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After the reveals

Marinette: *working on something in class but messes up* Oh, darn!

Adrien: What’s bugging you?

Alya: Yeah, you seem pawsitively aggravated.

Chloe: You must still bee as clumsy as ever.

Marinette: …

Marinette: I hate you guys so much.

Nino: *sitting by Adrien and watching them, confused * what is going on.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots was leaked on June 15, 2016. It may be a sign that the band is in the process of making a new album. It may have also just been written for the new movie Suicide Squad. It's presumably a warning call to people who may encounter the Clique and how they should be slow with them because of their varied mental states. Tyler Joseph has referred to his phone as a 'heathen machine'. He has captioned a blurry photo of himself ':.:.Heathenboyson:..:'. Some sources claim a music video will be released on June 16, 2016.
  • Someone: What is this over there?
  • Me: This...Is the Sherlock fandom.
  • Someone: Woah! It looks like a mess! What happened?
  • Me: Well it started with season 4 everyone was excited for. It looked promising and fans hoped to see what they wanted to see. But soon after the season ended, the madness slowly begin. Many people couldn't believe, that "The Final Problem" is real, because it was so silly and there was still so many questions unanswered. Soon more people thought that there could be a 4th episode. Theories were written, the Tinfoil Hat Club was founded, meanwhile other people are unsure if there will be more and are angry about other things about the show. And then the BBC made it even worse thanks to their shitty responses about fans complaints. I could explain it more accurate, but it would take to long...
  • Someone: ...Do you think that everything will be ok soon?
  • ...
  • ...
  • Me, putting my tin foil hat on: I have no fucking idea.

I don’t understand why everyone wants Emily to stay? She’s so boring™? Dallas will actually shake up the house and he is working with Jackie and Cass/possibly the French connection?! Emily has said she wants out the female vets and will just benefit Dillon’s/Kevin’s/Bruno’s game?? She will also be a number for them. Y'all must be Br*no stans. Yes Dallas isn’t the best player but thinking long term here… Not to mention he is good at comps and wants to target Bruno!!!!!!


> Save Me - @resonae

“Five years ago, Bangtan found out Seokjin was spreading his legs for rich sponsors so their group could find success, and everything fell apart.”

Jason stared incredulously at Nico. “What?”

Nico stood triumphant and confident. His face unwavering. “I want to go flying.”

“You… want to fly?”

“If you want to, of course. I’m not going to force you t–”

“I’d love to!” Jason had to bite back his impatient urge after that. To play it cool, he added, “I mean – if that’s cool with you.”

“That’s why I asked, Sparky.”

When Piper or Leo called him ‘Sparky’, it was normal and affectionate. But Nico saying it was something so much more powerful. His voice held dominion over Jason and hearing Nico call him 'Sparky’ was giving Jason a hard time controlling his feelings. “But I can’t just – make you fly.”

“I know.”

“I have to… you know…”

“I know.”

“Are… are you okay with that?”

Nico’s face looked as if it had a faint red shade. “Of course. I thought this through already.”

“… Okay uhm… when?”

“When do you have time?”

“After dinner?”

“Yeah, I have to eat with Will tonight, I promised him. But after that, I’ll be free.” Jason’s heart always shivered when Nico talked about Will. They were broken up now, but Jason still felt a tinge of jealousy. Will was a good guy, just not good for Nico. Jason wasn’t the right guy for Nico either, but he couldn’t help his feelings.

”… Okay. Sounds good.“ Nico was about to turn around when Jason stopped him. "Wait, Nico?”


“Can I ask… why you want to go flying?”

“I… I had a dream. I just want to try it.” He was avoiding the reasoning.

“Do you need to talk about your dreams? We have bad dreams if you need someone to talk to –”

“I’m good, Jason. Thanks. I’ll see you after dinner?”

“Of course, see you Nico.”

I feel really uncomfortable when people ask Brendon or Ryan hundreds of times about ryden pls stop