idk i'm just throwing this out there

me: i hate fuckboys. i hate their smug attitudes, i hate how they walk around in gym clothes all the time as if they could start working out at any second, i hate how they look like the human embodiment of the word “bro” while simultaneously calling everyone around them a bro, i hate how they’re always flexing like they Know you’re watching, i hate how they throw up the same tired pose for every selfie, i hate em!!! hate fuckboys!!

tom holland: [does all of the above]

me: 👀

I’ve heard a few people say the Tay character that crashes the Maserati and is at the end “getting receipts” is throwing shade at a certain someone (we all know who and that’s not the point)… I think it’s actually playing on the rumour that Taylor  does everything for attention. Like, the paparazzi are there at the crash because she called them, everything she does is for attention. None of the Taylor Swift characters in the video are meant to represent other people; they all represent the false or incomplete images people have of Swift herself. 

You know, it feels like the perfect night to kidnap your crushes little brother and lock him in the trunk of a car where he may possibly be burnt to death when the car explodes later on at your ballin’ fourth of july party, then invite said crush to said fourth of july party by using said kidnapped little brother as a threat, then partially confess your feelings to your crush while simultaneously still suffering from emotional constipation and when you get rejected, dream up a giant fire dragon to fight the slightly lamer albino dragon your crush dreams up until you give up, throw out a killer catchphrase such as “the world’s a nightmare” and have your fire dragon plow into you while you stand on the roof of a car and drop dead. Idk I just have a feeling that this would be the perfect thing to do this evening…

things that happened tonight

-when Billie came out (last) he kind of startled when he saw me wearing my hat and pointed at me like ?!
-during Holiday I took the pink bunny ears off and threw them his way and HE CAUGHT THEM THIS TIME omfg what a wild moment everyone around screamed and he looked at me like “HA!” and I blew him such a big kiss and he put them on!! AND SMILED SO MUCH AT ME
-Letterbomb when Billie says “don’t you just wanna fuckin lose it?!” Mike does the funniest hop/jump/skip/stick his tongue out move lmao
-St Jimmy again was SO FUCKING WILD he came over again and did the first line RIGHT IN OUR FACES ugh his eyes were literally glittering and sparking it was insane
-he finally got me right in the face/hat with the hose lol
-for Knowledge he was walking around going “WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY” and he was staring at me literally for so long I felt like I had to say something so I went “I don’t!” And he said into the mic “oh, you don’t.” WTF like did he want to bring me up?! What the fuck I hate myself the girl who got up didn’t even play well anyway I actually can play better than her I’m such a fucking IDIOT
-a kid had a sign for She??? Asking if he could play??? and Billie pulled him up and let him play Blue?! I was shook
-he did the fuckin sexiest ever stick-his-ass-out-and-pout pose during KFAD I wanted to die
-idr when but he kept singing really high pitched stuff???? Idk whyyyy
-during KFAD he came over so I threw him my fuzzy rainbow thing but it must have gone under the stage because he was laughing and pointing to show me where it had gone lmao omg he just wants people to throw him shit
-I was kind of quoting along with Billie at one point, like just saying what I knew he was gonna say and Tre saw and laughed at me
-as still breathing ended Billie closed his eyes and I could literally see him exhale and he looked so moved I wanted to cry
-the whole group came out for good riddance 💔😭
-idk I feel so fucking weird right now I love them so much


Pharah. Pharah it’s just an expression. Pharah calm your gay. PHARA STOP THROWING APPLES. PHARAH.


HOLY SHIT SHE’S SO CUTE!!!! I honestly had so much fun making her and she’s definitely my favorite OC now +_+


Thanks! I’m not very good with words so I made a gif which will hopefully give example to what I try to say… but uuuuh tips.. I just do the normal flats, shading, highlights thing buuut I try to keep it very clean? Like I block out the flat layer in grey or what have you and do the other colors on clip layers. Then when I do the shading I do it in grey scale on a multiply layer so I’m less bias as to what colors go where, afterwards I lock it and match with the appropriate colors. Then I throw some highlights on the shiny bits and I’m done! Idk how I get it to be soft? Like it’s just a thing.. that happens. idk art is magic guys.

Seeing Double

Anon Request: Hi! I’ve been reading your fics for a while now, I totally love them!!! I have a request, if you’re willing. A jim kirk x 5 year old child! reader who’s actually his child from one of his old one night stand or something that he has to take care of. Thank you!

Daddy!Jim and Daughter!Reader (Part 2!)

Word Count: 1626

Warnings: None!!

A/N: I hope this is okay! I realize there really isn’t a lot of Jim taking care of the kid but idk I’m still happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you are too! I definitely got a little too involved in the backstory lol. I think I might do a part 2 at some point, just because I like the idea of Jim and his kid pulling pranks on people throughout the ship. We’ll see, we’ll see. 

“Sir, we have a wee situation in Engineering.”

Jim cursed under his breath. It hadn’t even been three hours yet. “Guess it’s a good thing you’re the best engineer in the fleet Mr. Scott. I trust you can handle it while I finish this briefing.”

“I think this is something you’ll want to come down and see for yourself, captain.”

Jim pushed himself up from the table, cradling the comm to his ear. He spoke in a whisper: “Look, Scotty. I told you I’m in a briefing and frankly the admiral in charge is pretty hot so I’ve got to act like a Captain, okay? Whatever it is you can handle it.”

Scotty sighed. “All right, all right. Remind me what the procedure is for stowaways again.”

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who's the guy on your pfp, idk if you answerd i'm pretty new

8^]!!! its a character by kaneoya sachiko…. she’s one of my art inspirations <3

she has a ton of characters and this is just one of them!! his name is hiro, the can on his head absorbs whatever goes into it as energy, sometimes people throw trash in it and use him as an ashtray, so he’s relatable

you can find all her art here her nsfw and gore is sooooo good, everything she does is wonderful!!! her art book actually comes out today 8^[!! its hella cash tho so ive been really sad i can’t buy it…. sigh

I know a lot of people criticize it, but i really appreciate the whole Edward asking Bella to marry him before she’s a vampire subplot in Twilight. I know it gets pointed at as SMeyer preaching her abstinence ideals and stuff, but it’s actually really important and smart on Edward’s part? It highlights that she really doesn’t understand what she’s asking when she begs to become a vampire. Here she is at eighteen saying she wants to spend forever with him, begging him to make her immortal and alter her life permanently forever - against his better judgement - but then balks at the idea of marriage because marriage represents forever. And though she insists she doesn’t care, she obviously cares enough to not want to do it. She thinks getting married young is dumb but is literally willing to throw away her entire life for him. It just shows how young and immature Bella is on these matters and how she just really does not fully understand what she’s asking. I think it;s an incredibly smart move for Edward to put her in that position to try to point that out to her. He’s trying to get her to understand the severity of what she’s asking by putting it in terms she’ll understand.  idk i just really like that plot line 

Welp, I needed to make this post anyway.

ALRIGHT. So. I should have probably touched on this much much sooner, but, here are my thoughts on Link’s age in the present day for BOTW. Some spoiler warnings for those who haven’t collected all the memories!

I believe that prior to that game, the 100 years in the past, Link was no younger than 17. Here are screenshots from the game to prove that: 

Zelda is referring to Mount Lanayru and the fact that she’s waiting until her 17 birthday to get pray at the shrine. Link accompanies her. So…ergo Link is/was 17 at least.

Me personally? I believe Link is 18 just for the fact that he has so many responsibilities and from how we see him act in the memories, he’s just very mature. [[Needless to say, in my fics he IS of age just to clarify!]]

Flashforward, a hundred years later. And then we get this tidbit, CANON, in game.

Now that can be taken at a grain of salt, but I believe that is Link’s interpretation of his own age. My point is, please stop throwing around the “Link is only 15/16″ posts, especially if you haven’t played the game and are just assuming stuff.  And if people are offended because they think Link is ‘young’ why am I not seeing posts for how many people hit on Link throughout the game???? 

Also, if I see one person reblog this and try to start drama, you’re getting blocked. No fighting. 


He might be an after thought, but it’s not like Yuri Plisetsky wanted or needed anyone by his side anyway.

Pairing: one sided Yuri x Yuuri

The minute he gets back to the hotel, Yuri throws his phone against the wall and lets himself collapse onto the floor in a disheveled heap. Engaged. Viktor and Yuuri are engaged. In all retrospects, Yuri should have seen this coming. Too bad denial is a hell of a drug.

It’s stupid. Feelings are stupid. Love is stupid. He’s stupid. Stupid for thinking maybe Yuuri would like him like he likes Viktor, stupid for thinking Viktor would tire of Yuuri. But now they are engaged, officially engaged, as in, they will marry each other and have a wedding. They get a happy ending.

(He doesn’t care about marriage and relationships are a waste of time, but he really likes Yuuri and wants to kiss him and be held by him and feed him all of his grandfather’s precious katsudon pirokhzi.) 

After working his ass off to come in first his entire life, it’s not easy adjusting to being second, or third, or even less than that. Yuri’s hard work and sheer determination is failing him now. Being an after thought, it hurts. When you’ve given it all your all and it’s still not enough, what else is there to sacrifice?

Anger bubbles up in his throat and escapes through his eyes. Yuri aggressively wipes the tears away with his sleeve. God, what is he? Georgi? This is so pathetic, he thinks, but the tears don’t stop falling no matter how many times he wipes them away. At least Yakov and Lilia are out right now so he gets to throw his little tantrum in private.

Yuri lets himself mourn his unrequited feelings, and when there is nothing left to cry out, he picks himself up off the floor and swears that tomorrow, the gold will be his. He doesn’t need anyone by his side anyway.

And today in total random dumb headcanons:

I was wondering why Doctor Flug decided to hang around Black Hat. I mean, he’s obviously not having a good time, BH treats him like shit, and if he’s smart enough to make a gravitational field device thingie I’m pretty sure he’d be smart enough to run this evil corporation business on his own. So why doesn’t he?

Then again, Black Hat is, presumably, some kind of demon. And what are demons known to do?

They make contracts. With humans going through a rough spot in life. They’re experts in making it look like a good deal, but then turning it around so the human is somehow indebted to them and unable to escape without losing their soul. (These contracts also often leaves marks, which would of course be an ideal reason to wear a paper bag over your head. Don’t want to be reminded of how you stupidly sold your soul to the devil every time you look in the mirror)

idk, just throwing it out there ;)


Gonna go full white girl here for a moment

If I ask if a food is spicy at all, and you reply “No, not at all! You can barely feel it!” then that is a contradiction. It is spicy. It may not be very spicy, or even moderately spicy, but it’s still spicy. Please just tell me that straight-out.

I know there’s a good chance you’re mocking me in your head when I say that I cannot handle spices at all, and that even the mildest of sauces, that you insist are barely there, are going to hurt, because I’m mocking me too. I know I’ve got a child’s palate when it comes to spicy food. I know it’s almost laughable, how badly I react to even table pepper in more than the most minuscule of doses.

But if I ask “is this spicy,” and you answer “not at all,” and then proceed to tell me that it’s mild, then I will still consider it too spicy.

If I ask “is this spicy at all” and you say “no” while knowing that it is, just a tiny bit, because you can’t imagine anyone reacting, then please don’t be offended when I take one bite and then throw it out, because I asked for a reason.

It’s a dumb thing to talk about, but… yeah. Just do your cannot-handle-spices friends a favor and be honest when they ask. Mild is still a level of spice.

(This goes doubly for strangers, because if they have a digestive problem like, IDK, ulcers or something, then spicy food can irritate the stomach lining further and cause extreme pain. Some people claim that capsaicin can be used to treat ulcers, but you know… just play it safe, yeah?)

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Ahhhh I'm freaking out, I'm applying to architecture grad schools now and idk if this is even an ask, but I just saw a post of yours on my dash and it triggered me into thinking about grad school. Any tips and/or help?

Why triggered? In my opinion if you made it through architecture school you are ready for anything academia throws at you, even if you consciously don’t realize it! Use this next phase to zero in on the aspects of architecture that inspire you and challenge you, the ones that get your curious self to explore further and find new solutions to our problems. Find a school that will allow you to grow, hopefully outside of your comfort zone, and be a better architect. Good luck!

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@skuttlebutts continued to throw seal Jay feels at me last night and it was amazing thank you so much haha! <3 So here’s some grooming & a terrible fisherman hiding in a fishing community. ^u^

Noct ran a grunge aesthetic blog before the fall. Once at 2am he sat on his fire escape with a flower in his hair (for the aesthetic) and smoked his first cigarette to try and get a cool picture of himself to be #edgy but ended up inhaling loads of ash somehow and choking. Ignis had to drive him to the emergency room and spent the entire time yelling at him about how bad smoking is for you and Noct just sat throwing up out the window (he was also drunk). Ignis never let him live it down. It is referred to as “the ash incident” and Noct made Iggy swear he would never tell anyone, especially his dad. But Regis totally knew.

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For the Four Word Prompt: Khaji Da and Jaime with "Alright, I love you." And/or "I'm not wearing that."

(shit man this was actually kinda tough to write hnnnng. just going with the first one for this, can’t figure out how to incorporate the second one. Idk what this is it’s 12:45am what am I doing writing so late)

[I do not understand, Jaime Reyes. Why do the males and females of your species constantly press their faces together like that?]

Jaime almost spat out his drink as Khaji Da whispered the question into his mind. Bart watched him get up and throw out the soda bottle, but didn’t make to follow him.

“Esé, we’ve seen so many people kiss and make out and stuff before, and you choose now to ask?”

[…Please answer the question, Jaime Reyes.]

Jaime snorted. “Dude, it’s called kissing. It’s how humans show love for each other.”

[…You say ‘I love you’ to your family, but do not engage in this act of ‘kissing’ with them.]

“Well…okay, one, I do kiss them if you’d actually pay attention sometimes, it’s just on the cheek. That’s more how you express familial love. When, uh…when people kiss on the lips, it usually means they’re a couple.”


Like, uh…like mates, Khaji.”


Why the sudden interest anyway, dude? I mean, you’ve been kinda quiet the past few days anyway. Something wrong?”

[No. Nothing is ‘wrong.’]

Dude, that did not sound convincing at all. C’mon, bug, spill.”

[…I am…simply……..curious.]

Okay…about what?”


By this point, Jaime had reached his designated room on the Watchtower, and flopped onto the bed. “Emotions, huh, bud?”


“Dude, it’s not like emotions are a bad thing. Don’t even say it, I know you’re gonna try and say emotions make humans unstable or some crap, but like…that’s the whole point. Emotions make us human.”

[…I am not human, Jaime Reyes. I am of the Reach. I am not supposed to experience emotions…feelings.]

Aw, Khaji Da,” Jaime murmured, looking over his shoulder and squinting at the metallic blue shell embedded in his back. “How many times do we gotta go over this? They might’ve made you but you don’t have to listen to them anymore. Feelings are a natural thing on Earth. Just embrace them, esé, it’s nothing to worry about.”

[…What does love feel like, Jaime Reyes?]

Jaime giggled. “Jeez, man, I dunno. It’s supposed to feel different to every person. Usually it can be, like, getting protective about them, wanting to know how they’re feeling, wanting to make them happy, enjoying their laughter or their smile, and just…feeling happy around them.”

[I think I may…feel…this emotion.]

Come again?”

[Alright, I…love you.]

Jaime grinned, and let out a breathless laugh. “Aw, Khaji Da, I love you too, you sentimental little bug.”