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happy birthday johnny seo  // #HappyJohnnyDay

luna x ginny i see stars nestled in the soft curve of your smile

doodle edit series (pt. 2)

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy

joshua the type to...
  • smell like stress relief lotion (if you know what im talking about.. yes from B&BW)
  • maybe smell like vanilla bc he’s the embodiment (didn’t he actually wear a shirt that said vanilla?? or am i making this up??!?!?)
  • share his other earbud when you’re out - maybe on the train or bus because he wants to listen to the same music as you
  • play with your hair and genuinely enjoy it
  • pull your hoodie over your head for you because he thinks its adorable
  • cup your face in his large hands 
  • go to the pet store for fun
  • have a habit of putting his chin on your shoulder
  • do this while hugging you from behind 
  • also have a habit of grabbing your hands and start swinging your arms around (and you’d just be like lol???? why)
  • constantly intertwine his fingers with yours without even realizing
  • be subtly suggestive just for the hell of it - bc you thought he was a pure angel
  • fake cry when you don’t laugh at his jokes that he thought were A+++
  • split his chopsticks the wrong way (lmao) and then you’d have to get another to split for him (ok dis me)
  • have a shocked look on his face when you split them apart perfectly - like you know with the wide eyes and :O
  • be a sucker for lounging around under the shade and cloud watching tbh
  • take you out for bike rides at night 
  • invite you over for a pj party
  • buy you guys matching pjs or smth
  • probably wrap you up in multiple blankets like a little burrito and cuddle you idk 
  • he just tha type
  • u kno

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I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.


so here’s what i’ve been doing instead of studying for my two big ass tests coming up tomorrow………

Jason stared incredulously at Nico. “What?”

Nico stood triumphant and confident. His face unwavering. “I want to go flying.”

“You… want to fly?”

“If you want to, of course. I’m not going to force you t–”

“I’d love to!” Jason had to bite back his impatient urge after that. To play it cool, he added, “I mean – if that’s cool with you.”

“That’s why I asked, Sparky.”

When Piper or Leo called him ‘Sparky’, it was normal and affectionate. But Nico saying it was something so much more powerful. His voice held dominion over Jason and hearing Nico call him 'Sparky’ was giving Jason a hard time controlling his feelings. “But I can’t just – make you fly.”

“I know.”

“I have to… you know…”

“I know.”

“Are… are you okay with that?”

Nico’s face looked as if it had a faint red shade. “Of course. I thought this through already.”

“… Okay uhm… when?”

“When do you have time?”

“After dinner?”

“Yeah, I have to eat with Will tonight, I promised him. But after that, I’ll be free.” Jason’s heart always shivered when Nico talked about Will. They were broken up now, but Jason still felt a tinge of jealousy. Will was a good guy, just not good for Nico. Jason wasn’t the right guy for Nico either, but he couldn’t help his feelings.

”… Okay. Sounds good.“ Nico was about to turn around when Jason stopped him. "Wait, Nico?”


“Can I ask… why you want to go flying?”

“I… I had a dream. I just want to try it.” He was avoiding the reasoning.

“Do you need to talk about your dreams? We have bad dreams if you need someone to talk to –”

“I’m good, Jason. Thanks. I’ll see you after dinner?”

“Of course, see you Nico.”