idk i'm so in love with this video


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.

He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

bts said there’s a lot of pressure right before releasing an album bc they never know what to expect and they want the fans reactions to be good and I just wish……. I could see their faces when they see that they had an all kill on Korean charts, spring day is on the top 10 singles on iTunes and the music video has reached almost 3 million views in just 6 hours after releasing it ….. like …. they did so amazing ….. I wanna hug them … and tell them that I love the so much ……

a list of some of my favorite vines (bc i just watched a bunch of compilations) 


“humanity” sure is a funny nickname for dean winchester


music video aesthetics series ▻

    oh wonder, without you’ 
do you know that i’ve been closing my eyes? love me slow, hallucinating. i’ve been chasing my mind, lonely in the cold nights. and i’m digging down holes without you, can’t be on my own without you. i’m a little bit lost without you.

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Hi! I just found your account (do you say account in tumblr?? idk I'm new to tumblr and I use instagram haha) and I love it so much! If you have time, can you do kind of like a high school AU and do how the RFA members would ask out MC? I hope that makes sense lol :') thanks!! <3

I love you anon!!

imma split this into 2 parts cause I can’t fit this into one post

so i’ll do the actual request in the second post

High School AU part 1


  • lol shy bun
  • kind of a nerd
  • in video game society
  • finds it hard to pay attention in class
  • cramms like his life depends on it
  • still gets pretty good grades
  • his mom makes him lunch
  • complains about it but lowkey happy cause it’s better than what the cafeteria is serving
  • his favourite subject is biology
  • tho almost fainted when they had to dissect an animal
  • worst subject is english r i p
  • languages ain’t his strong suit
  • carries so much shit around
  • has a bad back 24/7
  • also in the lacrosse team
  • he actually ain’t that bad 
  • afraid of being tackled tho


  • OG Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • but honestly such a sweetheart
  • with slight fuckboy tendencies
  • gonna be honest not a model student
  • he tries tho
  • was very insistent on MC tutoring him
  • lowkey just wanted to spend time with them
  • theatre kid™
  • lead in all the school’s performances
  • super chummy with the director
  • knows all the crew by name
  • on the lacrosse team
  • chose it because he thought the sticks were cool
  • Jaehee nags him to get his grades up
  • ends up tagging in on his study sessions to make sure he’s actually learning
  • soon the whole RFA are involved and BAM study group
  • his favourite subject is obv theatre 
  • his least favourite is maths the devils subject


  • model student
  • kind of a lowkey swat but she’s chill about it
  • treasurer of the student council
  • all the clubs would be bankrupt without Jaehee
  • she’s always busy tho
  • like pass her in the hallway and she’ll always be carrying textbooks for a teacher, walking to a meeting or smth like that.
  • everyone always comes at her with suggestions for the student council
  • Jaehee’s like ???? ¿¿¿¿  bruh I only handle the money
  • has so many trips to the staff room
  • a teacher offered her coffee once
  • and the great romance began
  • always uses seeing staff as an excuse to get coffee
  • Seven was surprised Jaehee could be so sneaky
  • biggest supporter of Zen’s plays
  • everyone wonders why the drama club is always so well funded
  • doesn’t have enough time to play sport in school but does Judo
  • word got around and now no one messes with Jaehee
  • her favourite subject is literature
  • her least favourite is home economics
  • psst it’s cause she can’t cook for shit


  • billionaire boys club ™
  • Jumin mostly hangs out with V
  • doesn’t have the patience to hang out with the other rich kids
  • president of the student council
  • takes the job very seriously
  • everyone has a certain amount of respect for him
  • except Zen r i p
  • brings Elizabeth into school
  • negotiates his way out of detention every time
  • has to shield her from Seven tho
  • has a lowkey fanclub
  • he’s oblivious to the opposite sex tho
  • only plays sports cause his nutritionist says he should
  • plays tennis cause he’s too dignified for football or smth like that and he’s too young to be playing golf
  • has matches with V all the time
  • they keep a tally
  • Jumin is in the lead
  • his favourite subject is economics
  • he’s such a business man tho
  • made a business renting out textbooks to freshers instead of getting them to buy them
  • it was shut down after a year tho
  • least favourite subject is art
  • lol Jumin can’t draw for shit

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • friendly neighbourhood meme lord 
  • always telling some sort of joke or pun
  • in the tech club
  • they all worship him lol
  • tried to hack into a government facility for their contribution to the school festival
  • forced to do a laser show in the end
  • he’s so smart 
  • like no one expects him to be a prodigy 
  • probably cause he never focuses in lessons
  • made Saeran learn morse code so he could talk to him secretly
  • the teachers never caught on
  • starts all sorts of rumours
  • started a rumor that there was a torture chamber in the school basement
  • also said that there was a ghost of a dead girl who died from inhaling the fumes of the boys locker rooms haunting the school
  • Yoosung asked to send a drone into the staff room after hearing they had a gambling ring in there
  • Seven frequently teases him on how gullible he is
  • Seven is on the cheer squad 
  • he only auditioned ironically but got in
  • forced MC to join saying they would be good cause they look easy to throw
  • his favourite subject is computer science cause he gets away with so much shit in the subject
  • he also like physics cause SPACE
  • least favorite is PE because he states he can only drain so much energy each day

V (Jihyun)

  • actual angel
  • everybody’s favorite senpai
  • vice president of the student council
  • everyone comes to him with problems cause they’re too scared to report it to Jumin
  • also president of photography club
  • takes pictures for the school paper
  • Rika is in the occult club
  • i think we all know why
  • everyone thinks Rika’s weird but V’s like 
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  she’s just quirky
  • regularly plays tennis with Jumin
  • V in one of those cute visors tho
  • no one would have guessed he’s a rich kid tho
  • he’ so humble about it
  • not on the best terms with Yoosung after hitting him with a tennis ball causing him to have a nosebleed
  • offers to tutor him to make amends
  • actually the one who suggest joining up with the others to form the RFA study group.

and here we have jimin and jungkook at the puma fansign!! look at how jimin runs into jk as if he wanted jk to keep walking but jk stopped and pointed at the seat where he wanted jimin to sit, next to him AWWWW MY FUCKING JIKOOK HEART IS BURSTING CAN YALL CALL AN AMBULANCE PLEASE!! i love them so much! anyways they’re so cute jk is so whipped for jimin and jimin absolutely loves it, but lately we’ve been getting actions from jimin not so much from jungkook so this was nice i needed this (: AND I KNOW ALL OF YOU DID TOO idk who to give credits too for this video but i’ll give credit to who i saw posted it cr: kookmin9795

not to sound dramatic but michael looks so good i’m going to die

even though homecoming was never a single, a part of me wishes that green day did a music video for that song as well. like the jesus of suburbia music video shows jimmy leaving home in pursuit of a new life and the homecoming one would be like a parallel that shows him returning home after the chaotic events of american idiot

why i'm so excited for idk to exist

i’m honestly so excited for idk to happen?? because you can tell from the videos of the brobecks live that dallon is such a good frontman and he’s so enthusiastic on stage and music is what he really loves to do and he’s so goOd at it and with idk he finally gets the chance to do what he wants and sing and play bass and i’m just so hAPPY FOR HIM DAMMIT I LOVE DALLON WEEKS

  • Maryse: Okay so-
  • Alec: Oh sorry just got this text from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Well we're going to-
  • Alec: Oh this is so funny, sorry just got a message from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Izzy can cover the-
  • Alec: Wow my boyfriend Magnus Bane is so f-

lol can people stop with the fake concern for loona/block berry. i’m tired.

ya’ll out there claiming that you’re just concerned for the girls because of all the debt they’ll accumulate if they flop but go on about in the same breath how you’ll check them out after their debut/or that you lost interest because they’re taking too long to debut (idk but getting music every month is pretty damn exciting to me) ????? don’t want them to flop??? how about streaming their music??? buy their albums (if you’re able to financially)???? share their videos???? instead of leaving a half-assed comment for the sake of commenting.  THIS IS WHY GIRL GROUPS ARE DISBANDING/LEAVING US. IF YOU LOVE/CARE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU’LL WORK FOR IT.

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i know it'd be some work and ppl ask this general question but would you put out audio files of your covers? because you talk in most of your covers like i love the brand new and new friends covers but you talk for like two minutes and only way i could get the audio is to take the video from youtube, remove the talking, then THEN convert video to mp3 which idk how unless it's a youtube video. so idk how i could do that i'm not good w that stuff

I’ll do that now my friend. I’ll be uploading them to my covers album on bandcamp


My mate showed me this and I love it to no end its so fucking cute ahhhhhh!!!!!

I love mchanzo! I love this video! I love my mate for showing me this! I can die happy xD

I kill the replay button to much lol

Edit: wasn’t aware the artist had a tumblr and I feel like I should have said this sooner I apologize. Credit to the original artist who is allowing me to keep it up.

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Omg Olivia I just watched that video of matt daddario where he's signing things for fans and one of the fans hands him her phone as a way of asking if they can get a picture but he's distracted and signs her case instead and when he realizes he's like "DID I JUST SIGN YOUR CASE?! THATS NOT WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO!" and he's so genuinely sorry and the fan is just like "no it's fine!" I'm crying I love him a lot

that video is one of the most precious things I have ever seen cause he’s so???? himself???? like how precious is this man apologizing for signing her phone case when like who WOULDN’T want him to sign her phone case. “you can probably buy a cheap one off of EBay” HE FEELS SO BAD LIKE IT’S ADORABLE

he’s so friendly and sweet and goofy like “idk why you’d want to hug me I’m all sweaty” and “IS THIS ILLEGAL?!” when asked to sign a dollar bill and “Oh no I don’t want to mess it up!” when asked to write out “Alec” for a tattoo someone wanted to get and “Tell me if it’s blurry we’ll take another one” after taking a picture with this one fan like I LOVE HIM AND HIS SWEET HEART