idk i'm not fashionable at all

do y'all realize… that you don’t have to look androgynous to be nonbinary ?? did you know that ppl can “pass” as one gender and still be nb ?? because i’m sick and tired of nonbinary ppl being expected to have a great fashion sense and look androgynous all the time… let me wear makeup and do “girly” things but also let me be “manly” and don’t think anything of me other than what i am. nonbinary.

“you look like billy ray cyrus”

it’s been super interesting to watch percy transitioning from that terrifying, impulsive, quick-trigger anger to one that… is still terrifying, and he is still quick to anger, but he recognises when he is and instead of following through with that, knows himself well enough to surround himself by people who will temper and calm him


Catch me going to see It in the theater for the second time lookin like the glitteriest gay you’ve ever seen…


i can’t believe dan’s light up shoes inspired me to do this whole thing, jfc lmao. open the top pic in a new tab for full view, tumblr’s dimensions are so shitty!! I guess this is kinda a follow up to the GQ one I made?? I might start a mini-fashion series or smth haha

also i like when they both wear all black c: 
p.s i’m also doing commissions 

“dude, i’d totally like to spin you at home in my bedroom.”

“dean, you know i don’t usually take requests… but i think i can make an exception this time.”

o47 - that AU where the winchester brothers DJ at a high-end dance club, but since sam’s on his honeymoon, management had to look for a new partner to play with dean for the next few weeks. enter cas, the guy with no fashion sense at all a classical music professor who secretly has an affinity for night club beats. [this is for my bb eunice♥]

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What if the reason rich makes... interesting fashion choices is BC his squip is defective and that's why it didn't try to take over the world (I'm trying to fill plot holes that I don't remember being in the musical but idk if it was in the book or anything. I also haven't slept since Saturday so that maybe part of it)

ive always thought that it could be a few things:

1. Like you said, rich just had a defective squip that made it him a fashion disaster

2. Wearing “stylish” clothes isnt always the way to be cool. By making… bold… fashion choices it gets him noticed by others which is the first step to becoming popular


this is what fashion really looks like and we are all blind to the truth

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Tadashi gets all dressed up in a suit and needs the your help with his tie, because his dad wasn't around to show him how and he left his phone (with his old friend Google) at home so he wouldn't get distracted. I'm glad you're feeling better btw! <3

hhhhnnnn this made me really giddy and idk why. uwu probably bc i miss writing for my cinnamon roll. 

Title: Knotted.
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada x reader.
Words: 589.
Rating: K.

Growling under his breath in a deep fashion, Tadashi looked up and let his brown eyes settle on the reflection of his hands bundled with the red fabric of his tie, hoping that using a mirror would be an easier way to tie the tie, rather than looking down awkwardly. He could feel the knots in his neck from at least 15 minutes straight looking down, trying desperately to tie the tie in the way that Cass told him it was done. But, he messed up. More than once as well, and he tried every combination of the steps that Cass had exclusively told him to remember, but still, couldn’t get it tied. He’d pat his pants and check on his phone, perhaps youtubing several videos, but he didn’t have his phone, as it was date night with you, and phones were off limits. He growled again, though this one was more frustration as he kicked his leg out. Letting his dominant left hand reach up, he grasped a handful of his hair and tugged softly. Out of all things you can do, you can’t freakin’ tie a tie. He snapped at himself.

Popping his mouth, Tadashi contemplated asking you to tie it for him, but he was worried that it would seem weird that he couldn’t do it himself, that he had Cass tie all of his ties since the day his parents passed away. Hiro constantly teased him about it, but even then, the youngest Hamada had difficulty tying them as well. With a small sigh of defeat, Tadashi hung the red fabric around his neck loosely, pressing his hands to the bathroom door and almost sulking back to your bedroom, “Hey, (Name).” He said, walking in and catching hold of your semi-nude back.

The dark ruby dress that was on your body was backless, but covered enough of you to tease Tadashi’s young mind. The front was a bit more modest, and he felt himself relax slightly as you turned to face him, “Hey, babe. Just gotta get my shoes on and then I’ll be… ready…. Are you okay?” Tilting your head to the side, you neared your lover and tugged the tie away from his neck. “Are you feeling okay?” You were genuinely concerned when he let his puppy dog eyes flicker to his shoes, admiring the darkness of them before shrugging his shoulders. “Tadashi, what is it?” You pressed on, feeling the silkiness of the tie slip between your fingers.

He hesitated as you began tying the fabric into place, a small lump forming in his throat, “I. Thanks… I don’t know how to tie… My dad was never around to show me.” He cleared his throat and looked to the side with sullen eyes, “Cass helped me with it for the longest time…”

Nodding in understanding, you raised your eyebrows as you tightened it around his thick, muscular neck, “You don’t need to be ashamed, ‘Dashi. It’s common, especially in younger men…” You weren’t sure what else to say, for the subject of his parents was hit and miss with Tadashi, and even more so with Hiro. Some days, it was okay, but some days were worse, and even speaking about it was painful like a burning sensation at the back of your throat. “I love you, Tadashi. Whether you can tie a tie, or not. It doesn’t make you any less of a man…”

“Thanks, (Name).” He picked his head up as you pecked his warm lips soothingly, “I love you too.”

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

Uuuhhhhh * Eheh * I think you’re missing something, SmackDown * clears throat * WHERE IS MY FASHION FILES?! I HAD TO SIT HERE WATCH KEVIN TALK TRASH ABOUT SHANE’S FAMILY THEN SEE SHANE PAY THE PRICE I SAT HERE SEEING SAMI ZAYN LOSE TO A PERSON I DO NOT CARE ABOUT I SAT HERE THINKING THE GLORIOUS ONE WILL COME OUT BUT HE NEVER DID I SAT HERE WAITING FOR CHRIS JERICHO TO COME BACK (he probably left to do something but me being a clueless person idk) I SAT HERE THINKING DOLPHINS ZIGGLER WILL COME OUT LOOKING ALL NEW AND REPACKAGED BUT NOOOO AND NOW YOU ARE NOT GIVING US FASHION FILES W-wha… What are you doing. Like Chris Jericho would say, you guys are Stupid Idiots. I’m gonna go back to RAW where they created a beautiful story between former brothers who are back together. And they, unlike SmackDown, GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT. ( I want Fashion Files so bad :c )

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I've written a draft and I'm currently rewriting it. There are some parts that I'm excited to get to but idk if I should skip sections to rewrite and go back to them. Any help?

You have permission to do a second first draft. If you’re concerned about losing enthusiasm/good ideas/inspiration if you do your rewrites in a linear fashion, then by all means, work on the ones that are screaming at you for attention first.

But at some point, you really should read front-to-back because that will be how you find plot holes, continuity errors, time anomalies and such. 

More tips for rewrites here, including a tip to work back-to-front.

– mod Aliya


Not totally studyblr related but here are my outfits on the first week of school. Thought you guys could grab some outfit ideas if you don’t know what to wear or if you feel like dressing up a bit. I always pick my clothes the night before so I won’t spend five hours looking for what to wear in the morning. Most, if not all, pieces are under $20. And yes, I wore heels because my friend and I wanted to match lol. Outfit details under the cut.

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i’m p sure that my professors don’t initially respect me bc i’m sure i’m seen as ridiculous bc of my hair/clothes; but i think that once i participate in class and they read my papers, their attitude toward me changes. sometimes i feel really awkward about my appearance, esp in school, bc i can feel ppl judging me bc i really stand out. i look like an alien compared to anyone i’ve seen on campus. honestly i wish i could choose to look this way without being noticed. i actually don’t like being stared at in school bc it makes me uneasy, but i’m too attached to my appearance being an essential part of my identity and necessary to my well-being despite the discomfort it can bring sometimes. but i worry that it may affect my grades, and i can’t voice that worry without the immediate response being ‘just don’t look that way then.’ it’s not that easy though. i think of how empty i feel now, and how much more desolate i’d be without the ability to express myself in the way that is most natural and crucial to me. and that possibility is painful to imagine. obv when i work as a resident/doctor i’ll clean my look up when i’m on the clock, but it seems unnecessary to change myself forever esp as i’m only in junior college. i also don’t want to be reduced, embarrassed, and invalidated by my professors, so i push to prove myself constantly. honestly, i’ve already won awards and had success at my school (b4 i had to take a yearlong medical leave) despite choosing to look the way I do. idk i’m just thinking too much and letting my nerves give way to self-doubt and i’m just defeating myself.

if anybody here chooses an unusual fashion and wears it to work/school, please tell me about your experiences; are you received well or poorly? how do you respond to criticism of your appearance? do you ever feel like you should change yourself because of it?

anyway thx 4 reading this 💖

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Hey... I'm a trans guy, and I was talking to another trans man about misgendering I get allot. And he started blaming my fashion choices, saying the type of haircut I have and the shirts I wear and my dyed grey hair are all very "lesbianish" and saying the misgendering is my fault for not trying to look hyper manly. And now I kinda feel like shit. I like my hair and clothes, and I thought they looked "manly" on me. Idk I'm just really upset, maybe he was right. *sigh*

He wasn’t right.
That attitude is so toxic and fuels toxic masculinity.
You wear whatever you like to wear! We have other passing tips in the FAQ too, follow whatever ones you want to -Matt

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how would you describe taehyung's style lately? tbh I like that he's experimenting but I'm not as big of a fan of his fashion as I used to be. I think 2016 was his best year so far but idk I'm just not really feeling his aesthetic lately. which is totally fine! like i said I think it's cool he's wearing what he likes/wants but it's not vibing with me

Although there have been a few questionable moments lately, I still consider his style one of my favorites, mainly because I love how he experiments, his outfits are never boring. I don’t how I would describe his style at the moment but I like how despite all the experimenting you can still see hints from his 2015-2016 style incorporated into his 2017 outfits.