idk i'm not sure if that's him

i felt like i was left at the altar

Relationships Advice from Sailor Moon Characters
  • Sailor Moon: idk well if things are meant to be they'll be!! maybe read your horoscope? i'm sure things will work out. (score: 2/10, bad advice for most scenarios but she is a romantic at heart)
  • Sailor Mercury: Well, you should make a list of pros and cons about your relationship. If the cons outweigh the pros in number and significance, it's worth putting some effort into getting couples therapy at least. (score: 8.5/10, solid advice but not always applicable)
  • Sailor Mars: dump him (score: ♂/10)
  • Sailor Jupiter: Ohh, that's sad to hear... It's always a good idea to talk to your partner if you're unhappy. If they care about you then they'll listen. You need to look after yourself first! Don't settle for someone who makes you miserable just to be in a relationship. Trust me... (score: 9/10, solid motherly advice but sometimes easier said than done)
  • Sailor Venus: Problems? You can do better!!!! Get out and find someone who will appreciate YOU for YOU!! go OUT there! CHASE those honeys!! Have so much fun you forget about your ex in the first place!! WHO???? you don't know. you're too busy partying and loving yourself. Peace out. (score: 0/10)


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IDK why but this called my attention: in S4E6 min14.30 aprox, it was kind of 'funny?' to see that Kolivan is who suggest that the Galra may be leaving the stage but it's Keith who guesses that no, that's not it; it's either Victory or Death. Still, not sure where I'm going with this but... I guess it caught me by surprise?

Yeah, I understand what you mean–it’s really a sign that Keith’s “thinking like a galra.” Being exposed to this side of his culture has been an eye opening experience for him in many ways, and it’s clear he’s starting to internalize a lot of what he’s learned. Victory or death, knowledge or death, your life for the mission–that’s just the galra way. But that’s a lesson he’s known for a long time on his own, now isn’t it? 


“I knew that you were really a kind person Hiiragizawa-kun”

“You may not have magical powers, Tomoyo..but your sharp insights and your gentle heart are perhaps worth more than magic”

-Ch 45-

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


EXO’s Reaction to Finding a Girl Hiding Behind Their Car


Xiumin would have his laptop in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, ready to head home from the cafe, when he saw the girl cowering behind his car. After staring at her for a sold 29 minutes, he’d ask her what her name was and what exactly she was trying to accomplish.  When she explained the situation to him, he’d offer her a ride.


About as smooth as crunchy peanut-butter when it came to handling surprises (and girls), Chen would go into a slight state of shock when he saw the young girl hiding by his car. It wasn’t until she talked first that he snapped out of it, and offered to assist her anyway he could.


The girl was facing the other way when Baekhyun came around, and he stopped to look at her, unsure if he was dreaming or not. “So…you like my car?” he’d ask, chuckling as she jumped at his voice. When she awkwardly explained why she was hiding, he’d nod understandingly and give her a ride home.


It was late at night and Chanyeol was getting ready to go home from a restaurant when he came across the girl leaning against his car. She quickly introduced herself and explained her situation, and though Chanyeol agreed to help her, he had no idea what was going on. 


Lay would definitely be confused when he saw a girl hiding behind the tire of his car, but concern would overcome his confusion. He’d gently ask her her name and what she was doing. When she told him why she was hiding, his eyes would widen. He’d insist on driving her to a safe space, all while being super paranoid that someone was following them.


D.O would be skeptical, immediately assuming the girl was a sasaeng fan. “What,” is all he would say when he saw her, causing her to jump up and stammer out an explanation. Though still doubtful, he’d feel bad about just leaving her there and would cautiously offer a ride.


Though Suho likes to think he’s pretty smooth when it comes to dealing with random girls hiding behind his car, he’s a bit lacking. He’d offer a car ride, which she’d readily accept, however it would probably be one of the most awkward ones of her life. He’d occasionally break the silence with questions about her, however he was really just ready to forget this whole weird experience.


Like D.O, Kai would be skeptical about the whole situation. “So..a guy’s chasing you..and instead of going into a building or hide…” Nevertheless, he’d drive her back to her house, making sure to tell his members about the weird encounter later.


Sehun was exhausted and emotionally drained after a long day, so when he saw the girl he barely even reacted. She apologetically told him her situation, asking for help. He agreed, giving her a ride, however his expression was blatantly confused the entire time.

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okay idk if anyone noticed this before but i'm like 99% sure that in the pool scene when even and isak are kissing and they come up from the water and they pull away from each other for the first time, isak says "fy faen!" (holy shit) and thats why even smiles wider and kind of laughs and dives back in to kiss him again???? u can't hear it in the scene because there's music playing over it but what are ur thoughts i'm dying????

omG??? its like really hard to catch but yes?!?!!

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So like, I'd like to be able to like crewt (is that the official ship name? Idk) but from what I can find credence is maybe 19, maybe a bit older and maybe younger, and newt seems around 30 ish (didn't look that up, admittedly), so it seems kinda weird for them to be together? Maybe it's just credence's behavior through the movie that's making me view him younger than he really is though, I'm not sure.

Hi! I wasn’t too passionate about Crewt myself before i’ve seen @sadfishkid​‘s art myself, so i don’t have too elaborate thoughts on them yet. Personally, age differences between two consenting adults don’t really bother me, Credence is at least 21 from what we know of him, and Newt is 29 so i don’t find their age gap too wide by conventional standards either. I like the soft, healing, and growing dynamic between Newt and Credence. I think they can really understand and help each other as they’re both people who have difficulty with social skills and interpersonal relationships in different ways. I’d prefer for Credence to have a period of recovery before engaging in a romantic relationship, and for me his relationship with Newt starts as platonic either way. If that friendship were to turn into a romantic one later on, i’d be okay with that. It would be a healthy and supportive relationship as far as i can tell.

  • Alex: *coming home from war* Eliza! Where's my son!
  • Eliza: *smiles* Philip, this is dada!
  • Alex: *tearing up* my son
  • Eliza: here, hold him Alexander
  • Alex: Jesus Eliza I said MEET him like I'm sure you're doing fine here I think we'd both be better on a name-only basis now honestly I mean I've met him thats cool and stuff but like I never said like I'd be like holding it, i mean him lol idk maybe I talk to him again after like nine years but I'm all childed-out for now this has been uh just swell but i better be going gotta like, manage the country and stuff lol bye peter
  • Eliza: his name is PHILIP???

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is it just my low-res screenshots or does v's sprite indicate he has a lip biting habit because honestly that would be so endearing but i really can't tell if that's what he's doing??

i’ve noticed that, actually! i wasn’t sure if i was just seeing things but it looks like he’s biting his lip in these

excuse the terrible quality lmao i cropped these from a collage i have of all of v’s facial expressions from his sprite cos i’m……weird. anywhomst it is Very endearing but idk if i can say that cos i have tunnel v-ision so everything about him is cute to me lol

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Hello love~ May I request a cat hybrid au! With Hyungwon? Idk why but I'm obsessed with cat Hyungwon right now omg. Oh and if you need a story line... how about You're walking out late at night and hear a loud sound from an alley and being curious you walk in and see a large tail which you think is somehow a regular Cat and HW jumps on you and scares you but he runs away and then you see him in a more normal form on the street and chase him blah blah blah lol I hope that's enough info! Thanks!

Originally posted by minhyuk1

a/n: omg hiiii! yeah sure thing! i hope you like this and ehehehe this is pretty interesting and fun to like to be honest! 8-) Thank you so much for requesting this @ketchuptae ! :-) I hope you like it!!

hyungwon cathybridau!

  • it has been a stressful day 
  • and the last thing that you could ever wish for is to take a breather 
  • from all the workload that you’ve been dealing with for the past few days
  • soOooOoooo!! you decided to take a walk….
  • late at night since that’s how you roll….. i guess??
  • sO aNyways! 
  • you made your way to the nearest convenience store to get yourself some ice cream
  • in the middle of your smol journey, you heard some noise from the alley just 5 meters away from you
  • and being the curious cat i mean person that you are, you carefully made your way to the alley and stood there
  • only to narrow your eyes at this large tail wagging 
  • like it’s just 5 meters away from you
  • oh! it must be a stray cat! looks normal….. since cats have huge tails right???
  • you innocently thought
  • until this guy came jumping on you, making the two of you fall hard on the ground
  • the moment you got the chance to see his face, you were flabbergasted and scared at the same time
  • but before you could even speak up, the guy went running away from you 
  • which had you bewildered when you saw that he was a normal guy…..
  • with a LARGE CAT TAIL
  • intrigued by his……. appearance, you decided to chase him….
  • only to end up with you tripping on your own foot
  • “oH freAkInG cheesebUrgers!!!” 
  • and that was enough to catch the attention of the man cat
  • yes, man cat
  • he came to an abrupt stop and looked behind him, only to see you face flat on the ground
  • he felt bad actually… well, not really.
  • quietly hiding behind this lamp post, he watches you get up and heave out a sigh
  • showing that you’ve completely given up on the thought of going after him
  • since you literally scraped your knee and elbow 
  • you dragged your whole body into the convenience store 
  • and immediately bought a pack of some rubbing alcohol and some bandages to patch up those scrape
  • grabbing a strawberry milk on the go, you paid for the said items and went out of the convenience store
  • plopping the things that you’ve bought on the table prepped outside of the store
  • you were in pain to notice the pair of cat eyes staring at you in a distance
  • what is she doing???
  • when you finally got all those wounds patched up, you poked the straw onto your carton of strawberry milk 
  • and was about to take a sip when you saw in the corner of your eyes
  • the figure of that man cat 
  • slowly turning your head towards its(???) direction, you raised a brow and asked
  • you want some? *offers the milk towards him*”
  • the man cat kind of hesitates but then nods his head after giving it some thought
  • however, the man cat didn’t show any signs of going towards you nor leaving his spot in the first place
  • which resulted in you standing up from your seat and walking towards him with ease
  • here, drink up. *offers the strawberry milk to the man cat*”
  • “*looks up to you and just stares at you*”
  • “*sighs* it’s okay, i won’t bite or anything. *carefully grabs his hand and places the milk in his hand* i’m [y/n].”
  • “*looks down at the strawberry milk*”
  • “well… i guess… you won’t talk to me tho… but i hope you’ll enjoy that drink. bye, man cat or cat man.”
  • you just kind of walk away since you knew that he wouldn’t be giving you any response
  • and besides, it’s already getting late 
  • your whole walk back to your apartment was kind of depressing
  • why? 
  • because you kind of got your hopes up in befriending a cat
  • well, a man cat to be exact
  • just give it up, [y/n], at least you gave that man cat a drink right?”
  • you tried to cheer yourself up but just couldn’t…
  • since you somehow grew intrigued and curious about him
  • and who in the world would ever get the chance to meet a man with a cat tail in this time??? 
  • well, you did but you just messed it up—
  • “…wOaAHH there– you almost gave me a heart attack.”
  • the man cat somehow followed you and decided to appear right in front of you
  • and he was clearly sipping on the straw, enjoying the sweetness of the strawberry milk dancing through his taste buds
  • you couldn’t help but wonder why he was there
  • when in fact he didn’t even want to talk to you 
  • and he even RAN away when he saw you
  • i thought–”
  • “it’s finished… *hands you the empty carton of strawberry milk*”
  • “-____-…. ohkay….. that’s good….”
  • and with that, the man cat then leaves 
  • or so you thought
  • you decided to wrap up everything and go to sleep as soon as you got in your room
  • morning finally came and you stretched your aching limbs and greeted the sun with a frown
  • oh, it’s morning– wait… hOW DID YOU GET INTO MY ROOM?!”
  • the man cat was lying down on your bed, balled up with his huge tail tucked in somewhere in his body
  • his eyes slowly opened, his pupils getting dilated as the sun immediately meets his eyes
  • through your balcony..”
  • your head immediately turned to the right and saw your balcony door open
  • but why are you here?”
  • “i’m your new pet.”
  • “my new wHAT?!”
  • you don’t know what a pet is? *sigh* i thought i found a smart–”
  • “i know what ‘pet’ means but who are you to make such decision?”
  • “i am hyungwon and i am your pet- wait no, scratch that, i’m your new master and you’ll be my pet.”
  • knowing that you wouldn’t be able to retort to any of his answers, you decided to just let it be and go with the flow
  • and that is actually the reason how you’ve gotten so attached to hyungwon
  • ever since that day, hyungwon and you just clicked despite how opposite both of your personalities are
  • like for example
  • that one time when you finally got a week off from your work and knowing the person that you are
  • hyungwon has already ordered tons of takeouts 
  • by the minute you stepped foot in your apartment
  • and he used your card to pay for all of it
  • well, i have a good reason for buying all of these take outs.”
  • “go on.”
  • “we’ll be having a movie marathon to commemorate your week off.”
  • “you do have a point..”
  • “so, what are you waiting for, come on and get your butt here on the couch, wait no, i’ll be taking up all the couch, you get the floor.”
  • but let’s be real, that night was a blast despite your bank account crying from all the money that’s been used to pay for all the take outs
  • you didn’t have much of a problem in finishing a couple of the take outs since hyungwon already started munching on them before you even got home
  • and throughout the movie marathon, hyungwon already had your hands making up to his hair, making your pet him by running your fingers through his brown locks
  • or
  • when you felt him crawl up to your bed and squeeze himself beside you since you’re his favorite person (such a miracle) 
  • well, it has been like that always, he’d always take up all the space when it’s already time to sleep
  • but anyways, enough with this examples examples
  • back to reality!!!
  • finally, you’ve gotten a promotion and that promotion gave you the chance to finally have the time to spend more time with hyungwon
  • whenever you had work during the day, 
  • you’d either be gone before hyungwon wakes up 
  • or be home really late, only to have a couple of minutes to have some catching up with hyungwon
  • guess what hyungwon, i’ve got a promotion–”
  • *ding dong!*
  • “oh? who might that be?”
  • “that’s weird, you rarely get any visitors– *ears perks up when he hears a small mewl from the hallway*”
  • “minhyuk! come in, come in and who might this be?”
  • “this is chim chim, jooheon’s kitten.”
  • “my, isn’t she a beauty? but why do you even have jooheon’s kitten?”
  • well– omo, you have a guy living with you?”
  • minhyuk comes to an abrupt stop and sees hyungwon glaring at him
  • but then minhyuk didn’t seem to notice the glares that hyungwon was shooting at him
  • nor did he notice hyungwon’s tails
  • nor his beautiful cat like eyes and maybe the cute fangs
  • oh, minhyuk, i want you to meet hyungwon my p–”
  • “boyfriend.”
  • “what?!/really?”
  • “hyungwon *stands up and offers minhyuk a hand* nice to meet you.”
  • ohohoho, nice to meet you too. *shakes hyungwon’s hand*”
  • “he’s not my boy–”
  • “there’s no need in denying, [y/n], ahihihi. anyways, i was just passing by to give you this cactus to congratulate you on your promotion.”
  • and with that, minhyuk left with a big goofy smile on his face since he has some juicy story to tell the boys
  • but then you’re left with hyungwon, who is currently sulking
  • since his favorite hooman never told him about a boy named lE3 m1nhYuk
  • what was that for, hyungwon?”
  • “*ignores you*”
  • and that’s the start of your first fight with your man cat
  • geez, now you’re the one who’s ignoring me??? ?aFt3r $p0ut1nG oUt lIE$?!?!?!”
  • “*continues to ignore you and goes to the corner of the couch, curled up with his head resting on the arm rest while staring at the view outside*”
  • “Wow, just wow, you’re being so immature right now Hyungwon”
  • “*still ignoring you*”
  • “You know what, if that’s what you want then fine! God, why did I even try and bother telling you that I’ll be having more time to spend with you after getting this promotion. *walks off towards the kitchen to grab some drink to calm your nerves*”
  • and that’s when hyungwon realized that he messed up
  • but being the cat that he is, he was torn between his pride and guilt
  • “that good for nothing ca– WOAH THERE!”
  • looking down at your foot was hyungwon wrapping his long limbs around your feet with a pout
  • what do you want?”
  • “i’m sdjsldjsijfsihsorrysdkldjfslkjfdslj….”
  • “what?”
  • “i’m…sslkjfsdlkfjs sorrry sjrfsfskldfs…..”
  • “hyungwon, if you keep on eating your words—”
  • “i’m sorry, okay??? i’m sorry for acting like this.’“
  • “why?”
  • “because….”
  • “because???”
  • before you knew it, you’ve been shut up by hyungwon
  • by abruptly standing up
  • and pressing his pUmp liP$ on yours!!!!!!!
  • but before you could even react, you’re more stunned to hear his response
  • because my favorite human never told me about some guys named l3E m1NhyUk.”
  • facepalm.
  • that’s it??????
  • like really?!?!?1
  • so you’re telling me that you’re jealous…. and that you kissed me because???????”
  • “b-because….. *mutters under his breath* i like you….”
  • even though it’s weird to hear a confession from a man cat
  • it made your heart flutter
  • flutter like a bootiful butterfly
  • and that’s how….
  • the two of you
  • started loving each other
  • but despite all of this, hyungwon is still the man cat that you’ve found way back in the streets
  • but his affection level went up by 0.000001%
  • since he’s still a sassy little hybrid man cat
  • that still gave you those headaches
  • and sweet little flutters

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(same sad anon) on an unrelated note, when i see 'your' pics of keith i'm so often just astounded and amazed abt how he looks so fricking young?? that's weird bc i know he in fact is young but idk,, and it just makes him cuter too??

I’m not sure what about him makes him look so adorable… probably a combination of rather big eyes, a pointed chin that isn’t as pointed as Lance’s, frequent pouts and hair that always looks as if it could fall into his eyes at any moment. He’s so, so cute. MY CHILD ♥

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also also also (throwback to the first time I sent a request I was so nervous????idk why))) since you said you had tons of headcanons (that's right I'm holding you to your words) for golden boy(friend) jack Morrison,,,, lay em on me (please)

You have no idea how much I fucking love this farm boy


  • he overworks himself a lot and might actually need you to pull him away from his office
  • like actually drag him by the ear and scold him 
  • he has such a sweet tooth, you have no idea. 
  • there is a drawer in his office filled with candy (sour is his favorite)
  • you have to make sure he actually eats food and not just surviving on candy
  • fluffy, messy bed head is his natural state
  • has this man EVER brushed his hair??
  • he wears batman pajama bottoms when you two are just hanging out, usually just batman pajama bottoms
  • you have to tell him to wear a shirt when he’s not working 
  • when you two train, he tends to forget you’re not a fucking super soldier, and you’ve nearly passed out a few times
  • he always apologizes and gives you water, makes sure you’e stretched and okay
  • he’s tried to cook for you on multiple occasions, and every time he’s nearly burned down the place 
  • he likes to wrap his arm around your waist/hips, it just makes him feel better
  • he’s always really protective of you and if any agents hit on you, he’ll swoop in and be Intimidating Boyfriend 
  • he gets anxious of little things like talking to store clerks and waiters, but not meeting the president or going out on dangerous as fuck missions
  • he’s asked you on more than one occasion to talk to a waiter for him, and then apologized for making you do something for him
  • would kill you if anyone found out he still slept with a stuffed bear when you were away
  • he loves when you kiss his jaw, will be instantly relaxed 
  • same for the back of his neck
  • if you start fighting, or get too heated in a conversation he will literally just pick you up and carry you away
  • loves it when you wear his clothes
  • he wants a big family out in the country somewhere with a dog or two, but he fears the world so much he knows it could never happen and it honestly makes him so sad he could never truly have a family with you 

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So I just read your story from start to finish, and it's 10/10, like one of the best simblr stories I've read. But the one question that's been nagging at me was-and this is gonna sound real awful but- why didn't Santi kill himself right after the crash? He was sure Molly was dead, and they were already planning to do it eventually, so what was stopping him? I mean, I'm glad he didn't, but at the time wouldn't that make the most sense to him?(idk maybe im just heartless and missed the point lol)

firstly THANK YOU omg you’re not heartless at all lmao, i actually really like this question, i get so excited when people ask me things like this ajhsdjhf. sooooo a lot happened after the crash that you guys don’t know about yet, but like…yeah, obviously he felt really really low, and you’ll see that. but to put it into perspective, he went missing for an entire week during his manic stint with molly so his parents had been looking for him and then the crash happened which kind of cemented all those fears for them, so needless to say they kinda kept him by their side for a while after that, kinda like suicide watch, but really they just wanted to keep him out of trouble. so he didn’t have much freedom but obviously he still ruminated on everything especially with it all being so fresh in his mind. 

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I've always kinda been shady with Bryce,, idk it just felt like something was up. Plus there's been suspicions that's Bryce pays YouTubers to play with him so he can gain more views and subs so that's,, hella sketch. I don't know if that's just a rumor though so I'm trying to be careful with that.

Bryce isn’t my cup of tea- 
Once he appeared out of the blue, I never cared for the guy and I still don’t. 

But I’m sure everyone has a reason for being and causing trouble. 

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Just a quick question, am I bitter for hating the top comments on li's performance that says ALL THE BOYS are bla bla , or like HES SO GOOD like ***** and people are like literally talking about ***** and that's making me so fing mad like stfu about him for a sec Although on Irish's performance the same people that wrote ALL the boys are praising him and how amazing he is and how they're happy he left 1d (100% sure this makes no sense but I'm very mad so)


Idk why I laughed at you calling Nialler Irish also idk bur I am assuming you meant Harry yeah? To be fair, the boys didn’t choose their fans and I genuinely feel sorry for the boys who’re represented by such a toxic and vile fandom.

Okay moving on to the crux of your question, you’re not being bitter and if you are then so am I and we are bitter together and justifiably so? Me to every random fan remembering that Liam exists when he does something great and attributing it to the rest of the boys too:

Originally posted by the-idaho

This isn’t new or recent though, is it? Not by a long shot. Everytime Liam has done something great, it’s ALL THE BOYS OMG LONG LIVE 1D and everytime he does something bad, it’s WHO IS LIAM, LIAM IS SO EXTRA, CAN LIAM STOP MENTIONING THE BOYS, LOOK HE NEEDS THE BOYS TO GAIN VIEWS and I am a blend of emotions that range from frustration to anger. 

Off the top of my head:

1. When Liam gave his iconic shoutout to Zayn at the BBMAs, there were comments hailing how “all the boys were sweet” on youtube. I distinctly remember this because I left a comment asking people to stop with the “all the boys” nonsense and credit Liam.
2. When Liam saved this fandom and the band’s ass at the Brits 2017, he was immediately hailed as a hero for 3 minutes before everyone made it about how all the boys looked out for them that day, uhm where?
3. When Liam mentioned how he took over after they lost at txf so that the other boys could have a moment, I was actually emotionally moved because that young kid had this natural sense of leadership and he didn’t intend on hogging the headlines, he actually thought of his bandmates over himself. And yet, all I saw was people mostly talking about how Liam was there for THEIR faves rather than being grateful and admiring of how spectacular a soul Liam is.
4. When Liam saved the entire band lmao by actually pulling through with vocals and songwriting in both albums as well as on stage and yet got sidelined and little to no credit because people were busy making it all about their faves. Remember when Liam always did the vocals for the boys when their voice gave out AND HE DID THEM WELL and sometimes he had to quickly follow it up with his verse, LIVE, which were on a different range altogether? Or how he took over most of Zayn’s verses because let’s face it, Liam’s the only one can do all this ANYWAY 
5. When Liam took charge by saving their faves’ asses and by being the unofficial spokesperson for the band in interviews because – 
 a. He actually tackles questions well with wit and humour (I have seen a hundred comments where people said that now that the boys have gone solo, the other boys appear boring and dry in interviews, not going to name drop the boys)
b. He actually has a good sense of humour and commands a good modulation, is expressive, animated and interesting to listen to
c. He can sell narratives and I wish people would stop seeing it as a bad thing, like, the boy could actually be EPIC at marketing and shit if he ever tried, and considering he made a lot of business decisions, my point stands valid
d. He would feed in and keep the banter going with Louis or Niall, or even Zayn or Harry, usually tying the band into a cohesive unit 
– he was hated because apparently nobody else spoke? But like, they did? So? 

Basically all good things Liam does is on everyone but all bad things he does plus all bad things the others boys do *coughs*weedgate*coughs* is also on Liam, haha bye. 

I must end with this though, harries literally went on Niall’s vevo and talked about how SOTTwas better than This Town and then when Slow Hands came out, they were like “sToP cOmPaRiNgGG tHE bOYS” LMAO