit!” but nobody likes titles as long as the essay soooooooooo THERE WE ARE.)

anywho! before i get started: this essay is not disavowing that shitty’s lil outburst in the after kegster wasn’t fucking awful for all of its various and sundry sociopolitical implications. it is, however, very interested in understanding why shits is acting the way he is right now and what that particular outburst says about his present at harvard. for those of you who might want a short abstract of sorts before we go to the “read after the cut,” it is this: shitty knight is suffering from the fall out of some mild imposter syndrome and major separation anxiety, and that mean he’s lashing out at his support system in the most uncute way possible.

so, let’s go.

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I’M most probably GOING TO FRANCE FOR STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM NEXT YEAR OR THE YEAR AFTER NEXT YEAR which is either 2nd or 3rd grade AND MY MOM IS SO OKAY WITH IT AAAAH I’M SO EXCITED I’M GONNA MAKE MY FRENCH SO MUCH BETTER THERE cause i keep hearing french people don’t talk english? on purpose? that’s…..k i’m not saying anything bc i REALLY need to get my french to be like my english because i’m gonna be a translator!!!!

walter notices it, though never says a word.

every time alucard passes that painting on his rounds, he stops.  there’s a certain power beholden to it, and walter is never certain whether he feels true hatred, reverence, or envy.  perhaps all.

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Please tell us what's your headcanon for Prussia's childhood!

//AhhhhhHH well the thing that I want to establish first is that Gilbert strikes me a little as an oddity in that he manages to change his nature so many times: he’s the Teutonic Knights, Duchy of Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia, Freestate of Prussia, AND THEN SUDDENLY EAST GERMANY. And that even though there was a gap between the end of Prussia and the rise of East Germany, and the material I’m reading stresses how Prussia itself changed its own nature as well. 

Then he has an odd appearance, albino-like but without bad eyesight etc even though that is a thing nations can have, etc

To me it feels like he’s simulateously more human than other nations and more monstrous than them because he’s just… an oddity in his own existence.

When I contemplated this and did research I wondered if he could have made a much greater switch at a much earlier time already: from Old Prussian to Teutonic Knight. Now, the Old Prussians didn’t have a coherent shared culture per se and were only united when it went against the Polish, so Gilbert as an Old Prussian would have been tiny, weak, and not been around for all that long at all before the Teutonic Knights! He wouldn’t have had a strong attachment to his people, given that they were hardly a people in the first place, so with the appearance of the Teutonic Knights ~1230 and their attempts to assimilate the people and conquer their lands, Gilbert as a detached being has the choice to join them, which I think he’d do because he’d sense there’s a place for him there which he doesn’t have in his original role.
When I first thought of this I didn’t really consider the problematic implications of this, given that the Old Prussians were forcibly assimilated…!!, so I’m not sure I’ll stick with the headcanon, but at the time I quite liked it because it’d establish something interesting about Gilbert and his thus ambigious ethnicity (since Old Prussians were Balts, though Gilbert would not idenitfy as that given that the PRUSSIAN culture itself is certainly German of origin). 
I actually let this influence my design of him a little in that I draw his eyes differently than Ludwig’s. 

IDK I don’t know what to do with this :T 

!!! I’ve always wanted to write from Dylan’s perspective at some stage since he technically is my secondary muse on this account if you think about it, but I’ve also been putting it off because I was never really sure if it’d work out or not considering he’s so young in most of Stephanie’s verses. Though with that said, I was able to find two alternative face claims because there are so little photos of him, one for when he was only a toddler (Mekhai Andersen, I know the kid looks nothing like Dylan but it’s as close as I could get), and another for when he was older, say five to ten years old (Jacob Tremblay, depicted in the icon above ^^ who I think actually looks quite a lot like Dylan). I’m kind of keen to use him as a new muse? If that makes sense? I’m thinking of only keeping him to memes and stuff because threads would be too complicated and I personally think he’s too young of a muse to be able to hold a thread / some sort of storyline lmao. So I’m thinking I’m going to post a couple of ask memes over the next few days to try it out, idk, see whether I like it or not. Just thought I’d share 😂