idk i'm bored and on my phone

F!P: Hey cupcake…
F!G: What the-!!
F!P: If your left leg was Thanksgiving and your right leg was Christmas…
F!G: What are you getting at-
F!P: Can I visit you between the holidays? ❤️
I can explain-
I can’t explain this
All I have to say is that I saw the joke somewhere and I had to draw this
Fell Goth- @nekophy
Fell Palette- @angexci

also we screened the documentary. (I’ll post it here soon – it’s 20 minutes so not really Tumblr fare but whatever.) it went pretty well, I think. most of the artists in the documentary came, Ben’s girlfriend came, my parents and sibling came, one of the school’s deans (??!!!) came. the documentary looked a lot better on the projector than it did on my phone, and the sound editing was, like, not quite as bad as I thought, although it was still not great. I hate that it’s 100% white and the only physically disabled person in it is me, but those are the subjects we wound up with and I’m not sure what more I could have done with the resources and time we had.

there was a Q&A afterwards with me, Ben, and one of the artists, and it mostly all older abled people being like “was it an emotional journey for you?” and a little about the actual mechanics of making it

there were lots of snacks available and Ben took like 4 million Twizzlers with him afterwards, which I guess is his choice

the lights in 304 are broken so we had to use all these weird plugged-in work lights to light the room before and after we played the documentary

it was a very strange experience to have. most of the people who came seemed a lot more impressed than I expected. I feel like it’s kind of a shitty little film but I guess people who don’t make film wouldn’t necessarily feel that way? idk

Of course

You were rather disappointing
With your loving looks
And sweet touches
You sucked me in
With one sly grin
I was looking for something
Other than what you gave me
I wasn’t really looking for anything
I expected nothing
Yet you gave me everything
Your eyes gave me hope
When I had none
Your smile brightend even the darkest days
But of course
I broke you
with my worried glances
And 3 am phone calls
With shaking hands
And an anxious mind
It was too much for you
I gave you nothing but trouble
Yet you still managed to take my everything