idk i'm probably bias

hELLO THERE! it’s me, nath, and wow i can’t believe it’s only been three months since i’ve made this blog?? it feels like a lot more tbh. it’s funny because i was kind of hesitant before making this blog thinking i’d just end up abandoning it after a week but !! i didn’t and here i am trying to write this thing pff well, anyway. i met so many cool people here, made friends, had some fun interactions – it was different starting a blog with fandomless ocs after coming from a canon blog but you guys were all so nice and welcoming and i really appreciate that! i feel really comfortable coming here everyday and i’m really happy i made this blog and i got to develop more of my girls. i hope you are all enjoying them as much as i do! and i hope we can have more fun here together too, thanks for following me and staying ♥

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