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Finals | Jimin x Reader

Words: 3767

Contents: Fluff x Suggested Smut

Summary: In which you were cramming for finals week but your boyfriend Jimin is insistent on being a distraction

Co-Written by @rainy-jimin(tbh she wrote like 85% of it I just detailed like please go and tell her how amaZING SHE IS SO SHE CAN POST HER STUFF TOO)

Also: gonna casually tag @chimchams @btswriter @btslovenotes @namsjxms and @jeonjeons bc finals like you feel or bc i think you’ll enjoy this? Is it bad to tag people in these kinds of things.. tbh i just want to spread the love idk everyone’s just struggling right now

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The insistent banging on your front door jolted you from your concentration on the notes splayed out in front of you. The wooden frame of your chair slid across the floor as you stood up, leaving the bedroom and strolling into the main living room. Although you couldn’t see who it was, given the onslaught of text messages and phone calls you received from Jimin today, you had an idea of who was shaking the front door.

With an exaggerated sigh, you began to twist the lock on the door. “Jimin, I told you I’m studying for finals, you-”

Seconds after the lock clicked, the door was leaving its frame and flying open, your raven-haired boyfriend bursting through with his chest heaving. His body rose and fell harshly, sweat dampening his hair to his forehead as he stared down at you with taught brows.

“I can’t handle this anymore,” he said breathily, stepping towards you as if you were his prey.

“Jimin?” His name left your lips in a question, your eyebrows furrowing as you stepped back with each step he took towards you.

He ran the back of his wrist over his forehead, wiping away the sweat coiling in his bangs. His voice came out in a rough whisper. “I hate it when you ignore me.”

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