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Idea for a Superman origin movie

built around two solid points:
1) Lois Lane is the lead character; and
2) The audience dose not know who is playing Superman going into the movie.

So the movie centers around a young Lois, who’s desperately trying to get a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet, despite a hiring freeze as the printed journalism business struggles to keep up, and despite the fact she has no prior journalism experience (at least, not outside of an expensive degree that has yet to start paying for itself). Even though no one at the Planet will even return her calls, she barges in in the middle of a work day, trying to get an interview. She bounces off a lot of people (a number of them tall guys with dark hair and nice eyes who she barely notices) until she tracks down Perry White, who tells her, sarcastically, that he’ll hire her on the spot if she can bring him a properly sourced article revealing the story Metropolis’s new hero, who just yesterday stopped a runaway train with his bare hands. 

She gets to work. Her friends tell her she’s crazy. Her sister bails her out of jail at least once (maybe a montage of times). Her father, General Lane, threatens disownment and/or military arrest. This “menace” broke a muggers arm last week, and is wanted for vigilantism. If she really does find out the identity of this man (who’s been gaining notoriety with every feat) and brings it to a newspaper before the military, her father would have to take action. (This country is his family, after all.)

But the more Lois looks into this ‘super man’, the more she likes what she sees. It’s hard without credentials, but she’s been collecting eye-witness reports for months trying to find the pattern to track; the pattern that everyone’s been looking for. She has dozens of interviews with police, and store owners, and caught criminals, but it’s in the interviews of the regular folk that she finds the pattern:

This man is kind. 

Every headline is about a larger-than-life figure who catches falling statues, wins chases with cars, and stops bullets with his pecs. In the words of the innocent people of Metropolis though, is someone else. Someone who flies broken cars to the shop from the highway during rush hour. Someone who takes a sobbing child from the scene of a bike accident and drops off a smiling one with their parents. Someone who’s been spotted leaving flowers by the headstones of the ones who didn’t make it out of that train crash. Someone who sits in a secluded corner of the park and plays chess with the old woman who’s husband can no longer leave the house. Someone who literally pulled a dog out of a river and a cat from a tree. 

So, to find the Man of Steel, Lois searches for kindness - and she finds it everywhere. She finds all the coats freely shed for someone cold. She finds all the grocery carts paid for by the previous customer. She finds lonely veterans offered a seat at the family table in restaurants. She finds hate symbols painted over with cute cartoons and symbols of love. She finds dozens and dozens of volunteers who help clean up and serve food and rebuild after train crashes and car wrecks and robberies. 

She finds Superman.

And then she finds a man in the park.

He’s not doing much, just sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. The copy of the Daily Planet on the bench next to him speculates on the dangers of super humans, as it has every day for the last two weeks. Some have even suggested that the Man of Steel is an alien, though those theories have only barely broken into mainstream. Whatever this man is worrying over, whatever weight is on his shoulders, seems much heavier than a newspaper, though. Lois hasn’t worried herself with the same issue’s as her prospective employer, either. Thoughts still on the group of teens she’s just passed, each promising to beat up on some boy for their friend, are still fresh on her mind, and she takes the spot next to the stranger on the bench.

He’s not a stranger, though. Lois recognizes him. She doesn’t know his name, but she saw him that day at the Daily Planet months ago, and she’s seen him across the police tape at scenes she’s investigated. He wrote today’s front page article: “Man of Steel, or Menace of Steel?”

He’s politely flustered when she sits down, and she promptly tells him that everything about his article - she’s already read it, of course - is absurd. She doesn’t care who “made him write it”, the entire thing is just plain wrong. She finds herself repeating stories she’s read and re-read at all hours of the morning. Stories of regular people who’d told her how they’d been inspired by Superman. How they’d taken leaps of faith toward recovery and new lives thanks to Superman. Teenagers have chosen to live because of Superman. She quotes sources, and sources of people, including herself, who have said that the city of Metropolis - maybe even the world - was so much better because of Superman.

“Superman?” the reporter asks.

“It’s just something I’ve been calling him. He’s got that big S on his chest, right?”

The reporter laughs. He hasn’t smiled the whole time, only looked at her with wide eyes. His smile is… nice. His glasses are dumb though.

“Yeah,” she admits, “it’s a dumb name.”

“No,” he says. A weight has fallen off his shoulders while she was flipping through her notebooks. He sniffles a bit. Lois had just torn into his article with all the fury she could muster, is he crying about it? No, he’s smiling, still. “I really like it. Have you written all this down?”

Lois Lane writes it all down. Her new friend (who proofread the hell out of it because Lois is driven as hell but can’t spell) Clark Kent turned it in to his boss. The newest headline reads:

The Story of Superman -by Lois Lane

She’s getting paid more than Clark in under a year. He just seems to be so distracted all the time. Maybe she should look into that…
LOLLIPOP || request

anonymous said: GIRL!!! imma need you to write something about jungkook teasing a girl with a popsickle and making her suck it (bc idk he might have seen her w one a few moments before) then getting it off of her mouth and slowly making her get down on her knees and put the popsickle right new to his crotch AND U KNOW WHAT TO WRITE AFTER THAT!!! PEACE!!! Keep this message even if you wont use this idea it okeeee (i just pictured taehyung doing it im so gone bye!!!!!!!

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word count: 1.9k
genre: smut [oral]

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love thy neighbor (1)

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characters: jungkook x reader, jimin 

genre: smut, fluff, angst(?)

warnings: language, roughness, smut, oral, mxm references, 

Jeon Jungkook was a pain in your ass but, you would never wish the crushing pain of heartbreak on anyone.

a/n: basically,, u live in an apartment. jungkook lives above u and is loud and annoying. then things happen. i’ve been working on this one for a whileee and i’m actually proud of it so i hope u guys like it :)) there are TWO parts idk when two is being posted but im working!! leave me feedback plz

Your right eye seemed to be twitching again—the second time within an hour. Your fingers harshly dug into the side of your phone, putting your volume as high as it could go. The soothing beats and vocals from your favorite artist—that seemed to always get you through your all nighters—did nothing to block out the loud footsteps and steady tempo from above you. You groaned, slamming your pencil down on top of your notebook, a few flashcards scattering from the impact.

As often as this happened you still couldn’t get used to it. The college aged boy living above you seemed to always have enough energy to run a marathon—which is what you expected he did during his free time—always stomping around and blasting a mixture of music ranging in different genres.

The first time you were disturbed by his loud music and heavy feet was a week after you moved into the cozy apartment. You were trying to catch a nap after hours of unpacking but every time your eyes closed, a booming bass would force them open. After an internal debate with yourself, you marched upstairs, banging on the door like a madwoman. When the door swung open, you weren’t expecting a man so handsome to answer.

You could recall that day so well. He was wearing a white tee—something you noticed he wore quite often— blue jeans and had a pair of bright neon socks covering his feet. His eyes were large and a warm mocha brown, almost distracting you from the sweet bunny smile plastered on his face.

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instant gratification 2.5 (m)

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➾ 10.6k 

➾warnings: smut, pregnancy mention (as applies to IG2)

➾jk’s POV of IG2 as heavily requested!

instant gratification 01 | 02

This party sucks. 

His phone screen is dark and it mocks him even as he pastes on a smile for the girl currently cuddling into his side. What was her name again? Ye Eun? Eunha? 

Fuck if he knows.

All he knows is that you’re not replying to his texts, and he needs to get drunk asap before he does something stupid like call you. The girl he currently has his arm around beckons to her friend from a distance away, and Jeongguk tries his best to keep his eyes off her tits in her low cut tube dress as she approaches with a giggle.

“Jeongguk, right?” Girl number 2 sidles up to his unoccupied side and he immediately feels her breasts against his arm. They’re firm to the touch, which either means that they’re entirely fake, or that there’s enough padding in her bra for it to be a bulletproof vest.

Either way, yours feel a million times better.

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Ok so…THAT WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. Let me tell you I’ve never done anything so spontaneous, been more excited or felt so special in all my 25 years on this earth 

first of all let’s go back to last Wednesday when I got a message from taylor nation while sitting at my desk at work and literally SHIT my pants?? not sure how anyone is supposed to process that kind of correspondence alone in a padded room LET ALONE in an office full of professionals ANYWAY I very calmly sent them all the information they asked for including my bank balance, blood type and organ donor status and NOT SO CALMLY AWAITED THEIR CALL like no offence but did they realise i was from australia…?? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS ABOUT i was torn between thinking they messaged me by mistake and they only wanted my details so they could send me merch

fast forward to thursday after i had managed to keep this news to myself for an entire 24 hours (…) there i am at my desk.. in the middle of working 9-5 like dolly herself.. when I receive a call from a US PHONE NUMBER i quickly make my way to a quiet room while my internal organs are literally escaping out of my ass in an orderly fashion and i legit answer like “h h h h hello” SPIT IT OUT BITCH anyway i spend the entire conversation like giggling and squealing trying to pretend like i don’t know EXACTLY why they’re calling..THE.. first of all she tells me this is all top secret blah blah blah then SHE ASKS ME TO CONFIRM MY SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES which is when the toesmut fiasco happened.. seriously the fact i made poor innocent taylor nation say “your twitter is …. toesmut … ? t-o-e-s-m-u-t …?” is going to haunt me for THE REST OF MY LIFE

anyway SHE (the lady from taylor nation who’s name I did not catch any of the 3 times she called me because i was hysterical) informed me I was invited to a secret event in LA which was taking place on Sunday and asked if me if i would be able to come … UMMM HONEY I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE IT’S THURSDAY AND YOU’RE ASKING ME TO FUCKING MAKE IT TO LA BY SUNDAY any way i was like “hehehe i don’t know it’s short notice ummm I’d really like to come but i need to like figure out the logistics” and she was like “ok i can call you back in an hour and a half and you can let me know what you decide” SJNDFJKSDHF  ok sweetie SURE anywhere else you’d like me to be by sunday?? antarctica? i spent my entire lunch break SWEATING i called my mum and my sister (PS I REALISE YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYONE BUT I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE A SPUR OF THE MOMENT TRIP TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD) and i was like “I HAVE TO GO THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY” and they were like “CAN YOU TAKE SOMEONE” and i was like “I DON’T KNOW” anyway i make my way back to work a MESS and wait for TN to call me back..WHEN THEY DO she’s like “so have you made a decision?” and I’m like “asoi;fjsdjlfghjdlfhjgsliduhfg can I bring my sister I’m coming such a long way and it’s really short notice and she’s such a huge fan it would mean the world to me if she could come sdjfkjdhfs” and she was like “hmmmm I don’t know the answer to that I’ll have to call you back tomorrow” and in my head I’m like “TOMORROW???? ASJHDFSJKDHF TOMORROW IS FRIDAY THE EVENT IS ON SUNDAY AND I’M IN FUCKING AUSTRALIA BITHC???” so i said “ok that’s fine”

asjknsdfksnk let me tell you I had the worst sleep of MY LIFE like whether I was going alone or with my sister i now had less than 24 hours to plan a trip to the u.s. TO MEET TAYLOR SWIFT AND LISTEN TO HER NEW ALBUM IN HER FUCKING HOUSE

LONG STORY FUCKING SHORT she calls me back at like 10.30 on FRIDAY (THE EVENT IS SUNDAY AND I’M GONNA BE CATCHING A FLIGHT ON SATURDAY) and tells me that YES my sister can come (!!!!!!!!) sO i shit my pants for the SECOND TIME in 48 hours because i realise not only am i absolutely meeting taylor fucking swift in 72 hours with my sister at her house in LOS ANGELES i need to book flights, accommodation, apply for a visa waiver, purchase us currency and buy a bunch of other essentials BEFORE THE DAY IS OVER anyway I DID IT AND MANAGED TO GET MY ASS OUT OF BED AT 4.15 SATURDAY MORNING TO CATCH A 14 HOUR FLIGHT TO LA

so we spend the entirety of our first day in LA looking for outfits because like??? we are about to have the most important conversation and take the most important photo of OUR ENTIRE LIVES anyway we ended up finding something cute then we decided to go to in n out for dinner because we wanted to look our absolute best for the big day 

THE FUNNIEST THING about the beginning of this trip was we were doing so much touristy stuff that WE COULDN’T EVEN POST ABOUT ANYWHERE because nobody could know we were in LA like i was at santa monica pier sending snap chats to my mum and nobody else it was KILLING ME like we were having the BEST TIME and NOBODY KNEW we were just doing so many DAMN ACTIVITIES like on the sunday we literally got back to our hotel an hour before we needed to be at the meeting point because my sister insisted we had to eat at the cheesecake factory for the second time in 24 hours?? let me tell you it was worth it 

so we get ready and catch an uber to the meeting point and my sister and i finally start to realise like HOLY SHIT WE ARE GOING TO TAYLOR SWIFT’S HOUSE i’m suddenly filled with like so much nervous energy i can’t stop moving i’m like running on the spot and ringing my hands SHIT i was so excited OH by the WAY everyone was SO NICE and pURE like spending an afternoon with 50 plus people who love taylor swift as much as you do know that you’re ALL going to be meeting her soon is honestly the most magical shit EVER 

ok let’s talk about THE EVENT first of all the property was GORGEOUS i felt like a VIP like ME hanging out in beverly hills like it was nbd??? there was food, water, soft drinks, everything was custom like THIS BITCH (taylor) is so extra I ADORE HER everything was so well planned like i didn’t feel stressed at all BUT BOY WAS IT HOT IN THAT ROOM i mean lucky i was having so much fun and was too distracted by the fact i was about to be listening to reputation to worry about the fact i was about to meet taylor swift and i was sweating like a pig 

THEN she walks in..and let me tell u..that shit is breathtaking bro..i have never in my life seen someone so beautiful?? flaws?? ms swift has never experienced that emotion..and if her gorgeous face and body weren’t enough SHE. HER. SHE. decides it’s a great idea to bring danielle and alana haim, ruby rose, jack antonoff and OTHERS in with her to listen to the album  

obviously i can’t talk much / at all about what took place in that room but let me just say i’ve spent every second since i left that house thinking about how much i need to listen to that album different and so much more than what i was expecting and taylor is SO PROUD OF IT i could tell it meant the world to her that we loved it because this music is obviously really important to her..y’all are going to love it i mean it 

after we listened to the album taylor left the room to ..idk..make herself look even more gorgeous than she already looked?? we got to look at the reputation magazines and they are PERFECT i know not everyone has the means to buy a copy for themselves but if you can GET ONE you won’t regret it..and those poems 

so we all lined up to meet her and let me tell you watching people have their moment with taylor is so special man like everyone is SO excited before they walk in there and NOBODY leaves disappointed because not only is taylor the warmest most personable human being on planet earth she puts so much effort into knowing who each and every person she’s invited into her home actually is .. i can’t stop thinking about it she’s an incredible human being 

anyway on to ME i honestly didn’t know what to make of the fact she came directly to my blog on both days i was in the US before the was it possible..she knew me?? turns out it WAS which was great because i literally didn’t plan what to say AT ALL i’m such a dumb bitch..anyway i walk in there and give her the biggest hug and she’s like “aww how are you doing?” and i was LITERALLY this gif

but i said “umm i’m doing pretty good” THEN..ladies THEN she said “i’m so glad you could come danielle” and she turns to my sister and she’s like “and you’re annalie right” and let me tell you..annalie dropped dead..NOBODY GETS HER NAME RIGHT. THERE IS A WOMAN AT HER WORK WHO HAS CALLED HER AINSLEY FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS. then…we had a conversation..taylor swift..and i..had a conversation? she told me i was THE funniest person and that she would check my blog everyday..she said..when she was having a bad day..she would search “screamedsooloud” because she knew she would see something that would make her laugh..let me tell you at that point i KNEW i was fucking dead 

she told me i was funny and we told her she was the funniest person we’d ever met and she laughed like it WASN’T TRUE?? she said she knew who i was as soon as i walked in and i was like “you are so amazing” that’s not a fake quote by the way or some internal dialogue i actually said that..she referenced all the posts i made asking “WHERE IS SHE” at the start of this year..and i was like “i just really needed to know” she was like “i wanted to say JUST WAIT I’M COMIING” AND I WAS LIKE “I KEPT TELLING PEOPLE I KNEW YOU WERE UP TO SOMETHING and i was right” AND i was like “i can’t believe you saw that” and she was like “oh i’ve seen everything”.. she knew i had deleted my blog and she said she had tried to refollow me but she had reached follow limit..after she told me i was funny another 15 times we took a couple of photos (WHERE ARE THEY BY THE WAY) then we talked a little more and she asked if they’d let me know with plenty of time that i was invited and i was like “NO I ONLY FOUND OUT ON THRURSDAY” and she was like “oh my god you’ve been on a list for a year” i CHOKED and she was like “i told them to tell you early because you were coming all the way from australia” and i was like “WELL THEY DIDN’T” and she was like “see i don’t have that much pull guys” and i was like  “jkhsdfskdfghsg” then she told us how much she appreciated us coming and we were like thank you so mcuh we love you so much and she said she loved us and then we took our merch and our dignity and got the HELL OUT

i..still can’t believe any of this happened and i don’t know if i ever was the greatest day and week of my life and it’s all because taylor is the most generous, thoughtul, hard working person in the world..i love her so much and i hope all of you get the chance to tell a story like this some day 

BTS reaction: they realize they have fallen for someone they used to hate.

canyounotbro requested:

Can you please please please do a reaction of BTS realising they have fallen for someone they hate (or used to hate/ supposed they hate/ thought they hated??) Idk, but u know what I’m saying.. I hope.. Thank you!!!

A/N - I’m actually very proud of how this one turned out. 


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin would accept his feelings for you very easily. It’s true that the two of you used to hate each other, but he strongly believes that people can change. So after he realizes that he has fallen for you his attitude towards you would immediately change causing you to ask him what’s wrong with him.

“Hello Y/N. You look amazing today!”

“Seokjin, are you being sarcastic? You hate me…”

“No I’m not. And, no I don’t…hate you.”


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One of the reasons Suga hated you was because you made him feel…feelings. Feelings that he had never felt before and that made him feel stupid and made him want to do stuff that he didn’t know how to explain. 

So one day when the two of you were walking down the hallway with no one else around except you and him, Yoongi would decide to act. He walked over to you and grabbed you by the arm, pressing you against the wall. You thought he was going to hurt you, but when you looked up at him his eyes were filled with…something…and it wasn’t the usual anger. That’s when he leaned in and kissed you. 

“Can you meet me after school? Please! I need to talk to you about something…” He said before walking away.


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You and Hobi were the two best dancers in your entire town. But also very competitive, which cause for you two to hate each other, constantly trying to prove one of you is better than the other. That was until one night he walked in on you practicing a new dance and was completely mesmerized. He couldn’t stop looking at the way your body moved so gracefully to the music and the way you bit your bottom lip in concentration when you were trying to remember certain parts of the song. That’s when he realized he has fallen for you and quietly sigh to himself.

“I can’t believe I’ve been so blind…”


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Being the two smartest people in your entire school you and Namjoon argued. A lot. All the time. You argued about the stupidest things, each of you having different opinions about a lot of stuff. And on top of all the teachers always asked the two of you to work together so you can “exchange knowledge”. 

Namjoon would have fallen for you a long time before he realized it. So when he finally confesses by an accident it would be unexpected for bothe of you.

“Do you want me to list all the things I hate about you?” He started yelling, “Okay then. First of all, you’re loud and extremely obnoxious! Second of all, I hate the way you bite your lip in concentration when we are working on something because it’s just so fucking distracting. And I hate the way your eyes lit up when you smile because it makes me smile too. And I…”

He noticed you smiling and stopped before smiling back.


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You didn’t know why but you and Jimin had always hated each other. Ever since you were kids you would constantly tease each other, be mean to each other and just overall hate each other. That’s just how it has been, for years. 

The only problem was that Jimin has fallen for you.

He tried to deny it at first, lying to himself, telling himself he was just imagining stuff. But as hard as he tried to suppress it he couldn’t help that every time he saw you his heart skipped a beat. 

This would cause him to constantly argue with himself. Sitting alone in his room, running a hand through his hair frustratedly, his eyes filling up with tears at the thought of you.  

“What the hell is wrong with you Jimin?” He whispered to himself, running a hand through his hair.


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You’ve always found Taehyung to be annoying. And he had always found you boring. You didn’t talk a lot and whenever you did talk it was mostly him being an asshole to you. So it could be safe to say that the two of you most definetly hated eachother. 

It was like that for years. Until one day after school, he saw you sitting by yourself on a park bench, your legs crossed underneath you, with your headphones on, you were scribbling something down in a small journal on your lap. Tae couldn’t stop looking at you, completely hypnotized by your beauty and the way the sunlight was hitting you at the perfect angle. 

He smiled to himself and took out his phone, taking a quick picture of you before leaving. 

When he got home he opened the picture, looked at it and sighed, remembering all the mean things he has said to you over the years.

“Taehyung you, idiot,” he whispered to himself, “What have you done?! You made the girl of your dreams hate you…”


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Jungkook was a quiet kid, he didn’t really have a lot of friends and enjoyed to be by himself. You were extremely loud and obnoxious always making jokes and always being the center of attention. 

It would be an underestimate to say that Jungkook didn’t like you. He hated you. Your personality was just so different from his and he often found you very annoying.

But that all changed one day when you decided to sit with him at lunch. You knew he didn’t like people (especially you) but it wouldn’t hurt to try talking to him.

He was kind of cold and distant to you at first but the more you talked the more he started opening up. That’s when he realized that he actually really likes you.

“You’re changing Jungkook…” He sighed to himself after you left, smiling.


Yellow Diamond in Wanted

I dont normally post a lot of stuff about the show/fandom aside from my initial reaction to it, but I actually feel like I have my thoughts on this together enough to do so in this case. This post is long and full of my opinions so I’ll put it under the cut for those of you who dont want it clogging your dash, or if you dont want spoilers.

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Paper Men

Original Request: I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and Henry are making out or something and Henry’s dad catches them, um idk what else to say so yea ended how you like and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Warning: Henry’s dad is a creep, sexual situation, otherwise SFW

Note: I don’t know really how you fully wanted his dad to act, but I kinda just went with it, so hopefully it’s to your liking!

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Strawberry Milkshake [Brandon Arreaga One Shot]


The night was silent, the feeling of warm comforters wrapped around you being your only companion. Brandon was in the studio, working on their next track. You knew he didn’t like being interrupted (let alone distracted by your presence) but the need of wanting to see the passion in his eyes as he mixed each track beat by beat was overwhelming. Slowly, you peeled the warm hug of a quilt cover and slid out of bed and walked towards his studio.

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You Tease - Bucky Barnes x Reader SMUT


Summary/Request: Hey hey, I’m sure you already have Sexual Tension all planned out, but could you do an X Reader with the same kinda situation they’re in now but reader is sending Bucky suggestive texts throughout class and distracting him, and maybe smut after?

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.7k

Warning: Sexual comments, Smut & Idk jealousy ?

A/N: this is my first smut I hope you guys like it LOL also thank you to the individual who was kind enough to leave me my first request ! Highly appreciated!

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sassy-molassy  asked:

Reddie prompt: "You only want me when you can't have me". Some angsty shit with a fluffy end. It doesn't matter who these words will belong to, Eddie or Richie, I will be glad anyway if you'll write it.

okay sick done. i hope you like this, it feels like it’s shit but i also kind of love it? idk here u go darling xxx

ao3 link:

warnings: kissing, swearing, mentions of sex i guess?? they’re sixteen yo

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Ashamed (Wonho x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request: “Can I request an imagine where reader finds out about Wonho’s tattoos and nipple piercing? It’s weird, I know. – thatweirdoshusukamora
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Wonho x Reader
Genre: Honestly idek, it’s fluff I guess with a wee mention of smut
Warnings: Language (like once)
Words: 1.5k
Authors note: Baby it ain’t weird! I love that idea because I myself am not a child of god so I’ve loads of tattoos and *cough*nipple*cough* piercings and like 100 other piercings so THIS IS RELATABLE cuz some people could be like tf is that. This is a cute fun request so don’t be sayin’ it’s weird cuz it ain’t ily.
*YFN = Your Friends Name

           The sixth date hasn’t ended up like you wanted it to, he once again drove you home and left in a hurry. It’s been six dates already and you hang out together all the time, you’ve been seeing him for two months now but the progress seems to be stuck in one phase. You want something else but you don’t want to rush him either, maybe he’s just not into having sex, maybe he’s just taking his time, that seems like a good enough reason to distract you from the other thoughts that are seeping out of that dark place in your mind, you tried your hardest not to let the destroying thoughts like “you’re not good enough”, “he doesn’t want you”, “why would he have sex with you” surface and affect your relationship with Wonho.

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Truth or Dare - Jughead Jones x Reader (w/ a lil’Bughead)

REQUEST: Hi could you write a jughead x reader where they play never have i ever/ truth or dare and she has to confess her feelings for jughead? hope that makes sense

Hi! I love your writing, and I was wondering if I can make a request. Could you write an imagine where there is kind of a love triangle between Betty, Jughead, and the reader? Thank you!

Betty x Jughead + Jughead x Reader + Jughead x Reader (platonic) + Veronica being bae

Words: 3,014 (not proofread <3)

Warnings: Cheeky bit of swearing :3

“Are you sure you’re okay (Y/N)?” Veronica was watching you carefully, wary of you pointedly glaring at your former best friend down the hall. You’d always been close to Betty Cooper, until she started dating your long-term crush, (which she knew about) Jughead Jones. You didn’t blame her, he was a great guy, beautiful and intelligent. She even asked if you were okay with her making a move on him and you had let him slip between your fingers. You had nobody to blame but yourself, but that hadn’t stopped the strain on your relationship.

Veronica was just as disappointed and distraught as you were. She’d been planning to finally let Betty know about her feelings. You’d noticed that fake enthusiasm she adorned when Betty and Jughead walked into Pop’s hand in hand. You would recognise that fake enthusiasm anywhere, as it was constantly reflected in your own eyes.

“I’m fine Ronnie,” You turned back to your locker and slammed it shut, causing some people to turn and give you funny looks. “What?!” You snapped, as you took Ronnie’s hand and dragged her through the crowds of staring students, getting away from any attention. You refused to make eye contact with the happy couple when you passed them. 

You sat in Chemistry, twirling your pencil as you failed to get anywhere with the equations on the worksheet in front of you. The chair beside you screeched as someone pulled it back to sit down. You looked up to see Archie Andrews, staring at you knowingly. He looked like he had something to say, and you weren’t going to be the one to start conversation.

“You look… tense. Like, something is troubling you?” Archie pried, searching your face.

“What are you now, my therapist?” You scoffed, turning your eyes back to your work but you could still feel his eyes on you. He let out a heavy sigh.

“Ronnie told me to remind you that tonight is the annual group sleepover, and if you’re not there, she’ll skin you alive and turn you into a designer handbag,” His tone sounded amused and you couldn’t help but grin.

“She would, wouldn’t she. You can tell her I’m not coming, I don’t feel like it,” You were hoping Archie would leave you alone, but he looked even more concerned than before.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You were excited about it up until a few weeks ago.”

Yeah well that’s because a few weeks ago, Jughead didn’t have his arm around the perfect girl next door. The girl who was everything you weren’t

You suddenly felt ashamed. That was uncalled for, Betty Cooper wasn’t perfect and she wasn’t the girl next door. She had confided in you about how she hated those words, how nobody knew what was really on the inside. Maybe Jughead was a good match for her, they could really help each other out.

“Earth to (Y/N)?!” Archie waved a hand in front of your face and you turned your head to him sharply. He sighed again.

“Look, please (Y/N)? She won’t just shoot you, she’ll shoot the messenger… and that’s me! You could do with some time off from whatever the hell has got you so moody,” He pleaded. He clasped his hands together in the traditional begging position, and you were almost expecting him to get on his knees.

What you don’t understand is that Ronnie’s sleepover is the closest to my problems that I could get right now.

You shook your head. It would be selfish to bail out on your friends. Putting all of your grudges behind you, you reluctantly agreed, causing Archie to skip back to his seat with joy.

This was going to be a mistake and you knew it.

“I’ll be honest (Y/N), I was worried that you weren’t coming,” Veronica grinned at you as you helped her sort out bowls of snacks. You had came home from school and gone straight to her house, to help her set up. Nobody else would be arriving for another hour or so.

“I didn’t exactly want to at first,” You admitted, trying not to sound rude. Veronica put the stack of plates she was carrying down and turned to you, gripping you by the shoulders.

“If you don’t want to be here, then go home. I’d rather you weren’t uncomfortable sweetie,” Veronica pulled you in for a gentle hug, which happened often thanks to her affectionate nature. Before you could object to what she was saying, your phone vibrated loudly in your pocket, causing the two of you to pull apart. 

“Sorry,” You smiled sheepishly at her and she shook her head dismissively, gesturing for you to check whoever was texting you.

You walked off to the living room and pulled out your phone, only to notice a stream of texts from… Jughead.

Jug 💖: r u going to be at ronnies?

Jug💖: pls (Y/N)

Jug💖: should i bother going?

You sighed, but couldn’t help smiling at the thought that he came to you.

Me: already there, setting up. hbu?

It didn’t take him long to respond.

Jug💖: i’ll go i guess, for the food

Me: typical jones

Jug💖: :) what are we even having food wise?

Me: Pop’s order, i have to go and get it, wdyw?

Jug💖: idk, depends on ma mood

You bit your lip. This was your chance. You’d felt so awkward around him that you’d been avoiding him, but now was the perfect chance to actually see if you could make a friendship work out of this.

Me: how about i meet you there and you can decide in the moment? c;

You crossed your fingers, hoping he would say yes

Jug💖: See you in 10 ;)

You let out a small squeal of happiness, before putting your phone back in your pocket and rushing to get your coat off of one of Veronica’s hangers. Suddenly you froze. This was a terrible idea, you wouldn’t know what to say. The feelings that you felt weren’t just going to disappear out of thin air, even if you tried to respect their relationship, that’s not how it works. You buried your head in Ronnie’s sea of fur coats and groaned. 

“Okay, what are you doing?” Veronica laughed, pulling you out of her clothes and giving you a funny look.

“I have to go get food,” You whispered, before finally taking your coat, and rushing out the door. Veronica stood there, bewildered, before shrugging and heading back to her room to edit the “Squad Spotify Playlist”.

“Ronnie will want water with that,” You smiled at Pop, who was working diligently. The diner was pretty busy that night, and you felt self conscious with a queue behind you whilst you ordered for 5 people. Annoyingly, Jughead was taking his time, scanning over the menu for awhile despite practically knowing it off by heart.

“What about you Jughead?” Pop gestured to his most loyal customer. 

“Hmm.” Was his response, which caused you to roll your eyes. He always did this, classic Juggie. 

“Hurry up, or I’ll order for you,” You threatened and he snapped out of his absentminded thought session immediately.

“I’ll take a cheeseburger with fries and a coke please.”

You heard people in the queue behind you sigh in relief and you scoffed.

“Really? “It depends on the mood” you say. That’s your order every single damn time we come here Jug.” 

He shook his head. “Actually, sometimes I get Dr Pepper,” He shoved you playfully and you giggled, shoving him back. 

“And lastly, what about Betty?” Pop knew about your meet ups, so of course he expected Betty to need an order as well.

Suddenly, the play fighting and friendly messing around with Jughead meant nothing, and you were back to feeling uncomfortable. Pop noticed the sudden change in mood, but didn’t question it and instead turned to Jughead.

“Uh, she’ll probably have a hot dog with fries, a small salad and a coke,” He also noticed you looking sheepish and was about to say something when you interrupted him.

“Fanta.” You mumbled, which caused both Pop and Jughead to look at you.


“Betty would want Fanta,” You smiled sadly. 

“Is something going on between you and Bets?” He whispered in your ear, discretely, as Pop looked down to change the order but you decided to ignore him.

“Anything else?” Pop grinned at the two of you. 

“You know what, some onion rings and garlic bread would be nice too, I’m starving,” You tried to ease the slight tension that had formed. Jughead left your side to sit down in his usual booth, waiting for the food to be cooked. Once you paid Pop in advance, you made your way over to the booth and sat across from him. Jughead looked distracted, his mind elsewhere as he stared out the diner window. You decided you wouldn’t bother trying to make conversation, so instead, the two of you waited in silence.

There wasn’t even much banter on the way back to Veronica’s.

The layout was simple, two long parallel couches in Veronica’s living room. On one couch, Archie and Veronica who were currently discussing Archie’s music. On the other couch, Betty and Jughead. His right leg was lazily strewn over her lap, and she was tracing circles on his feet. You were watching over everyone from the kitchen. It would be too awkward to ask Betty or Jughead to move from their spaced out position so you could sit down, and it would be awkward watching them head on from the other couch. So you sat alone, eating to your hearts desire.

“Hey (Y/N),” You looked up from your food stash to see Jughead. He was sat casually on the counter but you’d been so distracted you hadn’t noticed him come over. He was looking at you with concern, searching your face for any signs of illness or something unusual. 

“Hi,” You reached for the onion ring bowl, but he took it from you and began to devour them fast. You let out a frustrated grunt before shoving him off the counter and jumping on him.

“You should know not to mess with someone’s food!” You laughed, whacking him repeatedly with his beanie. He was laughing too, trying to shove you off of him as you mercilessly hit him with his hat. Suddenly you noticed his eyes go wide, staring at the ceiling above you.

You followed his gaze, your whole posture relaxing and that’s when you realised you made a mistake. Your weakest spot was exposed and vulnerable. Before you could do anything, Jughead had lurched forward, relentlessly tickling your sides. You burst into a fit of giggles, trying to roll away from him but failing.

“Ju-Juggg-Jug stop. Stop I can’t breathe,” You continued to giggle, trying to swat your hands at him. He stopped when you realised you did actually look like you needed some air and got off of you. You stared at each other, panting before bursting out into another round of laughter. His hair was messy from your teasing and your cheeks were flushed pink.

“Hey guys,” a voice came from behind the two of you and you turned around. Betty was standing there, her hands clasped together and an awkward smile fixed on her face. You realised how this must look awful, although you were sure that Betty had seen that you were only tickling one another. Jughead got up, stuttering as if trying to explain himself, before lending a hand out to you to help you up. You dusted yourself off before attempting to walk past the two. Betty stuck a hand out though, stopping you in your path. “(Y/N), can we talk?” She looked at you pleadingly. You didn’t have the heart to reject her.

“Sure Bets,” You nodded and she smiled up at you. That was the first time you had called her by her nickname over the past few weeks. Betty made eye contact with Jughead, signalling that she wanted to speak to you alone.

“(Y/N), I need you to be honest with me. We’ve known each other for so long that I can always tell when you’re lying so don’t you even try that with me. I keep trying to talk to you and you’ve either avoided me or you’ve been blowing me off,” She looked upset and you felt a pang of guilt. You pulled her in for a short-lived but sweet hug.

“I’m sorry Betty, I’ve been a bitch,” You sighed with regret but Betty looked distant, as if she was trying to figure something out. 

She hesitated before saying, “(Y/N), be honest, do yo-” 

“Get over here people! We’re gonna play a little game. And I mean right now!” Veronica’s voice called from the other room. You knew she would drag you in by the ear if you didn’t get there fast enough. The girl knows what she wants.

“I’m sorry Betty, I promise we’ll talk later okay,” You patted her on the shoulder before walking into the living room to sit next to Jughead on one of the couches. Betty followed reluctantly, giving Veronica an annoyed look that she willingly ignored.

“We’re going classic folks, how about a little game of Truth or Dare?” She clapped her hands excitedly. You would bother objecting, but it really wasn’t going to do much.

“Seriously Veronica?” Jughead looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, but as expected, Veronica didn’t give two shits.

“Yup!” She seemed to be enjoying everyone else’s despair. Archie tried to lighten up and seem enthusiastic, but even he was a bit scared.

After a couple of stiff rounds, the game actually got pretty fun. Everyone let loose a bit and just enjoyed themselves, which is exactly what you needed.

You’d learnt that Veronica had trophies from professional ballroom dancing competitions as a child, Archie could do 97 pushups in a minute, Jughead could walk like an orangutang, Betty ran away from home once and you had a lot of double joints. It was interesting to learn all these quirky, dumb things about each other which could be used as conversation starters in the future.

As the game went on though, Betty kept trying to pull you aside. Somehow though, you would always get interrupted by someone else or the happenings of the game, and you couldn’t find the time to sit down and have a proper chat with her like she wanted. Betty was obviously growing frustrated and impatient, as demonstrated by her increasingly stubborn mood.

After Betty had ran around, touching every single wall in the Lodge apartment, it was her turn to ask. 

“(Y/N), truth or dare,” She looked determined and you actually felt quite intimidated.

“Uhm, truth I guess,” You picked with the sleeves of your sweater nervously.

“Remember I can tell when you’re lying so don’t even try to pull one on me. Do you or do you not still have feelings for Jughead?” 

The flat fell silent, your face drained of all colour and you swore you could see stars.

“Betty, I don’t th-” Veronica began, attempting to defend you but Betty silenced her with a glare.

“Please (Y/N), I have to know,” She turned to you, a pleading look in her eyes.

“Still?” Jughead was staring at the floor, his eyes wide and mind racing. He looked up at you and you hurriedly looked away. You hated the feel of his eyes burning into you, searching for answers. It made your skin crawl and shiver.

“Yes,” You mumbled inaudibly. Veronica and Archie’s faces displayed awkwardness and pity as they tried to blend into the background of the conversation.

“Wha-” Betty didn’t even get to finish.

“YES BETTY! Yes I do, is that the answer you wanted to hear? Does it satisfy you to know that you’ve made me feel so useless and doubtful of myself? Is that what you wanted? I’m sorry that I’m not the perfect fucking girl next door, I’m sorry I can’t live up to anyone’s standards. I-i…I’m done,” You snapped at her. Jughead’s mouth was opening and closing, his tongue trying to form words as he stuttered, trying to comprehend everything. Betty shrunk back into her seat, her eyes brimmed with tears and cheeks flaming pink, perhaps with guilt or embarrassment.

You weren’t sticking around to find out. You stood up so fast you felt dizzy, and stumbled around a bit before finally picking up your bags and racing out the door. Your vision was clouded with tears as you tried to make your way down the hall to the elevator. Suddenly you were pressed against the wall and caged between someone’s arms. Wiping away the tears, you saw Jughead, staring at you with an expression that you couldn’t describe. 

“(Y/N) lo-,” he began but you pushed him off and stopped him before he even began.

“No Jughead. P-please don’t. I said some horrible, unnecessary things to your girlfriend back there and you’ve made it worse by following me out here. I’m sorry for what I said, I need to tell her that personally though. Right now, you need to get your ass back in there and take care of her. She loves you and you love her. And I love you too, and I’ll never stop loving you, probably more than I’ll ever love anyone else. But I love my friends too, and I’ve already trashed one of them. Go be with Betty and be the boyfriend she deserves, okay?” You felt a surge of power and confidence through your words, and you refused to break eye contact with the boy ahead of you. He just nodded wordlessly.

Suddenly he stepped forwards, he seemed to be contemplating something. You were frozen to the spot.

“I love her (Y/N), and I too, will always love you, don’t forget that,” His voice broke through his words and you nodded in response. He began to walk back to the door before he stopped, turned around and ran up to you, grabbing your cheeks and pulling you into a tender but salty kiss. You felt stiff at first, before reaching up to gently place your palms over the cold hands that so delicately framed your cheeks. It was passionate and soft and your lips interlocked with one another’s like puzzle pieces. It didn’t feel right though, not at the root. As you pulled away, you both felt yourself come to an closure with your eyes. No words needed to be exchanged.

Never again. He walked off, back to the flat, back to his girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with a lil’ game of Truth or Dare.

I like this one more than I like the last one :) There most likely will not be a part2 and the reader + juggie do not mostly likely end up together. The ending was not supposed to be a “OMG I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH YOU ALL THIS TIME,” it was more of a, ‘what could have been’ if you get me?

I mean I could make an alternate ending using the classic “Betty will understand” ( @betty-coopers-number-one-stan @kingpendleton @satanwithstardust @jugheadjns @pendletonthethird )

oh and I’ve been forced to tag @mrsjugheadjonesthethird

All Yours

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Character(s): You X Minhyuk, Yoo Kihyun

Genre: smut, slight?romance?? idk its a relationship and they love each other? i think thats how this works??

Warning(s): orgasm denial/edging, slight!degradation, jealous sex (lmao if that’s a warning), dom!minhyuk, slight?sexual tension, semi-public sex

Length: 5.1k

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk hates that stupid Yoo Kihyun makes him jealous.

Minhyuk is a little childish sometimes. It’s just part of his personality, he says, he’s just a little insecure, just a little possessive.

He knows that you’re his and that he’s yours, but there’s always a little seed of doubt niggling at the back corners of his mind. He’d never try to control you, though, but you can see it in the little things, like the way he pouts, or the way his lips turn down in a frown when he sees you with someone else, or the way he begins to emphasize how much you mean to him.

Keep reading


parring: Peter parker x reader

request:  #7 and #3 Maybe a mix of fluff and slight smut ;)) (lmao) Something like the reader accidentally walks in as peter was changing or something and he’s wearing captain America boxers or something..?? Idk Love your blog and imagines 💕❤️ 

warning: slight smut (idk why but I feel like this went a bit more than slight smut but its still not full smut) swearing(cuz it me) and fluff? 

a/n: You have no clue how much I enjoyed writing this. So thank you anon for requesting this. hope you like it as much as I did writing it. This works for both Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland so you can choose which you want it to be with. FUCKK THE GIFS ARE TOO CUTEE!

#3  why do you have to be so cute?

#7  Nice underwear/boxer.

prompt list 

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It’s Friday night and your alone in Peter’s apartment, while he was out fighting crime. Since he’s the crime fighting Spider, as the locals would say. But to you, he’s your dorky boyfriend who just happens to be a superhero.

 Your parents went to visit some relatives out of town with your siblings. You really didn’t want to go and with a lot of convincing they let you stay at the Parker’s. Since they trusted Peter more than they trusted you. Aunt May wasn’t home either since some of her friends came to town and they wanted to meet up. 

So you were alone, surfing through random Tv channels when you finally decided to watch The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. You were in the middle of the episode when you heard a rustling noise which seemed to come from the window. 

You got up and grabbed a random vase that was close to your reach, scared that it might be a robber. You did not bother to pick up the blanket that just fallen beside you. You slowly tip-toed to the window. 

The rustling noise was getting louder as you walked closer to the window, when you were close enough you saw that it was only Peter, you sighed and opted to open the window for him. Couldn’t he just come from the front door like a normal person? you thought.

“hey,” Peter spoke casually as if this was all normal for you, which kind of was but still what was his problem with doors? Peter was fine he didn’t have any major injuries which was a good thing, he had a couple of bruises here and there but everything else was fine. 

You went to the kitchen to get an ice pack and went to Peter’s room. As you walked in you were met with a very naked Peter, the only piece of clothing he had was his boxers. You couldn’t help but check out your boyfriend, your eyes scanned his bare torso and abs. He was so hot, and you were lucky to call him yours. 

“Enjoying the view?’’ Peter’s voice distracted you from your trance, you looked up only to see your boyfriend looking smug as ever. “ I certainly am Parker” you grinned as you walked closer to your boyfriend. 

When you were close enough he pulled you closer to him and wrapped his arms around your waist, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him to a kiss.

The supposed to be innocent kiss quickly became an incredibly heated one.

He licked your lips asking for entrance but you kept denying him each time. Peter let out a  low growl and groped your ass. You gasped at that sudden movement and that cheeky bastard slid his tongue in your mouth with a satisfied growl. Both of you fighting for dominance, which he won.

He pulled away, his lips red and puffy from the kiss. He pushed you on his bed with a slight bit of force. He crawled on top of you, kissing you again. You let out a small moan when he attacked the spot between your neck and shoulders, biting and sucking it from time to time, you felt his little friend down there getting harder every second. 

Just when things were getting steamy you pulled away from Peter, leaving him hot and bothered.  “ Is everything alright? did I do something wrong?” Peter asked his voice rough from the kiss. 

“No, everything’s fine Peter,”  you reassured your boyfriend, Peter looked at you with worry in his eyes still not convinced, he thought he did something wrong. 

You put your hands on his cheek and gave him a reassuring kiss. “Peter you remember the other day when we were in class and you became really horny and started teasing me?” you reminded him, Peter started to smile as he remembered the event that occurred the previous day. 

Let’s just say that at the end of the day you were really pissed at a certain Peter Parker.

He scratched the back of his neck and mumbled a  yes, you leaned over to his ear and purred “ well this is payback” you pulled away and saw his dumfound face. 

His face was a mix of pure confusion and defiantly regret, which made him look incredibly adorable “why do you have to be so cute?” you said as you pressed your lips to his cheek, “so will you change your mind? because I look so cute?’’  he said his voice filled with hope. 

You laughed at your boyfriend’s antics “ karma is a bitch Parker” you left the room purposely swaying your hips left and right as you walked teasing him even more. 

“You’re such a tease”   he called, you turned around and gave him an innocent smile “ by the way babe nice underwear” you pointed at his Captain America boxer’s which were covering his fully erected member. 

“they’re boxer’s!” he screamed. 

So Touch Me--Imagine #28

Anonymous asked: Hi! Love your writing, so cute!!! I wondered if you could do some when he is jelaous on a guy who’s been fooling around me but I don’t give a damn about him, but from crush’s pov it looks good enough to make him jelaous. Maybe there’s an argument, if you wish and after that of course reconciliation. And when he is relieved he starts making out really hard. U can make it nswf if you write it?! Or at least start it, if you feel uncomfortable! If not, then lots of love making 😍😏 Thanks 😘

A/N: I’m a shithead for taking so long to write this. I hope you like it!!! <3 It’s my first attempt at full on smut, yikes! I have noticed there being a lack of detailed smut in imagines of all kinds though, so try not to scream at my horrible, virgin attempt at making this as detailed as possible. You guys let me know if you like it! Keep dreaming!~Logan

P.S. Please let me know if you’d rather have shorter imagines. I tend to write long imagines and idk if that irritates people so let me know through my inbox! <3

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O/g/n: Other Guy’s name

C/l/n: Crush’s Last name

“Hey, y/n, you ready to go?” C/n asked from the back of my workplace. 

He was getting his backpack on and his car keys were dangling from his hand. 

“Yeah, yeah, sorry I was just finishing giving o/g/n my snapchat,” I replied, grabbing my bag and accepting the friend request from o/g/n, not bothering to look at c/n.

“Thanks for accepting my request, y/n,” o/g/n murmured, coming from around the corner to get his things as he had just finished closing with you guys and some other employees. “Don’t forget to snap me back!” He sent a wink my way as he walked out the door to his car. 

I chuckled, calling after him, “I won’t.”

When I asked c/n if he was ready, I got an emotionless nod in reply. Puzzled by his behavior, I walked out to his car in front of him, wondering why he was looking at me so strangely. 

The ride to my place was charged with tension and not the good kind. Irritation and well restrained frustration was written all over c/n’s face. Finally, I sighed, and turned to face him in the dark of the car.


He glanced at me, eyebrow raised. “What do you mean ‘what’?”

“Oh, don’t act clueless. You’ve been acting all grumpy since early this evening before we even left work. What’s it about?” I asked, gently prodding him.

“I don’t know you just–o/g/n and you seemed to be getting pretty chummy. Didn’t seem like you had much of a problem with it. In fact it kind of seemed like you liked his attention,” c/n shrugged, trying to act nonchalant. 

I knew better. This was eating away at him. My own frustration bubbled up, the disbelief that he actually thought I liked some lame guy at work more than him, my own boyfriend, was clear in my voice when I replied. 

“You’re kidding me,” I shook my head. 

“No, believe it or not, I’m not kidding, y/n. You know what that guy wants, don’t you? He wants to get to know you real well, and over snapchat of all ways. I see how he looks at you,” c/n insisted, brows furrowed as he glanced at me, trying to keep his gaze on the road. 

“So what, c/n! Even if he did have some kind of other intentions, do you really think I would reciprocate. Be realistic!” I cried out, exasperated. 

C/n pulled into my driveway, stopped the car and unbuckled himself. I unbuckled myself, too. He turned to face me, the side of his face lit up in the soft glow of my house’s outside light. I willed myself to focus on the conversation we were having and not get lost in the soulful e/c of his eyes. 

“Do you think it’s so easy for me to be sure you’re not into that–that–that bastard when you’re laughing and what very much looks like flirting with him in return?” C/n voice was now raised, hand pulling through his already messy mop of hair, a sure sign of him getting worked up. 

 I leaned over the center console to pull his pinched face into my hands, thumb rubbing his soft skin.

“Listen to me when I say this, c/n c/l/n,” I demanded, satisfied to see his eyes focus on mine the way I loved, like nothing existed around him, except for me. “No one, not a celebrity crush and most certainly not some lame guy from work, could ever steal me from you. They couldn’t even distract me from seeing how lucky I am to have you. I look at you and I’m in awe of the fact you call me yours, the fact I can hold your face in my hands like this and see you in the morning with your beautiful face fresh from sleep. The fact I know what your lips and tongue taste like. I don’t want to know those things about anyone else. And I definitely don’t feel my whole body heat up because they’re near me. They could never capture my attention the way you do,” I finished, swiping my thumb over his bottom lip. 

Those eyes that stared at me so reverently slid shut, as if he was retaining all I’d just said to memory. He let out a groan that sounded like both relief and pain. Licking his lips, he hoarsely whispered, “I need to touch you.”

My body responded to his words just like how it responded to any amount of his proximity at any time–temperature rising like I’d been lit like a torch. I didn’t miss the dark shade his eyes had adopted, a molten gaze that pulled at something low in my belly. 

“So touch me,” I whispered back. 

I was not prepared for the force of his passion as his lips moved onto mine, hands finding register on my cheeks, just as mine slid from his down to the console to pull myself up in order to get closer to his touch. 

His tongue expertly slid into my already opening mouth, our tongues sliding along each other in a well-rehearsed dance, tasting and flicking. He growled, the sound causing my core to ache in anticipation. This also reminded me of the location we were in and how much it was torturing me to be so close yet so far from him. 

I pulled away, with some difficulty as c/n followed me with his lips, breathing heavily through his nose in order to swallow me whole. Finally I managed to push him away, though my body screamed in protest at the loss of his touch. 

“I need more, this isn’t–” I gasped, c/n’s mouth latching onto my neck, tongue laving over my pulse point. I shivered and feebly tried to push him back. He was relentless. “Fuck, c/n, this isn’t where I want to–ahh–where I want to–”

“Shit, y/n, I know,” he breathed out, abruptly puling away from me and getting out of the car so fast and rounding it so he was opening my own door, I didn’t even have any time to compose myself. 

He grunted as he lifted me from the passenger seat, my foot closing the door hastily as c/n carried me to my front door. I had forgotten to lock my door, something c/n always nagged me about, but in this case I think he was more than grateful for my forgetful habit. It was my turn to suck on the baby soft skin of his neck, my legs tightening around his waist like a vice at the breathless moans he was emitting. He let out a curse as my teeth grazed lightly over his earlobe before sucking hard on it. 

Before I knew it, we were in my room, and c/n was laying me on my bed, his body hovering over mine. I thanked the heavens for having left my desk lamp on, the warm glow giving me the ability to see c/n’s flushed face, and blown pupils staring down at me as he grabbed the hem of my uniform shirt and yanked it over my head, throwing it far from him as if it’d insulted him.

“What’d that shirt ever do to you?” I laughed, breathlessly. 

He gave me a grin, the cute expression only making him sexier as he popped open the button on my pants. “It obstructs my view of the sexiest pair of tits I’ve ever seen,” he explained, giving me a sassy ‘duh’ expression before gracing me with that damn grin again. 

“Oh, I see,” I chuckled, reaching my hands up to play with his fluffy hair. 

“Mm, and these?” He tore the pants down my legs, brows furrowing as they were stopped by my shoes. His forearms flexed as he lifted my legs and yanked both shoes and pants off. I wrapped my bare legs loosely around his hips. Holding my pants up with one strong arm, he leaned over me, supported by his other arm to murmur, “These are the roadblock to success,” before flinging them across the room. 

I bit down hard on my lip to keep from laughing. What a sexy dork. My urge to laugh soon turned to an urge to moan though, as he rested his weight on his forearms to dive back onto my lips. Feeling his soft lips and wet tongue moving against mine was like being in water filled with oil that was just set on fire. Relief and restlessness joining together. 

He rubbed his hips against my core in a circular motion, earning more groans from both of us. The rough denim felt so fucking amazing against the thin material of my panties. 

C/n kept up his ministrations on my core with his hard bulge straining against his pants as his kisses turned south. I yanked on his shirt, tearing it sloppily over his own head and bucking my hips in response to the sucks and kisses he was planting on my tits. 

“Now this damned material,” he growled, his voice gravel, “is the real offender in allowing me to see and suck your pretty nipples.” 

I let out a whiny moan version of c/n’s name as he pushed his straining cock harder against my burning core, my back arching, allowing for him to unlatch the back of my bra. The material was off me in seconds and c/n had returned to sucking on the soft flesh of my breasts. His eyes boring into mine as he circled one peaked nipple with the tip of his tongue, watching my face screw up in pleasure. I opened my eyes again as he rubbed the pads of his thumbs over both my nipples. 

“There they are, the pretty little peaks, so eager for my tongue. Are you eager for my tongue, y/n,” he teased, letting out a groan as his eyes flit back and forth from my face to my hard nubs. 

“Fuck, just suck them already, c/n–oh shiiitttt!” I hissed, back arching as c/n latched onto one, sucking hard. 

His ministrations lasted for a few minutes, turning me into a quivering mess, especially once he’d added the pressure of his finger on my panty clad clit. 

He released my breast from his mouth with a pop, moving his body down, leaving gentle kisses to my trembling abdomen. It didn’t help to have his hair tickling my bare skin.

“God, look at you, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed, eyes glued to mine. 

“And what about you, c/n? Have you looked in the mirror lately, seen how gorgeous you are?”

“Never as gorgeous as you, baby,” He smiled softly at me, pausing to gaze into my eyes while rubbing his thumbs over my hipbones. 

As much as I was loving drinking in this moment with him, the ache between my legs hadn’t been taken care of and I was going insane with the need to feel him inside me. 

Just as I was about to do something about it, c/n slipped a thick finger under my panties, emitting a long low groan that ebbed out into a sigh that left me squirming as the hot air leaving his mouth brushed over my wet lips.

“Jessuuss, y/n, you’re so wet for me, shiitt,” he kept cursing, adding a second finger to dip into my dripping core, the clicking sound his fingers were causing by moving through my arousal making me even more needy. 

“Please, unf,” I whined, bucking into his pumping fingers, eyes sliding shut, my own fingers gripping at the bedsheets.

Whimpering at him pulling his fingers away, I realized he was pulling off my underwear and when I opened my eyes he was undoing his belt, fingers trembling. I watched on, hungrily, my eyes dragging over his toned torso and broad shoulders, skin already slightly glistening with perspiration. He was a sight to behold, with his chest heaving and his face flushed, the bulge in his pants straining helplessly against denim. He hastily reached over to the bedside  table and yanked open the drawer to retrieve the box of condoms. 

Just as he tugged down both his pants and briefs, I pulled myself onto my knees and hastily gripped his extremely hard cock, pumping it only once before getting interrupted by c/n shoving me back onto the bed.

“Fuuucckking hell, y/n, I need to be inside you,” he hissed, rolling the condom on in record speed before pressing the head of his cock against my wet folds. 

I let out a yelp at the amazing feel of his hard member, and his breaths came rapidly as he tried to maintain control of himself. He centered his thumb over my clit and pushed into me, causing my hands to fling up and grip his muscled shoulders. His head fell back, letting out a shout before pulling back only to thrust back in again. 

I loved his reactions to being inside me. No matter how many times we did, it always felt better than the last time. 

He moved over me again, setting a steady pace, short breaths puffing over my damp skin, making me shiver. “I am so lucky to have you,” he puffed, pulling my earlobe into his mouth.

I moaned at his words and the feel of his tongue flicking my lobe back and forth, the soft flesh caught between his teeth.

“God, c/n, you’re perfect,” I gasped as he thrust especially hard, making my body scoot farther up the bed.  

His thumb hadn’t moved from it’s spot on my clit and he began to rub small circles on it, making me worry I was going to black out from the all encompassing pleasure he was giving me.

“Mine, you’re no one else’s, you’re all mine,” He growled, propping himself up on one hand to set a more punishing pace, his cock driving in and out of me furiously, our skin slapping, joining the chorus of moans and grunts falling from our lips.

I scraped my nails down his defined pecs and abs, then looped my hands back to clutch at his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into me with each thrust. He was grunting now with each movement of his hips and mine, beads of sweat forming on his forehead with the effort to not come before I did.

“I love you, I love your cock, and how you feel inside me–ahh, c/n! I love how you–fuck–how you always make sure I’m taken care of,” I got out through my moans of ecstasy.

He rested his lips on my shoulder and bit down. I cried out and he let out a raspy chuckle. In return, I nipped at his neck, licking and sucking at his pulse point, finding satisfaction in how his breath sped up. 

He swiveled his hips in a way that hit that sweet spot inside me, propelling me towards my orgasm. 

“Ah! C/n!” I let out a yelp, and my mouth opened in a silent scream as pleasure ran through me like electricity, setting my body on fire in the most pleasant way. My walls clenched tight around c/n’s cock and he groaned louder as his thrusts grew shallow.

The natural urge to close my eyes was difficult to fight against as the waves of my orgasm washed over me but I kept them open to gaze up at my lover, gazing down at me reverently, eyes hooded and dark. 

His thrusts became erratic and he trembled which was the telltale sign of him reaching his peak. With one final thrust, he was there, face screwing up in ecstasy as my name fell from his lips in his hoarse voice. 

Minutes later after we cleaned up, we lay in each other’s arms, bodies bare and cooling down from the exertion of our coupling. 

I turned to c/n to brush some stray strands of hair away from his face, his eyes already gazing at me, studying me like I was the featured piece of art in a gallery. 

“This, what we have, what I give to you, no one else gets to have. You have my heart the only way you’ll lose it is if you drop it,” I promised, my voice soft. 

“Over my dead body,” he vowed, voice solemn and deep. “I was being an over worried jerk before. I need to trust you more, I promise to work more on that. You shouldn’t have to be policed around when you talk to other guys. You’re your own person. Please know, y/n, my heart is just as much yours as yours is mine. Nothing will ever cause me to lose yours. This,” he gestured between us, before caressing the side of my face and running his fingertips lightly over my lips. “This is forever.”

The One With the Nap Partners

Summary: Peter Parker x Reader. Request…

A/N: Okay this was my first ever Spider-Man/Peter Parker request and I was so happy to receive it so thank you so much! I did not expect the reactions I got for my last series and I’m super excited to write more about my fav cinnamon roll peter. Also sorry but I had no idea how to end this so it’s not the best ending, if you want me to carry it on let me know maybe idk?

Length: 1.1k words

Warnings: ever so slight mentions of sexy stuff?

“Okay, what did you get for number five?”

Peter snapped his head towards you, a glazed look on his face leftover from his daydream, looking like a deer caught in headlights. You noticed his stricken expression and sighed.

“Peter, are you even playing attention?”

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You Should’ve Run Away (John Wick X Reader) {Smut}

Fandom: John Wick/John Wick: Chapter 2
Pairing: John Wick X Reader
Word Count: 1,961
WARNING: Poorly written smut! Don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with that!
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if he’s out of character, I tried to make him as in character as possible. Also, idk how long his wife has been dead but let’s pretend it’s longer than they portrayed it in the movies. I basically wrote this because I love John Wick and I was mad at how the movie ended, but I haven’t written in a while so idk if this is any good! Hope you guys like it <3
Disclaimer: I own nothing. (:

When John first started to have feelings for someone other than his wife, he felt incredibly guilty. Helen had been the love of his life and his soulmate, there was no doubt in his mind about that, and after she died, he was heartbroken.

And as hard as it was for him to come to terms with the fact that he was beginning to fall for someone that was not his wife, he knew that Helen would want him to move on and be happy with someone else.

“Hello, John.” You greeted, raising an eyebrow at him curiously. “What are you doing here?” You were a bartender at the Continental Hotel at night, and an assassin for hire by day. You had hoped you wouldn’t see John again after the last time he was here. That was briefly, when he was almost murdered in his hotel room. He had seemed to get back out after that.

He was one of the lucky ones; he had made it out of this life and he had settled down for a while. When you heard about Helen’s passing, you were devastated. Helen was a lovely woman, and John was an old friend of yours, and if anyone deserved to be happy, it was him.

“I have a marker.”

You winced. Markers were binding, and they were impossible to get out of. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Pour me another drink.” John requested, and you laughed.

Before you handed him his drink, you paused. “Seriously, John. If you need any help with anything, let me know.”

He smiled. “I will, __y/n__, thank you.”

You both knew he was lying, he was too proud to ask for help, but you let it slide. For now.

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anonymous asked:

hey do you have any fics like tif? love u

hi anon !!! sorry this literally took me a week i’ve been super busy but anyways, here are some fics that are similar to TIF in the sense that some of them follow the formula of TIF as in the whole miscommunication, pining, not admitting their feelings, someone leaves etc, and some are fwb fics, and some both. obviously TIF is rly unique so these aren’t gonna be exactly similar, so these are some fics that in some way remind me of TIF but anyways, hope u enjoy !!!

Fics like TIF 

Love Is A Rebellious Bird by @gloriaandrews and @100percentsassy

AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

Don’t hum Bolero.

Into The Blue by zarah5

AU. In which Louis is Harry’s scuba instructor and quite happy to provide the requested special treatment, pun fully intended. It can’t be all that difficult to convince Harry that they’re on the same page, right? Also, Niall and Liam may or may not be dating, and Zayn is surrounded by emotionally stunted idiots. He bears it with dignity.

Fall At My Door by @fullonlarrie

A-list actor Harry Styles and award-winning musician Louis Tomlinson have an acquaintances-with-benefits relationship, so whenever their busy professional lives happen to land them in the same city, they meet up. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

And that’s all it is. Until it isn’t.

A Little Love (is better than none) by @horsegirlharry

It’s supposed to be no strings attached sex, but Harry’s in love with beauty and tragedy and Louis Tomlinson so there might actually a few strings they’re not talking about.Or, alternately, the four times they fuck and don’t kiss, and one time they fuck and do (with a few more times thrown in because I’m a mess and know how to write short fics).

more under the cut!

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These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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