idk i'm not sure if that's him

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


EXO’s Reaction to Finding a Girl Hiding Behind Their Car


Xiumin would have his laptop in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, ready to head home from the cafe, when he saw the girl cowering behind his car. After staring at her for a sold 29 minutes, he’d ask her what her name was and what exactly she was trying to accomplish.  When she explained the situation to him, he’d offer her a ride.


About as smooth as crunchy peanut-butter when it came to handling surprises (and girls), Chen would go into a slight state of shock when he saw the young girl hiding by his car. It wasn’t until she talked first that he snapped out of it, and offered to assist her anyway he could.


The girl was facing the other way when Baekhyun came around, and he stopped to look at her, unsure if he was dreaming or not. “So…you like my car?” he’d ask, chuckling as she jumped at his voice. When she awkwardly explained why she was hiding, he’d nod understandingly and give her a ride home.


It was late at night and Chanyeol was getting ready to go home from a restaurant when he came across the girl leaning against his car. She quickly introduced herself and explained her situation, and though Chanyeol agreed to help her, he had no idea what was going on. 


Lay would definitely be confused when he saw a girl hiding behind the tire of his car, but concern would overcome his confusion. He’d gently ask her her name and what she was doing. When she told him why she was hiding, his eyes would widen. He’d insist on driving her to a safe space, all while being super paranoid that someone was following them.


D.O would be skeptical, immediately assuming the girl was a sasaeng fan. “What,” is all he would say when he saw her, causing her to jump up and stammer out an explanation. Though still doubtful, he’d feel bad about just leaving her there and would cautiously offer a ride.


Though Suho likes to think he’s pretty smooth when it comes to dealing with random girls hiding behind his car, he’s a bit lacking. He’d offer a car ride, which she’d readily accept, however it would probably be one of the most awkward ones of her life. He’d occasionally break the silence with questions about her, however he was really just ready to forget this whole weird experience.


Like D.O, Kai would be skeptical about the whole situation. “So..a guy’s chasing you..and instead of going into a building or hide…” Nevertheless, he’d drive her back to her house, making sure to tell his members about the weird encounter later.


Sehun was exhausted and emotionally drained after a long day, so when he saw the girl he barely even reacted. She apologetically told him her situation, asking for help. He agreed, giving her a ride, however his expression was blatantly confused the entire time.

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okay idk if anyone noticed this before but i'm like 99% sure that in the pool scene when even and isak are kissing and they come up from the water and they pull away from each other for the first time, isak says "fy faen!" (holy shit) and thats why even smiles wider and kind of laughs and dives back in to kiss him again???? u can't hear it in the scene because there's music playing over it but what are ur thoughts i'm dying????

omG??? its like really hard to catch but yes?!?!!



“I knew that you were really a kind person Hiiragizawa-kun”

“You may not have magical powers, Tomoyo..but your sharp insights and your gentle heart are perhaps worth more than magic”

-Ch 45-

  • Alex: *coming home from war* Eliza! Where's my son!
  • Eliza: *smiles* Philip, this is dada!
  • Alex: *tearing up* my son
  • Eliza: here, hold him Alexander
  • Alex: Jesus Eliza I said MEET him like I'm sure you're doing fine here I think we'd both be better on a name-only basis now honestly I mean I've met him thats cool and stuff but like I never said like I'd be like holding it, i mean him lol idk maybe I talk to him again after like nine years but I'm all childed-out for now this has been uh just swell but i better be going gotta like, manage the country and stuff lol bye peter
  • Eliza: his name is PHILIP???

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So like, I'd like to be able to like crewt (is that the official ship name? Idk) but from what I can find credence is maybe 19, maybe a bit older and maybe younger, and newt seems around 30 ish (didn't look that up, admittedly), so it seems kinda weird for them to be together? Maybe it's just credence's behavior through the movie that's making me view him younger than he really is though, I'm not sure.

Hi! I wasn’t too passionate about Crewt myself before i’ve seen @sadfishkid​‘s art myself, so i don’t have too elaborate thoughts on them yet. Personally, age differences between two consenting adults don’t really bother me, Credence is at least 21 from what we know of him, and Newt is 29 so i don’t find their age gap too wide by conventional standards either. I like the soft, healing, and growing dynamic between Newt and Credence. I think they can really understand and help each other as they’re both people who have difficulty with social skills and interpersonal relationships in different ways. I’d prefer for Credence to have a period of recovery before engaging in a romantic relationship, and for me his relationship with Newt starts as platonic either way. If that friendship were to turn into a romantic one later on, i’d be okay with that. It would be a healthy and supportive relationship as far as i can tell.

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Do you think the song is a little bit rude? I really like it (like the beat and Jack rapping 😍), but I'm not really sure how I feel about the lyrics haha like I get that it's a "joke" but it's literally Conor asking Jack to be with this "ugly" girl ("jump on the grenade for him") while he goes have sex with this hot one ("not long juste enough so I can cum") like it's funny but eeh idk a bit fuckboy but I guess that's the point.. :')

Most parody songs are rude tho
It’s kind of the point

Don’t worry too much about it
They’re just having fun and making songs

Focus on how much you like the beat (and Jack’s rapping because fuck I’m never going to be over that! Haha)

I just relate to lars so much. Like, he’s portrayed as so much more than like a teen who’s trying to be cool. He doesn’t just want to be cool, he needs to fit in. He needs to do everything right so that the Cool Kids won’t think he’s lame. Most significantly in Lars and the Cool Kids, he just seems to be in this position where everything he does and says is potentially embarrassing and he feels like he’s being judged. And that just really resonated with me. Plus there’s Horror Club and the whole thing with the picture, showing that even when he was younger he was terrified of people’s opinions of him, so it’s not just the ‘teenager trying to be cool’ cliche. And he crys. Like he gets really upset at the potential of being what people might think of as just being mildly embarrassed, but in his case he’d be mortified. And idk I deal with that kind of thing pretty regularly and it’s really important to me.

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Soo I'm pretty excited for next week's coldflash team up. But that being said, don't you think its a little shady for Barry to borrow Snart and use him full well knowing his ultimate fate? Of course we know Barry's not beyond doing something moral dubious from time to time. But I'm still curious how they're going to prevent Len from walking into 2017 and figuring out somethings amiss.

this is 200% true. plus it’s even funnier knowing that we literally just had knockoff heatwave tearing around town. 

barry’s a mess, morally. it’s literally pointed out in the trailer for the episode. it’s been pointed out ever since the pipeline prison mess. we know it. snart knows it. he’s just happy barry’s admitting it to himself, i think. 

i’m definitely going to be watching barry’s vocabulary and facial expressions next week, that’s where my attention’s directed. 

  • Bts: okay so what hair colours for this comeback?
  • Bighit: well for Jimin, I'm pretty sure if u dig around in the basement there'll be some black hair dye from nmd era and like, idk brown, maybe some blonde
  • Jimin: OK Kwl
  • Bighit: Jin there's some blonde left
  • Jin: how??? U like dyed Yoongi's hair every week
  • Yoongi: hahaha experience my pain -
  • Bighit: Yoongi ur going grey
  • Yoongi: what?!?! That's ur fault for dyeing my hair so much
  • Bighit: no, we have grey hair dye. Um Namjoon, just put the mint hair dye on him fuck it
  • Namjoon: is everyone just becoming Yoongi?? What if we r all just vicariously living our life thru hair dye
  • Bighit:'ve never been red....u can be red and Jungkook we need to preserve ur holy image and ur soft hair, ur tender locks, ur staying brown
  • Jungkook: thx I mean I will dye my hair if u -
  • Rest of bts: this is biased and I've had enuff
anders critical bellow!
  • anders: everyone deserves freedom!
  • anders: except you fenris go back to your tevinter master you slave fuck
  • anders: there are no bad mages, just mages driven to do bad things out of desperation!
  • anders: except for you merrill you and your blood magic can go fuck yourselves
  • *bonus*
  • anders: i struck a deal with a spirit and that's okay
  • merrill: *strikes deal with spirit*
  • anders: wow wtf that's disgusting how could you
  • *super bonus*
  • LI anders: *manipulates hawke into helping him*
  • hawke: idk man I'm not sure I should help you do this...
  • LI anders: WHAT but I thought I could trust you we are so over

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I know this is a weird question, but who do you think is gonna "top" in 19 days (like most of the time, obviously they'll switch around IDK) if the sexy times do ever come out way???? I've just always seen Jian Yi as the uh, receiver but I'm not so sure anymore LOL

1) When Jian Yi’s feelings are unrequited, jian yi would be the aggressor/ the one who initiates (but still power bottom, like come on)

2) But if his feelings ever get returned, he’ll melt underneath him like putty 

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A list of all of Harley/joker's tattoos? I'm so curious about them I've never seen all of them or what they mean.


Here’s Harley’s: 

I think most of Harley’s are pretty self explanatory. The ones that are in more detail are the one’s she probably got before she got to Belle Reve: the harlequin pattern, property of Joker, Daddy’s Lil Monter, the rainbow dolphin tattoo, etc. The one’s that are not as detailed are the ones that she did with a prison tattoo gun: the tally marks, I’ll Wait Forever, Harley + Puddin, etc. 

And Joker’s: 

I think J’s are pretty self explanatory as well. ‘HAHAHA’, the multiple smiles, ‘JOKER’, ‘GOD’S ONLY CHILD’, ‘J’, etc. are all tattoos that I think are in character for Joker. I think that ‘Damaged’ and the robin with an arrow threw it are the most interesting ones because that all points to him killing Robin. 


Photo credit @ladyharleyquinn

  • *gay man on tv tries on a wedding dress*
  • me: yes, and...?
  • mom: *shocked face* but he's a man!!
  • me: yes, and...?
  • mom: *trying to collect herself* oh well of course trans people are ok...
  • me: he's not trans, he's just a man in a dress.
  • mom: but he's wearing a woman's dress, that makes him trans!
  • me: no... it makes him a man in a dress...?
  • mom: oh...
  • *5 minutes later, upon hearing him "talk like a girl"*
  • mom: omg so he's a fag?!?!?!
  • me: *don't be rude don't be rude don't - * OMG COULD YOU USE A WORD THAT'S NOT OFFENSIVE, PLEASE?!
  • mom: he can't hear me anyway!
  • me: yeah but I can, and that's offensive!
  • mom: .....
  • pretty sure she now thinks i'm gay but i don't even care. i had to call her out. and i'm not even mad at her, she's just ignorant and i know she can learn and grow.

meanwhile at ABC headquarters

*muffled yells in the distance* “No one cares about Hook!”

“Aww, everyone’s talking about Hook. Better put him on the poster. Get those blue eyes front and centre. Hang in there Killian, Emma’s coming for ya.”

“Stop Once Upon A Captain Swan!”

“Oooh, ‘Once Upon A Captain Swan’? That sounds great. Someone write that down. Jimmy, write that down. That’s our new slogan. Love it. Man. Our fans are the best.”

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  • Musical Theatre (any musical/play, new and old)
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  • Taylor Swift
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  • Emma Stone
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  • Les Mis
  • Graceland (TV show)
  • Youtube people (preferably Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Jacksgap, Grace Helbig, etc)